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hey youtubers going on mandiboy double lane on skills welcome back to the road for champions hearty cheer ditch that's kind of turned in to the draft the glory Edition team of the season is right around the corner man probably like a week a week and a half away maybe two weeks and your boys been really trying to grind the draft and put together good teams like a women to drive so I can get some pretty good rewards now honestly I'm gonna be honest with you guys I haven't really made much money I've been grinding this drives hard hard hard hard trying to just make as much money as possible trying to get my money game up and it's just been impossible for me to get good rewards but I have gotten some pretty awesome trash I thought yesterday's Jeff was insane like my most insane trap like it played so good and a lot of you guys thought it was average I'm telling you guys I try to put good drives together and everything I think that it's good you guys just like I could do so much better so I am sorry I know I'm not the best draft in the world I know a lot of you guys are way better than me but I try to give y'all something cool to look at every single day so if that get y'all something cool look out here smash the big old thumbs up if you enjoy the episodes and with that being said I want to do something for you guys I know a lot of you guys are big into like just the gameplay things and a lot of you guys aren't really into the big gameplay stuff but what I want to start doing because I have really been posting my 30 games the weekend league here I want to upload them to my second channel so my second should I post career mode which I haven't I've been slacking a little bit because your boys been very busy with the livestream and with this channel and stuff like that but what I want to do on the other channel is put a career mode video in the morning and later in the afternoon is drop an Ultimate Team video with me playing with players like Jean Felix and gags and building a Portuguese team and playing The Weeknd League with the building uh you know a bunch of different teams and playing with that in the weekend leave a content that I wouldn't really showcase on this channel because on this channel I'm doing drafts and SPC's and pack openings and rewards and stuff like that so I don't really have enough room on this channel for that content so if you would like to see content like that subscribe to that show it's more a a 9 skills link is in description down below subscribe to that and a lot of my my twitch highlights a lot of me doing like SBC's and stuff like that will go on to that channel and a lot of like a lot of my 30 games just a gameplay part the rewards will still be on this channel but like there's stuff that doesn't fit on this channel I'm gonna throw it on that channel for you guys so if you guys want to see that type of content make sure to subscribe over there I'll let you know once that content starts more like regularly with that being said let's go ahead and jump into the draft man like I said I'm gonna try to give you all something really really sexy look at give you a good team I can never promise you or guarantee you a good team but I am gonna do my best now three back is pretty cool because we can get a high rated but I don't like the way I play in this formation for triple to the formation that's dope for two three one I know I could play very well in this formation I'd probably win the draft which is very important right now cuz I'm trying to get that money game up for the team of the season but for a triple two is also a good formation but imma go ahead man two strikers or one striker you know what let's go to strikers Yolo man I don't know I'm not that good in this formation but it's always fun to play something different now I could take a Socrates not his prime that is primer I don't think now is prime Moore's primer it's not a primer obviously but I could take him more I could put Philippe but continue down here Eriksson at 88 Socrates are 89 or I can go with I'm TT and save that camp position for a parallel or Maradona I'm gonna go ahead and take my chances with this socrates and hopefully there's a good chance to take can I get a 99 pellet or another icon the answer is no but I do get Namor in that awesome Michael Jordan kick absolutely sexy kid so Socrates Neymar Neymar Zito and if I can get an r9 for that hard link of course not can I get something dope here no but I do get a Brazilian which at least gives a link into my man named mark all right well leagues e'en as well alright the Belgium league can I get a r9 here the answers gonna be no but I do get Cristiano or Sun or Obama or grizzy gotta be Cristiano 96 hero Cristiano Ronaldo super super rare card man that card does not pop a lot very excited to have him on the team what we got at the CDM position we see Sergio biscuits or for bingo now for bingo obviously goes with the whole Brazilian theme not the highest rated here but the Brazilian team kind of stays on top and that's why my do I'm a go at the Liverpool man for bingo and keep the Brazilian stuff flowing and here we get nothing Ronnie AMA goes into for bingo but that's really it so let's go with it this draft so far I would say a little bit mediocre nothing really to go crazy about a run home about her you know I'm saying nothing to really go nothing go that's about it was pretty pretty basic pretty BS pretty I don't know I'm not really feeling it too much Fazio why not take him and the next position is going to be out there Mille Tao but as he ladle I like that too but as he laid oh man let's take the buzzy let's switch this around like this and then that way if I do get Marcelo Aleksandra Alex Telus okay there we go there's Alexandre so we got the Brazilian squad going off on this side and if I can get an Eriksen oh there he is or in net oh but I'm gonna say no to both of them and take a Yasha 95 Yasha in a de Mille towel alexandrova bingo my man Neymar Zito and Socrates the Brazilian team is looking very clean man very very very clean team we're putting together so far and now we get a nice Alexander Alexander Trent very nice man I like it I like where we're at we got to change up Fazio we got to change up a CDM who got to change up a striker but I think we're starting to put together a clean team Mariga from the Portuguese league a lot of speed on him but you guys know I should go up all day because guys ball day for me has an unbelievable unbelievabl overpowered card that not a lot of people rock out with I got one goat goes by the name of Messi I mean Ronaldo there's no way I'm passing up on this go my boy Messi ooh very nice we're now I'll do a messy on the same team it's always a good feeling I get rice here don't really want him so I think I'm gonna take Coulibaly and I wonder if I take Coulibaly and if I swap it's gonna go down okay let's keep Rocking slowly but surely maybe we can make Coulibaly fit into this team I definitely still need a striker there's my hazard left forward hazard what can I do with him nothing really Klein I don't really need I don't know I'm gonna take cash that's a 94 rated card man we got three awesome subs right here but your boy needs to start fixing this starting 11 not really feeling great about it there's Gareth Bale another awesome super sub look at that huge super subs but we need to fix the starting eleven can I get a striker please answers no right back left them right back don't need any of them okay don't need it I literally don't need any of them voice I don't need another bad pic looks like it's cut in coming here's Stirling nice car 92 rated sterling guys huge ratings not what we need man ok here we get a rocket the rocket egde which would do nothing really for us unfortunately I'm gonna take a litmus Lippman in lemon in I think it said put him there for chemistry purposes put him there bring gareth bale now we could just rock like it's a 9 – I got a 9 – but that's starting 11 I mean can you boy get a striker or not this is terrible's back down to a 9 1 is that back up to a 92 now hey back up to a 9 – oh I'm not gonna get a striker I just realized that I'm probably not gonna get a strike or Oh big boy Rio is this prime company it's prime you know let's go hunt you can baby what's up I don't really see real that much and this might be the first time I'm playing a draft with the Rio that's pretty crazy that's gonna be pretty bad but my bench is huge bro my bench is huge but I got no striker and now I get Schmeichel yo 5 icons but uh I might run Schmeichel I'm not gonna lie to y'all bro I legit might run Smike well I'm happy with this team you know why because I could bring in how can I do this I could bring in Messi with Cristiano up top Messi comes in with Krishan oh man I mean easy mode man Messi comes in with Cristiano for bingos my actual CDM I wish I had a better cam to Yanis which I better CD em I really don't got a good CD em but you know I ain't mad at that I mean I could put one yama still got fool kim but i'd rather play live minute um so bros pre pretty dope lookin team and i'm not gonna lie to you at the middle i was real cool card for bingos a cool card alexander trent we get named over now doing messy all on the same team that's the dream imagine those three together in real life and I could bring Gareth Bale in for one of the wings and hazard what wow man this is the superstar draft literally we got every superstar right now in world football except for him Bop a I would say once y'all say hazard Ronaldo Messi Neymar we need him ba ba I would say those the bigs would you guys agree oh I like y'all gonna say Salah though right probably maybe my Salah not so much this year what are we saying for this year this year this year going hazard Ronaldo Messi and I don't even know if you could throw Namor in that category wasn't he injured for a while we definitely got a superstar draft we just need a name Bob bait to kind of complete that every big superstar but what a draft man I didn't like legit the insane superstar draft let's go with that baby cuz that's what this is looking like also don't take my losses on my jobs like like legit like I literally had no losses on this until I started backing out to get cool Drive so I just back out in the first round with that being said let's see what we could do in the gameplay baby I was subbing Messi every single game of thing ladies and gentlemen game 1 4 3 3 5 that's the force 943 3/4 9 all right 43 3/4 night Bobby more my man my man Martin's and gun doozy let's get it I suck in the fourth triple to Namor Jets activated still Namor popped into the middle go 1 nil baby vamos Neymar popped into hazard what do you got going on what do you got going oh Cristiano let's go hazard name or Ronaldo Messi bang boys oh it feels good boys oh my gosh it feels good look at that dude you see that the super storage wrap up top has your messy name over now those who to nil on to the second round so quick that was fine hey that was real fun let's go baby come on Baba come on ladies and gentlemen we enter game to Pelham Arizona feel Zeb you fire fire fire team se Felipe continue off chemistry with a few cards okay the humble don't fit summers Dolph cam but a good team no boys you're the el tornado cross you're actually I don't even know I don't really know what to say Socrates is my CDM I put him in for big ICD my the other four up top beats their feast ever now though I'll turn it across they look at Socrates from far away doesn't even move anything goes flying in one no I'm sleep oh I max oh no oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no way what in the world was that that's my man Nene my man Nene Nene still wait hazard Wow hazard wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow Christiano turn show Messi Ronaldo and Messi Ronaldo and Messi come on boys come on baby let's go come on what a finish but what a play bro hazard Neymar Messi Ronaldo all involved it on the weak foot right now so come on flex oh no boys two one get it out get it out get it out get it out you got it dude you gotta be kidding well how is get it how get it no I'm actually I'm actually I'm actually in charge mama now look come on right now look come over and I'll go come on man there you go baby a little bit of your own little cheese right there baby three three come on come on come on come on yo come on go in this game and please no kick off no kick off please no kick off let's go clear Pickler nice no it's gonna Pele you gotta be joking you gotta be messy school come on moon let's go baby four four dude stop the kickoff please please stop the kickoff here man please please please stop to kickoff I don't care take the foul take the foul dude the kickoff sir incredible dude oh my goodness man yo these kickoffs are actually nuts is he shooting this is this guy shooting this I don't know what he's doing here man he's dead is he shooting it what the hell was that tram run strike out that speed I see you crashing OH for now though he's through he's through let's go come on baby Oh Christiano gonna go make that now I'm not gonna stay going down and winning I can't stay go down and win it because this guy keeps hitting goals bro that like for real for real like I can't and I'm not telling you I'm born down here he keeps getting he can't I don't know how he keeps kick off of me man let's go and that's how you get it done with the superstar squad bro hey man this is crazy honestly I don't know how the stats are gonna look bro but this guy just kept getting me off the kick off man kick off and like crazy goes with pellet from distance actually is pretty even the game was actually pretty even but I don't know I felt like we should have scored so many either way we are on to the semi-finals come on man for triple – it's not my thing but I'm gonna keep grinding and do my best ladies and gentlemen the semi-finals four wait three four one two Messi and Neymar and a good team but only 90 km let's see if the four ship with two can make us get to the final baby vamos now the no no yeah food come on boys one milk what no boys gonna shadow it's a lot gotta get that cheese aroni look at this cheese man Oh got the hey listen come on boys Renaldo now look to the middle Cristiano now though to nil baby I think that's Namor or hazard with the assist I'm not sure but look at Christie I don't get in the celebration in baby good go ladies for attackers rose I'm telling you all superstars the best of the best voice the best of the best voice the best of the best boys has their name or Messier oh now though all in one come on Neymar and that's a pen let's go namor wins the pen ass belly cuenta gives it up and we are going to the penalty spot where my man for bingo not really one of the superstars but he steps up but he does superstar type things for bingo makes it three nil baby and we might have a ticket to the final but we got to keep our composure play some good feat for the rest of the way Nene won the penalty the Brazilian for bingo the Liverpool CDM steps up to the spot nice steel hazard come back hazard here we come Fido baby for now though with the Patrick boys come on big old Christiano hazard with the steel has it with the Miss the rebound server now don't easy put away come on Neymar but now though pop back into name are five mil in a ragequit aredo Ramos the Brazilian man named R Zito I played name or Ronaldo at striker Messi I left him hazard everybody came and could you imagine a team with these four in real life huh I think the four best players in the world I didn't pop in five best players in the world in my opinion I could be wrong but hey a lot of people might go silent today a little bit of this a little bit of that I think those five right now are the best player the world in my opinion but a big win on to the final we go we've only suffered four goals this draft that they all came in the second round vamos final time let's go baby very very excited being the fine I'll get matched up against the tough formation when unifor or five before at four triple two parallel with Zeb you bail man Bobby Moore in Schmeichel and jr. we might take an L here but hey let's see what we got oh nice Debbie ball whipped in back post you what you head it right messy messy oh I had him as well burn out oh wow messy offside come on he's a go he wasn't outside we want how was messy net offside Neymar lice name or to Messi Messi turning on the Jets the Messiah Messi still with AI pen up and up and up and up and up and up and up and now but now pan up and up and up a now what up and up and up and now man your where's my pen where's my pen where's my pen where's my pen brought us a bad girl off that's a bad off the counter bro Ronaldo Oh vamos got Idol feel poor that smell come on man vamoose milk come on let's go boys come on boys come on boys come on get it get it [Applause] Oh what was I thinking bro what was I thinking christiana Cristiano Messi with the rebound go last one side we good three three let's go vamos vamos vamos vamos come on boys yo this is absolutely nuts bro it's like absolutely nuts man I'm giving up dumb ghost come on come on come on three three let's play good fee for let's play some more come on Gareth bear nice ball inside Oh Babu's Mill hey Go Go boy good old boys my man Bale with a cup back out Lockwood get the inter Ronaldo bang their back post and just like that we're up for the first time in this game in a 62nd minute what a half a football here Bale what a border now though first time passion Michael nice passing stay still stay still come on guys come on guys better better better better DFAS nice ball nice ball back post Gareth Bale whoa Gareth Bale game over oh my gosh Sproles Messi in the Box messy house messy miss how the heck does Messi miss that bro Rio how does messy miss that for Neymar all the way down bottom bail oh let's go hey big miss Gareth Bale Wow anymore Ronaldo oh my god big miss vamos vamos vamos vamos now those in the box right now though man I don't know what the same rose I lost the final it's a good game dude hey dude it was fun man hey that's all you can do is laugh it walk it off it Hey it was fun a good opponent scores a lot of goals I had to lead I didn't win it I miss them a lot of one-on-ones bro I just don't know how to play the four triple two properly man I really don't and I'm more shocked at the goals that Messi missed at the end hey listen we lose in the final what a freaking draft had the best players in the world superstar draft and just couldn't couldn't do it couldn't do it in the final man I couldn't I sucked bro in the final I couldn't do it I get to premium gold player packs which is dope your boy couldn't get the job done why the heck do I have these packs I don't even know but imma open them for you guys yo man I couldn't get the job done man that was crazy right now though Oh walkout let's go something dope uh let's walk out bang Brazilian left wing Philippe Coutinho DC let's go hey we losing the final week we pack we can paid out huge draft rewards boys come on that's exactly what we needed we use the super star team and you know what I choked bro you know I did choke I missed well for now but mr. Messi I missed with Nemo I missed my bit I bail mr. sitter bro but I'm gonna go into this draft and make 40 yo huge 30 30 40 K huge rewards bros I'll take a loss in the final any day for that man I will absolutely take that man we also get another pack that could have some walkouts there too so let's see what's poppin these two are my draft rewards I'm gonna open the other two do you enjoyed this episode big thumbs up make sure subscribe to turn your bell on I think I lost my last two drafts which is not good gotta get better man gotta get better gotta get better gotta get better ASAP a Reno and I will do that I will practice let some rivals get myself better but man that was tough that was a tough loss and the final yeah I couldn't believe the amount of missed we probably could have been about three or four goals towards the end there but hey look no point in crying about it I missed in my miss them it is what it is I got two packs here these are not draft rewards I'm opening up for you guys maybe packs up absolutely unbelievable but yo superstar draft released the superstar of rewards and that's all that's all that matters man again hopefully you guys enjoyed it I'm again about the second channel definitely gonna have more content on that second channel few guys not just career more a little bit awesome I got so much content I want to share with you guys from drafts the rewards to SPC's you know I'm saying like I want to do SPC's I know on this channel people haven't really not everybody loves the SPC a lot of you guys like you know we can lead gameplay for me we can leave rewards and drafts more than you guys like my SPC so maybe on the other channel I'll be able to loud my SP seiza do here do the player reviews on the really really go p– players the big players you know the ones that a lot of people like to see and on the other channel be able to show you guys players that not too many people care about but like this one Felix's and the yo vixx and stuff like that so make sure to subscribe to both channels man so you can get your FIFA content every single day I love you guys man I appreciate you coming on this journey with me you guys are the best people in the world man I just want to thank you guys for the love and support you have given this channel you've given me and I have the best but the best viewership in the world I will always stick to that and I will always say that I love you guys so much hopefully you guys enjoyed it some pretty awesome rewards based on number what you've been getting we get some huge rewards here which I'm happy about eighty-eight rated walkout that's huge man that's huge because rewards usually terrible right now I mean with that being said yeah man I love you guys you guys are amazing I will catch you back to the mall same time same place for another episode love you guys oh yeah