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World Of Warcraft 30,000 Gold In Patch 8.2 METHOD

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what is up everybody its King Kunta and if the ad pocalypse has been hitting you just as hard as me you'll know that you need a new way to supplement your income and war the Warcraft so just be glad you're not a youtuber who makes videos on guns so you're still getting at least a little bit of revenue and follow me to this farming method where I'm gonna teach you guys how you guys can make a crap ton of gold got a sense of myself cuz you know the gradall YouTube and you're gonna love it I already know you're gonna love it so just stay tuned and get ready to have your mind explode we are going to be learning how to farm soul guru now some of you may or may not already know about this farm in fact they're actually used to be a quite useful method that I actually used to take advantage of just about every single day using this farm but apparently it's been patched sadly but the good thing about this farm is the fact that we can literally go ahead and actually run that instance normally how we're supposed to do without exploiting it and you can still make about 30k gold the per run with this farm so I highly recommend you guys come check this spot out as you're watching this video and just kind of follow along with it and follow my route and that's normally the best way to actually run this is the method that I'm going to show you guys so Zoll grub is located here in stranglethorn babbage's in the Eastern Kingdoms now in order to get here you're gonna have to fly down or take a portal or do whatever you mages or warlocks or whatever you bad dogs do so you're gonna want to come to right here towards the entrance of the instance now running this heroic you can do that I normally just run it on normal anyways because I'm used to using the abusive method including the mob that spawns down there as soon as you enter the actual instance in itself so this method is very very easy to use and you will never hit instance Locke using this method either so what I'm going to do is we're gonna enter the instance and we're gonna show you all the special little tricks and techniques you need to know to farm is all Goro so the first thing that you're going to want to do upon entering the dungeon is immediately run towards your left don't actually follow all the other moms in the areas you're actually gonna want over run to your left now as you can see once we go ahead and actually get over here we're going to see a giant vibe known as the hive Queen now the hive queen is actually what we used to exploit back in the day by running in killing or taking your loot and then resetting the instance now that can't really be done anymore but we still want her stuff so all you're gonna do is just a OE any one of these and you're gonna eventually just end up hitting her pick up her loot and she drops the hive Queens honeycomb now the hive Queens honeycomb actually has the ability to drop you a ton of Matt's motes of harmony multivariate emotes of basically anything really and it's quite a useful item to actually have in your inventory so if we go ahead and see here we open it up we got Twilight Jasmine volatile life and a bunch of other volatiles that you're actually going to be able to pick up out of this as well so you can see you're just kind of clearing inventory space but as you can see those are amazing mats that we're gonna want to go ahead and pick up because they do still sell for quite a decent mod on the auction house now you don't have to kill all the fish and all the other stupid bugs that kind of like live in that area as well too because they don't really drop anything useful they don't really have a chance of dropping anything that will be useful to us anyways so after you do that you're gonna run through here and you're gonna be slowed down by these stupid little plant things they're honestly like probably the most annoying thing in this farm and you can just go ahead and keep running on till we get to some of these mobs over here now this instance is quite easy as its kind of basically big circle so you can actually run through and hit all the bosses in a super super simple easy amount of time just by doing what I'm doing here as you guys can see I am clearly running through the entirety of the instance just not really even doing anything as you can see you can nuke all these workers down too as well you're gonna get a bunch of raw gold out of this farm as well because or if you are doing it on heroic now once we go ahead and get here we'll see you the first boss so we're gonna want to attack basically nuke down his little stupid bodyguards I can't really even protect him and we're just gonna kill them too because we happen to just be that good and as you can see here a couple Purple's here some greens all that good stuff so that's a lot of fun to go ahead and pick up those items and we're just gonna follow this around the whole map basically now there is an extra special boss mob spawns in the water and patrols it around this area I never really go looking for him because I don't really think it's worth my time half the time you can't even find him when you're swimming around there and it's kind of a pain in the butt so I generally don't even go after him you can also kill all these insects as well if you want to go ahead and pick up some extra gold value while you're there and as you can see all the mobs are very very close together there it was in very close proximity of each other so it doesn't make it very difficult to go ahead and kill them all and pick up all their good stuff as you can see there we got another giant sac which will be very very good and there's tons and tons of whoo that drops off these moms that's why I'm showing you this farm because it's still just so so viable and there's really no reason to not do it anymore just because of how like valuable all this stuff has become now you will get em Bristol cloth and a lot of other goodies and crafting mats from this farm as well but don't forget you will get greens and purples and all that good stuff as well so you're gonna want to go ahead and nuke all down the mobs that have those so you can go ahead and take those as well now this is a big disenchanting farm too so what I mean by that is a lot of the items that you can get in here you're gonna end up being able to disenchant for quite a good amount of gold as well now there are these stupid little like sequences that have been read in this instance and it's like kind of annoying as you can see like these stupid little mask things you're gonna have to kill obviously if you have a strong AoE ability it shouldn't be too difficult for you as you're gonna be a little too just to kill them just like that no problem whatsoever but it does get quite annoying after a while some of these mobs I highly recommend you guys do come check this farm Oh as you can see another green just dropped their 4 so we're gonna be able to disenchant as well and there's tons of these mobs all over you Anoop down for some extra cold in there as well so after we have killed those bosses we're gonna loop around and we can literally just complete a full circle and kill everything that we need to kill and it's it's not very difficult and I believe a lot of people have forgotten about this farm and or just kind of left it on the back burner so that really no one's farming it anymore to my knowledge when you are here you may see maybe one other player that's like 120 trying to farm this area as well but honestly it's really not as nearly competitive as it used to be back in the day because you used to be able to take full advantage of that hive Queen spot and you're not really able to do that anymore but since you can go ahead and still loot everything all the greens and blues and good stuff that you get out of here that can be listed on the auction house will sell for a good amount and a lot of these pieces end up looking like troll Armour or two which kind of helps out with the fact that we have all the Allied races and the transmog market is kind of going up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up so I highly recommend you guys come check this for a moment as you can see super simple all we have to do is just walk around here and the mobs aren't even hostile to you so they won't even aggro you now you can kind of take that as a blessing and pour a curse if you're a tank and you have some way to pull aggro from all these moms I recommend you just pull aggro at the start of the instance and just run the entire thing because you're gonna end up with the whole instance following your back pretty much and it's gonna be super easy to clear the only part that is super annoying to clear is going into this like little fortress thing cuz you have to like walk up for different sets of stairs and it's kind of annoying no one likes doing that I should've just installed escalators I don't understand why and yeah so as you can see here it's gonna go around kill all these mobs that are spawning randomly and it's not very difficult as you can see here and we've got another like Tiki ward okay that wasn't very you know it wasn't very hard and it's literally just run up here oh look bunch of bad bed priests doing bad priests stuff let's go ahead and just end that okay look now we took all their gold oh wait you got a couple archers and stuff up here oh look I need those guys that didn't even mean to and those guys so as you can see if you're anything that's like level 100 one shot literally everything in this instance and you'll be able to pick up all that stuff anyways there's a lot of these stupid little like which weird hum turbo people that like to hang out up on top too so that's really all I have for you guys in this farm up and then just complete a circle hit all the mobs hit the middle one then dip you can't run out of the way and go to the devil's Terence and go ahead and try to nuke that mom down as well too but sometimes I find it easier just to cut the trip short skipping that boss and just going right to the middle one but again that's completely up to you or you can do what I'm gonna do here and just aggro all these and aggro all you just piss everybody off I possibly can and we're gonna run towards the boss and then piss more people off oh look more mobs that I should go ahead and carry with me now they do have some weird slowing effects that they can cast on you so I can get kind of annoying too as well but again if you have like the there any way to increase your movement speed or you have like the chopper mount or anything like that you can actually use those as your advantage and use those to help you and not getting knocked all around and everything but as you can see here I am taking you to the devil's Terence right now and it's just super easy just to go ahead and nuke everything that has followed you here they will follow you all the way to the boss and you'll get some Lockbox is also good stuff like that and then also some trash as well you are gonna get a decent mount of trash I'm not gonna lie and so I highly recommend you guys have the vendor mount as well because that will make this farm quite easy on you if you're able to actually bender everything that you're picking up as well so as you can see we got some pretty cool pieces right here and I highly recommend you guys come check these out before somebody else goes and makes a video on this like shows you how to exploit it again basically so really come check this farm out it'll really be worth your while and I guarantee you guys are gonna get some good gear out of here you're gonna be able to sell very quickly on the auction house so anyways guys it's been King Kunta thank you all for watching this video and we'll see you all next one and also if you guys would like to hear about a live stream or you guys think that you guys would like to watch me livestream even though my personality may or may not be the best sometimes and I don't know I don't even know if I have a youtube personality you guys might have to tell me in the comments but yes so if you guys want to see my dumbass livestream stuff could just stay up all night and play video games and maybe you want to play video games so the guy that like plays video games too on the internet like some nerds we can all go beaner dweebs together and we can all join a discord or something I don't know if you guys are interested in that let me know but I know I'll get some weirdos I literally had a guy send me a picture of his you know what in my inbox not too long ago so let's go ahead and keep those guys out of the circle maybe don't invite them to this live streaming a thing but if you guys would like to see that let me know I'll be doing it on Twitch I won't be doing it on YouTube because YouTube sucks and we will see you all in the next video bye