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what is up YouTube as you pull double late-night skills we are back for the iyx career mode and what a season I ox is having in real life man coming off of just an unbelievable performance against against Spurs man they are actually just unbelievable right now in real life but we are making them unbelievable in the career mode as well welcome back to the ice cream I hope you guys have a fantastic few guys excited first episode smash that big old thumbs up and with that being said I'm gonna be honest with you guys man I am a little bit confused I just feel like I don't have it down right the way you develop players in this game I know that sounds really stupid but I've been training players hard I've been attempting to make this team you know develop their young kids and this game here we don't really need it what we need to win it but we're so far ahead that we're gonna simulate it you know I just feel that I've been training my kids but none of them are really developing into that you're not blossoming I don't know how many seasons you actually takes am i doing something wrong blown up the comments never let me know I'm not doing what am I doing wrong what do I not understand dziak hits the back of the net my man fine derby hits the back of the net and also delay hits the back of the net as well three-nil feeling good looking better feeling great another goal this time for my man Ruben Evans the Portuguese youngster and what a team you know what's great is that we've kept this team exactly what they are in real life obviously we added Ruben Nevers and Alvarez but realistically besides that that is their starting 11 in real life and that feels good man like we really really didn't touch a beautiful core they have going on that's my biggest thing I didn't want to really play or mess around with greatness cuz right now what they're doing in real life is greatness man there's not really much more to say greatness bro there's that's it greatness all around now what I've been doing is training pretty much the same couple guys over and over and over and over and over and I feel as if they aren't really developing as quickly as I anticipated I thought they wouldn't grow much faster than way quicker rate but they haven't really soaked my Mane Dubourg is on the way up the youngster the eighth the 21 year old I'm gonna train him this time as he has the arrows going up or whatever well yeah man I don't know what's going on I don't know if I'm doing something wrong they're not really developing as quick as I thought they would please let me know in the comments down below if I'm doing something wrong now our schedule is very interesting you guys know AZ is a pretty darn good team here in the Netherlands and shout out to I accept and bring in Dutch football back on the face of European like great news right what they're doing regardless if Spurs come back and eliminate them regardless if they go to the final lose they have put the Netherlands football back on the map which is a great thing to see what's the beautiful thing to see I love to see the teams that aren't and I say this because I think I acts as a big European team I think we figures a big European team I think you know Villarreal is a big European team but the big teams I access showing that yo you know what like we can rock out with the best of them and it's beautiful to see man it's absolutely beautiful beautiful to see so easy verse I ox in this game and they score we scored first they scored second 15th and 21st going into the second half nothing really happened they'll be happy with a draw here to be honest we walk out of here against AZ a team that's in fifth place a good draw for us we get out of here no injuries keeping our number one spot intact as we got to play AC again but this time in the semi-finals now we can train so I want to do that quickly I want to make sure I get the training in and I also want to see what's next on I want to see what's next on on Champions League football because I want to see shot train these guys I don't I don't think training DeYoung is smart coz he's so like already a beast um as I was saying though I want to see what's going on with Champions League football because as you guys know we eliminated electical Madrid and we are into the quarterfinals I believe or possibly even the semi-finals let's find out let's see what we're at man semi finals here against AZ in the Dutch Cup we got PSV which is a home verse of her first verse at first for a second affair and then we got Real Madrid Real Madrid and the quarterfinals in April very very big game and now I think to myself how are we gonna do this I think we play this semi-final game make sure we get us into the final and then take on Real Madrid and skip the PSV game because we're so far ahead in the league that even if PSV was to beat us 15 points clear it's not that big of a deal so taking on AZ in the semi-finals is a very very very important game so let's keep this Cinderella ayuk story going and today I want to play I can't wait till my boy is back what burn was amazing so let me give him some playing time cuz he was really good man I'm gonna put Vaughn to be outside would Bernie here would boom was great in the Champions League which was very surprising I'm gonna give keen a little bit of playing time and in the midfield I'm also gonna give him a little bit of playing time over Dion so itching and Ruben would burn dziak vonda bee and Kien up top and in the back delay and the youngster I like it man big game trying to make the final no time for mistakes ultimate difficulty let's get it on I believe it's our stadium baby and I want to say and there's the thing I don't know I don't know if it's a two-legged affair or just want it done I'm hoping it's kind of one and done and we can eliminate them today but you never really know fun to be with a good pass into kid and he takes a shot and now one gets deflected and goes out of play whipping this one off the corner to the back post were there and such a very weak header from delay I didn't expect that that's a great through pass a Z with a great chance here they're gonna cross this thing in past backwards in the shot and my keeper has to come up with a very very nice near post save otherwise we could have been in trouble this ball might get whipped in and it does whipped in number 9 Johnson I believe his name is we're down one nil we're down one nil and I believe we're in the crepe stadium here we are man we're in the Cruyff Arena right and we're down one nil and I really feel as if that we actually started this game pretty good but pretty good is not good enough because obviously we're losing our CC ACK woodwork finds a bad pass slow burn I could have him that's a great pass oh this is beautiful ball moving what a pass from the youngster and an opportunity for eating I don't know why I started him I really don't because now if that was diong this game is 1-1 I wanted to give my youngsters playing time water ball from Woodburn who's been amazing since Ron arriving from Liverpool a very very good young talented player but meant that he cost us big time they're not him hitting costed us big time I would say not this one into Vaughn be fun to be bringing it forward he has to slow down for just one second I see the overlap for my left back it's a good fine as well sent into the middle Woodburn could be there is the offside he was and he was on and I almost snuck that one into the back of the net the pass in here my man would burn with another great run opportunity here he puts it into the middle the header and that one goes to the keeper we're playing good football we'll burn back on it once again passed up to Vaughn to be he slows down finds Rueben the past is beautiful here it's absolutely gorgeous but back into the man that used to play for Juventus and almost a great opportunity and that one goes right past dziak on the follow-up we have played unbelievable but we can't find a goal opportunity here once again Woodburn with another great run finds a good pass and look at the touch from the Italian stallion I dropped this one into Rueben I see dziak I try to play it to Mexico fine tonics with it nice passing look at wood burn what a ball etat it what a ball what I bought at a ditch opportunity to show he shoots near post and the keeper comes up with a huge save Titus with a great chance man push push push boys come on push boys push push for push for it would burn I see you what a ball would burn an opportunity here for the youngster the youngster puts it in and I my goodness just not good enough just not good enough of a ball just not good enough but what a play from Woodburn absolute great run nice pass go find dad it's tight it's in the box opportunity for talent she shoots and this one goes wide as well what do we have to do the score could have tied it it's a good pass out to slow down I put it in to siak my man dziak bringing it forward he has to slow down for a second what a fine wood burn what a chance no one put it into Dion get the young couldn't finish what it's water ball from wood burn Paul wept and deal it can to get there find wafers yeah let's go Zach come on Zach come on baby CX doing it the shot from dziak in the keeper with another save no way no way no way no way no way man no way dude no way man no way no no no way no way man no way man no way man that's incredible yo no way man the game we just played we were outstanding bro it doesn't make any sense man we were incredible man we were incredible today yo nah man we were incredible man we were incredible today yo look at this man the shots the shots on-target we we were spa man yo wood burn was incredible we I thought we're out well in the semis man we lose the semies that feels bad man PSV verse I ox it's the big one isn't it but I still can't believe man I'm telling you man the chances that we had like the shot from itching like that was I don't even understand how you can sky that like that you know and then we had another chance from I think it was touted like I just I just don't understand how we actually blew that game like what the chances the domination that I gave it just it feels bad man we're winning in this one but this league is kind of locked up either way we're gonna beat PSP three one three two Vonda be dolberg and ciock I know a lot of people like what skills that's your fault for not playing dolberg Woodburn was insane like just straight up and saying he was incredible Keane was decent just feels bad and this is now the moment we've been waiting for coming off of that that tough tough tough tough L in the semies that feels bad but we have to put that aside now and just jump into this real madrid game with with just a head with a head full of steam a head full of steam we have to knock out knock out real madrid this is the competition we want this is the competition we need this is the competition that I want to give to the people so it's time man Real Madrid verse I ox you guys already know what happened in real life we got taught it's going down tata deaq duel berg de yong nevus i'm keeping it like this wood burn wood burns coming yo because he he wasn't saying and we got David back now he's not a hundred percent fit but David it's gonna be a big part of this Real Madrid two legs jumping into it we played their first I think Jordi Alba I mean David Alaba now plays but our yeah Madrid which is crazy but here we go man massive game on our hands let's see if we can pick up this dog you guys know how I like to do it and that's not grete as well isn't it a gret oh wow agüero Monta and David Alaba what in the world am i staring at they bought money from Liverpool agüero from Man City David Alaba from Brian from buyer from Bayern sterling from Man City way war they built the mega team that is incredible the team they have put together Tony Cruz whips it in moderates chillin with it put out the sterling incredible they bought sterling sterling agüero money they pretty much bought all the me all the English plaid they're big English players they bought everybody casimiro still out there moderates is their man they really went all out huh what a ball with a ball with a ball were on site as well but not hey and that's the red that's a red but solely a yellow David Allah but takes out my Boise egg and we are going to this penalty spot and I think it shouldn't possibly could have been a red but the ref only gives a yellow and it's momenta touch in Spain in the Real Madrid Stadium against Courtois and he goes to the right and we're up one nil and it's in a way cool and it's a huge one into the back of the net nine minutes in going up against the Omega squad of mega squads isn't it man Davis pretty much the Golden State Warriors in the NBA if you know what I'm talking about you know it's the mega team of mega teams and we score against the mega team one nil to us.if forward see ech let's go baby well played another opportunity fun to be in the box who knew how did we lose to a zebra we couldn't score against AZ look how easy we're making it look against Real Madrid look at that banger and near post and Real Madrid is down to nil and it's just one of those things bro it's one of those things of when a team attacks it's so easy to counter them and that's exactly what we're doing to the Madrid when they get forward they push forward too many bodies and then we can easily dominate the games yet with another steal put down – Dion look at this look at this they push too far for record just break right here Cottage cuts inside still with it's a ditch I'm gonna slow down for one second dropped off the Dion look at dolberg Oh send it right there we'll have to work in the back post ball whip did David all abuzz right there I'm so glad they gave away a pen we're dominating them oh no bad pass you'll get that steal this is where the dangers this look David I love us push it forward and then it's easy to counter if we do the steel though here comes sterling once again sterling look at that speed bag of speed at the Toni Kroos dealt with easily ref doesn't blow the whistle I thought it should have been a foul lead and give it we'll take it nice pass and look at Titus let's go let's go let's go there push forward we can counter this big time what a pass I'm waiting for Deon put into him doyeong in the bug three I told you guys it's too easy to counter they're pushing forward and we're marking them every time they go forward I'm hitting them on the counter and I'm gonna continue we're gonna annihilate the a Madrid because now they have to go forward even more and they open up look at this look how look at the gap man he could just run right through the middle and into the back of the net and we're up 3-0 David Alaba messed up giving up that penalty because we are just running around running away with it man we are running away with it a half time I told you guys man I'm playing them one way in one way only I am literally countering them every single time I need more speed I need more speed this is all about speed right now put David right here put David right there it's all about speed bro we got to hit them on the counter we're gonna put David right there and use the speed of our number 7 to really put this Real Madrid game away that's how I see it here's the egg trying to put the David that one doesn't work I wait for David Ramos gets in quickly I don't really have anything put up top back at a ditch put all the way down look at this look at this look at this popped into the middle I couldn't get the David s unlucky but we're right back got a good ball you'll push them back you're fine oh how did I not hit David come on I put it up top to my left back I cut back inside I said into the middle what a fine opportunity how did he miss that how did we miss in the 90th minute David you gotta put it away what a performance bro listen off the counter we murder them that David that David Alaba penalty was so stupid was so stupid on their part but man we dominated we had great chances we were amazing I'm happy with how that performance went out because look at that we gave no shots and remember that we are playing on Real Madrid that's just I've never seen I've never seen a real madrid like this i mean there's been great real madrid but they took off our grete and brought in Cavani they took out monday they brought in bail sterling stay they took out i forget who they admit for the ones they brought in east go like the team is stupid good man that backline david alaba Sergio Ramos got away how like come on man his team was next level good we beat them to Reno and I am confident Real Madrid is getting eliminated we are moving on to the semis one thing I want to say is one thing and one thing only my centre-back Alvarez that is the best young center back in career mode and I tell you this why because Alvarez every time he starts we win I bench him we lose I benched him we went into the semi-finals of the Dutch Cup we got eliminated every single time I benched that young man he we lose we there's no question to it delete and Alvarez beside each other it's lights out the best centre back in career mode in my opinion hands-down is Alvarez the young Mexican ladies and gentleman we have a method in the next episode we are gonna dominate them we are gonna eliminate them and there's gonna be a few teams left it's gonna be it's going to be I believe into right now has the advantage over Valencia we got Juventus knocking out Barcelona as it stands right now we got our iooks knocking out Real Madrid and PSG knocking out Roma PSG Juventus knocks and enter left in the Champions League unless parsley can make a comeback it's been your boy double-a now skills you don't want to do hit that thumbs up make sure to subscribe and I'll catch you back here tomorrow same time same place I better not mess this up nuke no new career one needs to come out tomorrow oh yeah