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WoW Guides – 26 Tips For Total Beginners [World of Warcraft]

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Now that Battle for Azeroth is here I thought it was time to put out some World of Warcraft new player guides, starting with 26 tips for new WoW players! I’ve tried to keep things simple and avoid the information overload that is typical when you start a new MMORPG. It’s impossible to avoid it entirely as MMOs are complex beasts, but hopefully I at least made starting WoW a little more manageable for you.

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starting World of Warcraft so many years after release can be pretty intimidating and it's very easy to get overloaded with information in this video I'm gonna give you some basic tips that will hopefully help you get started without confusing the hell out of you so rather than wasting your time of a lengthy intro let's get straight into it first things first you're gonna need to buy the game and there are a number of different ways of doing this however before you even take that step I would definitely suggest checking out the free trial it's only gonna let you get up to level 20 but at least it's going to give you some idea of what the game plays like rather than you just go and him blind once you've checked out the free trial and you're happy to make your purchase then like I said there are a number of different ways to do so well it's a subscription-based game which means you're gonna be paying monthly to play by subscribing you get access to every expansion up to and including Legion what you won't get is access to the latest expansion battle for Azeroth so if you wanted you could just subscribe for a couple of months play up to level 110 and then decide if you want to play it battle for Azeroth after that if you do decide you want to play the latest expansion then you need to buy the complete collection which you can see here if you already happen to own why for some reason then you can actually just buy the battle for Azeroth expansion for slightly less however as well as including battle for Azeroth the complete collection actually comes with a month subscription so it's going to end up cheaper in the long run also if you're gonna be joining a friend who already owns World of Warcraft then you should use the recruit a friend option this will give benefits to both you and your friend and you can see them listed here on the website I'm not going to go through them but you can check them out yourself so once you're set up with your free trial or your full version of the game then the first thing you're gonna need to do when you log in is pick your server you may have heard people in the past talking about pvp and PVE servers but they don't exist anymore so you don't have to worry about that you can take that head of your mind we'll talk about how that all works later on in the video these days you have two options normal servers and RP servers and RP server stands for role-playing servers if you're into role-playing then obviously pick an RP server otherwise you're gonna want to go for a normal server personally I wouldn't suggest taking out a low population server or one of the new player servers because you just tend not to find other people so much and you have less options later on however if you're going to be playing with friends the first thing you need to do is check which server they're on because if you're not on the same server as them you're not going to to join a guild of them all so if you want to participate in a mythic level radium of your friends then you're also going to need to be on the same server for that once you've picked your server the next decision to make is which faction you're going to play in World of Warcraft there are two factions the Horde and the Alliance if you're someone who really enjoys story and law I would definitely suggest doing some research on the factions I'll put some resources where you can find out a bit more about the story of Warcraft in the description down below however if you're going to be playing with your friends then you're going to need to be on the same faction as them you're not gonna be able to do anything with them if you're on opposite factions the next decision that you're gonna have to make is which race you want to play as each race has a set of beneficial abilities that are usually referred to as rachels if absolutely maxing out your character in every possible way is important you then I suggest go and do some research on which rachels are currently most viable for different roles however for most casual or semi casual players this isn't really that important in my opinion at least for the majority of players you're probably gonna get far more enjoyment out of picking a race that you find cool rather than just worrying about rich racial abilities they have if you're really into story I'd advise doing a bit of background reading about the races and again I'll link some stuff in the description down below to help your vamp and it's probably worth looking at each races starting area is depending on which race you pick you're going to start in a different environment and you might like some more than others one final thing about races is that they will restrict the different classes that you can play there are certain race class combinations that just aren't allowed usually due to story and lore reasons an example of this would be a night off warlock so if you sit on playing a particular class then obviously you need to make sure you pick a race that is available for that class speaking of classes that's the next thing that you're going to need to pick now my biggest piece of advice for a new player here by far is not to pick flavor of the month just because the class is strong nag doesn't mean it's going to be strong in three months time the best thing to do is to pick the class that you think is going to be the most fun for you personally to be totally honest as a new player you're not going to have the skill level to even see the benefits of having the more powerful class in a particular matter one thing you do need to consider however is the inn where there are three key roles when it comes to group content these free roles are tanks healers and damage dealers in very basic terms tanks you're in charge of being at the front of the group taking the damage and defending the rest thirteen healers are responsible for keeping everyone alive and damage dealers are there to twelth deal damage to the enemy you'll see here that when picking your class the game will actually tell you which of these roles your class can fill if you really like the idea of tanking or healing then make sure you pick a class that can tank or heal some classes the mage for example can only deal damage if you really can't decide which role you want to fill at this point then I suggest you go for a hybrid class such as a paladin or a druid these classes are able to fill all free roles and with a druid you can even do two different types of damage close-range damage and long range damage one final thing about classes is that with a new account you'll notice that you can't play is the Deaf like other demon hunter classes this is due to the fact that these classes start at a higher level and you need to reach a certain level to unlock them but you don't need to worry about that right now speaking of high level characters you actually have the ability to boost your characters to max level don't do it with battle for Azeroth Kevin ate today actually it's not going to be possible to boost your character to 120 which is going to be the new level cap however you can almost guarantee that later in the expansion that's going to change and right now you can still boost the level 110 which was the cap for the previous expansion depends on how and when you purchase the game you might even find that you have some free boosts on your account these will come in handy later on when you've already leveled you know a bit about the game and you're ready to have another class at max level however if you boost straight away you're not going to have a clue what you're doing it's gonna be massively overwhelming trying to get to grips of a max level character and you know what as much as elitism in WoW is really annoying when you see a boosted character come and join in at max level content and just ruin the experience for everyone else by not knowing what to do you kind of understand people honestly level your character properly learn as much as you can about it along the way and then when you hit max level you're not going to feel so overwhelmed and you're not going to take so much crap from other players for not knowing what to do this leads neatly into my next point which is actually very similar and that is just don't rush the game in general it is true that the majority of where is content at least it's more challenging content is an endgame but there's no reason not to enjoy the content along the way you're gonna have a miserable time if you're just focused on the destination rather than enjoying the journey in my personal opinion while is way better an endgame than it is while leveling but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy that experience myself and I'm glad that I had it it's gonna take you dozens of hours to hit max level and if you're treating it like some kind of grind some kind of job then it's gonna sour the experience before you even get to endgame so just try and enjoy the journey so with all this in mind let's actually jump into the game with the character we just created rather than talk them through every single option on your interface was I just doing is just play in the game just get started with this first quest regardless of your races start an area here you can see the human starting area you should see someone pretty near to you with a yellow exclamation mark over their heads this isn't indicator they have a quest to give you all you have to do is go and speak to this NPC and accept the quest question itself is very hand-holding and wire these days and you have a lot of indicators as to how to complete this quest first of all if you bring up the map by pressing M then you can see exactly where you need to go there are also indicators on the mini-map in the top right and if you really can't figure out what the quest is asking you to do then you can hit L to open up your quest log and just read through it once again once you've completed the quest objectives which in this case is simply to rid the forest of these wolves then what you need to do is go and turn the quest in to gain a reward sometimes there's something returning to the person that gave you the quest in the first place sometimes you might go to a different person or sometimes it might just pop up there and then allow you to complete the quest in this case we need to go to the person who originally gave us the quest but before we go and turn our quest in let's take a look at combat as we've just engaged in some combat and where it relies on a system known as tab targeting where you select a unit of your mouse cursor and then you can initiate a fight by either right-clicking it to toggle your auto attack or you can use an ability which you can see here on your hotbar many of these abilities will in fact also trigger your auto attack depending on what class you are some classes that the mage don't really use their auto attack however you'll find classes like the warrior use it all the time so you need to have a little play around with whichever class you choose you'll probably notice some numbers on your hotbar you can see here that my frost bot ability has a number 1 next to it and that's because I can use the number 1 numeric key on my keyboard to actually use that ability this is highly recommended over clicking your abilities with your mouse the reason for this is using keybinds is far faster than clicking your abilities and it will make you a much better player in late-game this is especially true in player versus player combat clickers do not go very far in PvP I'm not a particularly good player or some kind of brilliant PvP player but pretty much even I could be anyone that was clicking unless they were really good there are of course some exceptions to this and for some people they might not even be able to use the key binds on their keyboard and they need to use the mouse and that's absolutely fine but just be aware that if you can use key binds then you definitely should at least if you want to be competitive in PvP or just have an easier time of it in PvE a bonus tip here is to try and avoid turning with your keyboard as well using the a and D keys to turn rather than turn with your mouse but holding down the right mouse button can make for very awkward movement and again it's just one of those things that's gonna make you far slower and far less responsive in late-game don't let all this overwhelm you I'm actually intentionally only covering it briefly in this because you can come back later on and learn all of this stuff there are countless guides out there and I bet you could find a 10 minute video that is just dedicated to teaching you about movement in an MMO so just keep these things in mind because getting into good habits early on will help you later down the line so you may have noticed as we've been killing these wolves we've been gaining experience this is indicated by the bar that you can see at the bottom of the screen once you fill that bar you gain a level in this case we were able to hit level two because we handed in our quest and as part of our reward we gained some experience and by the way as of today the level cap is gonna be a hundred and twenty there were actually a number of things in game that will help you level faster I don't want to go into all of them here because a lot of them won't be relevant to you right now however one thing that is relevant for you is rested experience basically when you spend time in a city or an inn you go into a rested state well rested you'll gain double experience from kills and the longer you stay in a city or an inn the more rested you'll become rested experience also accumulates offline so it always makes sense who are level into either logger in a city or an inn of course the really exciting thing about gaining experience and leveling up is getting access to new abilities you won't get new abilities at every single level but when you do they'll be automatically placed on your hotbar at least until you run out of space when you do run out of space all you need to do is go into interface settings and you can add an addition by their if you notice that an ability isn't on your bar then that's not a problem all you need to do is press P and open up your spell book where all of your abilities are listed I would recommend reading and fully understanding each ability as you gain it and try to use it as much as possible even if you don't strictly need to let us consider the counter spell ability that majors have now in basic terms what that ability is going to do is stop an enemy from casting a spell and silence them for a short duration and to be honest while leveling is not really going to be needed to help you win a fight you should just be able to brute force most things however this spell is gonna be absolutely essential at max level and if you're already used to using it then that's half the battle won already this is one of the key reasons that I tell new players not to boost a character if you do that you're gonna have to learn dozens of spells at the same time and it can become a pretty stressful experience now the abilities you have in we're actually based on something called your specialization remember we talked earlier about tanks healers and damage dealers well your specialization is going to decide which one of these roles you fill for a pardon for example you could go for the protection spec which would make you a tank the retribution spec which would make you a damage dealer or the holy spec which would make you a healer in the case of the mage you have free damage specs frost fire and arcane specializations won't actually become available to a level 10 so don't worry if you can't see them right now but it's probably not gonna take you long to get to level 10 so it's definitely worth looking into to check out the specializations you have available you just need to hit the n hotkey you can see here which baseline abilities you're gonna get if you go down a certain specialization and it's also very clearly labeled whether this specialization is a tanking healing or damage did him as you can see here you can very easily switch between specializations on the fly there are some places in the game where you won't be able to do that so easily but you don't need to worry about that right now each specialization can actually be customized further using the talent system if you click the talents tab you'll notice that you unlock a new row of talents every 15 levels you'll be able to pick one talent from each row depending on your playstyle and what you're trying to achieve again don't worry about the details right now just be aware that they exist and make sure you experiment with them while leveling so you get an idea of what your class can do talents are something they can be easily reset and early when we talked about going into a rested area well in rested areas you're also able to adjust your talents freely you may notice the also have something called honor talents but we'll talk about that a little later in the video that's enough on talent and abilities for now let's talk about how you get around the world after all this is an MMO and there's a massive world to explore rather than just walking everywhere you can actually speed yourself up by acquiring mines at level 20 you gain access to basic mounts which will make you 60% faster and then a level 40 you gain access to epic mates which will make you travel a hundred percent faster additionally when you hit 60 you'll gain access to fly amount and you can make your flying man go faster with various upgrades however a lot of the places you visit will have something called a flight master they'll be indicated by the green exclamation mark above their head every time you see when you need to go up and right-click them to unlock that flight path once you do so you'll be able to pay the flight master a small fee for them to fly you to a different flight location that you've unlocked this will save you a hell of a lot of time walking around as use for this flight masters art they won't get you everywhere sometimes you're going to need to cross between continents or even between planets and there's different ways of doing this depending on what faction you are and where you want to go you'll be able to use boats Zeppelin's and ideally portals if you can find one there are far too many specific journeys and why to list them all here but now at least you know of the different ways of traveling and Google is your friend when you want to know about a specific journey next let's talk about items or loot the things that we often get pretty excited about finding in an MMO within where you can find all kinds of different items with different levels of rarity item rarity is indicated by color and wow we can go through them very quickly grey indicates a poor quality item white indicates common quality green is uncommon blue is rare purple is epic orange is legendary light gold is artifact and then light blue is heirloom items in the game is split into a number of different categories for example you have trade goods you have consumables such as potions and then you have things like armor and weapons the best thing to do when you're trying to learn about new items is enter their name into WoW head and you'll be able to find out exactly what they're used for I can't possibly list every single item in this video one thing I will suggest though is that as early as you can get some additional bags you're going to start with very little inventory and you're gonna quickly pick up a lot of items some of them basically the gray ones you can just sell straight away and not worry about but there are plenty of things that you're going to want to keep there are NPCs selling bags all over the world but ideally you want to go to the auction house and get a decent sized bag for a good price like I said many of the items you find are gonna be trade goods and these are related to professions there are a number of professions available in white for example blacksmithing at level working and tailoring now I'd be lying if I said that the gear you get from these professions is particularly useful while leveling and you don't even need to do low level professions to be able to craft high level stuff later on every expansion now has its own independent system for leveling professions so you can just start battle for Azeroth for example and get straight into blacksmithing without having to have done for like sniffing in any of the previous expansions I'm not trying to put people off if you really enjoy crafting and you just want to do it for the sake of it then go ahead but if you just want to make some money then I'll suggest picking up some gavurin professions gathering professions or things like mining skinning and herbalism these professions allow you to gather different resources when you're traveling around the world and they can actually still be quite valuable even the low level ones you can gather up a load of herbs for example and sell them for a reasonable price on the auction house especially if you don't have any gold and you just start in the game end game professions become a lot more relevant well at least some of them do but there's a conversation for another day oh and one other tip if you want to make money in game is make sure you loot everything even the most useless items in game have some value and if you sell them to the vendor you'll quickly have a lot more gold than other players who just leave them anyway moving on when you get to level 10 you'll notice Eve unlocks a feature called battlegrounds these are instants player versus player battles in which one team of Alliance fares will fight against a team of horde players there are different objectives such as taking down the enemy leader or playing a game of capture the flag and it can be a lot of fun I definitely suggest checking ahead however be warned people have been playing this game for a long time and you are likely to encounter more experienced players don't be put off by this it doesn't take long to learn you just might find yourself getting your ass handed to you a little bit early on there are also more competitive modes of PvP such as rated battlegrounds and arenas but again these are something that you'll be doing it later in the game probably not as you're just getting started if you want to fire battle grant or you have to do is hit the H key he'll bring up the appropriate tab and then you can pick which battleground you want to choose for there are minor lower levels you won't have access to anywhere near as many battlegrounds as you will at max level before we finish up talking about PvP I just want to mention war mode when we were looking at servers we talked about how they used to be pvp and PVE servers well instead of that all servers are now the same and you can toggle war mode on or off if you toggle war mode on you can fight with players of the opposite faction in the open world there are rewards that come with this such as increased experience but be wary they can cost you more time than you actually gain if you get killed a lot if you've hit level 15 unlocks access to dungeons and you actually see here there's a tab here that says dungeons and raids forget about raids for now because again they're really an endgame thing however dungeons are something you can do straight away and in fact I definitely advise doing them they can be a huge amount of fun basically a dungeon is where five players get together and take on some more challenging content than the otherwise would in the open world there's always going to be a tank a healer and free damage dealers as that's the composition you need to get through most engines don't usually have a storyline this quest to complete in there and to be honest it's just one of the better ways to get used to team dynamics early on admittedly they're not as difficult as they used to be in they're certainly not comparable to endgame dungeons but they're definitely worth doing you'll learn a lot and you get a lot of rewards for doing them as well just like with battlegrounds you can use this tab to queue for dungeons and it shouldn't take long before you get a group together one thing that is worth knowing is really a group far faster as a healer or a tank as they're much rarer than damage dealers also you don't have to use the group finder to do a dungeon you can just get a bunch of five people together go to wherever the dungeon entrance happens to be and just go and take on the content that way the dungeon find is just a convenient tool of course if you want to spend a lot of time playing with other people which makes sense as well as an MMO then you're probably going to want to join a guild there are lots of different perks and benefits of being part of a guild and as your reputation of the guild goes up you'll get access to more and more of these rewards however that's secondary and the key reason to join a girl is to be part of a group of a like-minded players to enjoy the experience together you can find a guild in-game by using the guild finder though I'm not entirely sure how useful that actually is or you can just put a message in general chair but you can also check the wave forums reddit Facebook and any other place that wire players gather and you'll probably find a group of players that share your values by the way if you're an EU player then you're very welcome to come and join our guild on silver moon if you want to be part of that then make sure you join our discord server and introduce yourself a link can be found in the description down below this next point is kind of obvious to why players who've been around for a long time but it might be quite confusing for new players when you get to level 60 which won't take long it's gonna be a little bit confusing because all of a sudden you're gonna be expected to go to one of two places one called Outland and one called nor friend now the reason for this is because Outland was actually the place that Warcraft's the first expansion that Burning Crusade was set an or friend was where the second expansion wrath of the lich king was set now it used to be that you level through each expansion one at a time however with so many expansions this became a problem I won't explain the exact reasons why but the solution that Blizzard put in place was you can essentially choose which one to play it really doesn't matter which one you go for and if you like you can do a bit of both the same things can happen to you at level 80 where you're gonna choose between the Cataclysm expansion and the mists of pandaria expansion and then after that it's gonna return to normal you're gonna level through the wallet of Draenor expansion and then the Legion expansion finally get into battle for Azeroth it's obvious if you've been following Wow in recent years but it seems like it could be pretty confusing for a new player to be honest you probably have enough information at this point to make a solid start but there are a few other things I feel a worth knowing early on firstly I want to bring to your attention the adventure guide which you can access by hitting shift J the adventure guides basically a summary and some guidance for the content that the games try and suggest for your level it's basically a great place to look if you're stuck for what to do next next we have your achievements which you can bring up by hitting why there are achievements for almost anything you take part in in game there's achievements for PvE for dungeons for solo content for pet battles the list goes on and a lot of people find it very addictive just chasing achievements in fact some people only do achievements when they play why they're certainly not vital to your progress but they can be a bit of fun and they're just as relevant when you're levelling as to when you're at max level next up we have titles and reputation and I've grouped these together because a lot of titles do come from reputation but they also come from other things such as achievements titles are pure vanity things that like said you can get from achieving different things in way building reputations with different factions or just taking part in a particular event at any point you can hit C to get your character panel and change which title you're currently using also on your character panel you'll notice the reputations tab unlike titles building your reputation of certain factions can actually be a massively beneficial to your gameplay you may be surprised to hear that Warcraft actually has his very own answer to Pokemon with battle pets essentially you can collect pets from all around Azeroth in various different ways and you could use them to battle against other players or NPCs there's a whole set of quests and achievements and many other things around pets and it is a whole own thing so if you're interested in that then you can do some research on it another feature you gonna come across sooner or later is transmog this is essentially where you take one piece of gear and you give it the appearance of a different piece of gear the one rule being that you have to own that previous piece of gear and it has to be equipped for by your class there are many places in the world that this can be done so use well head to find out which one is closest to wherever you are it's also worth mentioning there is an in-game calendar that you can access in the top right and this will show various events and holidays that are ongoing in why a lot of these holidays provide bonuses to level in among other things so they're always worth checking out finally I want to talk about add-ons and my advice of add-ons is just to take it slow don't just dump 20 add-ons you don't understand onto your system just because you watched a youtube video if someone who's been playing the game for 10 years and actually understands what they do it's gonna be confusing half of them are probably gonna break and it's just going to make your experience really stressful if you're gonna use add-ons which I definitely recommend you do add them one at a time make sure you fully understand their use and then at the next one the easiest way to install add-ons is actually via twitch a while ago curse the company that hosts a lot of the add-ons for awhile merged with twitch so now the curse add-on installer is part of the twitch platform which you can download for your desktop it's really simple and intuitive to do once you've downloaded it there is of course plenty more to learn but my best advice I can give you is just a learner organically take it slowly let things slot into place and naturally you will enjoy the journey if you just stressing yourself out thinking about endgame thinking about maximizing absolutely everything early on just let it sink in a bit at a time if you want to join a community where you can ask questions and meet other new players then you're very welcome to come enjoy our discord server also if you're interested a string way most weeknights usually around 9 p.m. UK time so don't forget to hit the subscribe button if you want to know when I go live anyway that's it from me I hope the video is useful you take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you next time