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WOW THIS ATTACK IS INSANE! FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Draft To Glory #01

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FIFA 19 Ultimate team Draft to Glory
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hey what is going on YouTube it is your boy double a nice kill say welcome to the draft to Glory this is a legitimate draft well not a legitimate draft of glory let me take that back there's actually gonna be a huge thing that I want you guys to answer in the comments down below on this episode because as you can see I got 500 fifa points a day so what 500 people points are gonna get us is one draft entry now I don't actually think I think a lot of you guys are not gonna like it this way because you're gonna actually want me to do it like the legit way where I make the 15,000 coins I really just wanted to see how you guys would react to this series and if you guys would actually want to see it now I know your prior likewell skills it's really late for you to start a draft to glory now it's even too late for you to start a road to glory now and I completely 100% understand that but here's the thing I want I've been enjoying the draft so much and I was saying I was like man I really just want to draft and see if I can make coins during team of the season now as you guys know team of season is a week or two away it's very close so I thought to myself like this would be the perfect time I started draft to glory and see what I could do going from nothing to something now a draft of glory would mean you wasted no money now I do have money to go into the draft for this episode I'm gonna go into the draft with money if you guys want this series but you don't want me to waste the five to three dollars or five dollars whatever let me know and I'll start that count over and make the 15,000 coins I just didn't really feel like playing up the rivals cuz all I gotta do is play a couple games and rivals and they will get the money that way I didn't really feel like doing that but if you guys want me to do that I will do that I promise you that if not if you guys have cooled me wasting 300 fever points to go into the first one then let's do it I just kind of wanted a series where the dress I'm enjoying the draft like I said I wanted a series where the drafts matter a lot it means something to win it it means something hit good rewards and since I'm drafting so much either way I know you got a lot you guys have been enjoying drafts that I was gonna do it like Nike and just just bang it out so let me know in the comments down below if you guys think this is a good idea or a bad idea also I know a lot of you guys will I don't know if you guys if I told you guys yet but my second channel is my career mode channel but I'm going next year FIFA 20 I am going to do a poor man wrote a Gloria on that channel a rich man wrote a Gloria on this channel and I'm gonna keep on this show on the rich man goo or the glory qualifier so that you guys know I'm like complexity now so I do want to play in qualifier so that's gonna be on this channel drafts and packs and on that career mode and a poor man wrote of glory that's how I want to do it hopefully you guys think that's an absolutely dope idea if you do you can subscribe to that channel link down below I must I'm actually gonna probably post weekend League game played there today so with that being said let's jump into it man I let's jump into it and and and I want to put all my god in this title but I don't know if it will because a lot of y'all saying that I'd be copy and pasting my title switch which I don't but I do use oh my god a lot but I haven't used it for four videos that's a real big accomplishment let's jump into also once you guys know oh my god there's nothing right like that's oh my god is not good for searches Bros um with that being said let's jump in thank you guys for loving support on this channel you guys have made this year my biggest viewed year on YouTube I appreciate that we're a nation you guys are the best people in the world man me being what complexly me going out to California to work with IGN me being a part of everything that I'm doing from streams with Benigni to being a part of HyperX all this stuff bro like thank you like I cannot thank you guys enough for making this the biggest year of my youtube and career it's amazing bro you guys are absolutely amazing with that being said enough talking draft to glory let's get into it let me know in the comments down below if you want me to reset it where we don't um use the FIFA points and then I'll get the coins because this matters now it's not about the highest-rated I don't want a three for three because well you feel me like I feel like I can lose in two three four three I never win with a four three two one and the four triple three the for triple to four triple 3 I'm inventing formations for triple two is one of those ones that I know it's very strong in this game but I'm not good with it so for me the answer is the four three one two I don't win often in this formation though but I want to put together one where I just absolutely play amazing ice so there is no r9 for us here but we could take Vav who's a pretty nice looking card it's not the best car in the world but it is a four star weak foot no skill moves on him or we could opt out and go at fàbregas was no longer at Chelsea emo be like as NT or Sanchez I could I could bet I could go here and see if we get our nine or a Messi or Ronaldo or I can go aviary I'm go with Fieri probably a really dumb choice but let's see how it all unfolds man can we get a renowned dingo in our first one yes a 95 Ranaut dingo on our first ever draft on this account that's a beautiful man that's a beautiful beautiful thing right there how about a messy how about a messy how about a messy no messy but a son or an Obama yang um this is a very tough decision here you guys know how much I love Sanaa though man you guys know it bros but look at that Obama yang bro I think I'm gonna take Obama hangover son but son even has a hunter on him what a five-star weak foot in four-star it's gotta be son the hunter on him I just has to be son bro it had to be son right there now we get father the guys his other car to do or Rodriguez I'm gonna go ahead with the Brazilian man out of to do cuz I could put him behind her now Dino and hopefully do something big with that there we go Paul plug what goes there switch it for the Renault dingo link that's a hard link as well one more big can I get a veer can I get Ikon aiming for Ikon Ikon Ikon no Ikon kondogbia imagine if he was French still huh they change his for ice country on us cuz if he was French still he would go into Paul Pogba that I could move him over and things would look good but hey we'll keep banging away at this we'll get an 89 rated come dog BIA and I believe he keeps getting upgraded right because Valencia has been doing pretty good in the Europa League right so he just keeps going up up up and away man crazy what are we getting that back line man back line we're gonna see a Belgium Spurs men or a Sanchez they're both 90 ready you know what I gotta take 90 rate is Sanchez I've never used him neither that's the Spurs Center back can I get an icon please an icon an icon was needed but we can also take a big boy Sergio Ramos if I get more cell oh right here is oh it's not gonna happen tough um I mean this doesn't there's no links at all well just take this here it's like we're in a good spot I'm happy I'm happy so far can I get I needed I needed Trent I needed Trent we didn't get him Lala Lise gives a French link so I think I take a lot I hear voice again not not going for rating going for a good draft that I believe I can win with yes layman let's go big man let's go big man layman all right so we are at a 90 rated and now we need players to really organize this team and to really get this team going the right way Mourinho would be a BBVA link into Sergio Ramos I really am in need of a left back from La Liga what do we got Jorge bestie better than the rest it's got to be right cuz the chem goes up but I don't want to bench some now though but the chem does go up and I got obviously Malu who would go into search of Ramos but he would doesn't go into Colombia so I'm gonna take Jorge bestie better than the rest he I really don't want to bench this so now though but we can bring him off the bench which is still a really good look in my opinion left back still nothing still no left back but I will take the Spanish man and do this play Sergio Ramos out of left back you know I'm saying I mean I play am i right back on my main account so open now I get Geordi and then there's Hector ballerina actor I think it's got to be actor here boys yeah I think it's got to be Hector actor ballerinas such a good looking card I know I could have taken you I need a bowl to them I needed both of them you know I definitely need a boat Oh Neymar Zito or Gabrielle has soos I mean it's stupid a pass up on a name or name or left-wing ran out bingo striker George vesti on the right grandson later name are off the bench or Gabrielle has Seuss to start it's gotta be named name off the bench and put in my striker bro you got it you gotta go with that man oh the arey I mean Viera yo that's huge this and then this Wow would you play kondogbia or are through it's got a beacon dog be right I mean it's gotta be out of to the right this kondogbia card looks ridiculous though man it really does this kondogbia card is becoming something nasty and they could go to the final potentially I don't know who they're playing but I mean they're doing big things man I gotta figure out a way to fix this back line we need to get help on the back on defense pique hopes big time and a Spanish link right into Jordi Alba I mean inter sorry into Bela ring and then Vieira has the link into wow that's beautiful that is beautiful bro the Lincoln pug Bush should be good he is we're good there and now all I need is a left back for real for real all I need is a left back bro all I need is a left back bro if I hit a left back striker Anthony my Alex Lee mouthing Anthony Marcial bro that's probably an L hey I'll take that one I take that one surge of Ramos should be fine and right back though either way I was gonna be off chem because I got a Brazilian right there so can I swap everything no can't swap Bernardo suffer what a season my man is happy man what a season my man is having can I get one good left back here please please please please please yes yes lotto lotto is beautiful come on baby let's go what a team dude yes if I if I if I call it insane team people are gonna get mad at me in the comments and I don't know what to call this but I'm gonna be honest with you this team is insane this team is insane people get mad at me and say yo you copy and paste your thought your your your thought your your title again but let's be honest man first travel mystic ow can you tell me this team is not insane can you tell me this can we really look at this and bike that team's average bro you got ran out dingo primer Viera primer best primer V Aires gonna be subbed out for Namor out of to do Sergio Ramos pique 92 like this team is actually look at this bench bro look at this bench 91 rated as well I am really worried about the rating best is coming I mean Suns coming off the bench I don't do a Mars coming off the bench and I don't even know if I sub in Nene Orson Aldo and we got anything – yeah and we got night golden and we got it I mean the team's nasty bro the team is nasty man let me show you how I'm gonna run this team real quick because I know a lot of you guys like seeing the tactics and stuff like that so let's go ahead and show you that really quickly we got fool cam on everyone I believe it's a 191 first draft ever on this account and hopefully we don't get eliminated in the first round but we are rocking out with 10 cam on everybody and my tactics are gonna balance on everything here and I'm just gonna go uh stay forward way that was central sorry about that stay nope nope nope get him behind stay forward getting behind stay forward stay back while attacking stay back while attacking stay back while attacking and um that's the place and that's the place and that's the place bro so let's do this man let's jump in to our first draft in its account see what we could do guys please get up in that cotton what a team – what a team Toronto Hotspurs what a team please get up in those comments let me know man let me know man cuz I'm not saying this is a legit draft – glory out of money you know I'm saying but if you guys don't mind they won't rock with this draft aghori if you guys mind then I'll go get the coins man I'll make the 15,000 well start again I really just want this series I really just want this series to I just really want the I gotta set my settings I just really want this series um you know on the channel because I think you'll be a lot of fun it's what I'm enjoying the most of right now I play telly custom I want to show you guys this to a lot of people actually Mike attacked it more what it is it's that and then my controller settings is different as well I want to show you on this in the video I never show you guys this I play on clock on classic but I change contain and team contain weird right so that's when I play with those are my my uh my tactics and I think I'm gonna sub on the man named are instantly let's go George besties name are up top I should get very very a chance to be honest with you bagua nice fine back to neymar neymar shoots back at the neck guys has name more always wore white boots or is that new I don't remember name or on white boots didn't he wait yellow boots are maybe I'm crazy then they may always wear white boots in FIFA I could have swore they weren't maybe I'm crazy I don't know I like his boots a lot like they're different I could be crazy though but I really feel like they're different dog ba-nay-nay into my man kondogbia pop it back here Nadine in the Box in the back name or come on big boy name out of cito does it again I brought in some dog aside Santander I brought it in son and I brought in kondogbia I always try to mix them son down there I brought in son I brought in kondogbia and yeah man it's been alright man this guy's definitely playing really good though so what yo he keeps hitting me with these what a gold man what a coup what a go walking at the baddest a want to go home either fool beautifully done son son bang said O son elbow come on Big Boy birthday so now though goodness he's amazing bro had to bring him in off the bench and I think that was his weak foot that's that five star skills right that's that five up five star sin especially wait for it that's that five star weak foot man the guy let that thing fly man banger as well look at that lay off is it yeah I think it was that is right mass is left that's is left let's go let's go baby nice pop agua Nene what a play back what a pass the arrow what a play second round here we come baby yes that's a good play that's a good player FIFA man that's that's some nice buildup well played found the open guy quick passing nice passing clean passing and Vieira's right there to be able to tuck that one into an empty net making it forward to a name and a worthy opponent cuz this guy man he was a tough one to play against man very very good player man that out boom for three but I think that's game I think that's game I don't think he can come back man there it is game let's go second round here we come guys when I tell you this guy was a heck of a player I really suck in a 4 4 3 2 1 but when I tell you this guy was a great player very good player very very very good player man very good player we obviously dominated shots and stuff but he was a good player we are advancing into the second round we got to get as far as possible see if we can make our money back if you've seen tears coming down my eyes it is I'm not crying I I still have to put drops in my eyes from when I got the eye operation so I gotta wear glasses no more umm anyways game number two is a be when we spiegel insanity primers and I think that was Socrates I don't think I was a primer though was it either way tough game we got our hands here I think isn't a 4-3-3 attacking I see what happens he imma leave he air in for a little bit see if he could bring anything to the table obviously Nene was humongous in that last game here's Ranaut dingo easily start the game off in the rebound in this Renault King go off the kick off for now dingo do over now dingo type things baby well done beautifully done hopped in daheia took one to the face and let me know in the comments down below below is the hey it's still the best keeper in the world this year he's had a couple really bad games in my opinion Sammy's in the Box Recep you the rebound and he makes it 1-1 hazard play hazard eyes are with a comeback attitude who steps in can't get to that one can't get to the second one can't get that any of em Sammy's dancing those Abused dance and how did he get through Zeb you danced through some you scores that we are losing hey Penn let's go come on baby penalty okay don't mess this up don't mess this up come on man don't mess this up big ol here we need this we need this George best to the spot George where you going George where you going down the middle George peski let's go let's go let's go let's go BRE bang boys Big Boy Fieri come on you know dragged back dingo not gonna get that angle shot let's go fit come on man four two four two four two four two baby Rudel dingo the Brazilian man what a finish to may have beautiful drag back into a freakin out a lot go to get them to bang her into the back of the net well done man the Italians doing it make it happen the Brazilians make it happening and I just brought southern a more in song feels good man let's go how to do it son nice for Lent son still with it in town to do popped up namor what a play dude yes what a play from Neymar Zito we are a different food we are a different team man in the second half we really are man game number two in the bags boys well done five to victory we are offensive to the semi-finals in I want to say it's been an easy road this getting frizzy Road I said that poorly I thought it was amazing this game but the first half was very difficult second half we really open it up man but uh still we could do in a semi sorry game number three here my left eye is drying up so much man game number three we got a crepe Zeb you and Del Piero still we could do this guy's a pretty darn good team man come on baby anymore paying boys 1 nil the Brazilian Neymar Zito off the bench yeah let's go yeah let's go dingo yeah papa bang come on man Paul Pogba let's go baby the French beast the Manchester United star no foul name or where to steal let's go in a red light and I read light it your day more is just that guy bro he's that guy hey let's make this happen okay let's make this happen let's make this happen off the corner George besties better than the rescue let's go five one George besties name are a total George best banger let's go George best makes it six two in this bad boy yo he actually started scoring Matt goes at the end but that's gonna be a gg regardless hey we get out of here with a big win and we go to the final I was up by so many he just started I was trying to see the game out he started scoring loads of goals if there was more time I could have choked that but a man I got one of the best attacks in FIFA and I feel good man I feel good let's jump into this final and see what we could do with this sick team the final wow one two three four five six icons plus Messi plus Kevin de Bruyne oh whoa we are we could be in just a little bit of trouble Neymar Neymar Neymar sin the box name or goal ah soon the final gone go on baby Nene in the box Nene Wow no dingo will last for sight we good we go Chi baby dancing this one out dingo Messi could get the rebound ball bouncing all over the place Messi tucks it in that's tough no way I do – no way – no way r2 to r2 do you knock the ball back to a man's heart uru nice passing let's go baby come on baby three two time to go super trihard let's go son yo somebody come back and get it son Oh vamoose man vamoose man OH flex on this come on give me that no no no no no no no no no no no how is this ball fall into this man right there bro I gave a free kick in a really bad spot this feels bad oh oh my god it goes enough a layman bingo pen come on man that's a red card as well ruff ruff ruff you gotta give the red you gotta give the red you gotta give the red bro Neymar to the spy he's been great Neymar has been great and they must been great and he misses we lost I'm telling you right now we lost I'm telling you we lost I'm telling you right now we lost his name or name our name or vamoose name or he misses the pen he misses the pen becomes right back in scores grab the ball and vamos let's go baby come on come on man let's win this man let's win this yo name or what a finish dude he's unbelievable oh man run around him bro let's go first dress first episode first win I don't know if we're gonna keep this series because I dropped four I drop like three bucks but if y'all do want to keep it let's go baby that's the perfect start you got a perfect attack bro pride is strong and probably one of the strongest if not the strongest attack I've ever played with in the draft bro name more right now dingo and george besties yo so now don't anthony much y'all if I need them Viera it was dope I mean I had such an amazing amazing amazing attack and then we have Viera as well in the midfield without doodling Paul Pogba I mean this team was just a very very strong team a very very strong team one of the strongest drafts I probably play with and I think you guys in the comments will agree with me 100% as well I mean that team was fired man we got a rare player pack in a gold pack man now I saw a moment of truth do we make 15,000 coins we are on 4,000 at the moment and it's all about making the money to be able to reenter the draft bro so um let's hope for the best and see what it takes us will we be able to reenter the draft Ricardo Ferrara I think that was his name the guy from Dragon what else do we get we get a fitness card which fitness cards right now are selling for a thousand seven hundred thousand coins so your boy will start hit at a thousand and hopefully be able to sell that for a thousand so that's a thousand already a Dead Eye is selling for not much not not much at all looks like the round 500 500 600 days I'll throw up a dead eye for that much and a cat is selling for realistically nothing so I will list everything up but I'm just trying to see if there is anything that sells sells doesn't really look like it but um a lot of people are doing the league a species over and over and over right now so they're looking for cards that's something that's big in the FIFA community right now so we'll throw those up and maybe they will send up a red player back it's one of the most unique top-rated player plaques whatever is supposed to be one of the best let's see what we get out of it is gonna be a best pack snow walk out in episode one but isn't enough to get us 15,000 coins back let's find out we are gonna get a city ow okay that's an 85 rated card an 85 rated V Dow now the market has come down heavy in FIFA right now but V Dow will end up getting us out I hope at least oh your jingles in there as well alright he's that's it boom that's our entry right back in V dollars going for 14,000 at the moment so what I'm gonna do is go ahead and start him around 12 and that's our entry ladies and gentlemen there will be an episode 2 now if you can't you're single as well decent man if you guys want me to start it over which again I understand completely cuz I want to make sure that price was right I understand completely a road of glory is a road of glory and I know I understand this is the drafter glory I thought maybe entering with one would be okay if it's not okay I completely understand I'm not like you I mean I am looking for no easy ways around it I want to have a fun series with you guys more than anything else I want to see how many times we could win the draft I want to see how much coins we can make I want to see how many team of the seasons we couldn't collect on his count but I just playing the drafts that's really what it's all about man so with that being said smash that big old thumbs up if you want to see more of this series I really enjoyed the drafts right now there's a lot of people in the comments down below that aren't the biggest fan of drafts right now for me the most entertaining content on FIFA is drafts and that's just my opinion again I could be a hundred percent wrong there is some other stuff we're gonna get we're gonna get some coins here that's what that's not coins I'm not getting coins back because I'm not gonna buy a player but there was I was getting something I don't know what I was getting a daily objective which is score with a French player which we did and we go ahead and get a hundred coins I want to show you guys this you guys see what the series is that big old thumbs up though if you guys want to see this keep going make sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and I love your face man I appreciate the lovers before you guys give this channel man it's amazing man so thank you guys so much for watching on the second channel probably gonna have a nice little past and presents video if you guys want check around the weekend leave with leonov's team yeah and the link is down below for that I love you guys I appreciate you taking time to watch this video and I'll catch you back here tomorrow same time same place