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World Of Warcraft 8.2 | Mechagon Rare Locations

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In this video i am showing you all where the rare locations of adds are in Mechagon. So i hope you guys enjoy, and if you do drop a like. And if your new hit that subscribe button

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what is up guys lord gyt here and i am back with another video and today i'm going to be kind of doing like a mini part two to the mechanikat plus just showing you guys where the rares at MIT and in this new area because the new area is pretty pretty good and it gives you a lot of parts to use towards the junkyard tinkering and it's it's just really good to have an excess of those materials for whenever they come out more stuff and also the Barons the rares drop the they also drop the ignitor coils for the for the mounts so it's also good that you go kill the rares because it gives you a good drop chance of those so I'm gonna go show you guys the locations of which I know there's rares which I'm pretty sure I know about every single location of the rares because I've been around this island like 30 times since yesterday when we came out I have no life sorry but first area right here there'll be like a huge mechanical spider and basically you just kill it with a group of people and also there's give me these DS chests around this area that you had to pick up and what the heck oh okay yeah all right so next next rare location you you're gonna want to go up here to where there's basically the starting location is for the questline a little um we've this care of it oh my what's up homie ya know I'm gonna pull everything I alright as I was saying the next rare is oh the next rares gonna be right here it's gonna be right where I'm standing a bunch room or give you right there a bunch of rares you kill those the next rare is gonna be up here on that platform you kill those Oh God oh I would say I didn't to do too bad right there cuz we've drowned like a whole freaking camp of people alright I'll show you guys the next rare location it is down over this way I know this one I am uncertain about cuz I haven't fought him yet you gotta be kidding me I'm uncertain about this rare I haven't fought him yet because people always kill him before I get there but whoa well we'll see when I get there if I get hit what are fling one more time dude I'm gonna kill somebody thank you all right so if you go up this way go just weave around these guys and yep grab a guard to them because why not the rare will usually be right to my right right in there because I always get a notification about a rare in there but I just never see it so I'm kind of a 50/50 about that but I guess we'll find out later on next next location this is also the final location of which I think is all the rares if you come up this way first off you can grab some good ol treasure chest watch it which are really nice basically this the last rare is up here he'll be right here yeah basically those are every single rares they try to have a chance to drop the ignitor coils they have a chance to drop just stuff for the junkyard tinkering which is very important so basically if you guys if you guys enjoyed the video found it helpful to help you guys find the rares so you don't have to go scrounging around on WoW head drop a like on this video if you're new here subscribe and I hope you all have a good rest of your day peace you