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all right what is going on ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it is your boy the glacier and yes we are playing you me in the midlane with a little twist I got my boy professor a collie playing the jungle essentially what we're gonna do is we're gonna try out of the Challenger boosting strategy or the funnel strat as you call it where I'm playing a support champion the new support champion mid lane Jesus Christ a plague you me Midland right and basically he's gonna I'm gonna freeze mid lane and I'm just gonna let him do everything and take everything right because this champion is not really she's not a mid laner she's really not like yes I could get super fed this game and show you guys that but I feel like the better move here is I'm gonna show you what she's capable of support wise so one thing I don't know what the fuck she does so we're literally gonna wing it I have not really had any time to look at the abilities or anything like that so apologize for shit game play for shit gameplay but just you know let's chill so I'm assuming this is the heal heals herself okay projectile Wow I'll read these in a second what I'm gonna do because you know obviously you guys came here to see what her abilities aren't shit we're gonna just I'm gonna wait until I recall and then I'm gonna read all the abilities for you guys if you don't know what the abilities are just open up in like a side tab while you're like listening to me talk or whatever what the fuck wait I just what the fuck but Lily just auto attacked her from like a mile away way way what the fuck was that so I'm so confused so okay so I can only I can only attach to like a teammate here interesting okay so I can eat myself in heal I can eat myself in heal oh that wouldn't do alright so part of the funnel strategy is basically I'm supposed to freeze and I want I want the professor to just continue to come mid lane I feel like there's really no point in me like trying to like poke oh that really doesn't even do that much damage I'm gonna honestly do my heel here no so so if I'm attached what is okay that's ty can you auto-attack when you're in my W when you're in W I don't know they say no you can't I really can only like use my abilities on you interested this is so weird take a look at this sick I know very interesting when I come on a trip yeah let's go to bencher yeah let's go to venture off into the into the rift do you look so weird I little it could just afk like if I wanted to go get like a snack I could just afk and you see you thing you oh no wait wait no it decays I think oh no wait what oh really no no I'm still in you can stay in here forever let's go take a trip to this top lane yeah that's where it is them no sorry I can wore it I can order fuck I'm really like an item I'm a rolling item dude literally like a freaking for the final strategy that right never wanted this is actually gonna cause a lot of problems I guess interesting I'm trying to figure what the fuck Mike you does your cue if it's in the air for like over a second they'll do bonus damage and CC okay all right let me pack the heli push yeah yeah all right let me let me figure this out boys we definitely need to do a little little research in here wait I'm the king so you take it well that doesn't fucking kill him okay hold on let's see hold on fuck I need to read the abilities shit like I had a I had a very vague sense of what the champion does but why should Roman help I should Roman help Oh Bobo never mind never mind he's coming somewhere to go all I can you I got you I got you wait I can't do anything get him nice nice nice I don't have anything yes so beast mode dude I can just perma heal you like this if I'm on top you I can heal you dude an exit even more broken oh my god oh yeah cuz you get a shield take it take it take it get up and take it don't die don't die your dad your dad your dad you don't they say about legends right 27 know they say legends every day all right I'll help you push but I have a debuff the moths runner so you have to get the last hit on the minions all right push this I don't really have it much oh fuck all right there we go that's yeah this is so sick all right boys I look so ease and heal okay two charges every 15 seconds I got that movement speed gains movement speed in HP okay simple understand I honestly feel like I should probably grab like an ardent sensor first that's the that's exactly what I'm thinking but let's grab ourselves probably a frost Fang and one of these bad boys let's go all right let's read okay so the W you meet in the ally she's attached to Cain nine percent of each others attacked him at her ability power holy shit you me – the stern of a champion buh-buh-buh-buh she follows untargetable except from towers some of the missile that does damage slows champion so I got a slow I got a heal and movement speed and I got a thing that gives me a bunch of damage both of us a bunch of damage which is amazing yo honestly come babe let's pushing Rome I'm down just let me get this really quick and then I'll commit and we can go – oh wait here I'm coming up Comic Con the fucking cheese it's guys an idiot yeah I'm coming shield me Oh God holy fuck let's go to magical tree yeah let's go yeah so I get to heels every 15 seconds which is ope yeah and when you w to me areas you she'll look it like I have pick induce [Laughter] we're ripped and that's my bad my bad okay the ramus is gonna be hard to deal with I mean luckily I'm mastery so just give me like two items and then he's dead but I uh I thought I was gonna alpha-strike his W but I'm building damn I do like literally no damage oh I have old now oh we need to read our horse no idea but we're gonna find out it's like a stone old with six waves and if you hit three of them it lux binds them oh okay yeah it's a wave every half a second um each other than seven waves forty percent damage here we're here for three more we are rooted what okay that's simple so then it's a it's a pretty simple skill shot yeah how the fuck do you miss that big-ass box what the hell right what are you thinking let's prep these oh my god I would fucking prep the wrong one alright cannibal wave yeah I'll take a tower to just make sure you throw your Q and let it look like circle around a little bit oh okay got a hold it got a hold it I see some of this with grants first name in the missile travels for one second before impacting it deals blank yep I got you I got you alright one plating probably yeah yeah probably just go kill Darius honestly yeah ignite I got a little okay I think I have to hold my what how's Liam else github damn it you know be crazy if I used a potion and it ticked on you I mean say ready go what the fuck dude this is insane it's like if you read if you dismount me when's the cooldown I company oh so you can literally just get off go on get up oh no no I think I have like a dash or something I like it one second cooldown I'll meet you Ben mole but all right I think our way to get fat here we just keep camping top yeah I agree or he'll just run into us yeah it easier true that true that oh my god there's definitely gonna be some metas boys like with playing this strategy but okay there's definitely some really strong metas I can already tell some really disgusting ones oh wait what I was that was the wrong way to do that that guy scares me I need all and Red's my every bag yeah we definitely need some stuff yeah I think you should get Merc treads I'm Esther you play yes oh yeah that's a good point qss maybe oh I'm gonna get oh I'll get I'll get my kills I'll get my kills no no I got Mikhail's for you we got whoa Jesus I detached by accident and I think gotta attach back there's a circle we literally lost like is abraca yeah do don't worry I got the bill I got the perfect bill for the shit also did your bone just use this oh my god damn wasn't paying attention fuck all right nice it's all good we're gonna destroy them okay I do feel like I should go art and censor boys but I honestly feel like Mikhail's Russia's gonna be waiting we literally win once I hit three items and you get one support item I'm gum rushing Mikhail's for the cleanse from Ravis Russian cooldown okay this will be good this will be good so let's read the passive here so we have a slow it's a bond extra damage heal thingy like that fucking route someone after three Yumi's attacks against enemy champions grant damage a damage shield you know in the master he hits the same target four times if there's no one nearby what the hell yeah I know it's like yours old old that's inside let's try not to die here from the ceramics there I will say their team comp is pretty aids pretty like SuperDuper aids well you know it's even more aids we have no AP on our team Vicki Ikes I let's get a good freeze here for the boy shit go bug a bug what I'm coming baby I'm coming he didn't use heel all right all right okay all right then I get it sometimes you got to save it for next time let's do this let's do this send it there we go here we go heel here we go Oh e two seconds two seconds let's go see why I did do this doing damage yeah yeah dude it's broken okay all right you couldn't super thanks gonna be here though you're right let's suspect up we have the wrench refresh refresh uh peace he's coming he's coming you take it yeah off and take it I don't take any damage – I only when I'm like attached to you I only take damage from towers so I probably know I could get to one HB and then just jump to you oh yeah little you can be like the face tank for a second like tank 1wq from TF and yeah and just exactly just jump right to you and do it if I if they have like a Lulu bot Lane like supporting us oh my god yeah I'm never gonna die yeah it'll be a little iam possible you'll be on top of me just making me Oh fee see this on teller heels on huge cool down here looking fine look at that that's that's scarred ah man my man I chickened out I think we were to let me we're gonna live there I know I chickened out right now come come push me push me first so then they take this it's too much bull crap yeah yeah you right you're right okay boys I like this so far you can clearly see then you think it's hurting a turret he doesn't have a make sure you circle around I'm still confused as to how the fuck that works it's it's B goes off of your cursor Oh awesome that's cool run run yeah there he is right there yeah I want a couple a drinking and then we literally can't lose yep get so much damage I gotta get art and sensor for you too okay all right invade maybe question work yeah yeah Ramos has no foreign right yeah that's gonna be oh that shouldn't be a big deal but I got old and rats right now I'm so glad you have that Darius is missing I think you're dragging the brush D have no no we know T alpha all right go for it we got them that bitch Douglas Gary says come on yeah this way what no no aah I'm Leah I'm squishy as balls I'm just building straight support they have so much CC is the issue right now but I got Mikhail's almost oh I have it I have it we're good we're good I'm gonna get Arden sensor and probably like a redemption too we got this we got this yeah I think health support items would be a good cuz Tereus press W with this passive stacked and you just destroy you yeah pretty much just gonna try and keep you alive okay dude yeah we're squishy so I have 900 you know all right so if I go ardent rage but it's got a huge nerve I don't know if I should but they're gonna stack so much armor against you so it's probably worth it you just need your passive yeah yeah Jevons ganking vidcom going oh my he actually did it really good I'm in here Sark is gonna steal it yeah there's like a thousand people may be careful be careful Darius is missing careful careful I know I know we should go rift yeah yeah we just can't you know we just can't be greedy because TF can be there any second well he's being greedy I wonder if I should be attached right now I'm gonna save my heels on this one with this new MSG yes am do you take that oh you took oh what the fuck wait wait let's push in some in it cuz we can still get first turret he's gonna use this card once he uses his card to summon rift is any we'll have to pull that okay Simon son you got such good vision control – alright maximum damage 20% 21% I don't have any AP though that's gone I've dip dip dip they're coming they're coming yeah come on Thresh rammus is gonna be here boom nice go baby go oh my god they're up there yeah yeah let's go I like how you just like stay there oh my god oh that's a that's a jawbone move take this we got a dip we got a deep don't thank God for you thank God for you man we're fucked we're so fucked yes i BAE let me live yes Oh HR excited to show up he's decided to show up what so I'm coming I'm coming baby I can make plays Oh get on the look like you just can't die I know it's like Soraka oh my god you're literally an insect yeah I just run dear God oh my god I don't do any damage did he heal so much yeah are you uh ready to help me let's do this still yeah yeah as we go I was Rico he's mad hey Alan mind you let him write you I'm here go oh my god go go yeah we could take this I think Ramis is here there's gonna be a Ford you Award no I don't shit on him shit I'm gonna go back you know we have to get anti healed Darius and Soraka plus like all their heels yeah I'll get it just grab executioner's that's all you know all right after praise would cam come about dude you like guys this is literally like such a broken leg thing we literally just fucking Shakespeare so now you just sit 800 we could just sit middle our game or just sit on top of our guy and I can I got it after this dragon okay guys guys hold on I'm not there I'm not there wait for me wait for me oh you know what I could do I could jump too oh my god I think dust and now your full HP dude oh you get to heels it's like to rock it W is instantly yeah I know it is pretty disgusting this is so gross I like how I look at it I can do this look it look it look at my finger get my thing but it why should we wait in sight ready watch ready trollee that's so fun all right Oh top come talkin top name you know Oh goddamn let's do this thing over and like right now yeah we definitely can I got vision for it okay okay okay let's go we should take this alright we got it get some board skis yeah we definitely want to be just keep continue to just keep our master key alive here dude I have enough sniped by the way I should probably mention I'm just gonna press E and pray oh my god wait what yeah he ulted out looking pushman dude so the thing is I'm like so unbelievably squishy but like it doesn't matter because I really can't die if I'm on you yeah so you could honestly go dude you think you and me would be the best champion League to get a mega huh maybe yeah probably could you just hold it forever yeah I'll grab that next honestly because I have all that support I need I got all let's go oh yeah oh I take the tower interesting oh oh okay so I take your tower aggro oh okay okay oh I was like I died instantly from like nothing I was surfing hard – okay that's good we got Baron now oh bone fuck is so annoying yeah she's gonna be pretty obnoxious you still have one beer no yeah it's double parent feel like that's real good just press R on Soraka and then they da get that mmm I feel like I should grab I'm gonna grab them Ajay is just try it out why not why not this says real is no good he's that he's a jungle man but there we go he actually did it sure we are full ad but doesn't matter cuz true damage you have way too much shrew damnit and I just got our tin sensor so it's over hell yeah hell yeah hey Chuck says conquer yeah couple buff Ram is weightless let's start pushing top really quick alright I got deaths Anson 800 yeah dude it your bones with this it's over yeah just like that little extra bit appeal destroyed 21 percent of my AP or ad each other's bonus ad or AP I think it's he gets my AP that's us stupid useless Baron so we should be fine how do you feel about tv5 no no it's too much CC edge back out I got the chaos we're never good holy shit go go go yeah thank you for the support I always want yeah ha ha ha we can run it on top let's just look to end ok um it's here to here I didn't get any of honestly if we dive I have old in 10 seconds yeah let's go for it damn he rolled for those nothing 60 second cooldown Rank 2 oh my god I have 45 percent CDR though oh my bad do that talent last two yeah we get we gotta remember that our we can't really like diving is an issue for sure there's gotta be some work around around that was my bed maybe I think I need to ditch the executioner's calling I it's just like I have rageblade so I can't turn it into like the last whisper item I mean I could sell it you know you could turn it into mortal reminder give it they share armor pen so I'd be like losing a big chunk of the stats way I'm confused you know I just get a moral mind you're only losing 10% I'm a pen know cuz that's unique that I repent from rageblade doesn't you can't stack it with more reminder it'd be like getting a player and King in a gun blade actually I don't know that doesn't make sense nevermind I don't know I'm doing wait what rageblade and Lord Dominic's have nothing to do with each other what hold on that doesn't make it they both give armor pen what is it magic penetration that's fine uh oh what the fuck I never knew that what the hell Oh cuz it got reworked is that why yeah okay I kind of want to go for a Magi yeah I got my guys I got him a James I'm coming I'm really far away away from me wait for me we uh we have so many dragons we're here wherever I may come back we're okay we can fight we can fight a fight oh here we go all these Nikes come to me come to me come to me whoa oh come on baby nice I'm gonna shit on a good shit no I didn't have a heel fuck yeah I feel like you have to get some like armor pad or something oh no dude honestly if we just needed um I need a Mac I'll so I'm gonna go kiss ass and it'll be fine yeah cuz I have I haven't Mikhail's for you but do they have way too many things just to like stop you let's take baron yeah that's broken they've literally chose like the perfect team comp against us it really did they have too many pointing like single target it's easy he's fine I'm probably started let's take baron and then win it we can just ace them and end it like I might want to save my heels to be honest on Archie damage yeah because dude are healed as I have them a jive by the way hell yeah because my II got my heal as an AP ratio and so does my all this is nasty this is nasty boys never we don't want to go in like one benign we just can't it's fine dude honestly if they don't have both fallen as long as we don't have W to DFW and Ramos E we win yeah your Merc scimitar will be huge yeah okay okay so I'm basically II I got the slow I got the slow yes and and then oh my god she literally instead this is some free guys like I've literally hands-free hands-free playing this game holy shit alright boys that is the you me middling gameplay as you can clearly see you lit this is literally a funnel strat within itself feel free to play her support toppling mid lane try it out for yourselves and like subscribe to the channel if you guys are new and I'll see you guys the next one and of course guys let me know what you guys think about this shit down in the comments below because this just broke the game alright peace out