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World of Warcraft's Most Famous & Infamous Players Part 4

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A return to my World of Warcraft’s Most Famous & Infamous Players series.

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grand achievements meltdowns funeral crashing sex for gold World of Warcraft has seen it all it's like the Jerry Springer Show of mmo's luckily for us much of it has been preserved for our viewing pleasure there's something oddly intriguing about it it's like a train wreck fetch you can't look away from a mere magnanimous melancholy beneficent myopic monotonous chronicler a Mad Season show and buckle up because for the next 20 minutes this is World of Warcraft's most famous and infamous players part for nerdgasm a thrill of excitement felt in response to something relating to a subject in which a person has an obsessive interest I've mentioned before that loot in the world of warcraft has been made easier to obtain over the years these days he can't go a single level without a full new set of equipment which is convenient but that thrill of finally getting a new piece of gear is diminished back in the day and getting an epic was well epic it was a big event and you'd spend the rest of your day lovingly staring at those beautiful purple pixels and feeling slightly embarrassed at the noise that you made when you obtained it oh dude 4 strength 4 stam leather belt ah level 18 oh the voice you just heard was that of Joe that's it just Joe just another one of the millions of players adventuring in the world of Azeroth in his levelling he apparently happened upon a belt one with four strengths and 4 stam nonetheless and he uttered the nerdgasm heard around the world either that or he was just having a stroke what kind of stroke is up for you to decide and when I say heard around the world I mean that literally because I'm lucky for Joe someone outside of his group of friends not only was listening but was also recording trance for stam leather belt he'd recorded their reactions and upload them to YouTube for all to see and Joe was just one of his many victims for strength 4 stam leather belt oh no it's not alright obviously it's not all dude 4 strength 4 stam leather belt not he's been coming in there doing this nerdgasm spawned a whole series of videos as the video compiler himself and his fans would replay it to other random people's controller servers to get a reaction like I said the power pixels was strong it's like the darkside from Star Wars except somehow even more nerdy people have even died over it is pretty scary how it can grip people it's just a game at the end of the day people take it way too seriously uh never mind that but I mean come on if you're willing to murder someone for in-game loot what's to stop you from it Oh No well I guess we may as well get this one out of the way that's right believe it or not you're looking at a Craigslist ad a woman offering sex for gold let me try to explain just why she's doing this back when the Burning Crusade expansion came out one of the big features being added to the game or her flying mounts you used to be locked to the ground either on foot or on a ground mount and the only time you could fly in the game was when he took flight paths which restricted you to a set path from point A to point B now player controlled flying was always a highly requested thing so when it was announced for the Burning Crusade people flipped out there was just one problem though it costs gold which is Indian currency a lot of gold in fact too much for most players to have about going out of their way of by grinding mobs or professions some were a bit more industrious than others however hello I need five thousand world of gold for my epic flying mound in return you can mount me you have to have an account on my server and I want the gold before we do anything hmm up front delivery that's pretty smart you don't want people conveniently forgetting account information post-coitus now do we we can quote trade had your place since I can't host edit because I have a lot of dumb guys message me who clearly don't have the gold make sure to send a picture of yourself and a screenshot of your character with the 5000 gold you know there's pretty easy to spoof why don't have them posing in front of their computer holding their drivers license giving a thumbs up to the camera I play a level 17 idol druid and would prefer someone who is into role-playing I have a costume okay who's paying who now also I'm not adverse to the idea of groups slash anal now I know what you're thinking you want to see it's a no game boy or I mean there's no way that this worked right come on this is the internet you know better by now hi I just like to thank all the jackasses that thought it would be funny to post my picture all over the Internet and make fifty thousand threads about me on the world of warcraft forums I got my epic mound in about an hour that was very enjoyable for both parties while all of you idiots probably spent hundreds of hours farming yours and you don't even have them so talk all the trashy one I got my epic flying mount and I got laid which is more than most of you failures can ever hope for this is all too much I thought this was a wholesome little channel here let's take a break from prostitution for virtual currencies let's talk about the goon squad not really known for being one of the top guilds but rather one of the top troublemaking guilds no funeral crashing this time but some of their work includes cutting Jaina Proudmoore to Orgrimmar to kill unsuspecting city dwellers forming a rate of zombies during the wrath of the lich king launch event infect and kill unsuspecting city dwellers and tricking alliance players into attacking an immune player and gathering them up so they can revive all at the same time to kill unsuspecting city dwellers well at least this time they're of the opposite faction their crowning achievement however came during the wrath of the lich king expansion the new PvP zone wintergrasp was brand new one side had to defend a fortress from the other fending off players siege tanks demolishers and planes well that's what the boxart said but that never made it in I guess the goal of the attacking team was to break through layers of walls using siege tanks or if you're an engineer grenades these also did damage but since the mainstay of the event was that siege combat they did relatively little in comparison however in preparation for the event to begin the goon squad perched themselves upon the final door leading to victory of the zone all having a large supply of grenades as soon as it started they parachuted down and in one minute destroyed the last decade to win the game in record time a stunned Alliance returned to the keep only to find out that they've been locked out and surrounded by elite horde guards which slaughtered them if they drew to close immediately after Blizzard released a hotfix which made the grenades pretty much useless in the PPP zone hi this is girl cock from elitist jokes this is a narrated video of a Zulu man speedrun that'll show you how my group has successfully approached the zone recognize that voice that's right that's the voice of Ian has a hostess the current Game Director of World of Warcraft this was back during the Burning Crusade before he was affiliated with Blizzard he's the leader of the elitist jerks guild which is one of the most influential guilds in the entire game in 2008 before the wrath of the lich king's launch he joined blizzard as a raid and dungeon designer and seven years later moved up to assistant game director and finally in 2016 the game director for world of warcraft a position he holds to this day however in this video he's just another player making a neat guide on how to successfully complete the bear run in the zolomon raid and The Burning Crusade our range group spreads out in a semicircle around the boss and the melee obviously are directly on him you'll see that so far it's taken us it took us 3 to 4 minutes to get here at a time or just take down to 16 minutes if you kill the first batch of bosses within a time limit you were rewarded with the bear mound and it was quite difficult during the time so this guide proved useful to many players showing different shortcuts and mob skips and boss strategies to speedrun the raid as fast as possible as someone pointed out in the comments of the video you can maybe think of this as foreshadowing to the mythic plus system which cites introduction in Legion a lot of that came from Diablo 3's rift system since they're quite similar but it's interesting to think that if Ian never became the game director we wouldn't have had mythic Plus which i think is one of the best things that the game has going for it right now so think of this as the very first mythic plus run in a way it was also active in vanilla World of Warcraft though he was the one who did the math and concluded that the C'thun fight from vanilla a q40 to be mathematically impossible to win assuming the absolutely best geared roster of 40 players making zero mistakes he was the final boss of the raid kethu not Ian and he went unkillable by even the top rating guilds at that I'm four months frustrated these guilds called out blizzard and accused them of releasing intentionally over tuned content in order to stall for their next raid which was of course ex ramus some were constructive like Ian and it provided the numbers and others took a slightly more dramatic approach this is a screen cap of an IRC Chan from a member of death and taxes another top guild having difficulty killing the over tuned old God also present in the chant is fear the alias for Alex of frosty Abia who's the current late world designer for World of Warcraft during vanilla a quest designer there's quarter history with him as well having led the EverQuest Guild the fires of heaven which is considered by many to be the most dominating guild in the entire game when he was still playing every quest in 2003 he made a profanity-laced rant about a new raid called the plain of time it's a shaky release so he took to the forums to give the developers in ultimatum you have 14 days if after that time the plane is not properly tuned I am deleting my characters and canceling all of my accounts the rest of my guilt will follow soon as well as several other guilds and people that play EverQuest I did not work my ass off jumping through your idiotic hoops with my friends and guild mates so I could go to a zone where groups of 18 could enjoy the content even if past these initial moronic events I can finally get my entire guild to raid with me Frigg you guys seriously Frigg you – heck he was pretty mad to say the least and the rest of the post was more of the same so with the frosty I'd be now employed by Blizzard in similar fashion with C'thun Z the leader of death and taxes made a pseudo parody post using the same nomenclature of a frosty Abi's 2003 EverQuest thread instead this time giving Blizzard 14 days to properly tune C'thun or he and his guild will quit the game and switch to professional solitaire back to the IRC chat though the guilt question the professionalism and ethic of Blizzard releasing a seemingly broken encounter and expressed frustration with their inability to overcome what they perceived as unfair challenges after carefully pondering their argument that the content may be a bit over tuned a frosty hobby looked back to the time when he was the player the frustrated guild leader posed with an unbeatable challenge and retrospectively he saw that he and Xena weren't all that different thus with great care and deliberation he sincerely took on the criticism and replied I think you're just being a retard well damn it's pretty impressive actually with how filtered everything is these days to what lengths do you have to go too often for an employee of a triple-a game to say that you have down syndrome how much would you have to mess with someone to completely send them off the deep end to the point where they publicly lash out at their own community base well the world may never know it's like a double retardation whammy I'm surprised he can say that with blizzards okay I think you can read the rest of that yourself the two continued their constructive discussion of old gods and cocks and it didn't go very far and incidentally C'thun did end up getting nerve surely thereafter and Guilds finally started to beat him more importantly though we were left with one of the most dramatic public arguments between a blizzard employee and members of the community in the company's history man you know what what am I doing with my life talking about drama of random people across the world whom had never met and probably will never meet on a video that's definitely gonna be advertiser and friendly and filled with comments telling me how monotone I am you know what YouTube you have 14 days 14 days to fix your broken website or I'm gonna take my channel and turn it into an erotic audio book promotion tool I groan and run my fingernails across his back and he gasps a strangled moan fudge Anna he chokes and it's a half cry a half grown it tears at my heart but also deep inside me tightening all the muscles below my wit and second thought I'll just cover the new mobile Diablo game but first let's take a glance at an important moment in the game's history we took the amount of outrage and then doubled it Jay Wilson is a name that lives in infamy amongst the Diablo community Diablo 1 & 2 are considered to be masterpieces of the action RPG dungeon crawling genre he killed demons and he get loot to kill more powerful demons with just two games to its name it was one of the most addicting franchises gamers came across with quite the active communities still playing today decades later forgive me for giving you all of this backstory but it's necessary to understand what the feeling was at the time and just why the fans of the series felt so betrayed his creator and David Brevik is considered to be a god amongst fans of the series with an outpouring of support even today for a remake – his iconic sequel Diablo 2 but here comes the year 2012 and within Diablo 3 the second in the series released over 10 years prior in the year 2000 with an expansion set in 2001 so there was an immense amount of hype and a thirst for I returned to the series its existence was announced in 2008 and players for the first time I got to see the game in action this only made the wait works for players though because it looked great the dark demon slaying action fans knew and loved seeing a return at nearly a decade later but having moved on from Blizzard at this point it would be the first game in this series without Bewick's personal touch Blizzard instead left it in the hands of Jay Wilson a former developer for relic entertainment having been working on games such as the Company of Heroes & Warhammer 40,000 the dawn of war years past and work on the game continued it was teased at the following blueskins slowly revealing each class one by one and even including playable demos the game would enter a closed beta stage in the fall of 2011 where a small portion of the first act was playable with all five classes it looked pretty good and fans eagerly awaited the release the day finally came I made 12 2012 and the actual launch was a perfect sign of things to come the game sold incredibly well shattering many presale records it accumulated 3.5 million sales within the first 24 hours after release and over 6.3 million in its first week of lunch as for the gameplay well the mennies looked good that was about all the players could say about the game at that point because no one could log in Blizzard was unprepared for the massive reception and their servers couldn't handle the millions trying to log in at lunch there is no offline mode for the game even for a single player he had to be connected to the Internet to play it would persist even weeks after the game's launch as archived by this 94 page thread it was so bad that their offices in South Korea were rated by the Fair Trade Commission because gamers were unable to play their game and they were refusing refunds players who did get in however fund a game with potential for greatness but all in all a mediocre experience compared to its former at least 11 years ago players could progress through four exits story with four levels of difficulty and that's normal nightmare hell and inferno all providing a tougher challenge but greater rewards much to the dismay of players though was the existence of the real money auction house system where they could buy items using in-game gold or real-life money using the latter option money would exchange from one player to another and Blizzard would receive a cut of the sale essentially giving the game pay2win model as players would describe it a problem made worse with the fact that the higher difficulty settings seem to be unbalanced and poorly tested some classes were able to scrape by hand completed with very expensive gear and a very specific said while others particularly melee classes struggled then even the penultimate difficulty or which was hell the game was tested though not just by players but also the team itself of course and they increased the difficulty of the infernal mode to where no one was able to complete it and after that Wilson infamously boasted they had doubled it due to this players pinned the extremely unfair and unbalanced nature of the game on Jay Wilson both he and his quotes became the subject of ridicule of players wanting a challenging but fair end game dying was extremely unforgiving drops were few and far between and the enemies were fighting and gained a random set of ethics is some unkillable to the very limited number of viable character builds in the game if you died they would regenerate health and you'd be left with a hefty repair bill and with gold also being purchasable with real money it left a sour taste in people's mouths it was all too common for people to be in a situation where they had no gold and all of their gear was broken the only way to progress would be to start a new character or the difficulty and farm low-level enemies to repair your gear once or visit that ever alluring a real money auction house early on one of the best ways to earn gold would be to run past all of the enemies in the game and just break all of the pots or other destructible zhh behold the brutal non-stop action of Diablo 3 the game saw a record-breaking release but the active players quickly dwindled once they uncovered its gaping flies critics who originally praised the game began condemning it and even the series creator Brevik was interviewed by Inc gamers on his thoughts on the latest game in the trilogy he gave some criticism on some of the troubles that they were facing and how he would have done some things differently I'll have a link to the description to see for yourself but all in all it's pretty innocuous members of the development team however took offense to the interview and mistakenly posted their discussion to the public eye and frankly were quite scornful how dare he not life for us and say another game is flawless where Brevik was professional and courteous this small group of employees took a liking to mocking him and the past games that he's worked on this culminated with a comment from the game director himself fuck that loser Oh this is public delete everything well they took the amount of outrage with the game and they doubled it due to the problems of balancing and the real money auction house many fans were already disillusioned with what the game was and how they wanted it to be many sad as a bastardized version of the series that they fell in love with over a decade ago so to see the person holding the reins of this game post something such as this whip the fanbase up into a frenzy some swore off not only the franchise but also Blizzard as a whole and only the most sell it like followers stuck through the whole ordeal and has a reward for their loyalty for their undying love of the Diablo franchise they got to witness an even further bastardized version and being produced for mobile devices one don't you guys have phones Wilson later apologized for his comments and he addressed some of the problems that the game was facing and the whole incident goes down as one of the most dramatic moments in gaming history he would later step down from Game Director for Diablo and moved to the lead game designer for the Legion expansion of World of Warcraft he parted ways with not only Blizzard but the gaming industry as a whole in June of 2016 man you know what I'm just not feeling this there's just something about my crippling addiction to World of Warcraft that I just can't drop it's such a large world filled with strange strange people and we wouldn't have it any other way would we if you're on the same boat I'll see you in the next episode of World of Warcraft's most famous and infamous players you