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Why Apex Legends Is Dying

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This is the greatest neglect of All Time

apex legends was the most fun and probably the most well designed FPS that come out in years and I'm constantly asked why I don't play it anymore because I used to stream that shit almost daily at twitch.tv slash Moyes critical that was a fuckin monster at that game still AM but I don't play it anymore I have around 600 hours and around 400 450 wins somewhere in that general ballpark I put a lot of blood sweat tears and come into that game because I absolutely loved it but now it's become this incredibly boring and stale game that most players are leaving the game is dying incredibly quick because of respawn they took the game out behind the barn and fucked it in the ass actually no that'd be an improvement if they did because at least then they'd acknowledge the game exists respawn it's like they completely fucking forgot they made this game they've already washed their hands of it it seems this game exploded in popularity and the way they responded that popularity was just going to sleep in the offices like hey guys we we did it we made a big hit let's let's go jerk off at home huh group hug in the shower tonight once apex legends huh pop open the Budweiser's let's get the enemas going that they just completely neglected this game and that's why it's Dunning at the core the reason why apex is no longer a fun game is because there's no goals anymore when the game first launched the only goals were finding the best weapons best setup optimal moving and winning was thrilling even though it didn't count for anything there's no wind tracker and there's no competitive it was still fun and if the community believed that there would eventually be you know competitive and ranked and a reason to play because respawn kept hyping the shit up like yeah all this big shits on the way we're way too fucking cool to believe in frequent updates we're only gonna do massive game-changing updates every few weeks that really change the course of human history and slap your titties around we don't believe in the slight frequent updates just a massive big ones every now and then three months later that's not the case there's only one big content update that had two things about it and both suck some shit hole but anyway let me say how silly it is in a battle royale game to think frequent updates are a bad thing it frequent updates are what keeps for tonight the most popular game in the world because if they if they make an update that everyone hates the community only needs to wait like a week or a week and a half for that to either be fixed or have new shit come out on top of it they say it's a way to keep the community invested in the game and keep community feedback rapid and making changes in Apex if they release a bad update and they've all been bad updates and there's only been three updates really you have to wait six months for anything to be addressed that's so frustrating so you have the game in a broken state for a fucking month or two before it ever even gets talked about and gets anything added to it or done about it it's so fucking stupid but anyway let's talk about that one big Content drop they've had a battle pass which sucks some of the filthiest butthole I've ever seen and as a genuine scam that insults the human intelligence and one new character and one new weapon those the only two big updates they've done and they're not good updates let's talk about the battle pass I don't care about microtransactions I bought the battle pass because I wanted to support the developers cuz I love the game and it's the first time I've ever done this and I immediately felt regret I felt like my stomach had sank into my colon and that I was about to combust from disappointment with the battle pass I thought I was about to go fucking septic with it it was so awful the battle pass offered like two new skins stretch across ten weapons and the skins were just recolors they were shitty skins and everything else of the hundred levels was just stat tracking shit how many times did you fart while playing wraiths here's your stat tracker how many times did you win while pulling Gibraltar zero yeah we already know but here's a stat tracker for it oh here's a big one you get a new little banner oh ye ha that's fucking fun to unlock just what I wanted what were you thinking with this battle pass fucking awful octane was a good character and the new weapon the havoc they introduced was a good gun but I don't think you need to add new characters and guns to keep the game fresh at its core the huge issue with apex is there is not a single thing to strive for there is no goals and apex playing apex legends is like constantly playing League of Legends casual matches who is gonna sit there and keep playing casual matches without their friends playing apex legends with your friends is fun but playing any game with your friends is fun you could play fucking checkers with your friends and have a great damn time if you're in good company but no one's going to sit there by themselves trying to get better at a game that has no reason to play it and the developers clearly don't care about it so why should the players and another thing that illustrates they just don't care is they don't fix bugs that's been in the game since the beginning that server was absolute trash when it launched constantly crashing kicking people out and all that garbage it took them a long time to fix that and it's still not even fucking fixed another huge thing cheaters aimbots rampant absolutely rampant and their solutions to battling cheaters let's just forget the game exists if everyone gets bored of the game the cheaters get bored of the game thus we beat the cheaters that's some respawn galaxy brain shit right there their answer to cheaters was to do nothing literally fucking nothing banned maybe ten accounts a week call it a day that's a job well done boys the heroes at respawn have saved apex legends yet again and not only were the cheaters a huge issue but I mean the fucking voice quality in the game was never addressed from launch it's still trash it still sounds like you're talking to someone through a waterfall and a fart at the same time the in-game voice quality is so absolutely disgustingly garbage I'd rather be using two cups with strings attached to him to talk to my teammates in the using in-game chat it's fucking disgraceful and that hasn't been fixed that's still shitty they don't care about the game they launched it and forgot about it and and I can't even see any other argument for it because the patch and balance updates they've released have been so trivial and have had so little impact that it's embarrassing so we went a month we went all of March with our excuse me almost all of April and some of March without a patch or a balance update during that time there was a lot of glitches that also still still aren't fixed but there was a lot of glitches that we're just being abused such as pathfinders broken hitbox pathfinders hitbox is still broken after their newest patch pathfinders hitbox has a serious problem with the no reg problem that exists in the game no reg meaning no registration like your bullets don't register on Pathfinder it's almost impossible to consistently hit that guy because his fucking hitbox is all shit it up because respawn fucked up the update now in the most recent update which we waited a month for and you know they're big updates that they planned on releasing like they're not going to do frequent updates are going to do huge ones they're huge update remove two bullets from the wingman removed a couple bullets from the Spitfire didn't touch pathfinders broken hitbox and issued a buff to kostik in Gibraltar who are the worst characters in the game also spoiler alert that buff they issued to Kasich in Gibraltar didn't even work it's supposed to do a 10% damage reduction it doesn't work you still take full damage as if the buff was never issued so they couldn't even fucking issue an update that worked the way they intended and they didn't even fix pathfinders hitbox and you wait a month and all you to get all we get out of it is a couple bullets being taken out of some strong guns it's so insulting you wait a month for them that you make such a trivial change they might as well just started removing trees from an obscure area the map just to make the map a little more aesthetically pleasing that would have had more impact than the shit they issued it's so stupid oh hey guys you waited a month for this well we decided that we'd make the font a little bit bolder we change the font in the main menu and that's about it tune in next month when we go ahead and make the boots on Gibraltar a little bit cooler as well it's so stupid their updates are so trivial and insulting it makes me sick because the game is so fucking good at its core they have this beautiful game here with no reason to play it no content no love no care nothing to strive for no there is never any reason to play apex legends unless your friends want to play it and then even still how many of you have only two friends that you play games with most people roll out with 4 or 5 and this game only has one game mode which is trios so you can only play with two of your three two of your four or five friends that's that's shitty no one wants to do that there should be a solo a duo a ranked mode any of that any of that and that would all be easy and don't you fucking Puritans don't give me how difficult it would be to make solos work just fucking take away character abilities if you don't want everyone running Wraith you can there's so many easy options you can do for solos and I also don't subscribe to the idea it needs new weapons or new maps to keep the content fresh the game can work just fine with the same weapons and the same map it's just they need a reason to fucking play the goddamn game and they need a competitive game mode so that way new players aren't matched up against you know what fucking Jesus Christ himself behind the keyboard there needs to be matchmaking there needs ranked there needs to be solos duo's quads I don't care but something that's not just trios its I could go on and on about why the Rhys Wan has fucked this game so hard or rather not fuck this game just left this game out in the cold open rain to die with the same goddamn boring content that it's had for the last two months it's been released almost three it's it's basically still just vanilla apex legends with a few new glitches that respawn introduced in a few new exploits by accident it's so fucking sad that is why apex legends is dying that is how respawn has killed the most promising triple a FPS game of the last few years and I'm still upset about it yeah that's it see ya