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World of Warcraft BEST Resource Farm In BFA??!? INSANE 100KG+ Per Hour Farm!! (8.0)(8.0.1)

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Today we take a look at the one of the most lucrative gathering routes I have found so far in BFA. This spot can net you upwards of 100kg+ per hour from all raw resources. This is a great way to make tons of gold or gather up resources for professions. Like, comment, and subscribe! Thanks!

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hey what's up everybody the saucer 501 and today I'm gonna be showing you guys another gold farm spot now this spot is going to be Andres far and it's going to be a round arum stand which is in this middle of the map pretty much in the center of the mountains now this is gonna be a mining and herbalism farm it can be done with either or but I would definitely recommend having character that has both because that just massively basically doubles the gold probably not exactly but it basically doubles the gold and I will show you guys the route I take now in this route there are quite a bit of mobs it will be a growing to you there's resources everywhere but a lot of the places where big clusters of resources spawn there's a bunch of mobs around but I'm gonna tell you guys some items that you definitely should have even just when you're harvesting anywhere you should definitely look into getting a bunch of these items because even though they're decently expensive they're completely worth it for the amount of time they save while harvesting so the first one is course leather barding which is a leather working item you can buy them on the auction house I think all these are around 1000 go to my server a piece now they all these items last two hours and they don't fall off when you die which is super nice especially if you're gonna be farming any of these in war mode they don't fall off when you die so that's super helpful plus the two hours makes them super super worth it then you have mono harden oh the course other barding makes it so you can't be dazed which dazing slows you and knocks you off your mouth unless you're a tank then that couldn't happen to you anyway then you have the mono hardened hoof plates which this lets you harvest or interact with anything while on your mount so basically for this farm you can mine while on your mod and you can horrible any amount any amount you don't need this guy go for hoping anymore you can use whatever you want if you're tired of hearing the sounds of the sky golem like everybody is then you have the model the mono heart and stirrups which increase your mount speed basically in be–if areas by 20% now also you're gonna want to be using the darkman firewater which increased your harvest speed a lot now Darkman fire waters do fall off when you die but that really shouldn't be that big of an issue even if you're doing in a war mode you're not gonna be seeing tons of people here really you could do it on either one you want some people say that having it on war mode you're gonna find less people because there's less people having warm but on to go harvest whichever one I don't really think it's gonna make that big of a deal but basically all these items together just make you you know you can't be days you're harvesting while you're staying at no miles you have to keep remounting you're going faster you're harvesting faster this actually adds a significant amount to the gold power you can make in any harvesting spout and BFA so I definitely recommend investing in these items so we're just gonna go right into the gold per hour and what items you can get here so the different material get here are winter's kiss sigh burns pollen moonlight or platinum or anchors weed storm silver and star moss now star moss can only be the only place I found it is like one building they I go through when doing this route it's where all the spiders are so you get oh you don't get that much of that I mean you do go buy some water so I think you can't get some sea stocks but that's not really that big of a deal I didn't get any in an hour of farming so you probably won't find any but basically my gold per hour for these they're going to be the method where if you sell stacks on the auction house 200 sex you're gonna be able to sell for a lot more gold per item that if you put up like random single stacks I made a video on this like earlier this week or sometime last week make sure to go check that off you don't know what I'm talking about that's basically the short of it you sauce up at two at sexes of 200 the auction house and you can basically make double sometimes even more per item so that's the amount even though all of these some of these maybe there's extras maybe there's not a full stack I'm still gonna do it as though I was selling it as a stack of 200 because that is how I'm selling stuff I save up for 200 and then I sell it at the higher price which can be massive in terms of like anchor weed it's over double the price and it sells like I just sold an actual stack of 200 anchor wheat today for over a hundred thousand gold it's kind of ridiculous how much people will pay extra for not having to go through and spend like an hour trying to buy stacks of one that someone put up for no reason but the gold breakdown is winters kiss I made 38,000 gold from that that is the main thing you're gonna get here that is the most fallen volume you're gonna get out of anything now I think these are a little bit cheaper than the rest of the herbs but not by much it's a $30,000 winner's kiss I get about 3,000 gold and now these are rounded not it up round it down I'm just rounding them so it's much easier a much nicer looking gold amount I guess but sirens pollen we got 3,000 gold now sirens pollen is actually the only herb or mind that can spawn basically extra mobs so if you play it in Legion like if you harvest something you'd have a chance to spawn like a bachelors from one an or or like something some mob from a plant or something like that and you'd kill them and they give you like a good chunk of that material sirens pollen currently in this expansion is the only thing that spawns stuff it could spawn a hive of bees or a bee and you can get I think up to 11 sirens pollen from one of those spawning and you killing it so that's definitely nice and definitely you want to look out for that because sometimes you won't even notice it and you'll just run away and it will despawn and you won't get the actual like ten Saturn's pollen moonlight or we got 12,000 gold platinum or we got about 5,000 gold platinum are it's definitely been going up recently on my server um so definitely check the prices on all of these before you start doing this farm anchor weed I got thirty thousand gold now anchor weed can spawn basically on any herb spawn spot I don't think that's with Saturn's fallen or Tsar most because those spawn on things Saturn's pollen on trees so I'm on buildings but with how much of winners kiss sponsor out you get a good amount of anchors read from here and a girls we'd like I just said before I legitimately can sell these for five hundred gold if I'm selling a stack of two hundred absolutely ridiculous amount of gold for makers weed storm silver I've got ten thousand gold you actually get a lot of rich or deposits around here which is really nice cuz store storm silver or is the most expensive war it's like seventy or eighty going on my server I think a piece if you're selling sex is two hundred so that's pretty good and they got 1500 gold from star Moss because that's only from that one building but you still do get a good amount of that so that's around a hundred thousand god I'm gonna round it up a little bit it's like rounding up like five hundred cold or something but a hundred thousand gold farm give or take is definitely insane make sure to be selling these at two hundred go to stack don't be selling them and singles and stuff like that you could try or not a hundred go sites make sure to be selling these in stacks of two hundred you can try sex up one hundred but what I've noticed is the sex of two hundred people will pay even more for than the sex of one hundred so I just want to show you guys as gold forms five let me know what you think about this spot like the video if you liked it leave me in comment if there's any farm spots or any materials you want me to make a farm spot for next make sure to subscribe and thanks for watching