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With all 6 Infinity Items, I am the strongest mid laner in the Universe!

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boom we feel so strong I've done a lot of Willett Luck's episodes but I've never considered trying to become the most powerful being in the universe until now with the release of Avengers endgame I thought this was the perfect time to unleash my true power by collecting the Infinity items one item that correlates in color to each of the Infinity stones the question we must answer today is Thanos that of course is Lola and we are back with another League of Legends will it Lux video and in honor of Avengers end game coming out I haven't seen it yet there are no spoilers in this video but I thought that I would go for the Thanos Lux build and I've actually created it here based on the Infinity stone so we're gonna see if we can get this entire build complete and see if we can just snap our fingers and kill 50% of summoners rift which is of course the entirety of the enemy team so in terms of this build we're going to be going for well I've actually got to actually build you know something half decent at the very beginning just so that way I can actually you know be in the lane but we're going for the so Lutins echo of course for the the power stone we've got rylai's crystal scepter for the space stone we got boots of mobility for the mind stone on the reality stone dust blade of draktharr the red one we've got shurelya's reverie for the soul stone and then we've got spear of Shogun for the time stone and to be honest for the time stone the spear shogen kind of makes sense because of course the time stone you could revert time back but the spear of shogen actually kind of does the exact same thing where when i use my ultimate i'm gonna get all of my abilities back which is kind of cool you know I think that works but in terms of runes I've gone for very very standard stuff we've gone for the the ultimate reset build so going for the the dark harvest and dark harvest cheap shot eyeball collection and ultimate hunter and then we got presence of mine and Gupta and then just a little bit of additional adaptive force and things along those lines so in terms of who we've got in this game however we've got a dairy subtopic versus a Teemo VY versus Shaco in the jungle mordekaiser versus Lux mid or Thanos should I say and it's kind of funny that we're facing up against some mordekaiser's because it's kind of like it's kind of like we're going up against Iron Man here and then we've got jin nautilus versus misfortune and braum in the bot lane so definitely some interesting things going on in this game the one thing that we did realize that we didn't bring onto this fight was a an ignite which is kind of unfortunate when you look at their team when they actually have so much healing on their team which is less than ideal for us I feel like Lux does a half decent job against mordekaiser early just because he can't really deal with my poke but mordekaiser I think we've all faced the mordekaiser at some point or another and he does eventually end up really really hurting and healing up a lot so he's gonna be tricky to get through didn't even get that one crap okay we're still we're still happy though I'm the main thing that I'm really happy about is that in terms of my build at least we have to go for the Luden's echo first so at least it's an item that I really really want to have as Lux just because I know that I need that early damage oh wow he flashed so early that's awesome okay that's a beautiful thing Thank You vibe for that lovely gank so getting that flash down early is a godsend for me because one thing about mordekaiser's of course you do have that triple proc on your cue and what a lot of mordekaiser's had to do because it does so much freaking damages you get the two Q's off and then you flash and get that third cue to combo with your e um and it just does so much freakin damage oh god I actually thought that that was Shaq for a second I legit just freaked out I was like oh shit oh come on oh and first blood go into our VY loving that that is actually just awesome okay so once again I'm just trying to do as much damage as possible this guy particularly when his shields are down because of course when the shields are up I don't currently have the damage to get through it and of course he can just freakin heal right back up okay so it's only first blood right now um everybody seems to be doing pretty decently in terms of their farm so that's always a good thing mordekaiser is already back up to full HP which is you know always gone for a vamp scepter first so yeah he's gonna he's gonna heal up quick oh my god I am such an expensive bill that I'm not csing well who's our harvest stack loving it bring more stacks it's just going to make me stronger for the endgame more guys just as long what's so all about it the fact that I'm kicking you is because I have to get elegance for you buddy okay so now I've got my ultimate so the lucky thing is I believe I've sent mordekaiser b-but I think I'm actually gonna go be as well I might even use my ultimate just to clear this final witness yeah shit miss like all them okay so let's go be um we can start finishing off our first infinity stone item which is our Lutins echo so let's go back and grab the lost chapter I wanted to do my main idea at the beginning here was to actually build the items in order of when Thanos got the stones but the problem is he got the mine stone at the very end which is the boots of mobility which I feel like I've gotta throw that in somewhere a little bit earlier probably after I finished the Luden's echo I know it's not exactly to the story because then the boots would come at the very end but I feel like you guys feel me I need boots right I can't just wait till the very end of the game in order to get my boots so that's kind of what I'm feeling here is just a little bit earlier on the boots and I think will be will be a little bit better um I think if I came in for a gank we could probably kill the Mord so I'm just gonna play back just a little bit here hope that he walks back in got the kind of creep haha GG well played Oh get absolutely deleted that's what I call it kill that's snap our fingers we blow them up no ifs ands or buts a boot it yes I did say a booted I don't actually say I say about but you know kitty needs stuff it's funny so let's get a ward Oh actually I'm gonna put a ward right here just so I can see when shaco's doing these Raptors and I'm gonna get a ward right here oh there's a pink ward already here they're gonna know that this is here which is kind of unfortunate but not gonna complain too much so Mordecai's is at 41 CS I'm at 56 so I'm actually csing pretty well and we did see that the shackle was towards the mid lane so I think once again I'm gonna kind of just push this guy up and I've already got my ultimate backup which is just crazy that's what I love about this build um so let's go back and pick up a blasting one that feels pretty good I'm gonna get another control ward just because they did see me put that one down when I cleared their control Ward out so I have the strange feeling that that control road Ward isn't gonna last very long Thanos needs his coffee man he really does Oh Shaco is up top that ain't good sorry Teemo the team was probably dead Oh Miss Fortune getting to kill down bot I like it oh boy Oh Oh whoa get out played absolutely outplayed oh that felt so good so unfortunately the the mordekaiser did get a kill there but it don't matter cause I'm dados Oh click them you think you can mess with Thanos Lux oh my god that's the cheapest ex ex ex lash of the Nautilus let's go big boy so I don't know which one I want to go umm what element do I want to go let's go water I just like water it is pretty so we're so close to getting that let's just get our first round of boots here just cuz I feel like it makes sense and then how much do we need we need 1,050 ok so about 500 more gold and then we're feeling pretty good so that was just good man the damage that came out of that mordekaiser though was pretty nutty and the fact that he caught that shield back was so tilting I actually thought that I might have died there we just got really lucky we threw our shield that we had the barrier as well and then fortunately enough he chased us okay so I'm just gonna play this pretty safe um the Vai is finding that Shaco the thing is man they got a scary-ass late-game team I've got to admit like the Shaco can get to the point of just being able to one shot me the mordekaiser's gonna be insanely tanky but also doing insane amount of damage oh there it is line him up and I'll knock him down dark harvest stack oh man they didn't get a kill on the Darius though which is actually pretty surprising there oh they might very well be trying for the died that's scary though against the Darius cuz if he gets one Q he's gonna still be alive okay I really want to find this mordekaiser though cuz I do have my ulti now I think he went B he probably went B he was pretty low but I've already got five dark harvest axe at like eleven and a half minutes into this game so I mean I'm already sitting pretty but I do have enough to go and get my first infinity stone so let's go and do that Stannis is nothing without his Infinity stones so let's clear that guy out and now let's go be feeling it we're feeling good we're feeling confident we've snapped our fingers a few times so here we go let's pick up the Luden's echo the Power Stone has been received and also the mind stone has been taken Oh feeling good feeling so good we are powerful now let's get these things in order okay so this guy's at the very end all right that means I'm also gonna have no space for wards okay just gonna shield up my bi here thank you um I do not know where my Mordecai's went but the dragon is available which is slightly scary but now that I got mobi boots like I'm gonna run everywhere I am so fast look at how fast I am fast girl looks okay oh look at my power now you cannot handle my power shit as I miss my CS Oh okay so they're definitely gonna take this dragon dammit okay but I did get the shot go I'm not too concerned then Oh runnin away I'm running away don't want to die too the more hard are they still fucking fighting up there that was happening oh that's a double kill though alright alright I see what you guys are coming from so we did lose the dragon which is kind of unfortunate but I think the mordekaiser's probably gonna push the mid lane with it the thing is like getting the dragons when there's a mordekaiser is actually super important because that guy will just dominate turrets and even teamfights when they have a like the mordekaiser dragon out and about so we got to be slightly concerned about that yeah huh I went for the flashy play I really did it didn't work damn it I was so confident so confident it's so wrong all at the same time but I think the important thing is just to kind of keep him out of Lane I mean so long as I can do that then I'm feeling okay got'em oh man we are uh we are winning I think it's cuz I stole that girl from the Vice you splashed over it's like fuck you okay so we go over the rylai's crystal scepter next we got two pieces of that that's a damn good thing um okay so how do we feel here ooh bra rubrum oh that's gonna be a lot of damage oh and now they got the problem okay I mean I guess I you know we just made up for it you know they kill they kill my Brahm I'm gonna kill them Oh meet my thigh oh no we're not gonna meet my thigh man I'm at 6:01 the fan Oh spilled baby this is where it's at this is just where it is at so I think I'm gonna go be do I have enough I don't have enough yet but I think I gotta go because I am pretty low right now so I think I'm gonna go be grab the amplifying tome and then go back to lane but we're almost there we've almost got three Infinity stones how are they gonna deal with three Infinity stones so they did get the first turret of the game which is kind of unfortunate oh why is being ballsy the heels coming out from the Darius though oh so close so damn close I like the gusto right I love the gusto okay haha I do oh so much damage we're just gonna keep snapping snap our fingers and make them disappear okay so I can't believe that that did not hit that other mini but okay so the Dragons coming up pretty soon teemo's currently rocking things he was sitting at 3 101 and it's so smart building that mirela nomicon first cuz we actually didn't bring any ignites to the party oh there we go we've got three Infinity stones baby we got three of them we just need the last three the last three and the thing is they are inexpensive three okay we've got to make a lot of gold but it doesn't matter we're gonna get there we're gonna get there um oh the riff Herald being summoned okay okay trying to think of what I want to do here oh not good please don't hurt me please don't hurt me Darius I'm actually gonna get a word right back here so I can see cuz I might be able to steal this a naina for sure thing yes please we'll take it out okay got him no no no no no no no no no well I was fucking terrifying oh okay No Oh wasn't enough okay okay let's go back nine zero and two though oh we are feeling just so clean and we stole the infernal dragon so feels just so right okay so does dusk I think I'm actually gonna start with this guy just because he gives me cooldown reduction which is way more valuable but oh my god does plate here let's go we're gonna go ice we're gonna freeze the opponents look at me god I am so gorgeous alright 9 0 to 18 to 9 so far so good let's got 101 SR 141 farm which feels pretty good we're basically just gonna have to try to keep them away from getting fed oh that's a good hole okay unfortunately no one's really covering the Darrius right now I missed oh but I got his flash okay oh god yeah Oh Shaco with the happy feet I don't like it I like it okay so unfortunately Darius just had actually a really good push top lane I really don't want to die now I really don't want to die okay see you Scheck oh oh no oh no oh no okay no no that's that's the end of endgame right there The Luxe died The Luxe dies what a shame but you know what the real end game is that I come back in 17 seconds you can't just kill me once and then run away I will always be back there his hurts oh I got ignited – I was wondering I was like ticking down like a crazy amount you know I'm gonna sell this thing let's pick oh I don't even have enough yet I guess I won't do that yet now I'm gonna sell the dorrance because it's it's not one of the Infinity stones the Dorrans was just meant as a placeholder so fuck it I'll sell the door and say get closer to my infinity stones because that's what we truly need whoa Oh team was dead hmm no is it gonna be enough no yield he healed oh no oh no the team oh the cute little Tibo ghost okay so darius is kind of becoming darius you know thought i was scary okay I am strictly here as backup for the misfortune what how did he possibly I guess I didn't get my automatic off man that's unfortunate he was so close to being dead okay now look at my auto attacks now the duskblade coming in hot ain't gonna be able to handle my auto attacks okay so I once again kind of want to get behind this dragon oh yeah you get out of here oh please don't hurt me please don't hurt me Oh Oh No I'm out of mana – I am totally out of mana I don't even think this is the real shocker this is the real shock of how is the novel is still alive fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I don't want to stay for this I'm gonna leave oh god we didn't even get it we didn't get the dragon Oh No Oh No so they got two dragons now they have infernal and the the ocean dragon that's scary that's a thought okay so I don't know how the Nautilus lived oh he's got locket of the iron Solari that must have been it he probably just proct that right when I threw that qyn I really thought that we were gonna get him but we didn't end up doing it so okay all of a sudden we got a game here folks but I mean it's not really a game because I'm Thanos and I will get all of my Infinity stones and then I will dominate cuz that's the end bill that's the end game all I hit was the Teemo there it is okay that was a really good fight I can go back and get another infinity stone yes my duskblade gotta go and get my dust blade oh oh there we go okay shurelya's reverie is next people sure Elias is next this is so dumb so uh uh uh uh there we go we got four for the six Infinity stones have been completed so now we got to try to with ten one and eight to so we're actually having a really really good game and it's a weird build too because like if there was a better red item I would have appreciated that one a lot of people probably have different suggestions I was like going through all of the items trying to figure out like which items were like the different colors I landed on Lich Bane for a little while but Lich Bane is like it's surrounded by red but it's mostly orange which I feel like it just didn't really count like I wanted it to count but I didn't think that it really counted so I decided to go for DES play because it is red as all hell so I I think it's a smarter choice let's try to get these turrets going down and I just got a farm man like I've got such an expensive building spear of shogen is so fucking expensive like I need to make some money and the thing is I've killed so many people that like they're not worth nearly as much gold right now it's just farming and getting turrets my team is fighting without me though which i think is an interesting choice okay that's I got mobility boots so I'm gonna try to get here I'm gonna try to get here it's okay guys I am fan OHS oh snap baby even if it's a baron I will take it from you I will take everything the world is mine oh that was so good so clean just snap your fingers and everything that you want is yours I'm just eliminating the competition and we're getting closer and closer to that full Infinity Gauntlet um where did this Nautilus go where did this Nautilus go Oh God not good not good running away running away please leave me alone whoa leaving leaving leaving don't want to be here anymore we got the shurelya's reverie baby we got it we need one more we need one more item there we go we've got five it's the last item it's the last item that we need is that Spiro shogen and then we've got the full Infinity Gauntlet on Lux and that's all we need and then we will be the all-powerful fan o sluts I genuinely cannot believe that the game has gone on as long as it has I need farm but the Darius is pushing up top but I really want farm I don't think I really care about the dairy stop because if the Darius say stop then the game goes on a little bit longer and I get closer to my ultimate form right so why do I care okay the thing is you've actually got to get the minions in order to have the farm and to actually accrue the farm that you need you got to kill the minions shocking how that works okay so I think we need like 3,200 or something like that for the sphere shogen I'm literally just doing this for farm that's all I want I just need gold my people I need gold how did that not hit Oh Oh Ron shurelya's reverie use my mind stone oh no that's the soul stone I've got to use the soul stone in the mine stone to run away okay so now we're looking at the speeder shogen we can get more cool that reduction but we don't actually need it so I think I'm actually gonna wait to get the bf sword and I'm gonna go for the blue buff just because I like mana regen coffee no he's sitting okay that has been secured I need more farm I need more farm I'm greedy for farm but I don't want to get farm through this guy so I'm gonna go up top lane I'm gonna be a coward be a coward to go up top the thing is it's it's cowardly but it's actually been working really really well because I've got the mobi boots I've also got shurelya's reverie to run away so if somebody does actually come to chase me I'm pretty decent at getting away from them okay a tower would be really nice because it's more gold okay oh man this is so scary because the thing is like they have got such a terrifying team the endgame is real for both teams okay my shurelya's reverie ZUP into there's the turret I've got 2,000 gold always checking Oh Eddie's dead shurelya's reverie is Oh Pete okay let's go back so we got 2200 gold Jesus why are you so angry that's so mean he's dared daring to offend the fan OHS oh my gosh you gotta put what oh we did not hit anybody okay um so how much do we need we're so close we are so close [Laughter] he just stopped moving you want to take that freakin thing rather than move Oh God whoo and the shields ah just get clicked on do we got all we're so close we're so close we are so close to getting it I just need more farm I need more farm I need like 500 gold is it like 500 it is we're almost there people I need this much gold we're almost there we're almost at our full form the full Infinity Gauntlet I just got to keep farming that's the goal but if the problem is getting to my endgame has gotten them to their endgame and we're facing a Darius and a Morgan sir okay I think if I just like hope this wave we're there we're there we're gonna get it we're gonna have the full build ladies and gentlemen we're gonna have the full Infinity Gauntlet come on check this out let's do it let's do it boom oh we feel so strong oh we've got everything all of the Infinity stones I am the Thanos lux so Luden's EKKO rylai's crystal scepter shurelya's reverie dust blade of draktharr spear of shogen and boots of mobility and now we are ready to fucking rumble let's go let's fucking go you people think you're tough I missed but it don't matter it might matter because there they are coming up he missed yeah yeah you better run Oh God look what Oh runnin runnin gonna die gonna die hundred percent gonna die damn it what did that JIT serve I always got the MA that makes more sense mama Maureen saddle that'll do it um they might go for baron now it's time to kick some ass we've got it we got to work a little bit harder because now that we're full build now we've actually got a dumpster these kids I think that now we're just gonna be building what do we I think yeah let's go for the the sorceries better ours is actually fucking gigantic oh oh haha holy shit our vibe up we should probably go for the elder dragon because it's actually not that strong of a dragon um it doesn't really do that much damage it's pretty easy to take out so that nose needs his coffee okay I think we got to look towards elder and then that oh there was a fruit fly oh this is really less than ideal nevermind it's perfectly fine I'm okay with this I'm okay with this I'm let's do Barry Brahn get out of my way Rob's hitbox was so damn big okay so let's look for this Baron which should be really damn good for us then Eldar be then push see now we're we're in the end game now so now we really have to focus oh they're doing it right now oh god we could just fight them yeah okay nice of the leash nice okay let's beat and then push 14 – and 15 the fan Oh spilled comin together um let's just like we can't build anything else so let's just go another so work right makes sense so I'm gonna come and get the blue buff and then let's push and end this game let's end game this yeah I'm coming okay so Timur was currently by himself oh but gotta kill onto the Nautilus how naughty okay I think the shock is gonna come this way right he's definitely or he's just gonna die where did he go now I missed out oh my god Teemo hurts so I Teemo had to kill you I had to kill you nice got'em yes all its endless thing let's bring the Pharos bill to life that you guys should honestly try this this is so damn fun Santos Lux build will it looks absolutely oh my god this is so good snap your fingers eliminate the enemy team building the Santos Lux I can't believe this actually worked and there you go so ladies and gentlemen the quick snap you eliminate 50% of the summoners rift which is the enemy team but we don't know if the Fantas build will it lux until we see how much damage it did so let's go and check it out so man in terms of our honors I think we've got to give it over to vai made my life a lot easier and actually just was so dominant in the end of the game which was freakin awesome like facing I think the darius the nautilus anthem mordekaiser at the same time pretty damn impressive stuff so we landed the s+ with the Thanos build 15 2 & 17 was the final score looking at the overall damage charts what did we do we didn't even come first so unfortunately we didn't manage to do the most damage but 40k coming out of the V and 38 K coming out of Teemo almost 39 K but still 35 is 34,500 39 damage coming from the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos Lux pill really guys I do appreciate you guys watching us I'm so happy that the enemy team actually stuck it out until the end so we could build our entire Infinity Gauntlet build but thank you all so much for watching if you want to see different Willet Lex videos watch the rest of them in the playlists let me know in the comments section below if you have any other builds that you want to see me try thank you so much for watching today's Willet lux and i will see you all in the next video