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to try and hold off the rotations Oscars go on Chris isn't op still in the picture off still very much in the round Oh bout three it's down to it you want Chris the wolf of Wall Street gets a snappy and shit boy how sports [Applause] stare in a rough spot I mean by N's excuse me they're in a rough spot because they're very limited on flashbacks and that's a big frag from Dupree the wide swing from zip X everything's turning around now but the bombs been dropped some short there are 34 seconds so Alexi peak if we could buy some more time that's one way to do everyone okay then Wow only round that they've got on the board thus far was that eco round that was that was wild that's a deep go right now fallen it has a kill 1/3 Oh as well looking for the for these guys and dealing with all these deagles no problem vice ooh yeah possibly but where these teas are going Oh Kerrigan well get rid of the first man issue is he's got three more left to deal with and it's pass on this wrap round he really shitty I'm is there Aaron he seems aware of this flank possibility those spot pass and Kerrigan gonna drop him now the 1 b2 does have the kit to work with no armor though behind him so has to be a bit camera good another kill now just one man left with these even things out and yeah I'm Kerrigan this is one hell of a start four kills from him working in from a rotation over on B again you said it he was pushed back by that presence they showed there's nothing kitty I picked up this one down of the site good fine on the head shot of New Year 180 gets ports as well and it's down to steel he knows he's run back towards the dumpster at which stairwell is he going toward all we stole the what his people he's got reload does get a second time and msl's got time as well for the defuse a great clutch back as he gets three kills unbelievable clutch they're immortal this frog on the dexstar as well because needs to turn his attention at a full 180 they're both coming through first coming from CT Dexter can't get the fourth now I know what I want I get sterling fucking Scott sterling shut this down and he gets a 4k thank you squatting for the B plate let's get that info that won't matter with the ACE almost four from Zeus Victor's grabbed himself a gun he might be able to get a bomb plant that would be huge but they might have a utility to stop him instead so we're just gonna run right here too late to the party you took all the presents and he's run defuse has come through 15 rounds for Navi what rush you're gonna be going through wait T trim will be captain Moen takes his head off as well leaving it down to golden magnificent play from golden to save them in this round gets the fourth as well is there one more for the book yes there is another ace comes in the second and for a different fnatic player as well yesterday doing so well just keeping the opponent's guessing making sure you they don't have too much information but it's rated to be is as a keV Theo is on the entry event s actually here the ak-47 that's actually the bomb and the auth loss he's still going in that's a beautiful heat Xia to kidnap fauna and Michael Novacek [Applause] oh my god I don't crave that's why I am NOT a mesh Anneke modem optelec vitae [Applause] more kills [Applause] speech these are such disgusting shots I mean the presence of mind as well for Dupree but this one maybe a mouse to utter Hawaiian magic is jumping out of there but Phil it touched off the head and electro delivers in a big way gave him a chance beside a connector in Jungle respectively they've actually wrote to back in toward shadow position in Susan's got another there he plays rain as a result of it flight he's following it up they're doing massive damage simple and Sue's combined to take down Kerrigan they've got recover and Nico has that a tremendous the world Zeus he gets the armor the only plant invested anything that is on the ladder Nico the West great movement fancy footwork from Zeus and it's enough to pick up the rounds well please flash could work out and obtain the anti flash for now the art galleries be hit this is a do-or-die no malls ever meant it is up like this but what a hold from vented that was Vince always want to position himself as he's going back to Madonna broke down the challenging simplest except that brave and he does get a frakkin fallback absolutely wonderful stuff from him and [Applause] what have you got for us nitrate that's gonna be a nice starting frag fast enough it will isolate one parent very much with a fast peak and a fast frag can't see the pair on the high ground by the communications that you can decide he thinks is good enough expiry kill our own Picasa Galan discovery bugger spoke about my shot man excuse me might be a shooting gallery but I guess that Street goes both ways but that's trying to hold on to it though they grab around the corner and actually might be able to back off with it as well how's it getting tagged up but he's done damage as well but X down to 29 so this is a very very close fight and as is gonna win it how the hell does he hit the head shot again yeah this guy he's insane with the scout no come on make it another all right crossing to plant the bomb plant will just about go down but look at how low tyloo is surely they can't win it bent it's gonna have to go absolutely hero mode pull something off here I'll get QQ pretty cheaply it's popped a few more players out there's another kill for and maybe it's doable for been Tet damage here and then set the Beast is back he's kept it alive for tyloo how is lucid dream let that happen that's for 17h peepers need to pick him till he oh he's quite a fountain gotta stay alive now dancing under fountain and that was the one versus two no smoke for glaive he's got 37 seconds left jumping across plotting towards the coffins and stack own twist come in from the same position they have to win this clutch James teamliquid need to win this clutch but glaive he is ready to spoil their day as they move in let's run oh that is big that's such a big deal 14 HP what a beautiful connection there through the coffins is clave repositions taco go through the challenge or we can't do it though now things get interesting trying to actually fake forwards a flash potentially as grave repositions here just toying with twists he knows he can't take a fight he just has to confuse him and make it really difficult for twist to find the frag in some way glaive is playing the mind games but twist he tries to for the hold clave says no you absolute beast wait mop pouring tufnell's nerves yes imbalance come on the leakage the way he cracked open a Carter than you another kid come a skosh Nick or watch important eternal itself here are some purchase throw polygons or question follows that you creeper attache we got as dismissal ISM no era ultra Konyaspor he's doing a damn good job over called zero already dropped the shoulder peak tiles get the better of it but there's still one more walk and Chris Chang with the secondary or does chime in as well so to everyone here for fall he wasn't able to clutch it out last time but maybe a chance for him now booth that bomb down and if he lines himself up here there's two pushing into it headshot comes across from Rob's it's not enough to finish finish thoughts off well he got caught in the open he's lucky to stay alive that might be enough 48 we know he can swing well within that site geo again no he's gonna go forward to the flames the last time he did this he found two drops down he drops into the crosshair of MSL so it actually punishes him and now who didn't find a kill at all which means two versus two born plant but they're gonna push they're gonna go aggressive bombs gonna be planted they know exactly where they knew where he was that he still it's both whole thing is gonna be enough they trace the bomb is rattling but Sir oh boy so long flag coming from clay but I think it's too late can he grab the third and potentially win this round for a straw has found success that's insane Rob if they run around quickly he'll still be on the ramp so he'll rely on flashes perfect eyes cause he has to rely on the rifles but it's Ariel and I'll accept all there so they have the information of catwalk they still get picked apart and now Alexa Mongoose has to stay all by himself they line up for him that's pretty good he gets to now his teammates are encouraged to rotate the advantage back Abbot's flashes well USP alexey be he's got four fantastic work that it's been great with it so far almost takes a kill I'm cheap DD will be there to trade but should be fairly easy from here on now only been 10 that but he picks up two as well looking to try and recreate the heroics of his opponent Jake him in the previous round who is now down he can't be saving them here dad takes another one leaving J KS alone will be pushing in through middle Ben 10 is gonna reposition take another fight look towards that window spot now a bear in mind he doesn't know where J chaos is he ki guess he can have an idea where he think his opponent might be and by the looks of it he ready absolutely perfect but misses the initial shot takes it anyway been tapped out with a 4k stepping up after unable to coach in the previous round frost of wisteria + CL or token HIPPA and gum now that Miss it wasn't for so glad you got this come on the wall post would cover could an ecosystem agree shiva acaba cut sufficient energy to toss a Capitan pro team capitana Kerrigan with the CBI is among sports for roster that's party at the porch area out of position and instead he just pushes forward no utility needed just quite yet has to plant the bomb quickly because flit is making his way over that is a bit too scared though in James well if he uses that Molotov properly could very well isolate these players but maybe he's just trying to save it for the bomb defusal doesn't want to peek out just yet is waiting for them flashbang not a flashbang a grenade and Molotov will be checking all possible positions James Peaks now gets to perfect head shots as well to boot and now what's a 1vs1 would face crack coming in from the side great Malto as well to prevent him from just getting the bomb defuse James is playing dis like a god damn fiddle and now he just needs to peek out the in-game leader the oppor the cloture what can this man not do it seems like this man is unstoppable eleven of four and played perfectly those two head shots were as crisp as it gets one two three idiot Lee three players nephrotic on the site glaive lovely angle denying the fact is to kill smoke that's disgusting that is gross seven to one before the beginning of that rope I was like what am I going with it I'm not sure I've got to create something quickly I don't know man I'm gonna windows 95 right now in my brain fallen is and 1 vs. 4 maybe he tries to take some weapons away so far so good of course it's a long diffuse if been such a struggle let's go for a shot through the box he takes they can't get the defuse for just a second round what what the hell so much information surely Stirling does not bother turning around from this position look at the rotations for the rights as well they're heading towards the a bomb site this is it this is everything he's taking the spray Stirling just does not react at all wondering how the hell as I was there but Dexter he's got one little hope one little dream and it's going to be shut down what a play from the igl as a absolutely huge look for oh my god what I have to deal with though you can obviously go on peek it but instead it's gonna be bent it pushed into me it's a triple spray down incredible controller it's a quad kill shutting down renegades and now one kill away from getting 14 rounds he over tyloo boosters no because if the whole point is the element of surprise like he's just supposed to wait there bait you into the side he gets a kill maybe – yes the fact that pets decide hey guys look I don't even caught them with needs in their hands unbelievable yeah that's actually quite intelligent even if it's uh even if it's sort of you know a bit counterintuitive up in his hands and he's gonna be sneaking into the view of Dupree if he just pushes a little more around the corner you'll support out and they come out but oh there we go this tax come down at the next be able to hit a few shots with no kill coming out Kerrigan drops him and falling returns back on takes a second as well that's gonna be the queen's go there what are you doing you're allowed to do this and the Vice is gonna be stuck over towards Long with 20 seconds left on the clock that is gonna be sk just ripping apart Australis this is this a pretty textbook miko evening Chris she's got a nice bow and have a little bit of a peek here any my fancy this what dead fox he's gonna be on the other side of it but he's straight out this is so we didn't see from how is for a long time and just catching that box in the hills follows up well I'm just gonna bunny hop towards outer Chris doesn't know where they're gonna be coming from here's the first flashbang execute gonna be missing the first shot will be able to call for some information but TT he's gonna go down without barely a fight Bayley a whimper this could be it for renegades that's now execute doesn't realize there's one rider five him JK I'm just spraying desperately it's all down to Ben's hit on the one on three he's being covered off a thief he's also gonna spray down Jake him he's got the kid has to stick it right now there's no time it's been said what a monster another ridiculous play come appalling gets a shot here that surely is gonna consume the entire entire Navi team was just worrying about him and that dreaded Scout walking in electronic might be the first target for it indeed he's gonna go straight down double headshot so far a little bit of a body shot coming in there so another one taking down flamey and it's pretty much all over here simple the last one in the one versus five and he drops fallen gets three kills the four kills in that round and that will be the end 16 seven in favor of SK gaming as they stay near Savannah police tattoo stats about the White Pass no attempt after that the pair women had fallen at after Oh Papa died at patrizii more variety passes nematodes implausible quadric you are falling backwards akansha with Capitan but as in stuff too late Benson but his teammate in the grave it's embarrassing but he's gonna fight out now anyway takes that leggy other trig nice try and make the 1b three possible is it continues to rattle off shut off the shot popping the cheeky little then having another attempt at a kill but it's just not quite happening using the molle at least the forced is given to off the bow that pays dividends one versus one incredible blade I'm just gonna try and hold on to the AWP nine killin Oscar give it a go might you know with that kill coming in quick enough he'll go peak at least to see what's going on AWP no it's off toward Palace he's gonna get very aggressive very quickly chris is well removed way out toward a man and runs very well to give him some time in space falling up close though yeah no scope he's tapped the bomb as well he's got a kid he's gonna try BAE Chris in oh my goodness oh I don't know if he's got it he's just barely does that's incredible to start it off and what looked like he was just innocently peeking through the vent window his teammates smoked out at the situation as well they're going to be aware of this then tap needs to at least post a Frank it looks like this could be map points unless he bows blow for them down that's the only where there was around ten seconds remaining here Matt they have to find him straightaway it looks like he might that enough stone five seconds and it is somehow he wins the round from that spot that's insane and one looked and one looked at heaven fallen above it on the side whatsoever so they're gonna have a rough time their first trying to get him towards a bomb site lose himself up fallen strikes bars takes down a that's good check to find on the AWP they've got two of them so they have to find them early fallen seems to be missing the second shot on occasion the problem is there's no one in the site they've already cleared with just one kill I'm Way back in good patience just played football before that one he's got no patience anymore he'll go on to body goes down Frank's just yet what's that magic number I threw you before I've been in these kind of positions the magic number is it three it is three why is it so because the money's so low right now if only two players survived they can't drop three guards he's going Hulk mode and they've got three he's seeing green they were done what they needed to do so they've kept the pressure on which look I suspect Tyler even if they lose this round which right now I was gonna say is very likely but benta doing his best to go back in have you Dalls of time though and oodles is not a real measurement I apologize he missed the shot that's a problem sucks could let that bomb go down he can't challenge he's only got a flashbang Ben Tet may have to do the dance it doesn't even catch him now the rotates coming in from fugly could this be the one v4 to keep tyloo afloat in map one this would be absolutely insane they're gonna regroup they're gonna group up bent it he's starting to get the timing right one down he's so close so many times but this time he gets the cigar and Ben Tet doesn't even blink