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Why Undead? – A Compilation of Flawless Reasons | World of Warcraft

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It’s time to evaluate why you should choose the only playable, walking corpse-race in World of Warcraft, as we also try to avoid anything involving lewds of Sylvanas…

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Why Undead? – A Compilation of Flawless Reasons | World of Warcraft

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welcome to this episode of why is tren a better than blank this time it's pretty straightforward they're not rotting corpses unlike the undead aka people now before we begin I realize that out of context talking shit about other races and glorifying my own sounds kind of weird but I think that even IRL people your mom or your grandma would agree that this entire race belong in graves I mean logically just as single undead should smell enough to just give an entire rate group of debuff I mean blood off players should probably all be gathered and positioned on the opposite side of the room they could of course also just clock their nostrils with arcane nose plugs but if we do look past that I feel like there's a lot of misconceptions and assumptions made about the phone say consult let's get this whole segment out of the way because let's face it you all definitely prefer my dumbass reporters this one be dressing too well for a trifle maybe someone's pet I it does look like a pet who you pee your master's rifle that would be the head sense I get it but listen I have to discuss some things first okay but also for the remainder of this video alone I will be blessed by the naaru to not be corrupted by the always lingering evil images of Sylvanas on various sites online I can feel you cringe right now through the screen and thus I have achieved my true goal with this video dionysus a car so why Undead they are honestly a pretty cool race cool animations and features just overall one of my favorite races in WoW but if you were given the task of visualizing depression in a video game series whole blades would be a perfect representation it's bleak gray grotesque hopeless it's the perfect depiction of how you would feel inside to be an undead yourself I think it's a common stereotype that undead players are generally a bit emo or the outcasts that's definitely reason to believe that the undead are often chosen because they're relatable maybe because they are dead and the player is still inside like the undead that kappa so lonely on the city is also a rocky mess it's flooded with green sewer slime and apparently the Undercity undead are so in denial of their new situation that some of them still hold on to a career in fishing and what the hell is this thing look at it it makes me think of what it'll look like when I'm 88 and I go for a pee also they actually use abominations as guides and make and actually give you directions which I'm sorry but I don't really believe in that communication skills I believe they would lose a debate to a Murloc me we'll mark it on your map how are you gonna do that they wouldn't stop staring at flowers and find a mirror how are you gonna mark it with those hands maybe you'll spit the location of my bed I I realized that that whole segment didn't really have a lot to do with Undead well maybe it says a bit about them that they would use guides as incompetent I say a night off in a slaughterhouse now I have to play devil's advocate for a minute here because I do think that the undead get a bad rap people in general seems to think they are heartless cruel and remorseless but look one they are keeping king tearin s memorial nice and well lit that's very sweet of them to they keep refreshing water in their vendor thread and food in general even though they don't even need it themselves 3 they also have an array of nice and very comfortable beds oh and they can also just choose to not sleep at all which I guess makes the coffins even more strange but maybe some of them would like to sleep turn off their consciousness for just a second of their potentially infinite time as a monster despised by their own families disfigured can't even recognize themselves so really I feel more than empathizing with that is important I feel wouldn't you also become a husk of yourself if that happens to you I would like to say though although the housing is nice and all using living humans in my opinion for experiments and build an abomination workshops it goes a bit too far well let's talk about something else that goes a bit so far I don't get the fascination of sexualizing Sylvanas especially not after what has happened recently I mean a guys out there imagine waking up next to savannas with your normal morning wood I think you know what I'm what I'm about to say you know exactly what she does to wood ok so all in all I respect under classic work a phrase but they could be a bit nicer you know they're kind of turning into the Fourth Reich well they probably are I can just show you some parallels I'd make it's just rolling over the screen right now I have no clue what I'm putting here yet but I'm sure I reinforced my point perfectly no all right time to deliver on what I promised earlier and that's I'm going to report here we see undead people actually attacking the Alliance actually attacking them we are on the scene of an attack by the Forsaken on the Alliance this is not a drill yeah I'll just go fucking okay hi can I ask you a question mm well I'd like to know what you think of the undead at a reporter yes I write hit pieces and races reporter on about undead people yes exactly oh well undead well they're creations of magic not nature yes I guess that's true I read your report and Balkans wasn't very nice that's why it's a hit piece if I can say about on dates they should be purged out of the way thank you I do not think Undead our problem what what are you an actual traitor do you know what you're saying but the people wielding necromancy you know we had war with them well they are still to blame they have free will it's the necromancers you must come back not the interest hearts of brainless automatons well walking wouldn't your mouth starts to water and talk about bone people this is another report to laugh and walk in no no I wouldn't do I'm a visitor I come to help friendship is universal that's kind of you are too nice exactly exactly we add water there you go and you me don't take advantage of the situation what do you mean what I would never look behind you Undead attacking us they are evil do you see do you see now walking hmm Natalie that there's nothing to think about are you in need of aid I am I'm not no I'm trying to eat you're thinking I can cleanse body and soul my friend uh-huh you sound more and more hippie than more we talk I come to help yeah yeah yeah hey elf looks at your friendship is universal oh my god and what is it what do you think of the undead keep them away far away someone who gets me isn't that what most sensible people here can agree upon well not that guy up there while walking were mistakes or excuse me wow that is just kinda racist I wouldn't condone that but being more he's not belonging to erase human it's a curse fair Audrina thank you for defending me but this man is – already said what he's not defending you he is not defending a man in rush doesn't see the edge of the cliff what do you say what are you saying he just said you our mistake I got confused why in the name of Elune are you and how do you know my name that's creepy I'm a priest I can feel him tensions stay away from me what's going on between these so pretty well Walken he literally said you are a mistake okay here he left okay okay he's he's gone okay I was interesting this is a strange place anything can happen anything that sounds kind of creepy and sexual that's because it is what what is even I'm Britt and that's because it is I'm freaking down what this is what this took a turn I am NOT okay with this I just came here to be all whole to erase in the hit piece that nobody cares about but now this happens what do you think of undead would you rather they be buried in snack packing I prefer them bite-sized hosts you're very inviting and relax it's just us now yeah yeah okay cool look it's Owen now what do you mean it's over now it sounds the sounds kind of scary what do you mean what it means is open to interpretation I choose to interpret in the worst possible way good because that's what's going how good shots oh my god thanks guys run for the hills human time for another walk and no no save me it's like we say it's like we were a taxi driver ah ah there we go hello and we are here in front of goal Shia let's just go into the pits of hell can I ask you a question you just did okay yeah that's I huh what do you guys think of the undead XD oh wait he isn't undead mentally and on the inside yes forsaken then my guy do I look like an undead bitch yeah they reporter oh my god it's the king what are you doing here imposing my rule on people well can I ask you my question then what do you think of the undead forsaken to be clear sighs at you why use myself look at your eyes man what that you have one of us why is everyone crazy for sacred undead why are we shopping I don't know what so many voices okay hello King I'm ready for my close-up okay I mean we can take the close-up King sure bit too close but okay what do I think of forsaken look at him he's so fancy now you know when you put a ready meal in the microwave when you forget to cook it all the way so it comes out so de Sala weird sure yeah and it's ghost but you have to act like you know what you're doing well that's the writing for the Forsaken ah ah beautifully put my king oh you well I will get some more answers then find someone remember when in doubt are we gonna get a life advice here say you have a yeast infection works every time kiddo okay okay can you tell me what do you think of the Forsaken shrugs what an answer the king coming in with the roasts before saying I like Hot Topic emails Wow who who said that who said that Cynthia there we go hello whoa a hot sake what do you think of the forsaken Oh oh my god okay I've never actually kakagete oh no oh no no no no no that's you trying to make sympathizes of course no I am NOT a fan so you're racist I can't win they do have a cool pool in their City I for the first time in my reign as the king and the hospital words Blaine said I think I think I made him snap a green pool how does that represent the race okay yeah he's not definitely he he's not makes no sense I haven't seen magic since 2007 he's just talking about a woman standing on a meal and thank you that the back to you khaki oh thank you I feel like this is all pointless I don't know what I get out of you guys in terms of worth at all khaki oh we are in the in optimize so to get some more questions or answers rather not really question so I'm asking the questions so can I ask you a question what's the first thing you think of when I say forsaken the undead demons need of slain there we go thank you thank you so much I take everything back about your race just watch the last video why you're screaming I'm just very excited that's all thank you I mean there's undead here maybe we should confront the undead right here right now not quite sure I'm kind of scared just peers that you're searching like evening my troll friend okay friend can I ask you something you can ask me anything but I cannot say you will get an answer okay why do you think we should accept your kind raises eyebrow at you odd question in what context exactly well I'm trying to write a piece on undead forsaken forsaken sorry just don't hit me I got no reason to my friend smiles at you I understand you're nervous yeah you know you're kind I yeah undead not living not dead would you be offended if I called you bone people I am as much flesh and bone as you so do you call yourself a bone person well I mean my elbows are quite fleshy I can prove it look I I am fleshy elbows yes very nice right so your question the people of the hole should tolerate the Forsaken people because we have served within the Horde for a very long time has been people who has never tried to leave the Horde nor work closely with any of their or its enemies we got the elves in that in as well and they have to search well despite some hiccups and such I believe the Forsaken people has earned that place amongst the whole just like the trolls and so on we are all misfits who would not be accepted elsewhere so we need to stick together that is my answer mmm ok faster smiles at you it's so how it is why do keep smiling at me so you're smiling scares the living shit out of me I gotta be honest callate don't threaten him I didn't realize some forsaken with this open-minded Pleasant not really but you are more immoral than I thought and put you rather I weren't kinda it reinforces the point in my hit piece sorry to disappoint thank you and may you have a good night you smile at Alex arias who the hell's looking at me that dude was looking at me hey Dobin smirk slightly like Sirius XM swings slightly at Delvin looking in the mug they're all being smoked and shit you're wearing fancy pants you look like you're wearing underpants in your mouth oh well can I ask you then what do you think of them the only people they scare the hell out of me oh she's looking at me up there hey you they'd be good sweet for my pets or thank you my friend I would go on with my night let's go up to Amanda you smell like serious just standing over here smiling at him oh he's looking at me grins at you wickedly I see up and down looks at you and begins to draw no no ok ok ok ok ok thank you calculus I think this was good at the bite that's great thank you and thank you to you the viewer for watching this episode of why hello I just like to thank my awesome patrons up there in my hat your support is very appreciated and by the way I'm streaming on Twitch sometimes so I don't know what you want to do with that information it's a it's a link in the description you can go there and well yeah