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WORLD'S BEST CS:GO SNIPER? GuardiaN vs kennyS vs s1mple vs dev1ce (1/2)

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Who is the world’s best CS:GO AWPer? You decide! 4 pro players and their best highlights with an AWP. Enjoy it!
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GuardiaN 0:00
KennyS 6:17
dev1ce: 10:45
s1mple: 13:49

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got the AWP but no helmet may be a massive deal but could be a factor on its Ward's IV for now no significant changes although I have spotted Oscar to ramp up even better as a guardian of another run boost completely a Vista race Chris day there 17 because of the bullets are thrown out and Stewie's on it he's gonna hold this Gordian I don't think I could tolerate it if it happened again Tory what was quiet until the show smoked because she just was Gail set in stone okay Kirkuk attack in the foot support push cap Kyi shut about the airplane that Castro he projected to flee again because you let us get close really booth Guardian docility Veronica thought perhaps about Mary Adams penalty Moses codependent a guardian Olivia grass smoker when you can be the father Stevie to otavalo say so much fluoride yeah they come needs rain in here come the bodies as well Guardian just put one down if I said you better believe he can not another job Guardian the dream is reality so 500 more so rain to hold the shallow box which covers off the backside of forklift guardians currently residing in that position and he's done well he's gotten a shot already under Terra cool make that two the motto of spread on either side but not all the way back that gives him position and he takes out automatic all five stay alive might actually be able to get so much done he actually show the first which is surprising I thought you my way a little bit longer maybe CBF but we're done but the only real success story here at least for cloud nine is FNS we do have Tarrant quite close by but the B site is kind of under wraps rain can be a real nuisance as well as the time gets there but it is four seconds left and the bomb needs to be planted it is they would have still won that one regardless but a bit of a guardian bomb going down device quaking as guardian looks dominant on this site device without a kid either an uphill struggle at all occasions the guardian stills himself steadies the nerve sponsor great idea and buffets you have to admire how much pressure there keeping on Australis at the moment oh my god Guardian hate McGeehan it's laggy nines for biases not nation a flashbang come clean oh god I instantly become the englishdom car equal to side senior commander Medina my guardian Viennese esquina fauna Vasa even yet see to beaten can't even earring kills it and Guardian a man off the zucchini and some are working on the back your faithful Guardians oh that is the individual status see I'd face Carter 19 seconds left let's vote comes up soon right and there's a fast rotation from behind as well keep your eyes on Kerry Oh Bob's been thrown down into the dirt there's only ten seconds left over teamliquid face their face-to-face but who's gonna come out on top guard with one from the sky and he knows naps close guardians done it faced with another round around into question though he's just made this very very possible for Navi and now it's Guardian they're ex-teammate a1 b3 required and Guardian on this bomb site defending this bomb with his life time ticking on down simple and flamey pushing on in and they know Guardian all too well simple gonna wrap on round it's the one we warned when guardians gonna learn the shot and phase a 10th round of their lame Guardian in the knot but unfortunately he's too far away from the bomb does still have a kit but fallens not going to peek this here's it yep he can get tight that's not wide enough and he's on it with a kid this could be done for one's gonna run it in this is over no better still Guardian takes the shot to confirm it with style Nico is gonna wrap back around though and Lee's gone down nitros down and talk alas to hold his breath throughout but rain trades off him immediately all under knife on an MP 9 planted the force pubs going so welcome liquids perspective now still has a chance I mean there's definitely but other big moments but anyway last round potentially for nip in this it certainly looks like it could be now you could come on the phrase Cazalas butyou got your car mania didn't cross my opinion we're going Mia to input your evaluate we stopped if you buy attacker I didn't use a vegetable stock almost please people passion for euros be rerouted around Quadra kill no takey what we feel that's a solace and then still lose it in overtime maybe yeah not quite as dramatic gonna come back but no definitely shades of it yeah this is it where'd this come from from phaz Asgardian takes down civics as well but you know the angle of that giant yellow lines here he goes not aware that colds around the corner see the nose scope but he's gonna get the plant down two seconds he's got a stick if it's full of shit you've done he's still alive how's he doing this stuff the lineup he knows where he is this should never happen he's got him locked in behind the pillar of Guardian one dose of three the flick does not connect and swag is still alive all the pressure right now on Guardian to try and get this last round in can happen he's still alive even now he's running back into kitchen it's gonna be so frustrating right now my PVR another shot rings out [Applause] his most promising a sense of individual forwards and Allah gonna be rushman Guardian is ready and waiting he gets a double kill the foam goes down a desperate call from liquid in the stronger side for both particularly in over times I still have a lot to work with including Kenny has his hop which is right here in ramp room waiting for all these Peaks he's thirsty for more or is he gonna get more chances the answer is no but he'll just force it anyway yeah this get inside this Smokies like I will find a way it looks basically an angle there's something here I will find it okay Oh somebody's passed it to clean it up this Manila on Kennedy equitable it written in the ultimate Navy leave us with a good man possessed a fear to kill only this new Nakashima also be seein rude man is in the ayats of gunnin here does a sumac not a masters or a shot from pulse right through the side of the wall grenade not quite gonna kill him a little bit of damage there jump it down oh my god taking down bolts on it with no time he's just gonna save the AWP instead better call he could also be careful though because okay nevermind excuse me I thought Kenny was a lot closer he probably could have risked going for that pool Oh Kenny he took the first shot I didn't think he'd get another image through the door after the time bikini is do pass go smoke you can use to do boomba don't call this oxygen a big time simple on video Vikash keep appetizer will beach here the key areas to vocalize it Watsa with Twiggy Cardinal opinions devolved wasps which completely coolness agree key command Ania from Ikea at the keenest wash the boys are Capri atomic weight attorney Tosh former glue super body token riot like a nostalgia trip are memos Grasso to TIA genius I didn't I didn't put a flame it nice item plaintively me before kappa caitelady – just like quadric eels going yeah let's play the east it was so so cool see Kenny doing it oh wow second kill Kenny with the occupancy photo you see I know me and just tell me just break in the cafĂ©'s collosseum well dr. Kraske deadbeat in a 1 on 2 this could be 3dmax pullin off a force play of their own a 1v1 jinx up against Kenny who's gonna take the round wins the question and right now the times become an issue because in the distance peak out towards CT flash goes over oh yes sir what all he saw was the pitched on to be very careful at Kenny's aware of it surely the CT wins out he doesn't this is a classic NES moment now he gets a plan for long and gets down towards that position this is absolutely his round but he not just focused towards shop absolute Kenny s special there 3 vs 1 the bomb down to do a Molotov to stop the push the start of rotation Rock seek was coming out of of long doors and now Kenny s with a shot arrow that similar style of smokes and Molotov and they set a precedent boom Kenny not sure if he even knew that he hit that shot maybe we get some eye tracking on it there shocks for the action Kenny first up the bat he finds a shot but he's being pressured up close he needs shocks to support him he's what differently people would go oh my god Kenny it's an incredible kill against sixer I don't even see the fucking pickup but at the moment she's gonna be trying to bait it out throws the nade on to happy it doesn't quite reach meaning happy we'll just about survive still on 6 HP gonna go for the post the nose go puff to scream that's ridiculous leaving happy he's just gonna go straight for the diffuse Kenny getting the time again he will even get the kill in the end wonderful stuff from Kenny should just about have enough time to defuse the bomb as well 1 B 3 clutch you're on the ground over human show from heaven it was underneath device that was already down there good fine on the first one quick switch back over brings out the Safari match the war and he gets the second kill is well bomb flowing forward at any to try and respond with fast flicked or debris good read by device car let's go outside of these sort of rounds he's gonna find his third kill he still got position on the Bombers world can't be picked up four in total that's what we want to see the big play starting to arrive and it's just shock see now in the four versus one device has done it around he saves the AWP takes it to the next round positions correctly and now shocks he get it peppered up with that cz-75 glaive to try to stay alive around the clock down here nose is losing firepower is the CA Sonic's happy of that one and a sight anyway so and it's gonna be 1410 and keep in mind that the start of this half was very poor for astral it was look like it faze me romp away for the win I said this a lot before boom Vanessa's which is likely considering the buyer the buyers money on opening pick could set them up for a couple as he gets three kills device it's just a maelstrom right now hitting absolutely everything five on to bomb down and that should be a hairy he's looking for a bit more as well and he's probably gonna get it device on for the ACE just ROPS hill way towards outside and it doesn't get much better than this oh my goodness nice work from Carrigan he's on the bomb site Guardian towards badges and now it's one device my protector Cindy goes to cut that the thyroid tutorial is 380 mm without you him down twist with a great kill now this should be their round but the place is in the back and you can do so much damage from here you can see you can hide players he gets another one [Applause] they had it all a lot you can get one or two and you're gonna feel pretty you know comfortable off things consider I think the real scary thing for this first half it's doing it turning this around complexity install us changing the pace get caught out a few times device does hit one deep from way downtown Shazam goes out of the round with two kills and device well aware of who he kills and what weapon Ihab goes around to get the AWP and as soon as he gets it he finds a double entry frag from electro on what HP he pushed i hold the house okay hey house catch out zitnick so early on and also deals so much damage that made was phenomenal a great trade from device though boosted up he out Jules Guardian on 41 HP is trying desperately again to fire that off into the site he'll get a little bit of support from electronic late flash out immediately simple wants to go but he's still napping in through ruins so that flashes too soon they couldn't do that last time they're right there both of them in front of simple creeping in he's gonna get one that I shot to it oh my god simple clutching the round even a bit of an eyebrow raised there at the end just to say I thank God I said that wasn't ready to play required but this one is simple that's what you want to see from man he is so good at this weapon it's our three versus one and he's hungry too it's off Edwards for sin he has to go he's gonna for a wife gets one of the flames but he'll go down nothing he could do about it what's that's a triple no way gets his through his teammate kills cruising and Fitch that's ridiculous from simple we have to see me play that that's insane even Edward a new flame you can't believe what just happened David most of it at 16 and 30 a respected first was the main entrance a flamey good for one and simple need to get the hell out of there he's got the he gets up the round but he is spot-on as usual double kill comes of the AWP and x7 with this a ball trying to keep the dream alive but it's simple he makes it an absolute nightmare they're hoping to go the full distance and see you can all their own as simple will be needed down to 35 your daddy sure I like see though wants to swing out Rubin [Applause] ha there's not enough suffusion syncing to himself surely I can find an entry in the gray fox stream issue leaders footsteps are heard straight to the head of Gotham simple that window position is being dominated by man hey man last one the roti never gets Sergey but they realize now it is back over on this side it's simple still here with the signal off he's gonna say noon he's having shit don't you dare forget it simple at the only weapon he's inside like try to get there give them an in to take your mind every single time they thought they're done enough to cause rotations to hold a UPS okay two more people