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Why Blood Elf? – A Compilation of Flawless Reasons | World of Warcraft

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Hello! Need a very simple, straight-to-the-point guide for figuring out why you should or shouldn’t roll a Blood Elf? You came to the right place!

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Why Blood Elf? – A Compilation of Flawless Reasons | World of Warcraft

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back in the Burning Crusade and this may come as a shock to you guys but I created a blood off before I created a dren I and every single time I recall that a little piece of history I make an all new account and Wow head and leave a mean comment and the official blood off page today we talk about why you should or shouldn't roll at level and if you new here you should probably find a few grains of salt and sprinkle them on your screen depending on who you are you might find this to be either good reasons to be a puddle for good reasons to stick to actual hoard races it's up to you I'm just here to give you my thoughts in the matter okay okay first off and I know this has been argument often used against plateaus but why did they ever get to become a part of the Horde silver moon city that capital is filled with Rapids and the surrounding area looks like a fairy Wonderland not exactly what you think about when you think the Horde but as a more serious inquiry they seem to silence any political opposition to the leaders in command I actually brainwashing or mind controlling them into obedience which I mean the Horde isn't exactly known for democracy but at least settle it on the battleground however blood elves would do that okay blood all players out there I know I'm taking cheap shots now so here I go blood elves are kind of douchey they are the upper class of the whole I mean most of us can just sense it off how they look they're smug faces as they judge your trance mark huh you have three pieces of its ear set and that's not cool yeah your own eyebrows are trying to get as far away from you as possible as an alliance player there's nothing worse than to be killed by a blood offer and I'm not even kidding it actually subtracts hit points for my self-confidence more than any other race harder race that is because gnomes exist they hated being used by the Alliance during the walk of three storylines yet they keep leper gnomes as slaves which also speaks to them being well the jerks and the hypocrites with questionable morals but also I think this poor group of horde ambassadors has been lied to they keep asking when they'll be meeting Lorimar and the answers always is pretty busy and I don't think they've ever seen him since the expansion launched it's just one big circle which might be a minor thing but it still speaks to my argument of blood of arrogance and is something I had never noticed before they are also the resident perpetual teenage race of Warcraft hitting the Hookah it's only a matter of time before they start to duel that's probably what they should make the gnomes do actually and make a Warcraft cure most whore players and action races in-game seems to not really want to be around blood elves I mean even their Prince didn't want to hang with them he actually entered a portal to an utterly ravaged world to link up with aquatic snake people just to be freed from the constant tsunami and shaman oh no the worst part of that is even though killed has ditched his people like Diablo ditch the PC became insane and linked up with kil jaeden the actual indirect reason for his people's downfall to begin with and he is still put on display and glorified with statues all over the city what does that say about these standards of blood elves I mean it does make sense that they might not have had the time to take down the statues yet when blood elves in general are so inept that even after at least 12 years their city still looks like a famous Disney villain and not even once Graham Eater has been rebuilt all while this bloke has been hammering on the same piece of wood since black temple was relevant which coincidentally I also and yeah okay maybe drain I haven't totally rebuild the extra divider but at least they made a spaceship that was crucial to the Lord what have blood elves done get eradicated from dalaran have their leader had a cameo in a cinematic I really can't think of anything major really not that I my lord phonetic or anything but that also says something about their recent importance right if I had to say something nice about littles that they are attractive I guess in the sense that my stat and meta appropriate weapon is attracted to their skulls top no I mean it without them the Horde would only be about a 10% of all Wow related rule 34 searches so that's all I can say but name one other race that could be tipped over to alcoholism because they'll have to look themselves in the mirror just to see their awful innate scandalous hairstyles if I had a hairstyle like this I'd be I'd be addicted to magic to know I'll even shave my nose half that means I can snort some more powder than mana worm excuse me can I speak to your manager yeah my task manager can we acknowledge the fact that blood elves are so lazy that they have magical brooms to sweep their streets which would be just fine if it wasn't for the fact that even with all that free time they still haven't fixed that goddamn capital city okay I realize I'm being harsh for comedic purposes but who cares about what I think anyway let's go to the streets of Archon Dorne to hear about random people's thoughts about blood elves so khaki or are you there yes oh no they UK yo I'm here I'm here in off Kumar and I'm gonna go and ask some hard-hitting questions let's let's go hello I come from a prominent media agency here in our c'mon I'd like to ask you guys a question why am I asking hello hello oh okay he's actually responding to me can I ask you a question yes of course I could well I'd like to know your opinion on blood offs see what happens yeah he's thinking all right look at him blood offs garaged not the biggest fair of them they usually act too fancy that that's what I'm saying or til garage that he's not smart well I'd like to also hear you out and why you think they belong in the Horde or not it's just spinning up their grog things they are just here because their lines doesn't take them so they basically just chose second best part is the first test ah Thank You grogs crux is a loyal patriotic Holdeman but I'm actually proud of him even if my heart bleeds blue Thank You crux oh he's a wholesome man crux as young expect them I respect you should I just Park into this and ask questions just like the elves they talk about elves I know else what are your gentleman's opinions and blood elves if I may ask oh my God he's looking at me do oh my oh no oh no what am i done turns her stern gaze to voice not care whom in piled young one don't talk to me or the elf things they most strange novels those are the ones in the hoard yes they be thinking they better than us us and why y'all be asking us that well I'm a reporter from prominent media agency before any of you answer him be mindful he'd be some sort of a part of media yes we make the funny doodles on paper people find us fun more of the Darkspear clouds what what are you saying Santa Larry do you want a video on you guys funny you think us funny all right no not funny I'm sorry I'm sorry yeah thank you thank you you say we have no humor huh well oh no whoa what's going on this be most insulting tanaka beyond accepting this apology hey hey I didn't want any trouble here's your way become um well I have a good one fellers be getting out of here Travis you hello bye-bye hi oh yes we're just backing out of here this is good this is fine okay this has been a kumara will take to Silvermoon and and see what they think let's go what do you think of blood elves your kind well they can be a bit stuck up but we've fought to prove our worth and we are strong races also most like to be a bit what can you say to fancy for my taste but what do you think of you guys being evolutionary regressives from my race I said no take care and I said no I thought it was my waiver in mode hello can I ask you some questions if you'd like to stand still for like five seconds no thanks what do you think of blood elves your kind the worst disgusting I like it how they've got so many fashion shops oh yes you like the fact that they are evolutionary rejects from the troll family tree okay I know where this is headed I think they're pretty on my god okay anyone else look at these two okay I think I've just given up on this whole city and that people I think well back to you khaki oh thank you that was very interesting oh I'm getting news from our alliance report I could catch you are you there hello khaki oh and we are installment right now and we're gonna be interviewing some people about blood off so let's let's hear their their opinions and stuff they are overused I am gonna agree with that one everyone picks them I agree yes oh of course blood ups I find lot I much prefer that company or most of the South wings may I ask you what is the first thing you think about when I say blood elves blinks at you nothing huh yeah they are quite mind-numbing bloody elves they should stay in their city at all times and this has been the report from from Stormwind kaki Oh back to you Thank You kaki oh um well hello kaki oh we aren't exactly done yet we thought about questioning gold Shire and I'm actually already questioning if I actually should be doing this oh my God look at those gnomes what's the first thing you think about when I say blood off females and thimbles oh good idea hello can I ask you guys a question and I asked you a question of course what is the first thing you think about what I say blood off gay oh my god this was a mistake thank you khaki oh that was very insightful Wow I can't believe I have the best and most dedicated world walkers battle for wesnoth argent dawn reporters in the world as we can clearly see based on the overwhelming amount of empirical evidence subra dollops even kind of hate themselves so why should you play a blonde oh well if you want to annoy people like me by your very presence and I know I probably shouldn't get annoyed by such a minor thing it's a silly arrogant pointy nosed addict in a video game but just listen to them you know what I love about your eyes when I look deep enough I can see my own reflection yeah I have no regrets thank you for watching and I'm playing a bit of WoW again and it's been fun it's been fun actually so that's why I wanted to make this video and I might make more so please tell me if you want more and thank you to my patrons for making it all possible so um yeah thank you to them around us and yeah and that's it goodbye