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WOW THIS DRAFT IS SUPER BROKEN! #FIFA19 Ultimate Team Draft to Glory

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Draft
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all right here we go man let's do this show whoo I'm ready bro I'm excited I'm excited we're gonna get something banging we're gonna get a nice draft it's gonna be beautiful we got four two three one wide for one for one no three back no I don't want this one no four three three attacking or 4-2-3-1 wide I'm gonna go four three three attacking I want to take 4 2 3 1 wide simply because you get left minute right mids but I feel like with the fourth degree attacking and it's gonna be hard though it's gonna be hard to get the cam even if we get team of your name are and t-midi are in Bob Bay it's gonna be really hard to get the camera but but it's still a Dhokla it's a better formation I'm going for it to be attacking let's get it let's jump in let's get in there like swimwear oh he pops all the time I'm taking him Biagio baba baba ji oh I'm gonna take Biagio because he doesn't affect the moderates team of the year Ronaldo Messi Neymar nothing it doesn't affect anything so I think that's a good pick man let me get that team of your name are real quick one time for the people boom boom boom boom boom boom ahh I will take hazard though I will take a hazard that's decent what about what about an in bopping and then I Lala in the back wiggity wiggity wiggity wack hmm Salah Marez I'm taking Salah hey we still got this is a good start 93 88 and a 92 Team India Christiano Ronaldo are here for the bench please nope oh man listen chat listen bros listen I got a youtube video going up get ass with a team that is unbelievably cheap and unbelievably good you're gonna have to watch the video to see it if this goes on YouTube I might have posted all right this guy that's all I'm saying and I know you see that two-star weak foot but I'll say nothing else you'll have to see for yourself let's keep it moving man let's keep it moving man let's keep it moving where's that I want this out to do card but I think Eric sends the right pick but I really want to play without a doodle man I really want to this is a tough one Erikson's the right pick but I want to play without a true Brazilian centre-backs what we got we got Edler from FC Porto he could pop and then Alex tell us in the back or even Alex Hamid oh I'm gonna take this this is gonna be bad but I'm gonna take our dude I'm gonna try to make a cool-looking draft but it's not gonna play out it's not gonna be good it's not gonna be good um La Liga backline yeah La Liga backline and then on this side a prime backline not really working but it's okay Winston Reid like that's his name his name Winston Reid yeah Winston Reid oh man I like this card a lot damn it I like this car a lot okay that doesn't fit though and Uzi the French machine bro big boy come doozy we take them we take them right or do we take them bug gear come doozy yeah a big boy gun doozy all right we take him I know I can't say his name right neither but yoloswag arena right here where we need the best oh we got Lala bro and he's French though we get a little bit of a link I'm taking them yeah we get a little bit okay so we need like a Kashani and everything hmm comes together you know there's taken I think to stay in here nor doesn't fit so I think I think there's taken all right what kind of all over the place if we can kind of just bring it all together hey let's get this out the way right now that's decent let's just get this out the way okay let's just get this out the way it doesn't really matter we'll take this all right here we go gross let's start off with I start off with a back line I start off with the back line when we got here Wow okay that's a Chelsea link right there though so that's good this is really good and Spanish so he gave has her link and he gave from link they're decent add a cent oh man look at Nandita so if I move if I put mehndi at left-back and then moved on to Zetas we'll figure it out figure it out we'll figure it out oh oh man oh man oh man oh man oh oh wait I'm taking this because now I'm doing this oh man oh man oh man oh man can we put it all together bro if we can swing this together this could be deadly if we can swing it all together if I take wait a minute if I take Drock slow because the psg know he's already on whatever so he's done doesn't matter I don't think this pic really matters but maybe Drock slit just because of the link in to name or yeah I just need I need to fix the back line baking decent boys yo whoa everybody calm down everybody I'm the only one freaking out everybody calm down dude hey listen we need a back line bro but we're not gonna get one we're not gonna get defenders bro wait a minute Brazilian wait Brazilian out of toodles right there Brazilian right there is it jr. I think I take jr. ok wait I'm taking jr. it's not gonna help though all right we gotta fix the backline man come on boys if I take Eriksson if I take Eriksson if I take Eriksson and go back to Hazzard if I take Erikson and go back to Hazzard do we get better chemistry Ericsson Hazzard I think so and then Neymar already would have kind of some links I need to Center backs but I think hazards the pic here okay okay hold on I'm not gonna bench lot allow regardless so I could bring on doozy in and swap name more and and in swap name more and icon bringin doozy and bringing hazard I could do that that's a play as well if we want so I'm just gonna take Eriksson cuz I'm not gonna use anybody else regardless right or do I take liberty because I could put Kaluza French French French and if we get a French but Lala back at left-back that's all French down this side and then all I would need is a centre back from from from from La Liga if I go Liberty French French French French get a centre back boom chemistry I think I don't know I actually don't know all right I don't need Ericsson I could put mehndi at left-back and then if I just get a French Center back row coz Kunduz II would take our total spot cuz I'm not gonna use Ericsson either way for what I was thinking was this this you feel me and then just get a lot Liga Center back okay it doesn't matter I'm not gonna play them either way so we'll figure it out why I wanna throw in junior regardless maybe actually taking Eric's in there does it matter doesn't matter it doesn't matter um you know all we need is a centre back pretty much right that doesn't do nothing there nothing happens there doesn't matter right Jesus what are you even I need but on what do I even do I thank Thierry on re4 chemistry Thierry honoree gives the chem even thought one junior but it's gotta be Thierry we saw Ben jr. now it didn't actually bring the camera that's an L I wonder if I put gun do see here now same thing with in Mende Sawa just need a centre back road oh man all we need is a centre-back man all we need is a centre-back yo oh my gosh all we did is a centre-back bed it's check better I'm not passing on messy you got to stop that you better stop that right now I'll fight you I'm not I don't care I'm not passing on that zero I don't care if you get Cameron don't Iike I'm not passing on the Sawyer bro this draft is actually proper nasty bro I need a centre-back man we need a centre-back bro you got to stop it man ei please man please man please please bro damn I won't get it I didn't get it bro that could have been a centre-back right there bro okay let me take this guy right cause he's Spanish a team lead a team here the team of the year – hey Rome team of the year – hallo please bro team of the year in – hey bro please Eamonn please please bro please bro team of the year – please Team of the Year daheia bro please team of the year – hey bro that's all I'm asking you for is Team of the Year day please Dana that would have been dope that's unlucky man that's proper unlucky man hey man that's unlucky it doesn't really matter what we do here it doesn't really matter yo what's his name would have given us so much cam I mean so much overall I could I still get it with a manager can I get four points with a manager or no can I get four points with a measure you know that sucks you know that song sorry here we go I'm gonna need money to jeez are you joking I didn't get the point I needed Wow Wow bro I didn't get the point bro that's a joke man they didn't give me a centre back or one point bro that's tough man that's a kick in the face bro that's a kick in the face bro amen it's still a dope drive right it's still a dope drive bro it's there you know what are we gonna do here though what's Winston on for I think it's still a dog that's a really good that's a lot of good players man I definitely think it's still a dub I just think we got really unlucky with the player that the manager and the players so I can get full cam right like that oh no I can't Oh well played well played well played so we got the full cabin so this draft was actually very interesting you guys are probably gonna laugh and I don't really show you maybe you will see it actually when my opponent score on me but I decided because my back line was so bad I had what was like Marco a lot uh I wasn't I had Alonso right I had a lawn so playing center back with the other dude from like in the Spanish league right it was name was like my research something like I don't even know bro but my back line was so bad bro my back line was awful I mean I'm talking about the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst right so I decided hahaha to put Sala and Messi at center back for Game one game two I did Messi and Saleh again I believe Game three I decide to go Thierry on Orion solid center back and let me tell you something Salah had the clamps bro Salah was they be center back I know y'all are laughing like skills stopped rolling I swear down I swear down we are going to pick up a draft victory with Salah and Messi playing centre back I am not joking and I can't take all the credit to your own we couldn't put it he couldn't finish his dinner so because the Ariana Regis kept missing goal after goal after goal after goal after goal I decided oh you know what let me put the area on the rillette center back with Salah and Salo is actually a good center back because he was so fast that nobody could burn him literally nobody could burn him so he was so fast matter of fact in Game one you see how that ends watch going into Game two in Game three in Game four you're gonna see who my backline is because I'm not trolling you guys I'm being a hundred percent real and even it be a hundred percent like just so you believe me even more I actually did this live on Street so I was just kind of like joking I was like bro like my back line so bad we're not gonna win the draft let me just throw messy and stuff back there but this draft was insane bro like it went so well bro I thought we were gonna get a huge draft and I ended up getting trolled because the two center backs if we end up getting like a team of the a Ramos and like a Van Dyke team of the year but we're looking at one of my biggest traps of the year and but unfortunately things didn't really play out like I want it now I've talked about this guy before and I'm gonna talk about him once again what's-his-face Kevin de Bruyne a man Kevin de Bruyne er oh my gosh man Kevin de Bruyne er is is just an insane card right it's just an insane card everybody I play against I have Kevin de Bruyne scores a stupid amount of goals and every time I have Kevin de Bruyne er I score a bunch of goes the reason I'm talking about him is cuz you saw like they're my opponent score with him like he's such a such an important car in the game and then this dembélé guy the dembélé guy super interesting right because the belly guy is somebody that I talk to you guys about right I talk to you guys about them belly right in yesterday's video all right two days ago video today the day I put out the cheap B squad this dead belly card was in that team then belly was in there and I swore up and down how great he was I ended up getting him in a draft and again you get to see how great he is because he absolutely helped us get to the final man so at this point I do look at that pass on my man's damn belly and it's not like the other two damn bellies it's the third then belly it slightly on them belly I don't even know where this guy came from but he's a beast now you are going to see at this point already had suffered two goals and I was like you know what my back line is giving up too many goals and I'm gonna go Salah and Messi so I went silent Messi and I actually start scoring a lot of goals and not suffering that many so it actually worked out in our favor like it actually worked out pretty good you're gonna see me get this draft right this drafts gonna end with me forgetting my most goals and my most goals probably conceded in any draft but again remember that Messi and Saleh are my back line which is a pretty cool accomplishment to be able to win it with those guys in the back but nice little move right there you see solid not be able to get the a gret oh and my boy is gonna go ahead and make it 5-3 and that's how the cookies gonna crumble in the second game of this draft but you will be able to see right now as we back out Messi center back solid center back if you need to pause the video to go see you can do that baby but I am not lying to you okay we played that this game theory and Salah are gonna go to the back and I don't remember if I actually suffer a lot of goals in this game maybe I do maybe I don't I don't really remember who was probably who was my best player going forward Pat jr. I had him Bop a the area Landry for me is such like a Wang Wang Wang and speaking of Thierry obviously he has that a moment's icon card now right that's the thing so maybe his eye is moment one is gonna be better but Thierry for me in this game is kind of just a flop man I'm not really enjoying the Thierry Honore I loved him last year FIFA 18 man if you watch my mom my poor man rode the gallery we had him I believe and he was very fun he was the III compared him a lot of times to Cristiano Ronaldo I thought he was great at goal scorer but in this game Thierry honoree is such I don't know man he's such a waste going forward let me know in the comments down below how many of you guys like cuz I guarantee there's gonna be a ton of you guys who absolutely love tre and never you can't say a bad word about Thierry Ari trust me trust me I know there's gonna be people out there that feel that way I would not argue it neither because for me just cuz when I say a player doesn't work for me it doesn't mean a player's actually not good it just means it doesn't work for me right everyone's play style is very very different like you might be an absolute animal with boss boss if you don't know who that is that's the sport of things said about striker and dudes like seven-foot tall and just scores header little time like y'all might be good here's a prime example flashback Ibrahimovic every time somebody brings in flashback Ibrahimovic every time Abraham a bitch is like sub dawn or starts against me my man scores a bunch of goals I've played even though him a bitch in probably 15 games and my guy just can't score it for his life depends on it right he has like two goals in 15 games I cannot score with flashback Ibrahimovic like I just wish I could but I can't and I know I was talked about this in every single draft we do but EA Sports man when are you guys going to stop playing games then one of you guys going to start puttin flashback and SBC cards into the draft bro allow allow allow allow people okay allow people to play with SBC's in the draft so they could know if they should complete them and for the people that didn't have the game before Christmas you know because they're Christmas New Berlin I got it after Christmas allow them to still play with the Christmas promos that they missed allow them to play with the Halloween promos that they missed allow them to play look at that – everyone reinstalled on the back I told you I wasn't lying you guys baby straight to the final with those guys in the back I'll allow it allow it allow it allow it allow people to play with flashback cars that they missed in the draft I mean you know we see a lot of the icons come I know icons and packs you can play with them as a drop but they're also an SBC so you have them in boat like yo stop playing games and you know what else they should do bro I was talking to my homie enough about this man you know not a lot of times like right now a lot of times I gotta promos like the promos aren't really pop and obviously they brought they're bringing different like promos right now with the icons and stuff but a promo that they should do is like you know how apex just kind of had like this explosion onto the scene and everybody started playing it yet that point ship like you know what for the next week everything is back in packs you can get them in the draft you could like why not bro why not you know why not just throw like a team of the weeks and especially in like weekend league rewards like be like yo there untradable but you can't turn them into SBC's but for this weekend league you could play for Team of the Week 1 through whatever so all of the old team of the weeks are back and in the cards you can get in the thing and just make it so you can't turn them into SBC's that way if somebody does hit like you know you know the first never inform se from way back then you know they can either play with them or they could just let them send their club cuz they can't do nothing else with them like that's what they should do throw flashbacks into weekend league rewards anyways I'm kind of done right and we jump it into the pack time baby we are gonna open up these packs hopefully we get something very very sexy and yeah let's go back to live skills and see if we hit something beautiful Dupree I mean we suffered a lot of goals I don't think I've ever played a draft where I've suffered that many goals my backline was horrendous please a mega pack a rare gold pack and a premium gold pack what are we saying decent I like when you get three packs that's that's decent right I like when we get three packs man come on yeah that's that's that's not bad man that's decent that's decent man that's decent let's go here we go come on come on man let's just get one walk out here please damn no walk out that feels bad that feels really really bad we do get boards though often not man Balotelli why always me by l'hotel Lee what's bad man all right we could do this we can do this we can do this two more packs come on yeah come on yeah come on man don't let us down baby don't let us down hook us up don't hook us down all right back to back no but no good man I haven't hit a good driver Ward in ages man I feels bad man megapack time please yeah please man please please man yo yo I worked so hard for that drive man I worked so hard man I worked so hard for that one rose