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What Happened to Call of Duty..?

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Call Of Duty was everyone’s favorite Video Game to play, but over the years, this perfect game franchise went down the drain. today, we check out the disappearance of call of duty and figure out what happened to cod…

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let's take a trip back to the good old days of the Call of Duty franchise coming home from school to play these games was a great feeling for everybody in my case I had to play black ops on my weed yes you heard that correctly my Nintendo Wii and my wii remote's one day I wanted to go over to my friend's house because he told me he had just picked up the new Call of Duty and he had the Xbox 360 which was the newest thing on the market I headed over to his house and we began playing call of duty black ops I soon fell in love with the Xbox 360 version me and him had no idea at all as to what we were doing and we continued to die in the multiplayer matches that we played but for some reason dying over and over again without getting a kill all game was fun we didn't get mad we didn't get frustrated and we didn't get bored once we found out about combat training we were filled with happiness I can remember me and him pulling all-nighters trying to beat the regular difficulty bots we've easily beaten the recruit BOTS and then we found ourselves challenged by regular difficulty and remember I was about 10 to 12 years old so staying up all night was hard for me but something about playing this game Call of Duty was enough for me to put off sleep to focus on it what's the first weekend with my friend and his xbox was over I begged my parents to buy me an Xbox 360 as well as black ops they declined it but I ended up getting a Nintendo Wii as well as the game this gift changed my life forever eventually I would be hooked onto the Call of Duty series I went on to purchase modern warfare 3 and modern warfare reflex from my wii all of the Call of Duty games had me in a gaming coma that I thought I would never get out of I was constantly thinking about playing these games because they were so fun to me my friend who had black ops 1 was also in this gaming coma he had purchased even more Call of Duty games than I did and that was absurd at the time because I spent all my money on video games he bought modern warfare 1 – and modern warfare 3 as well as call of duty world at war the graphics were better on the Xbox and he had more games than I did so I begged and begged to hang out with him more I didn't just want to hang out with him because of his console he was a good friend but I enjoyed playing split-screen with him I wanted to test out my new skills that I learned when I was playing Call of Duty on my Wii and I wanted to see if I could beat him who was always better than me it had been a year or so since I last saw him and this is my time to shine but I didn't expect this to happen I got to my friends house and we played outside for a couple hours I always loved to be outside so I didn't mind this one thing on my mind though was that Xbox 360 I was in love with the game and I was slipping right back into that gaming coma I was talking about it seemed like right when I got to his house I only wanted to play the game everything in my mind was black except for Xbox we went inside eventually and we ate food and then we chilled and watched YouTube I asked do you want to go play call of duty together but his answer shocked me he told me that he didn't enjoy the game anymore what I was puzzled I still had my Nintendo Wii in the same old games and I wasn't bored so how was he bored of it he had the newest game which was black ops 2 and a powerful console this confused me but soon he explained it all to me and it all made sense he basically said that he got bored of the game he'd been playing it for about two years now and he said it felt like the same game just a generic shooter game I could understand what he was saying just because I looked up to him but I didn't feel the same way not even a little bit the rest of the night he introduced me to a new game that I knew a little bit about he mentioned minecraft we played that the rest of the night and we didn't play anything had the name Call of Duty that marked a turning point in the Call of Duty franchise and that's not just for my friend me and the whole family – there had to be a reason for this there was no reason for the most popular game to be falling off like this there was something wrong to think that your game is slowly losing popularity would suck and you would hope that they did something about it but that's the exact opposite of what they did once I got home I played black ops but his bias was still with me I somehow found out what he was talking about I was sitting there playing call of duty and then I got bored for the first time ever I was bored by this game I was around prestige 6 and I was not turning around until this night i tried to play modern warfare 3 that was the newer game then black ops 1 but that was still boring and modern warfare reflex was already boring to me so I didn't know what to do what happened to the Call of Duty we all knew and why did they feel different for all of us let's dive right into that Call of Duty as we know it started in 2003 with the release of the original Call of Duty game this game was reviewed well at the time but in today's standards it would be a boring shooter game throughout the next 10 years we saw the game go from a normal shooter to an online paradise we had new additions every year that mostly everybody enjoyed editions like special ops in the modern warfare series and zombies in the black ops and world at war series were amazing paired with the fan-favorite multiplayer in 2013 Infinity Ward had released their biannual game this game took on some pretty weird features that the community did not enjoy it all for example this multiplayer experience felt like hide-and-seek it felt like this because every single map was around two times bigger than it should have been SMGs were dominant and if smg's ruled the game and your maps are super big it's gonna be hard to kill people the kill streaks weren't even worth going for and they barely got any kills shortly after the launch of Ecology two ghosts it was regarded as one of the worst if not worst Call of Duty games of all time personally I liked it but that's besides the point the community had spoken and we wanted change we were getting bored of the run-and-gun shooter that we had gotten used to for ten years now we wanted something new and we were begging for it and for once they listened to us they listened to our requests but the next Call of Duty game wasn't anything we ever would have expected on November 4th 2014 I remember it was my mom's birthday I was in class and I was on my phone because I thought it was cool back then being on my phone in class but I was texting my mom and I told her that the newest Call of Duty game is coming out today and it was her birthday and my gift to her was for her to buy me the game seems scummy but I was a little kid I wanted my game and it was on her birthday so what did I do I made her buy me the game I got home the game was on the counter and I haven't seen any videos prior to this so I did not know what was going to go on with this game I didn't know if it was new or if it was just gonna be the same old game but I was kind of excited for a new Call of Duty experience for the most part I came home updated the game and started to play I loaded up a custom game and once I clicked a couple buttons I could not believe my eyes I was double jumping and boosting everywhere what was going on I didn't like this one bit and I didn't want to get used to this weird movement style and the community agreed with me the amount of advanced warfare hate videos on YouTube is a stack soon after release of the game it was dubbed as the worst Call of Duty game of all time back-to-back years back-to-back horrible games many fans of the call duty franchise flocked to other games in hopes of having the fun that they used to have with call of duty but there was still new fans coming in every single day if we think about the youtubers who posted black ops 2 content you can think about pretty much every phase member and all of the trollers in ali-a and there was just so many and then if you think about the advanced warfare people who uploaded YouTube videos that's not even that many people many of them switched content simply because the game was not fun anymore after these games were released we had black ops 3 which gained some fans back but did it really help the series that much after black ops 3 they released infinite warfare infinite Warfare's trailer has the sixth most dislikes on a youtube video with 3.8 million dislikes you guys can guess how the community reacted to that game with infinite warfare they released a game called modern warfare remastered and that was an updated and upgraded version of one of the first caller duty games that the community loved the only reason infinite warfare had pretty much any sales was because of the pre-order bonus that it came with and that was modern warfare remastered they released Call of Duty World War 2 which everybody thought was going to rejuvenate the call of duty franchise a game that is boots on the ground we were used to jetpacks and jumping around for the last three years but it came and nobody really liked it we just couldn't decide what we wanted every time they would switch something in the game or every time we asked for change they would change it but we didn't enjoy it and last but not least black ops for this didn't sit very well with the call of duty community either we just can't find anything we like having six out of seven games be failures helped call a duty go down the drain in term Call of Duty still sells every year very well but the amount of loyal fans that the game has and the amount of youtubers talking about it as well as the amount of sales in general has went down and all of this happened because it got boring and because of microtransactions slowly but surely supply drops and currency that you can spend money on were filling Call of Duty games up with stuff we didn't want nobody wanted this they just wanted to play a shooter game we asked for change and we got it just not how we expected to get it this franchise was simply ruined by a lack of fun content and too much content that needed money it started out as a fun online shooter but became a yearly money grab