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please use her for night store last night I was up late sucked building drop so I wasn't recording but I've got this draft we get Maradona I'm gonna try and recreate my reaction come on surely not surely not look at that yeah I was going mad at this point but then it all it all fell to pieces and I gave up but they blur I decided to build one final draft and this happened look at this draft oh my days 96 catnip 93 raidercard pit stop for hours trying to make you full camber but I can't do it I'm gonna 80 walnut let bike an 80 to fight back and it still might be rated if I won't won't sell it or something this would be a one pint for my fetch is ridiculous we've got the round but I just hope they draw the chemistry even when I put small again there's two of 81 red defenders and it's still nicely regular this such a big draw I just can't get the cap it's impossible that is the closest I've ever got to a one-line 3 foot drop and I've got just carry on I've got a star from scratch let me know in the comments if you have any idea how a base 100 camera but it doesn't matter cuz I'm quitting it it's done anyway today has got to be the day that I get for the one night fall of 193 all chemistry surely I can't get any closer oh well it's time to move on I can't believe it alright come on I'm gonna avenge myself but with a three for all dragons hmm 4 2 2 2 or the 3 full on – I don't in for – two – because that's what why 193 clothes was in and we'll get cruyff not too shabby at 99 Betsy please I'll take your take 90 degrees 9 that's not bad ah another icon would be Oh would be great so I could take Ronaldo my mocha new could take Suarez but obviously we're gonna go with Holly switch them these are gonna tasty little store you know I can tell you would help let's set her back oh this could be very good big center box yeah we'll take Lepore I guess I really don't keep a next but it doesn't look promising Oh God right Pickford if this isn't a big goalkeeper I could be in the pool I've made the boom how come it's such a good start and then a terrible selection of dog keepers Oh christ almighty please bones give me stinkers not the best thinkers it doesn't really matter anymore this draft is this Joss was finished with him stop so well okay Tyrion take a back pay I guess if we can get a big icon which we obviously done if we can get big icon it could save it Marcelo nice and we get best that he doesn't fit modrich would does mortgage fit ya ma'bud should be OCD m94 raid and we could always get the 99 moderates so I'm gonna take best I get into my best decisions I was more radiance that's not bad I guess but is it even worth trying to get the Ken alright 94 chem is the bench they ended up with but it doesn't matter anyway it's only it's only not you want red it's a 185 put my days I have high hopes in the three four one two and or do I take do I take messy do I take Chiellini or do I take Tiago Silva I'm gonna take Chiellini now I know you think I'm stupid but it's cousin we're gonna get Pele in cam oh my god paggio this it's not 94 alright messy but it's close and we get quite at look at this 99 mix you strike up please ahh we'll take we'll take it where Oh No that's not a bad start two gigs now we'll take Douglas Costa if I can get renowned or a striker he will fit in perfectly we're gonna get pool but who I could maybe sit there there we go and I'm 99 much rich what do I mean oh do I take do I take him I guess I have to I I want to wait there's 99 but it doesn't come up a lot to be honest we'll take Vannucci he has good cattle non-serrated with a silver I could do with a better goalkeeper look like Yashin that's ideal that takes us 486 chem 3-5 I put him here okay that'll do 95 Betsy see I told you shouldn't take you in a stop that's why you don't take him drive switch these no switch these no don't give me not you one right there we go there we go no oh I just need like a Ronaldo or Van Dyke's goods that is sick but could have done is TV a to be honest plus full chem oh nice nice nice oh who do I take Rodriguez doesn't fit Fubini oh he's just no good enough I'm not to take what Regan and probably not playing and last but not least we get OH Tarek watski okay it's annoying because this draft is so sick well I just know there's not gonna be more than a one night one it's impossible nowadays it's still night – to be fair we get a neighbor come on give me give me pillow Maradona not Martinez I've no interested in at all but two players left and that it's Jesus and God Himself where it's not gonna be anything good and what do you know it's it's a naive unrated with no care – surprise surprise – cool – or 4-2-3-1 I'm gonna give you the full two three one it's a one of my favorites and we've been punished for that with some stinky captain's could take can't a but one wait for is a ninety-five if maybe it shows up you never know and oh boy this is a this is a pooper I can tell already oh it's not terrible I guess we'll don't degrees not hazard I'm gonna take hazards and last but not least pal a no oh I saw passing no we only got Socrates but we get pal a in the last choice and that keeps this draft alive and kicking can't a there we go I know it shoulda waited right left back not so low hmm what will take Margo's Alonso me it will take Marcus Alonso big center backs come on I don't know I can take that Dyke who's he dpl's but obviously team of the year I could take Huddle's but either the link to anyone or I could take Chiellini I'm gonna take Chiellini cuz sometimes you get mouths Dean he's a centre-back come on o other G years I know I'm so glad that came in because it makes me look like I'm not doing right in the right back we get florenzi or doll or this guy hmm DeMarco slings well for NZ means well but I'm going with Ricardo Pineda because if I'm gonna use my right back I need an 80 full rate at least and we get to stay good works I guess we could go hand on of it we have to stayin I feel like I'm making some bad decisions here but who cares anyway we use it all black oh wait or should I use the phone I'm gonna go with the font which sounds silly but it's because we might get buran and also ease seriously works alright 91 chem 93 rated we've got some absolute stinkers in sin cam as well so there is hope there is a lot hope that it's raft and that hope is slowly falling apart but we'll take bars Oh what don't even know mertens doesn't really fit layman works moderates would be very handy by one it's 99 I'm gonna have to take mantras online damn it a lot if oniy could've been is 99 we would have been uh we were in sitting pre but instead we got this 92 rated though I need a Maradona that's what I need we can we get messy but he doesn't fit anywhere I don't think minus six really that tells us the ninety-three rated though but I've got no cat what's how I suppose do you kept from this ball boy come on o DeMaria might work rice one work I'm an empty Maria because we can play him let me play him then I guess doesn't really help believing for now we'll leave for now where he will come in useful I'm sure of it Oh we'll take sterling eighty-seven rated it's still 93 it's there's still charts ah but not really and it's down to 92 and we're just kids thinkers absolutely stinkers how am I supposed to do anything with this oh we've lost the 93 great in as well and we'll just get absolute boom this is terrible oh we get back a late night oh what college you're taking Cruz I don't know little maca lately put him there we a plus 11 chem Jesus Christ stick him instead of him up there I don't know oh there we go study the night you to rayon how is how's that possible surely that's 92 there we go 98 camera 92 red come on I need two bigger defenders of our in the money want it's your Hummels house doesn't fit um t wait they both did a fountain 91 are you kidding me I'm gonna have to go home titty and try and get some good can that doesn't work ahead over know why god damnit casseras I think the wrong one it doesn't even matter at this point it's a big old stinker and we get what 1 9 1 on line one it's at 1:19 why just broke something for two or two or four five one attack I'm gonna go with the fourth of an attack I don't know why come on aah we'll take oh oh oh I take messy or do I take on rain I'm gonna take on ready purely because I could get night you know messy but it's not gonna happen now is it I think I'm either oh dear I should have taken messy without the charts Pelle nice oh I could have done without maxi oh you never know all right coach righto right back we get recorded for later I probably should have taken shout Pereira Hummels I don't have my hopes for this Oh kuta bali PK or older the well i've only older well yeah the taller they link up perfectly yo-yo oh nice it's good for cam naughty one rated time parlor oh it doesn't fit anywhere but that's pretty tasty is that ninety to read there's not one of them do I go with the full five for attack or the three five too early a full five one attack we'll see if that works hold it put some account as well so there's still a chance we get 99 Ronaldo come on wool boy take levin dosti or Griezmann 11 dusky cuz I think there's a high rate Griezmann out I'm not sure I need it like a pellet or something there but I mean we'll get it we'll take we'll take let my men or shorty or gonna I'm gonna take I'm gonna take name on that that might be a stupid decision but we'll find out soon Maude Richard send them in oh all right we'll take variety he gives come to name or at least and oh I don't even know old ever wells I guess I'm aldini would be sick he'd link up with variety Oh Nellie this is um it's good we've got you can add yeah okay I'm gonna take all black and wait because I could get his team of the year we counted it yeah understand the bargain yeah I know but we need a second back we need a big seven I've not got experiment killing the vibe all right if we get this little plan out here my dear one my three come on big it won't be 93 be drinking it's 93 we need to keep the cabin I mean I need to I need to get like a Pele or around or someone big just a big bed so my need will take 100 so it's not cool switch him up for money we need even the bad picks which still get high rate players stick in there or the actually might fit you might fit in a centre-back doesn't make a difference but all right come on how old keep it straight days please please Carrasco it's a big one too big what I could tell the whole thing all right we'll take moon yet it's always a war mine to now back to all my three I need a huge play here I need like I need is like a Messier or an hour to go strike you're gonna get it we're gonna get it I could get a Pele though come on or de bruyne don't what does make ah such stinkers we'll take him it's filled with my two this could still be all online to those ha not reform and ends stick him here on of him come anyways flag wait stick wait hang on a minute stick him here plus one okay okay it misses a half-decent player oh my god please it's cuz the benches do poo look ridiculous anyway I'm getting in the video here – pretty much and also one two three four five six six icons also start the video we almost got 193 so I'll see you next time happy birthday FIFA what starts with the drought oh my god banal or you've got my round over care someone big Oh Bobby oh my god see what above these pros this is the drop from heaven come on give me a big a big like this boom oh I take football play pros I think I have to go with him and the big left bitch come on who actually is gigs now we'll take down this posture in the hopes that we get a run now come on Oh stinky syllabus please be something decent okay we'll take the CDN is where you want to keep talking it when it's right here come on Joe Silva come on another burger Oh Sydney it gets his chemistry at least come on robot sovereign Oh we get Kim Pepe not too shabby a.m. and a big bulky put a seal seal this team off we'll go with Alison nice all right big bench hi big reserves come on what is right take casimiro and sticky pad CDM switch these +5 camera lovely Chavez only 89 rainbow come on you saw the Gundam I will take it where instead of study here 93 10 Shirley's night bring it is not big sobs come on sobs OH we take battle roar he is bouncing I read they were it doesn't fit we actually need reader bet center center bike Starling big you said I needed I'm thinking motoric Oh mr. Bussie decent alright we'll take him doesn't fit there he doesn't fan you ever see ah really if I can get von joy instead of I I think we've got it or even like company or someone yeah take Danny gone see her come on oh it could be big it's a picture Pellerin doesn't fit oye doesn't fit uh what I even though we'll take Eminem's for the sake of it boom we'll take summer end all right can I get this 110 take him out in exchange for mas happy one hey 119 how people all day all right that's the end of the video