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What Are The Most Expensive Things You can Buy in Pokemon Games?

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What are the most expensive things you can buy in Pokemon?

► Throughout the Pokemon Games, there are lots of items to buy – and some of them are EXTREMELY expensive! Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most EXPENSIVE items you can see/buy in all of Pokemon, like the Bike in Pokemon Red and Blue, the SlowPokeTail in Pokemon Gold and Silver, The Villa in Pokemon Platinum and the Crown in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee!
Hang on to your wallets!

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in the Pokemon games there are lots of things you could buy pokeballs potions clothing the list goes on and on but every now and then the games like to tease us with some extremely expensive items costing a million pokey dollars or even more my name is Mike from pokey tips and today we're gonna be taking a look at some of the most expensive items throughout all of Pokemon starting things off in the Kanto region we all know about the famous bike shop in cerulean city the owner of the bike shop sells his bikes for an astonishing 1 million dollars except we have a slight problem there dr. evil up until generation 5 the maximum amount of money they could hold on to was 999,999 pokey dollars which means that even if you have the most amount of money possible you'll always be one pokey dollar away from being able to buy this bike however money isn't always everything because if we talk to a man in Vermillion City and listen to his story about his rapidash we'll be able to get a bike voucher which we could trade for the bike like a michdan before in generation 1 you can't have 1 million pokey dollars but in generation 7 let's go Pikachu and Eevee you actually can have 1 million pokey dollars does that mean you could buy a bike and let's go no in the alternate universe of let's go Pikachu and Eevee the bike shop doesn't exist anymore instead there's a man who calls himself the bike maniac living in that spot the maniac will gladly let you take a look at the bikes but he's definitely not gonna let you buy any of them so unfortunately even if you manage to get yourself a million pokey dollars you still can't go there and buy a bike but if you want to spend a lot of money on a useless thing don't you worry because let's go Pikachu an Eevee certainly have you covered if you go to celadon City and go to the 5th floor of the department store you'll be in the accessory market and there you could buy the most expensive item in these games the crown for your partner Pikachu or your partner Eevee and this is gonna cost you a whopping 999,999 pokey dollars congratulations you're now broke but hey your partner Pokemon looks cool right moving on to the johto region there aren't any expensive crowns or bikes for you to buy instead it's all about fine dining the first time you go down Route 32 when you try to enter the Union cave you'll be stopped by a man who tries to sell you a tasty nutritious slowpoke tail and he lets you know it could be yours for the small price of once again 1 million pokey dollars once again this is $1 over the limits of the amount of money that you could have so you could never buy this slowpoke tail however a little-known fact about pokemon gold the silver and crystal is that you could actually buy a slowpoke tail later on in the game once you reach mahogany town and before you meet up with Lance at the lake of rage you could actually buy slowpoke tail from what I'm assuming is an undercover Team Rocket agent selling items in a shop here he's only selling it for nine thousand eight hundred pokey dollars which is a big price difference from that 1 million the guy was trying to get from you earlier for some reason in HeartGold and SoulSilver the remakes of these games they've removed this now onto the Hoenn region specifically in omega ruby and alpha sapphire there are quite a few extremely expensive items for you to buy first and foremost in the lilycove city museum if you go all the way to the left there's a guy standing around who's kind of upset at the museum that they don't want to take his art if you tell the man that you're actually interested in his art he will offer to sell it to you for 100 thousand pokey dollars each and don't worry each piece that he sells you will come with a story you suddenly feel empty you wonder if you're worthy in this world you worried that you may be forgotten without producing anything you feel living may be meaningless but you still live finally you'll discover the limitless possibilities in yourself and in the life you thought was empty thanks for the motivational speech Pokemon all of the art that he sells you are actually decorations for your secret base next on route 114 after you become the champion a man appears near the water who likes to sell stones now he has some good deal here and some outrageous things that you should never buy for the good deals he will sell you the mega stones for the other two Hoenn region starter Pokemon the bad deal well he'll sell you some rocks and they're not gonna come cheap if you choose the option loneliness this guy is gonna sell you a hard stone for the amount of forty five thousand pokey dollars think that's bad try selecting a motionless where he's gonna sell you another hard stone for eighty thousand pokey dollars but wait there's more because if you select tears I guarantee you you're gonna start to cry too because he will sell you another hard stone for the grand total of one hundred and fifty thousand pokey dollars and if you happen to buy all three of these hard stones it's gonna hit you for a grand total of two hundred and seventy-five thousand pokey dollars so what it's the heart stone why is it worth so much well the heart stone is an item where if you give it to a Pokemon it'll increase the power of rock type moves by twenty percent is that worth two hundred and seventy-five thousand pokey dollars no especially considering the fact that this item is pretty easy to get since wild Pokemon you can hold it and you could just get it from smashing rocks yourself but we're not done with omega ruby and alpha sapphire just yet because there's one more way that you can waste a lot of money in mobile city on the left side of town there's a shop where you could buy some ribbons in that shop you have three options of ribbons to buy the gorgeous ribbon which you could buy for ten thousand pokey dollars the royal ribbon which you could buy for one hundred thousand pokey dollars and then there's the gorgeous royal ribbon which you could buy for 999,999 pokey dollars so if you want to buy all three of these ribbons for your pokemon because there's some sort of ribbon collector be prepared to spend 1 million of one hundred 9999 pokey dollars on one pokemon i think the old man's standing outside of the ribbon shop really explains it the best i'm here to buy my wife's pokemon or ribbon but all these ribbons are way too expensive but if you think that's a of money let's take a quick trip to the cinnamon after you become say no region's champion of new area opens up to you that's basically just a place for you to spend money and go on vacation this place called the resort area is home to the ribbon syndicate where once again you could buy these extremely expensive ribbons but pokemon platinum has an exclusive way for you to waste your money that diamond apparel just don't have in the bottom right corner of the resort area there's a big house and if you try to go check it out a man will tell you it could actually be yours completely for free right away he says it isn't a scam and you'd actually be doing him a favor by taking the house because he doesn't need it all you need to do is simply nod your head and the villa is yours so why wouldn't you say yes to that so then you go inside and you realize the house is empty but the man is nice enough to order you a table thanks but you don't want to live in an empty house right you've got to order some stuff for the house fill it up a little bit put some cool stuff in there so you take a look at the catalog and wow look at the prices for all that stuff if you want to buy everything possible for the house you're gonna be buying a big sofa which costs you a hundred twenty thousand pokey dollars a small sofa which will be ninety thousand pokey dollars a bed which is one hundred and eighty seven thousand pokey dollars a night table a TV an audio system bookshelf rack house plant PC desk it goes on and on and on and if you buy everything in there it's gonna cost you a grand total of two million five hundred thousand pokey dollars keep in mind the maximum amount of money in this game is still nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pokey dollars which means you're gonna have to get to the maximum amount of money more than once to be able to buy everything in here if you do choose to buy stuff for your villa there are some pretty cool items you could get like the audio system which plays a remix of lilycove city from the Hoenn region this theme the music box which plays a remix of the theme for twin leaf town and of course the piano which will play Cynthia's theme whatever you want so you could feel even more like a champion fun fact this villa was originally owned by Stephen stone the champion of the Hoenn region the story goes that Stephen stayed here when he was in the cinah region looking for rare stones and after he found all the rare stones he went back home to the Hoenn region I personally think that he realized how expensive it was to own this villa and he noped out of there and went back to his home in moss deep and with that we've covered the most expensive items in Kanto Johto Hoenn and Sinnoh but there's still more regions that have even more crazy expensive things that you could spend your money on if you want me to make a part two to this video and cover the rest of the expensive items in the Pokemon universe let me know down in the comments section below thank you so much for watching give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it because it took a lot of effort to make this video and my friends I'll be seeing you in the next one