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When League of Legends gets Broken in 2019… | Funny LoL Series #583

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wanna split I'm gonna go stand in that new ball always sail needs to be fairly girls that's sure I think I'm dead doing night no way I had my easy out oh my god let's fucking go see I'm a city boy oh sorry Elsa sass MMO pummel of secession Oh meaty O'Meara TV all along so why call me the kid prodigy whitey back off fucking dead that's why they going to keep fry gee she said his rent and he is dead oh my god wait he actually just fucking what [Laughter] well okay Oh oh shit that invited my attack champion only a rep I can't – the minions faster Rico don't worry it's fine it's all part of the plan dude Mike watch why serious I clicked them I click them and you're the weirdo thanks man oh my god all this shit Lucien Cyril Pulitzer Prize Oh pop your hair oh dude oh my god fuck I see muddy that one's hot shit we're saying thank you so would you prefer fighting fires and dark off-off-off browser by a fucking silver I doubt my privilege fall from your sitting in this brush and all in him there's no way he does its way to all the true what the fuck he went he cute upwards we light a bitch oh my god she's playing get this get this not looking here we Muppets Oh say all fly I already knew they're all gonna floss for me to use and I think me said nothing again we surprised he's surprised I want them to send their strongest warriors for me what he fucking cleared the creeps out oh my god my son didn't even go off wait what are you doing what are you doing run run don't you fucking die don't die no what what let's go baby beer in here yeah my life like these fucking fat sweaty losing as what's up by me Oh white Dan he actually pulled it off