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What Happened To Leeroy Jenkins? (World of Warcraft)

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In 2005 Classic World of Warcraft a legendary viral video was posted featuring Leeroy Jenkins wiping his raid, But what happened to the man behind the famous video?

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Leroy Jenkins is the most infamous World of Warcraft player of all time his video of him wiping his weight has gone super viral getting tens of millions of views across the internet but where is Leroy Jenkins now what is he doing and how his internet fame changed this life for real-life person behind Leroy Jenkins is a man named Ben Scholes him and his friends were playing World of Warcraft back in the days of 2005 this was at the time when World of Warcraft was gaining the most momentum and was gaining more and more popularity with each new month the server he played on was laughing scold us and him and his friends decided to create a guild called powerful life and it was really just a small group of friends for playing the game together however they had ambitions to expand and become a bigger guild however to become a bigger guild you need to get people a reason to join you and via David they came up with was staging a viral video and this is where the Leroy Jenkins video comes into play you see if the Leroy Jenkins video was acted quite well in fact most people believed that it was actually a real video however this was completely staged and was actually designed to become viral and it turns out it worked out pretty good you see YouTube and other video hosting websites acted a little bit differently – how is the day today when you local to YouTube you basically see a bunch of professional youtubers and other corporations creating content for their channels however YouTube back in the early days of the mid-2000s was very different in fact most of the videos on there were viral videos of cats and kids believe Oh Jenkins video that they produced was actually perfect for the time today when you log on to youtube you never actually see viral videos on the home page but back then this kind of video would succeed really well they performed with video and very very quickly this became one of the most viewed videos on the Internet of all time even today this video is still mega famous and has millions of views in fact there is a reupload of this video at 12 million views which is actually the most viewed user-generated video of World of Warcraft of all time the only other World of Warcraft videos that can compete and this amount of views is trailers for new expansions that are created by Blizzard themself so needless to say this video was a massive success and they completely succeeded in their goal to get attention onto their guild however it turns out but they actually weren't prepared for how much attention they would receive Leroy Jenkins became a mega celebrity in World of Warcraft and he was closely harassed by players every single time he looked then he would lock in and receive hundreds of whispers from random players just trying to talk to him or find out more information about this famous character in classic World of Warcraft Han there wasn't actually any core server or sharding meaning that laughing skull server was absolutely flooded with players which actually gave the server a really long queue time Blizzard themselves has recognized how much of a celebrity this guy is in fact they have made multiple references to Leroy Jenkins in their IPs ranging from purchasable figurines to a card and half stone as well as a real in-game NPC could Leroy Jenkins in warlords of draenor Leroy Jenkins could be found as an NPC Vettes in Upper Blackrock Spire where you can resurrect him and start a quest to get an achievement and a garrison follower initially this wasn't voice-acted by anybody however it turns out by a deal was actually made between bench shells and Blizzard Entertainment and he actually got in to do voice acting work for this NPC aside from that bench Holtz was also invited to go to Blizzcon to make a cameo appearance [Applause] let's aside from that nothing really came over yes he got mega famous and is probably still famous today he doesn't play World of Warcraft but if he goes to a Blizzcon today I'm sure he'll gets a lot of attention you see the time that he got famous it wasn't that easy to monetize success on the Internet today we have twitch streamers and YouTube content creators where if he actually get famous on the internet you can very easily monetize there however back in your days of 2005 it wasn't that simple him and his guild decided to create some shirts but they sold on the website however it never actually turned out that well I think it's kind of unfortunate that the man behind Leroy Jenkins got as popular as he did in that period of time if he got that kind of Fame today he could definitely make quite a lot of money from her today Ben chose is no longer playing World of Warcraft and is more than likely just at a normal job like everyone else well guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you could drop a like that would mean the absolute world to me both that being said this is Wolfie signing out