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We won't forget Battlefield V

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Battlefield 5 Firestorm Duos are gone… but not forgotten. Had some of my best times in duos with Matimi0. You will be missed. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

okay so you know that scene from Saving Private Ryan yeah okay let me slowly action barking get down that was cool man like tell stories and make YouTube videos or something The Sims I've heard is quite popular now you think there's an easter egg over here Jack I think I found something what is it I can't see you at it it's it's a box box is annoying strength luck come on oh my god there's lines coming off you what the hell it's this the snow or no you've just got some crazy bug where there's like it's not now everything extruded oh there we go it's extruding again no that's not what am i you're extruding it's really rude you know to do that to extrude in front of you stop extruding holy crap what yeah I think it's I don't know I'm really ashamed of it I mean I is gonna that's definitely gonna interfere with the gameplay I can tell you that for a fact do you still see it oh yeah oh no you just extrude like a hundred feet into the sky no I don't like that you always right yeah I'll never miss you I think it's thumbs please make it stop dice please make it stop it hurts it burns yeah it's tough okay well good okay now this map that's a shotgun with the bay now on it I'm just saying yep I'm not using it I ain't much I ain't that big of a man you know what I'm gonna drop a blue STJ and pick up the shotgun you're gonna do none of the sort cuz I okay that's my next I'll pick it up I need one now are you assuming again you better not be I probably don't stocks trading on me that I'm really self-conscious whenever I get nervous it gets worse okay this is spicy right now this is this is the ultimate of spice nice he's there somewhere should we push in hold on hold on just see what this guy does there is oh he's very low he's in the fire map now what you're gonna one down to witness yeah what's this map what's this okay wait I can't wait for the bayonet get it you're about to witness the Fitness ready ready ready you Kalibak you've killed them both everything we did we can't without a then they just died they just both died why she looks so good but you know you witness the SuperSpeed no didn't you think the fear reflected in their eye yeah they didn't even know what day it was who's this my blood running towards us and then you just you know blew on them and they fell overnight yeah I whispered sweet nothings in their ear and then they just couldn't handle it behind that's a head shot other guys I finish tomorrow watch how excited this squads still looking ass yeah it's actually shooting it the other guy ruined him I ruined his cupcakes should we push son mm-hmm we might need to I'll tell you what I'll go all the way right you go left that separation jack I don't know you can handle this race Friday this is the strap man trust you ready to peek I'm PK come behind him don't nice jack with strats honey we're good coming to you you got him nice nice we got to worry about the other squad Oh see they can I see these caps you see okay see listen this is the bayonet kill ready for this yeah you got it I won't even touch him okay Rice's hates that so much yeah I'm just representing mg Go Go Go that was a bayonet charge into a head for I don't really know what happened there Oh behind behind another one where a vehicle no oh right here map yes what are they doing absolutely my lives absolute mad lads and surprise they backed out maybe they heard the other team I feel like that oh yeah okay son for bayonet kill final kill let's go get it oh I got the down no are we go again you got it dude the bayonet got the down guy that's so dumb I just I'm wrestling with him on the floor while bodies tease alright why are you wrestling with the enemy check – new Oh baby this ain't a pig fight get get the guy that shooting at you what's the pig fight you know you don't want to wrestle with a pig now I'll wrestle with a pig any day of the week if only people like to watch firestorm on YouTube if only we'd be the best youtubers ever we would be making all the monies I reckon this video will make at least five dollars we just gotta like come up with some really click BTW title like fortnight in battlefield five firestorm well that's not even believable no then we have it loosely based off a fortnight like hey it'll work jack it's a terrible idea you should be ashamed it'll work believe me he won't work how to buy YouTube use Jack I don't think you should just be great if that's actually how you can make money just by views and then YouTube pays you for view like perfect buy 100,000 views for $50 and then it makes you like 900 maybe perfect we've we've cracked the old line we cracked it all right of the road that's not you around or gold mine Chet tink that's me – oh my no for gold did you get some crystal there hold on oh that's 100 likes wait oh oh it's 50,000 views oh oh oh oh super chest and then there's a big old guy who like all the only reasonable one who actually is like you know if we want to beat the dark magics then we got to work with the humans yeah for all's Jesus they've got Jana Jana Jana Jana Jana and yep Becky no you nailed it yeah and Becky she's probably my favorite character and yeah there are people here well he's down isn't he that'll squeeze out a bad day right oh yeah you like that are you dying no I should have just shot him but instead I chose to humiliate him and almost starting the process yeah say you're pretty low HP oh yeah next week he's dead now where was he going he was running for you with a knife on a grand adventure he had an eye and he was conked I don't know what is that then where's that lemma where is he where's annoyed boy top of the top of the ridge and why in this hog jeez I feel really exposed and naked don't don't they're not real love it they can't be real I'm gonna punch a false in in the mouth really yeah do it all right I Panzerfaust him in month I finished him off what was he taking full DOMA you know I mean what they're digging digging for gold yeah there's got to be a story right like a strike huh not everything's an easter egg dude this is the story of firestorm so the Germans were here experimenting right and they found a prophesized weapon that could control the weather and create the firestorm and they were gonna use it as a weapon against our allies that's actually kind of interesting I like it dead ahead Martin dead ahead right in front of us dead ahead I don't see anyone there today right that height right roadkill and right here yeah ma RNA serve is real why are these real people but that's a boy isn't it now their boss all right you know I've not really had many tank battles in the shell now because I want tank on tank action you know hold greased up yeah me too you greased up your tank tank well dude if you have greased up the tank you can't get a good shot out the barrel now don't move hungry wait they're gonna hear the engine now lad there's nothing trust me someone's gonna walk right in front of us up there jack well you got the the dangerous thing not me well II said don't move I assume that means don't shoot stay perfectly still their vision is based on movement we're in a giant metal coffin right now G doesn't matter visibility in this game is that bad you can literally just blend in you know drugs from guardians of the galaxy yeah so that don't look but there were two snowman on the left of us don't look okay I have visual hi guys oh my god what's he made of by titanium who s subbies their sharp teeth and everything so at least two teams are over here I don't like the fact that there's a guy called the chunky monkey in the game I feel like he must be killed the chanche monkey yeah yeah I'm a green I'm agreeing with that you know we're gonna run out of you all right that's fine we don't need you okay maybe we need people can I put this in the church that's a that's it that's a church right there can we put in the church I don't know you greased up right oh my god grease it right I think we a little bit more grease a bit more brace please it is to sergeant you're going through all our fuel Oh it's kind of stuck now no no believe in yourself okay don't move see we've become the church I swear there's someone like to our right like to the southeast there's gotta be right what would its Hank rayful long LSU up more fuel probably cuz we only have 21 now daddy's shirt Judy that building oh yeah hold on I've got a meeting with God there we go there we go there we go you have 15 fuel left oh they're more Doritos jack Oh God who are these heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread I think we dead oh yeah we were killed by the chaunch monkey I don't if I could ever live with myself now oh why does it one shot you