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The Iron Blyat is watching you !!

well you've seen me create some crazy-ass overpowered weapons in the past weapon combination videos but today we're gonna be doing something different today I'm gonna be showcasing some of the weird / funny weapons that can be created using the weapon mixer 5000 they may be impractical at some occasions but they are super cool and funny so here we go oh and by the way if you are new and you have no idea what I'm talking about just stick around for a second you'll see what's going on so you come to this broom here right and you press this button then you go to that corner and you press the red button and you go back to the place we came from and you'll see this emerge from the ground with a weird ass antenna on top of it now you may notice that this looks a bit different because this is not a weapon mixer 5000 anymore this is a weapon mixer 6000 but it works kind of the same way you can choose any weapon you want from this panel any weapon and any amount then you come here and press the combined button and from this table will come out a single combined weapon that will have the parts of all the weapons you chose before now this may be a bit confusing right now because of that I'm gonna show you an example so it's easier to understand all right I'm gonna explain other little people the lever and the vodka a bit later for now let's keep it simple it's choosing a give-and-go ill a yard then we go to this button we press it and from the table comes out this now this is a very simple mix it's a base of a Khalil AR but it has a board capacity of Negev and it also shoots in the gear rounds it's basically in the give in a Khalil AR shape it's a wonderful example of what that machine can do we can also name these weapons for example this one is a mix of Negev and Galil AR so the combined name would be meg this one I'll show you sure in others I'll show you another example I'll show another alright let's let's create something exotic right now let's choose a butterfly knife a bayonet and as and if we press a combined button outcomes what I call a solder fly knife now solder fly knife is a unique short ranged weapon it has to sort of attach to each other and there's a bayonet going through in the middle so doves act like normal weapons you can shoot people at short range but once you're empty and the bullets run out you can do this yep it turns into a fucking sward empty sort of act like handles and the bayonet is the knife you can cut people with butterfly knife that we chose contributed to this wonderful mechanism it's a fantastic short ranged duo shotgun and a fucking sward at the same time ok now I'll explain what that lever does it's called an ultimate switch now when you choose your weapons and you pull that switch it enhances the weak point of the weapon let's just choose the Glock for this example we pull the lever then we go to the table and press the combine button and out comes what I call the big black cock now a big black Glock is a wonderful tool it is way more effective than a small white block that we see in game with this you can actually kill somebody the bullets are the size of a cannonball you can completely obliterate the enemy and even take down the whole color they're hiding behind we did like a little research and turns out this is a number one choice of a weapon by all female csgo players along with p90 T's name a more iconic duel big black rock and p90 T's ok let's get a bit more serious now let's choose the OP the Negev and epi Knight this is what I call the three musketeers if we press the combine button outcomes pop gif pop gif is not a weapon you mess around with it has base of the OP it shoots out bullets at the fire rate for p90 and it has a magazine capacity of Negev it's a lot of power combined in one gun so you need godly strength to wield this web because of the goddamn recoil is this fucking insane man such a such a simple mix but it can potentially compete with Baba Yaga tell me which one you think is more powerful this or Baba Yaga all right this one has actually been pointed out by a subscriber we choose any gear and if we choose a smoke grenade and if we combine these weapons outcomes what I call Snoop Dogg have you ever been in a situation where you want to defend a site or something but you don't have enough smokes well Snoop Dogg is the best solution for that it's the body of a Negev but instead of bullets it shoots out huge amounts of smoke let's say you're in a situation where enemies are coming from everywhere you don't know what to do this is what you do everywhere and all right now let's demonstrate what happens to a weapon when you mix vodka with it let's choose the r8 revolver and choose the vodka v8 yes it comes that sound effect let's combine it and outcomes what I call the Russian rule yet know if you've probably heard about the original Russian roulette game but this is more like a single-player version as you can see it's 2r it's attached to each other pointing forward and backwards but it only has one trigger so when you pull the trigger it either shoots in the front or in the back in your head if none of your friends have balls to clear Russian roulette with you this might be at the best choice but make sure you have as much fun as possible when you play it because you can only play it once all right let's do the vodka sing again let's choose p90 this time choose the vodka brilliant and pull the ultimate switch and if we combine this outcomes what I call p90 thousand three ninety thousand is made of nine p90 submachine guns and eight of vodka bottles to power them now don't be mistaken this is not a spray-and-pray gun this whole thing rotates charges up with vodka boost and fires in very short powerful bursts as you will see right now our good friend Billy here is helping us with the demonstration go on boys you're supposed to have alright for this next demonstration I have to tell you that if the weapon is too big to come out from the table it will come out of that platform right over there alright let me explain what these are when it choose either one of these the next weapon that comes out from the mixer will have a human shape or form in one way or another it's very simple actually let's just go straight for it and choose this city character for example and let's choose a bunch of knives like let's choose the Karambit the gut knife m9 bayonet and a flip knife and if we combine these outcomes what I call CF Goro Goro is a character from Mortal Kombat he has four arms as well that explains the name this combination is fantastic for knife rounds fantastic for any route to be honest I mean you get to hold four knives or four pistols or two rifles you can rush in with a spraying p90 and op someone at the same goddamn time you can defend yourself while defusing a bomb you can throw four grenades there's so many possibilities but most importantly threesomes become so much easier I think it's time boys I've made three of these weapon combination videos already this is the fourth one and from the very beginning you've been asking me to combine every single weapon on the weapon mixer and yes finally I'm gonna do it I'm gonna combine every single goddamn weapon on this weapon mixer 6000 I haven't seen what comes out when you do that and much like you I'm very interested as well so no further to do let's get to work let's just start from the top left corner and choose every single weapon on the panel I mean yeah it's a bit of a tedious process but you asked for it though I mean I could speed this up easily but I gotta get over that telemarketer oh man I mean Eagle arms tell me here actually that won't matter if this video gets the monetized and it probably will because I mean I kind of show the guy getting ripped in half but I censored all the folks though so I got that on my side let's just finish up by choosing the vodka v8 it gets me every time and let's go and pull the ultimate switch and only thing that's left right now is pressing the mighty combined button and let's do it alright now we wait I mean I wonder if it's going to come out from the table or the platform choo-choo no it's not please please