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World Of Warcraft Gold Farm 300,000 Gold RESPAWN FARM

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Hey guys! in this video i teach you guys how to farm for an item that is worth about 175k-300k depending on server personally im on a high pop server and its listed for 300k. In addition to the actual item were looking for you actually have the opportunity to pick up many motes of mana from the mobs

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what is up nerds and weeaboos alike it is King Kunta and today I have another gold farming video for you guys so earlier I was thinking oh I'm gonna have a girl come over finally this is like the first girl I've ever like had come over so I got to show her something really cool that like will make her like me and everything I better show her how much gold I have on world of warcraft well today I'm gonna go ahead and bring my method to you I promise it works zero times on girls but it will make you golden World of Warcraft so today I have another amazing farm today we are located up here in Bashir landing on the blades edge edge mountains in Outland now in order to get here all I did was take the portal to chat riot city and then I flew all the way to blades edge mountains right up here towards Bashir Landing so why are we at Bashir in landing you may ask oh and I also want to do I don't know if I pointed out earlier we are 100% weeaboo friendly on this channel and actually if you are a weeaboo or maybe a little bit more friendly I also go follow the Instagram in the comment section that I linked down there coz you can follow my personal Instagram now and DM me funny things please because I really want that anyways so we're here and the item we're gonna be farming is gonna be called the storm home now the storm home sells for about 100 to 200 K on all servers average across the US and these numbers were taken from the undermined journal journal just so you know but on my server happens to be at about 300 K so how do we farm up the plains for the storm home you may ask well that is another thing that I'm going to teach you so what we're gonna do is I'm going to go ahead and give you a little overview so basically there's this big little camp full of Bart Bezier arcanist I believe is how you pronounce it I don't know I'm stupid so maybe I messed it up but as you can see they're basically all around these purple little portal things and what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to kill the arcanist now you can actually kill these two the spell thieves but they don't drop nearly as good loot and ideally you really want the arcanist because you're trying to go ahead and get the plans for the helm that we were talking about earlier now the reason I'm showing you guys this farm is because not only are you going to be farming for the plans if you do kill all these like bashir Raiders and stuff like that they will drop you a crap ton of another weave cloth so if you're a tailor you actually can actually make some nether weave bags or something out of this and sorry Liston was on the auction house quite quickly I'm not gonna lie I filled up tons of bolts another weave in this spot alone and I have spent tons of my time in world of warcraft farming this spot so I kind of got a pretty good method so the mobs do not instant respawn and it can be a little challenging sometimes but if you run it the way I'm running it right here you will actually never make it so you run on a mob so basically their respawn timers at this point where if you just walk through here oh yeah you can get molten mono from these guys by the way but if you just walk through here as you see me doing justly leisurely you don't have to lose every time like I'm doing right here but uh if you just walk through you'll actually come back around in the circle and they will be back up for you so that's a little tip that I can go ahead and give you guys right now to make this farm a little bit easier on you and prove your farming quality of life if you will and it's really not you know that difficult either as you can see I'm just walking around nuke and Ollie's down it's pretty mellow chill farm now the reason I'm showing you the plans for this now just you know they are a rare drop and there are a world drop so they can drop from anything but they have the best chance to be dropped from the arcanist and if you do get this item to drop I guarantee you someone's gonna literally pay for a realm switch to come buy it off of you because the amount of gold that you can make with the plans for the storm helm is absolutely ridiculous the storm room actually sells for so much that most people when they get the plans they're mostly listed on the auction house as an accident so like I've actually seen listings for the storm helm for about 700 gold on the auction house and there's people literally just sitting up there waiting for plans like that and they're sniping them so you know obviously those get you linked off pretty quickly but if you do have the plans for the storm home and you're a blacksmith I recommend you go ahead and just learn the plans and use that and sell the storm helm as its own because you're gonna make a ton more profit just selling it then you will for the plans obviously the plans is like a one-time profit but the storm helm you can keep making over and over again if you have the materials so you kind of see where I'm going with this and just so you know there are some outer little circles that do have mobs out here that if you run out of time basically and they're not back up by then you can actually run to the location that I'm at right here and you can come swipe these guys real quick if you're waiting for the other mounts to come up because you're a little bit too fast and you're way better than King Kunta so that's all that's really involved in this farm it's very simple nothing complicated and it's just key binding in Ottawa Tech with the auto target really it doesn't really require a lot more than that you can literally just run around here just just like spamming spacebar something if you bound it to that and just go ahead and go crazy go stupid hey but yeah you can literally do that it's no problem and it's actually quite good farm I enjoy doing this one it's nice and peaceful you're just running around in circles really and it doesn't take a whole lot of effort either and yeah so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna cut the video we're gonna talk about the channel all that good stuff all those interesting things that you guys love hearing about the channel and we'll continue to go on from there but of course we're gonna find a more visually appealing place because this place is kind of oh it's getting purple though I don't know it's kind of nice I don't know everybody okay anyways I've got the video now bye alright everybody we are back after that wonderful amazing cut for talk time with yours truly so what's going on at the channel I am working on some videos that I have in the background I am currently trying to get as many out as I can while still catching up with school and work I have actually had quite a bit of time at home lately for me to just kind of settle down and focus on myself and the channel and the amount of growth that we've been getting has been absolutely insane I cannot believe how good we've done this month and we're almost at 10k so if you're watching this right now and you're watching please subscribe like honestly please because we are so close to 10k and it's gonna mean so so much to me if I actually hit 10k within this month I have a good feeling that it's gonna happen just you know my birthday is at the end of the month so this would be a nice little birthday surprise wink wink and yes so that's what I really wanted to say about that we are literally so close at 10k pushing out some videos hopefully get us up there and finally hit that milestone cuz that's kind of a big point and I think all youtubers paths I want to say and it's something that I've been working really hard to get to and I wouldn't be able to get to this point without you guys anyways so I just wanted to go ahead and say thank you for all the support I've been getting from you guys I've actually had people sending me emails and stuff which is kind of why I'm opening up my Instagram now my Instagram will be linked in the comments section down below I will have it pinned so there's no way you can miss it if you have any questions or you want to say something to me or you want to DM me something funny that you found on Instagram and you want a youtuber to follow you back there's a chance I might do that if you do me something funny enough but I am opening up my Instagram that you guys can go ahead and you can send me funny things my dams will be open which is probably a big mistake by me but we'll see how we'll see how that ends up working out I'm sure I'm just gonna get sent the most random awful stuff but knowing I don't know our community that we got going in this little channel right here I think is pretty uh most people are pretty mellow and chill out I have seen some people say some pretty funny stuff but throw back to that weird guy that was like talking about like I hope being addicted to World of Warcraft there is actually a guy in the comment section a few days ago like making fun of people because they were addicted of World of Warcraft I should put that comment on the screen right now that it's just it's just hilarious to me I was like I don't even know what to say but I will be opening that up so please go send me some funny things and follow me on Instagram we are close to 10k and yeah and if you actually do send me something funny enough I might shout you out on the Instagram or even the YouTube channel and this just really gives you an opportunity to connect with me as a person because I feel like all you guys really seem as is a level 100 whatever droid that flies a Griffin in just nukes mom's I want you guys to kind of see me as like Who I am as a person to a little bit because I want to get to know you guys and I want you guys to get to know me so we can just grow as a channel and I think that could really help out and make this a lot easier for everybody well not really easier but I mean just more enjoyable because if you guys have the ability to actually like get in contact with me and the this way if I run it through Instagram it's a lot easier because I can just check my phone while I'm my doing schoolwork or something like that and just I don't know makes my day all the good comments that I see down there every day really makes my day and I just wanted to say thank you but again Instagram is open I may follow you back I'm trying to decide if I want to delete like everybody I'm following and just start following back few people I don't know we'll see how it goes but I'm gonna go ahead and leave it as this the first five people that follow me on Instagram I will follow you back but remember DMS are open so send me funny stuff in the DMS means preferably nothing I don't want to see any body parts please don't just I already know just don't do that please please don't and yeah so that's gonna be it for the video thanks for watching and staying tuned to then if you actually stayed tuned in the end I want you to go ahead go down in that comment section right now I want you to hit shift on your keyboard and then I want you to hit 3 what that's gonna do is make a hash tag and then you're gonna type G 0 0 n SQ u ad goon-squad with two zeros I want to see the two zeros that means a lot to me for some reason right now just because I made it up but I want you to comment in the description down below and if you're subscribed tell me why you like the channel tell me why you're subscribed and I will keep making videos for you guys I'll see you all in the next one bye Beautiful's