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What Happens if You Hack NEW POKEBALLS Into Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee?

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Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee are missing quite a few Pokeballs. What happens if I try to modify the game and bring them in?

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► Throughout the Pokemon games, there are over 20 different types of Pokeballs; However in Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, that number is reduced to only 5 obtainable Pokeballs. Today, I’ll be modifying the game using PKHEX and PKNX to try and give me some of the missing Pokeballs, and we will see how the game reacts when I try and bring in these special Pokeballs.

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what happens when you try to hack in new pokeballs into Pokemon let's go Pikachu and Eevee throughout the Pokemon games there are lots and lots of different kinds of pokeballs 27 different kinds to be exact however one let's go Pikachu and Eevee came out they decided to throw most of those balls out of the window and only left us was five different kinds of pokeballs to use the regular pokeball the great ball the Ultra Ball the master ball and the premier ball for those special occasions now those five are nice and all but I like a little bit more variety where I'm catching my Pokemon so today I'm gonna be hacking the game and seeing what happens when I try to put new pokeballs in – lets go Pikachu and Eevee first I want to see what happens if I try giving myself the new pokeballs I want to see if the game still recognizes them and keeps their special properties like the quick ball making it easier to catch pokemon if it's the first turn normally using hacking tools it's pretty easy to give yourself whatever item you want however since let's go Pikachu and Eevee don't normally have these pokeballs I can't just add it to my bag like I would if I was trying to give myself a hundred Master balls so instead I have to come up with a different way to give myself these pokeballs and I think I know how I'm gonna do it so normally and let's go Pikachu and Eevee when you defeat a trainer they'll give you something after the battle like two pokeballs or two great balls so I'm gonna change it so instead of giving me some normal pokeballs I'm gonna make this trainer give me 255 quick balls let's see what happens all right we're in game and let's say hello to my boy cat for Sean a and since Shane is always the guinea pig in my little weird experiments I decided to be nice to him and give him a shiny Mewtwo but it still dies – a bubble alright you beat camper Shane got 220 pokey for winning and 255 quick balls let's test these out going in the bag let's see first off – they show up where's the catching pockets ah looks like no where are my quick balls I don't see my quick balls but we just saw that he gave me two hundred fifty five quick balls alright let's jump in since a battle with the been a net over here and see if they show up in the catching menu it's huge alright bag and no I don't see the quick balls anywhere that's really weird though because they just gave me two hundred fifty five quick balls I don't know where they went well maybe Shane just doesn't like me this time I gave youngster Dan some Beast balls so let's see if those show up and no the Beast balls don't show up either it's really weird the game is saying that it's giving me these items but if I check my pockets and stuff I don't see them anywhere and they don't show up in battle and if I don't to the pokey Mart they don't show up there either at all so that's really really weird the game definitely said that it gave me those items but when I check the menus when I check the battles when I try selling items at the pokey Mart they're nowhere to be found creepy so I'm guessing that what's happening here is let's go Pikachu and Eevee like a lot of other Pokemon games still have some of the old data from other Pokemon games in them but since the items aren't actually programmed to be used in the game they don't show up and just for fun to test that out a little bit I tried making the game give me some other cool items like the vs seeker from firered/leafgreen and diamond and pearl and the azure flute from Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum while the names do show up in the game when I check my bag they're nowhere to be found so unfortunately I can't use my new Azure flute to summon Arceus and let's go Pikachu and Eevee so now we know even if you try to give yourself the new pokeballs they won't show up in the bag and you can't use them but what if I modify some of my Pokemon and make it look like they were caught in different pokeballs so next I'm going to be editing the game and giving myself a bunch of Jigglypuff one for each type of pokeball and we're gonna see what happens when I check them out in game so you can see I have a lot of Jigglypuff now one for each type of pokeball so let's check him out and see if the sprites for the pokeball actually show up in the game so weird the regular pokeball the great ball the ultra ball master ball and premier ball the normal let's go balls now we have the cherish ball which actually shows up in game which makes sense you know because this is the ball they usually hand out for event Pokemon so they would need to have it programmed into the game just in case they ever wanted to do a Pokemon event with this ball next up the dive ball wow that actually shows up that's kind of cool because this ball normally isn't in the game some surprise the animation the sprite is still their dream ball is gone it looks like it's using a little placeholder question mark dust ball is there which again surprises me since there's no day and night cycle in the game fast ball is gone friend ball is gone heal ball is still there we don't really need the heal ball in this game so I guess it makes sense why they've removed it because this one usually heals up the Pokemon once you catch it but since it lets go you don't weaken the Pokemon when you're battling it really wouldn't have any points in this game heavy ball is gone maybe all the johto balls are gone the johto special Accra corn balls like the level ball yeah I'm thinking they're all gone love ball and more ball yeah I don't know why I guess they removed all the APRA corn balls sprites that's kind of weird next up the luxury ball wow that one's still in the game to the moon ball is gone the nest ball is still there net ball is still in the game the beast ball is gone quick ball is still there that's such a shame I love this pokeball the repeat ball is here the Safari ball is here the sport ball is gone again that one makes sense because I was only used for like transferring Pokemon and the timer ball is here as well so they did keep a lot of the sprites for the pokeballs however you can't get these normally in game that's kind of sad it really makes me wonder since a lot of the sprites for these balls are still in the game where they originally planned to be in let's go Pikachu and Eevee but removed later on a development so since the sprites for a lot of these balls are still in the game I want to see what happens if I try to send out one of these pokemon in battle or the balls gonna have their special animations like they do in the other games let's find out alright go just ball oh so it looks like when you send these pokémon out in battle it's replaced by just a normal pokeball even though you could go in the battle you could check the menu and it shows that special pokeball sprites when you actually send it out it just looks like a regular pokeball and unfortunately every single other pokeball does the same thing it just looks like a pokeball except two of them when you try to send the Pokemon out in a Safari ball it actually crashes the game for some weird reason no other ball crashes the game except the Safari ball and the cherished ball actually has a special animation with red explosions coming out of the ball when you send out a Pokemon which again makes sense because if they want to use this for an events like they're going to with the upcoming u2 event to Japan it'll make that Pokemon that you send out feel extra special again I'm not sure why the Safari ball crashes the game I have a little theory that maybe early on and let's go pikachu Naevia's development the Safari ball was actually planned to be something you could get in the game maybe in go park to catch the Pokemon you transfer from Pokemon go and they were working on a special animation for it but they never finished it alright my friends and that's gonna wrap up this video I hope you enjoyed seeing all this special pokeball stuff and let's go Pikachu and Eevee and if you did and you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up because it really helps me out leave a comment below and tell me what other crazy things you want to see me doing let's go Pikachu TV or any other pokemon game and my friends I'll be seeing you in the next one