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Outro song – TheFatRat – Xenogenesis

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it is all an automatic not about playing our faith in a one versus two he just keeps on shooting and fallin walks right into it goes for the reap it boy God he gets an easily triple kill for automatic mainly porch automatic is actually able to just catch one through the smoke eater stuff okay what's bolts just replies to that one with a boom you seem like a one tap headshot against gonna be there yeah honestly go that way they can pull back into these so a Teesside rounds or just fall back into that straight to the opposite side of the map and we see those Pistoleros from G to take control of banana body to the half wall smoke to the bottom of mid but happy the next level game sense lines it up knocks him down takes Oh twice hit Oh funny fun that's what they did this kept going that and trying to get all five players in position JW now he's in the zone takes down dragon like I said everyone knows he does they need to stop bring him maybe about in a world of trouble here walking around the corner he gets the kill on to my seat but I am not sure it's enough they have all the way through checkered unbelievable yeah so bad I'm playing safe this is a before it line I wanna show these guys are I wanna shot chuckles are see okay so take it okay one two three bye they're gonna throw the little triple boost then I love this device gonna go up well Topsham be ready for it he is scoped it out here and my shit one one minute you're repeating mid with a fucking pistol he's got to be baiting for someone any results frames turns around a check it they try and deny the bomb plot and sharks oh my now into the two onto the bomb on carbon in ass okay yessir is still and I guess yeah I can't trust much yeah I have no idea it was perfect timing he's cheating hadn't come my buddy get Zeus I fucking knew it I knew it lower lower lower left with my okay fellas gonna be underpass with us off what watching connector oh my god he was let's go so I'm gonna walk down gonna run out not gonna need so that he comes at me I want him to Peking alright so play it off and go something weird like this I hear it's my right I found I forget that kill assume there's another guy with him I can be up to my right now clear this and I'll hold a knife angle for this that they're not expecting me me holding without reposition again there's one to my right so I let a purple get contact you see my radar so now you can say killed now I can I'm up and play off the Pam did that kill now they can be one more behind him throw flash assuming that he was baiting behind him now you don't know he last guy is you could have been B so he's either farm back look if they have alternate plans that they want to throw a fake they're spread out more thin here in the situation they're flying by the seat of their pants and Stewie's here to take advantage of it pistols no arm up and the flashbang is all I have we talked about this in the first half presumably head towards insiders [Applause] alright then fully blind even the bright is to slide off well there isn't so I guess there isn't necessarily a variance in this respect is just going to stop the player from getting towards that invent position beautiful in the face baby even he knows it's dirty look at his face the wrapper ball at the moment as the smokes going towards Barbara's area see the molotovs pretty standard stuff no damage exchanged so far shallow though okay straight up headshot through this way that was not bad yep me who on the or he's gonna have to be the hero now the spawn I'm gonna go for a punish but no punish to be had oh we hit the railing what that is not bad that's beautiful before I'll take it oh dear Garrett just missed the killer top of the ha and look at this pace and finds one through the wall needed I'm back yes yes oh he scared give him the drop down Zeus you know he's coming to you he's in spawn coming up ramp three two one you're a pussy Phelps no chance and no one else to repeat because they were hoping you split it toward a mate or a PK play good headshot for him Socko gets a nice response but they're down two men already just one towards upper at least there's two more brawl I hate this I hate this angle with may because I feel like I'm gonna get wide peak one tap type one in the chat if I'm getting one tap type one with the chat wait one tap one just jump down my throat upper-upper what Chauncey just wants his event into market he probably won't be and be already because he thinks I could be in B so he'll probably spotting it so he's not spotting that he's probably not close which means about time I plant you shouldn't be able to hear it which means I should have time to do this do that so now where's the Opera coming behind him which means offers are gonna post which means I should probably have a bench you think you a cat No so they're Bulls together because he came out so fast offers on the right so this is a free kill when the smallest details you can't just walk into where you just made a step that directions fucking on reddit see you on reddit oh my god let's get to trying to paid out a shot from the often over there or finally it is an actually there's gonna be a chance for to Claire's good on Vince you might be eating another boot Thompson waiting in the bombsite oh nice that is cruel and unusual all ooh JDM is extremely low this could be all the flash in first got to get aggressive here no he doesn't peak with it whatsoever but there's a good kill from Phelps first still hit him and he's gonna be the mate he's gonna be a big player here whips around for the clutch frag are you fresh in a 1 B 3 Bob wait for it they do tap on it smoke gonna follow up picks on fresh a real chance here at Tony walk sick left standing just 15 points a hell time taken down and yeah there's no kit available Kerrigan was the man with it but that's been dropped a long way from home just the pin supply of the rifles and the SMG is coming in from the tip of MIT as they begin their breach on forwards we had hid behind the and that's the bad part by boosting us in that spawn area that they see you jump there and they know to people so we need to be really what the balsam watch your home in a time discount McCullough now three who on don't like all this I love this game third is as and a half somehow pounds a sliver between Mike Chateauguay stories behind already do much ease I can hear him loud and clear it's gonna be another short leg day okay oh my gosh oh okay ridiculous ridiculous notice he was anybody on flank trying to clear that he's not too paranoid about it but I think he knows that this is the second setup vanity with a flake over to Sam's head shoots him through the boss he knows what a second one is and vanity what the hell was that there on the ramp by himself and what appears though maybe Lee ass just barely skated by but all of this damage and well they've read it to perfection JK s with the peak of a lifetime on a device punishing him yeah now sick oh no that's cool just in case just very fucking corners I'll get pretty far one tapped in event elemental my knee once you have there's only two taillights on its site that's why she isn't a generates cognizance of Kumari acute care for steals a beater like always Wow shit I'm digging where oh my sandals a nice flick oh oh I'm a target he's gonna be he's gonna pick the door freezing then you will trust figure that door freezing no wait wait a round off of my double entry frag from micro on one HP be pushed get right what all right I look back and they're all gone so you're looking to birth again just one flat right go straight that is absolutely disgusting there have to be laws against that only to complexity players remaining solid smoke and flash though is gonna keep Phelps in position oh so fortunate to get away with that in the smoke to Brie it still adds a kill that is unreal you really really do appreciate anything game game game game think that's probably a Kobe one two three random error game but that shouldn't read it you got it under control it's ten o'clock I like this position from cloud line puts a lot of emphasis on on quad oh shut up swag how he pays that give us the replay that is get right is gonna be face to palm we couldn't command trade quickly that's what should have happened what skadoodle had something else to say about it shroud I should cut that kill in the middle of the wallet over the flashbang are we catching anyone off the mound but he's yeah he's managed to make his way over towards card but it's a – it's a double smoke that will prevent them from doing too much will he be able to get the spray down over here need to push forward almost cuts in yes he does it's a three man my dad bought me those he goes hold uh he's having an ego they bought there in a push door three two one peek dude are you yeah that was good for Cajun it was great for kitchen great for North stralla s– cabbie hasn't really come into his own you can say me with every day's it's good just keep that casco and chat I like it holy shitballs oh god please don't doesn't need me oh damn conduces am picking down vanity United it's not looking like their round however Cooper burns alive mister nothing Marquis somehow killing Ricky right there and then another one oh damn bra Marquis whoa most confident players I've ever seen and there's a reason what if I could just get a vac in the chat police call of the bomb fight that leave Seco alone he's been spotted now – shots of the famous what is that what is that he co could you please explain what the hell's going on he's so far away he hasn't got a kid but surely sent us to run all the way back five HP and he code that is one of the most broken things I've ever seen him do I don't even understand how he got that kill this bomb is ticking away from them they have to pick up the pace a bit but have to get on it I'm gonna get on this bomb and there is a man trying to stick it Oscar's getting burned out he finds the ball Centaurus is gone there is one even stripped away Oscar that is filth and he'll raise is there gonna be on to another round actually after losing ally win such a somewhat of a freeway no smoke onto connector nitro made the most of it oh seven perfect crosshair place with water and like fairness and dosed weapons they want shot up like as his close range as the pistols or they'd have to make the pistols not being able to one-shot because the kill okay Chris Chris clean luck boys all eyes on her still holding on to a flash and a frag encroaches straight into the chest of a leash keep in line catches twists noses another man back in the tonnes dangerous shoulder Pete it's gonna cost them that's the bomb carrier down now flying Stewie all that remains at this point stuffer is just ultimately has given them the lead in this half because it's turning things around if they'd won that as well very different score Guardian gets close as well with the AWP that works for him standing in flames trying to find a shot to upper but they're not giving it to him now they will he's down to 36 but he's still making it work once again pistols and a single off from Guardian this time stealing rounds at be as renegades try to get the ball implanted they endured the comfort to do so I think they've lost track of work Guardian is shots from both panic reaction how does Gordian hit that gratis faction proof fired and paid it out a shot somehow the flash comes in the Guardian still wrecks him in return because it was his turn to shoot next and he's on fern ace he's looking for Lea's he's snuck in behind the tanker he has the ball on his back and there's 31 seconds he's got a chance to do something with it it's gonna be a long road to go through CT he's pretty much got a cut to see or find he killed my authority and knows exactly where he's going what an ace