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the grandfather right now and what a final it is virtus Pro versus team secret but roaches hit level two finally and really Lina she just got a regeneration we're at top lane oh there it is the first blood against Pasha we're looking at the bottom line cuz that's where the other initiates is coming in Randy told you one of the attacks of the mischief puppy getting a lot more strength back no one's gonna be there on the right and they could just roll in towards Yap so probably give me the easier target and in fact that's exactly what happens so almost sets it up there's your kick Nisha he actually wanted to get aggressive he's done so again solar supports arrived from puppy one decay will be enough he's just out of range to reach Oracle but that's why you cut the lens from Nisha a lot of times the dice I would just let the t1 and t2 town was go on the safe lane of VP but doesn't this cramp up the style of SF's recovery very hard to hold your stacks in place whoa boy yeah we may come back at that point cuz I where's the stun there's your first control just hold the timber in position allowing the raises through work Seoul is the one with the nuke roster also level 7 yaps or pops the tome obviously is our Cain's is your initiation forward looking for the kill already starting off sf+ the record missiles blast out pasha arrived me has the roar available but instantly wants to push back you do not want to roll this timber saw they have no follow up to it the earth spirits moving or but he doesn't have a TP scroll so it's a long run the MassDEP was defense with the rockers out the family so he started on one life but I can't kill him off get hit by Pasha's do deepen the shackles on SF great chain control from team secret support is there from Arco but known level 6 he can't keep its core alive and staff will fall over their own jungle and they're looking for kills puppy comes out so he's actually gonna just work on come on Ramses no other choice he can't jump away at the tree lines they have to get rid of this term so installer if I make it a little more difficult in certain it's gone sigh he'll stand underneath the worm comes he doesn't catch he'll chain through lush lawn trees the slap downs cooked but the mass up and once the drop is up no one's getting away from this one effect for errors holy slide the trap be smart make the boat promise he'll be out survive anchor his war off Venetia he's still the bigger hero he wants to try and stay up and he's able to do certain symmetry and maybe mid one with the shackles up Ramsey's will fall down mid one sticks around for an NSF will fall as well all right es he's in position the dire observer is down they have no extra information inside the pit Beastmaster will respawn he can TP out to the shrine if he wants to join the fight Roshan 1.2 K rolling Boulder input the body buffer pumping absolutely perfect and that is a punishing kill against Raja agus the immortal into the hands of the phantom Lancer but team secret they go the other way smoke up run up through mid-century walls planet down EES needs a great little bit of space and he just rolling bottles away goodbye a solar as long as these wards are up the Beastmaster can't go in to deal with an SF doesn't want to get too close amid when I was a blink still no requiem now she know that happen requiem up now so maybe they can your scepter and do something but the jump forward where's it gonna come from monkey Kings coming in through the rear so Ramsey wants to trap him out thinking about jumping across the old jump wave Toby he did he cut the way wait the back door regeneration stopping bullets like stopping VP rats now Ramsey's will be punished for it they catch him in the trees there's that blink you were talking about going to work they didn't clean up enough to mount certain walls but Randy's right striker Ray's trying to get rid of the die creep wave they're burning up the manner of the Monkey King for the moment he's got 11 1 charges so it can still go back into the Wukong but can't get the full pump up just yet he comes in Corsa but this is too close to pl initiate sport member he still got the a go see more monkey king he can't afford to die that's why oracle has already popped the ulti he knows how risky it is Beastmaster an es the backlash they find initiation hex and shackles herb run Raja is buying more time for the defense 1 Nisha at least the tier 4 Tower baits are taking everybody out from voters Pro es is down no one could commit the one charge until how to I should use the defensive yours everyone survived goes to the rec room cannot get it off in time it's just the tenth Requiem by back to bottom and they will be heavily committed ghost monkey Kings is now finally doing some damage with the Clippers still can't get the kills they turn around always be taken out Randy's lead to finish the job the shackles at the die back foot nor woman GG is called virtus Pro they are getting worked by team secret great draft great explanation this draft is beautiful I don't know if it's gonna work but conceptually this is fantastic yeah and they live Lincoln forward to over towards PA continuous harassment there's your war cry up so already with the shield block they don't get through much and Randy's two more attacks from yup so will actually kill him off in fact he's leveled to loosen Venus available to move your lanes around are they going again a double storm ball check damage it's so high say goodbye to solar Brent just want to hang around either these cold hours make it so difficult to run away try lanes are level two they went loosen beam level two everyone yaps aw come on man you meant to max up the aura Roger may still died double stun slows him up one more attack stick China's give Roger the life he snort balls he's going over the creeps on the side over towards the center poppy will say with with it but yeah so this is why he goes level 2a kills to cure falooda I am very surprised the Salah will die on his own tower and one more hit will do it and it's gonna be Nisha who will claim this one oh he's go you're just going in on Zion he just doomed on top lane after the centaurs is moving back towards the t1 tower he will not survive this one oh maybe he will it's been seeping over Duke around the tree he'll cut the tree down the opponent bite maybe with a level two war cry there's enough life on Zion Arthur's not let him go bottom Lane the second they realized he's moved out the lane that only two on bottom voters process that capitalizing going up to knee chasse and solo with the Sun since they're gonna get this killin easy we'll take a little bit more time thanks the one-china snow Nisha he's into the trees the tree way will reveal him in a second won't this little battle yaps all versus solar Harbor on the sidelines finally Nisha will go down the yam saw wants its own kill another stunted Randy's phantom strike service they need more control here come just normal yam so he wants to lose him even get the kill but is still not enough solo that was a five man one he's fainted drop the hammer he's going up more Randy's into the trees the pocket pugna nether was done Lotus pros now they feel token to fight because Ernie cannot danisha up on the hillside Brandi's he's able to walk this one off with Roger will try and TP it out yep so he won't get there in time the ludes of even the teepees away furnace / they feel behind in the drop but they are playing their way into this game then he was it was I who was making the most of that top plane this is the guy that makes space on virtus Pro he's the one entry frag it connects no one rejoins the fight going off the patrol Ranger do they have enough maybe they have it with a brawler getting in close in yeah they do no one just drains him through puppy starts his run before he rose from bonus Pro attacking in and puppy for all that life 1100 of it they just body block him up another control these gosh yeah tag team back off cooldown combining it now winter cover 5 puppy goes at the tree lights and they Stampede it looking to try and move up in fact it's the gush pulsing pushing no one down he can't getting up in the snowball the vanish safe is there in the stir well which the creep wave pulled him to the side but it cost no one you can't pull him out of Asheville imprisonment be you can kill on the apps or underneath the t1 tower tag team will go again puppey arrives head lends us up but yeah so he moves her quickly through the tree stifling dagger up with a storm bolt from puppy they keep syringes under control while the gosta just work on solar they turn their attention to Roger he wants to TP out unable to do sir too much Intel stolen I'm named me one when you'd learned at the ward he is just on Moines heading through furnace pros lineup winged 1900 HP centaur it's 11 minutes into the game 1900 HP they Stampede fall they want to work with the AB saw this is what the Eclipse is for maybe underneath the crew waived or the greatest place to do it looking he's looking for the jump up so I was already moving he knew Roger was gonna be nearby so they loosened beam kill him off altogether der he gets the turbo to the arty the critical Tiger storm all the backfires upon the can't get the edge of damage but no matter what mid one will die here no attempted denial it wasn't possible Santa was already turned into a frog and now his past midnight died back to his normal self he tries to hold up a white only sends up the creep wave this is a very dead center that's how you get through 1980 P all you do is decrepit Phi and styling with another blast to get the kill from smart but Roshan is done before they even reach the t1 tower in mid there's no way you expect it to come out that quickly that's one of the arguments out and the husband have DD full damage on rashon perhaps economic enough I've made one they jump in no zoom this time around is there a save a stone ball over on and now with the eclipse all that straight damage coming in from the full position it's distributed around photos per Roger will still die no ever solar he's kind of stuck in the trees for the moment he was thinking about his own stunts but a warrant happened he waits it out for puppy just a walk back over to him still wants a fight he's got walls up a bubble with a blink he's going for a solid kill amid one thanks the imprisonment warp you had to get it off but these hours flying the way of no one he doesn't have to Crump a five he's got drains still not enough to stop nietzsche for getting the damage out here comes to him bring her once again but the cold arrows combining his damn pieces they got such great movement speed his still stolen in tough pumping into pasta with the hammer they drop it down and tomb he's living for the moment but he'll die from the banishment Ramses died in the meantime to die out of nowhere and the thing about it is that secrets draft like you're gonna continue to spike up you have not peaked yet virtus pro like you still need so much time to be ready to take any of these engagements it also feels like the last fight the team secret have had it hasn't gone underneath the century water and always happens with this team secret finding the initiation they get the gush about the gust over on solace we can't do anything while puppy control up at Oscar who finds itself in the middle of five heroes snowball there's the downside you aggressively move forward and means you're in the middle of the enemy the Auris the Auris 24 to everyone's face attribute applies for the lifesteal on the bonus damage and drow is giving everyone 90 attack speed dirt it's 30 points it's 43 minutes it's 2.7 K on the center not to mention because his big fight damage with retaliate actually makes these pushes even more viable bosses looking at this going I can't do anything maybe the back lines been pugna buy some time to cover fight gets another walk down Roger will arrive but no one's already dead and now he's gone on the wrong side of the room a level to ultimate oh he's been coming in there's no Jew for threaten the arty he can jump in and look for the chaining stun but now the Eclipse to turn the damage around it just felt down both sides of the eclipse they had the moon controllers team secret and then mooning butters bro even with us done sento gets the kill over on the dream ringer this really is the game I don't know how they find this phantom assassin to criticize buying sometimes bugs doing what he can with applause delusion theme was the five bonus roll wiped from the face of the murder Aug 17 minute game to secret Bell wiping the floor with bonus pros face the game Toby he can be on secret might three over to sprout in position they have already qualified for Ti with the with the 6,000 points which is the minimum they required bottom Lane there's a lot of fire shackles out over on Ramses this town from solar can create some space for the damage is already done puppy 12 strength already stolen I eat the shock level once not enough to kill off Ramses meanwhile up on top zai and they go again virtus pro looking for the kill they will bring down the taina did not an easy task like did defensive Spenny they've got pipe they've got flats and all of these da my god it's crazy zai is having a couple of troubles against the brewmaster mid lane is also setting up for a gank at the same time these sons continue Pasha he just mangoes to get the damage then in towards mid RG under the t1 tower Verna's Pro they are all over this map the rating observed wards a little see the undying in the trees but they're rotating down and they're gonna find yaps or he's just on controller Nisha he'll walk into the rest of them a hex a stunt that's the one they want they want the visage tip with the shock that the drain is there they just pulled the life out of Nisha then its support time lapse or will hear the blasts here comes time wait for the rabbit into three hits for in fact the anchors much killing off solo they get the control on powder easier bigger one but that's why peel these do more damage but you're right Odie is here no eclipse no hammer ready to drop down yet just build up the Intel and that may be enough to get the kills puppy will get himself a double out of this doesn't want to be involved in this fight puppy he'll do the same but the tier 2 Tower and bottom Lane was pressured this entire time Nisha sent up and towards the air now brewmaster still a little bit too deep into this and maybe a time to give up this fight as a ravage kicks in this duel no supports while arriving from here but on bottom Lane they're pressuring into the tier 3 towers this is when the pugna can do his work stay guard for the PL they do get the kill out but bottom Lane the town is down to 50% to the birds – all these heroes we know how poorly OD does against evasion and sure he'll be able to BKB through and have that true strike but still like this is it this is this is go time it's that 6 20 minutes in yeah secrets heading straight up the tier 3 Tower you got pipe up on tide well thanks 25 they can t be back yet Randy's hold down for 11 seconds they actually cannot take this fight to try and trade by pushing the tea towel that was a mess – who was down for Team secret and the alpha wolf the bonus time is just so high for team secret now the teepees will begin they've already burned through their fortification they have to define 8 seconds till ravages up since I'm aim in trouble a huge magnet eyes in the back one and the Sun a double similar G he can't get the damage off just yet the Eclipse is running a carpet OD defensive in Brisbane he'll buy in time ravage the ravaged they run is released into our team secret then forcing the fight PL will have to expend his buy back the mainly Rex will still do it they need to get some kills ravages down a great expression pile of meat they go to a mystery damage and they turn for the fight looking to pump it out as the exits rain a truck and they can just get him into a hall position now with so much doll in town will it be enough for the agency malls retreat on him he saw still none of it the puppy he's from Heinicke he still has the agus the model for another minute tobe there and he's been painted by salih crest peels at least do we work undying kind of mana these double stuns from solar need to create more space but maybe with the haze and the kicks they just can't really smart in they're still not yet they want to keep fighting this one that's what I can't believe it 5 here is from team secret assemble in the midlane tier 2 town will drop they're trying to get the split push up as quick as they possibly can hex is now a trap on nor one he'll have buyback the bauble tombstone is committed up on the high ground the puppy he is the Scout he has the bump line a plugged up must buyback no other choice teepees finally coming back from the PL he needs to land since the back lines some kind of coffees to use the doppelganger to try and get rid of the term said his taking time it may timeout before they can actually kill the damn thing tombs are finally gone but the tier 3 Tower 6 be rolling Paula forward look for the kick in the silent her knees in trouble conquer the BKB off in time birdie will drop the hexes in control is allowing pealed against the backline look for anything there's no rabbit there's no big old ones from team secret did they force this all to CERN Bernie's tryna return but he may not have a team a return to his just Rameses ravages out for him going for the third orbital was humping even if you have rabbits you're pumping now so he can come back to the fight he hasn't clipped available they're all gonna be pretty learned eclipse falls down lion will go down to the buzz but Mike Republican lead eyes it really is the undying him this fight but they're not done yet keep the fight going BKB from mid one it won't last long if they buy the cow 73 seconds on the sidelines and they just keep going go we going team secret they lose the whole kitten caboodle but as prior be fighting they're gonna hunt for more kills they ain't chillin it's a four-man Merc up they'll reveal rant he's a blink dagger is flying out for pug at the mermen and he's already got the level 2 Dagon they wanna pop Dyer scan doesn't trigger they're just far enough to the north of it they're looking for the 25-minute boundaries they'll come down rolling baller forward finding the backline song ends up the kickin sound is huge from him and getting peel in the mix they have the damaged repeal actually it's Earth Day the BKB property ultimate peel he will go down he couldn't survive the master was changed this up I'm dying can't move anywhere they're still waiting for the right opportunity to pugna he's got brains he's got damaged birdies was his vkp and that's who's being trained yeah defensive imprisonment will save his life driving his fire backup they found the entitlement of the wards but scrapped a fire they couldn't get the damage into iceberg it's a little bit more distance one anchor smash that'll do the work playing pretty dark on the map they have one nice observed world which is back on the opposite side of roshan so if anyone walks ed they'll probably feel it scans not available from either sides they can't get that information but brewmaster he's just running forward the hex is down no control to kick the size.i ravages perfect hill in soho combining with you clip a broom Asif you almost going to split up the bike will come in the master was right min was proud he can't get out he's tp'ing away feel like you can still stand this vibrant ranch is the big trouble double ganger 30 seconds one second he needs the time but doesn't have any time shaman dies in the back lines while that was going on they still want to bring down Roshan a stir at rolling Boulder away room master stunts he's looking back into Russia now get some information Solar he gets a double stump plus the hex follow-up they're draining out the untying the daikon is available but now they imprison nisha he's slow unlike the brewmaster look on him with a finger and the Dagon they're able to find the kill but buyback available for massage puppy still trying to fight this one out the brewmaster tons of public money with a Clementine Sora will give him the life but no one takes it away solar how is he still alive this guy is so damn good still running away no one no one to help him out mid one now the run around trying to get in the fog of war not gonna be possible but us Pro still with three heroes down but they stopped Roshan from happening a Clifton ravages don't cool down just in case there's any wards inside the base peels already previously tp'ing back in he needs to burn off some mana ties the one on the front is my second wards they are planted down now they realize it's being upgraded they are a lot more powerful they were before the kicks the sounds but of hacks over online that's doing some work for millions just instantly evaporates solar they're looking for the blast just to push back this freeway and it won't happen yet so he caught water in the trees combining with the ravage to be paid that's hard alee stunned in this series the buyback does come in from solar so he can get back in this fight tidehunter he's already burned the ravaged and now it's time for furnace Pro they're gonna keep their racks alive if they can continue this fight undines being drained out combined with a finger of death but he's got three K HP on that undying so had to kill off the magnetized will turn on leeches in trouble he munches on the cheese to get some old life back for the shack with a spare can't do any mobile pugna Ken sitting on the high ground looking for the follow-up damage but this is the last cooldown time is doing some work where they still need to find the kills but can they get one they do it's already but it's only the a Kasim Oliver puppy is finally gone down but there's another tombstone to deal with the follow-up Sun mid one maybe they've actually got him he's actually get away with no hammer BP stay alive hence I begin just retreated they're letting him go you're gonna hit a critical mass ah your secret doesn't win these fights ignore a pumped off his word I saw he's got no help around him he started going off the solo looking for a kill but the manor is fun off pop I don't be can really help out sigh yeah you're tanky but now everyone else our bonus bro right this Oracle a life and team secret think I want a fight the first champs aren't down but the brewmaster splittin sending up the undying into the ad mass every one's a good our G's building up he's got the Eclipse ready first pair of protective but then with the qurba he'll go down shaman by cleaned up my PL a great stone from solar the follow-up time to finally Gary's down with Willie's in 7 seconds till Robbie's got my mind awash with pain just keeps him alive puppey doing the work messiah is dead and you've got the target his Nisha Brandi's one-sentence opal getting it cutting the tonton es roles I'm gonna turn beside these anitadyer he does but as prior they are going to clip the bottom male 8 as well they cannot take comp tier 2 Tower is still available but this is all you need swinging camp this high ground VP be careful you got a BKB and a gem on posture he's gonna monitor he may have to be KP pretty early just want to do it for just the buzz to kick flies forward and Ramsay to charge it in towards Nisha wants to pay out this BKB what happened just yet the master was a great the ravages even better became people protect the brewmaster Papio doppelgangers he trying to run away he needs time for this heart to kick in that's awesome to damage won't do enough and the manga times makes it difficult for teams he gonna keep the chase going they are just doing the work even es they were a rolling Boulder away the day your defensive imprisonment actually saving his life at the moment but RIT he won't shamans in trouble he's already hopefully focus angle should get the sound room to get the kill but Randy still word time inside the river soul is running out but it's all about the kills Nisha was died in a partner and Ramses he is regenerating so quickly he's ready to fight again the Artie's fall back he's burning up the manner of God behind now they can deal with this and it's charging forth from bonus / they've got the momentum with him a double kill for Ramses they clean up the term Stern and that's a long time dead up you gotta focus on the finish line tier 4 towers to be brought down but where is the team secret fight no eclipse you got BK coyote he doesn't have blink dagger so they'll see him coming from a mile away ravish to him : another anchor smash Lee open up of the ancient with the t4 towers dropping to the PIO looks retarget again it's all about slowing him down buying time Phoenicia to respawn Lourdes or Barcelona sup but now they drain up the title he can't do much about this but maybe you can kill up solar another anchor smash mener silence son died he is taking it for this team so damn hard he's got 5 acre bubble fortification from team secret they're ready to fight Nisha he's up he doesn't have birds available please got the damaged we just don't have enough bonus pro tsunami to have damage issues here that God sustained but with a hex on pl Randy's dropping low cryptic guards protecting him for the moment but they're still gotta focus on the dire agent keeps Iowa don't let the tank as much get in range of the pls they can just finish the job 1500 HP beside once again he's just stalking around he's gonna throw give him the damage everyone's back up from Team seeker they keep the fight going put him at seven one for the fat back we got GG funnest part make them work so hard game 1 and game to game 5 would be beautiful please allow us to have gained 5 euros ha you just always sit here my man never done they going again it's a level 1 in prison with the damage just through nightmare maybe enough death profit as the banishment and she'll die this is first blood in mid lane while I'm bottom I mean Whoville they almost won the race with the spin of Ramses so far you know Ramsey wants to go for the time for storm bolt and Ramsey's starts his spin there's no way to stop him when he gets the body block off allowing spend up more stun times ok maybe that's one way to do it nightmare as well as the one hit targets Earl or taking so much done from the towel the orb he jumps over the roof damage it's gonna be enough to get the counter kill when max silences well ons i/o stone ball poppy try to dodge it as quick as he could with the nightmare he'll nightmare over on doom they'll free him out yam saws nearby tethering overdoes never lot of regen in the regeneration provide but it's just a slow one to him and then the dream call from Harbor on three and a half mid 1 he hits like an absolute well anvil to hear or is go his way imprisonment use on mid puppy's moving over he's got the nightmare at naveen script used on grim stripper they all go salt binds together in the double tomb and the double snowball that Stockholm an Asian the VP's been itching for and the only I really get another one what they take three heroes bonus cars you feel like maybe they're the ones being initiated on but you feel a disturbance will OD via hero and he said whoa what what he died of the ancient stack oh my god I have not Wow it's in the episode with a relocate they'll find what they're looking for a fact they may find more bucks ready to go it's a double silence and dream cult and they drop the Oldman bonus / what just happened to you that's the first real individual Solar is too much damage the old voice forestalling must run to the left and he'll die Nisha is a double kill PA pressuring the bottom tier one town yep they're gonna come up Ramsay dentist the base they've still got tempt or swipes inside the tomb bringer waiting for his own initiation another early spin from jogging on beating in the tier 3 Tower being the front line as you turn he goes off the rd don't bolt out as well they'll take the t3 town remember though they here for more bait has to break free of the fiends grip but this just opens up photos / to keep the pressure going it's a great silence but still the damage of the guilty we just stayed there but without the freeway they do not want to stick around a blink for from phantom assassin horse not where she wants to be remembered juggler has Omni slash they get this done they were just baiting him hello my crocodiles here there's a huge over for the only side is even better so much damage they had to finally kill them without any of them the silence a drink or do his work early or will 24 Intel stole he's time to hit Han but to bring her back to fight is blinking hope stomp off cooldown right now I need to kill the iron spin forward from Randy's he wants to the front lines for silence on the base line is coming off corner they want to punish me bonus worth maybe in a little bit to team to bring sacrificing himself he'll stay around and try and get the club just to soak up some of the stuff for your scepter it goes on the death profit they're looking for spent stone falls and phase shift to dodge if eyes I don't get one they'll get two and bonus Pro 2deep 2deep 2deep dire observe was a here solar stays on the high ground no he's gonna walk down reveals the arcane reveals everyone's gonna kill him Raja walk away or maybe not it's been he'll get the walk cry off the side just puck puck just jumps in really cheap he'll end up getting the killer fur on solar and Nisha under the protection of his BKP jumping into the back lines he'll kill off grim stroke as well they're going for more where she is gonna be puppy in middle set up in towards the air the tumors on the OT he's just waiting out there Heights herbaceous office talents is out Felicia no faster yeah okay combined Leon zipper relocate really wow yaps or pre casted that he knew Nisha was in trouble the moment he got slept if he held it for another half a second I feel like someone's gonna be signing off that he's coming back they're looking for the kill but the hags all grim struck they have the damage to kill a fire and under the exorcism maybe they got the de Bienville puck back in again on the fight they're taking so much damage thanks to the ribs as well as the follow-up death prophet she needs a little bit more space running away but that crap from Nisha is coming into play Doom bringers on the run with almost no armor but it's up towards the top that's where mid one finds a double-kill virtus pro is this happening the whole team is dead death drop it shows herself in the side they put down the observer Ward's there's a lot of support behind a birdie walks forward careful of this they already put the sentry ward down glimmer cape and fiends grip at look instantly sigh he's always looking for more he's looking for the major dream call able to claim it with death profit burning exorcism now team secret can just back up they do not have to fight and it's a huge ability to go down but then know he wants to go win Roger just gets evaporated by Nisha and the heck's the follow another if another silence maybe this and damage to be done for to bring at his seven was the air buddy use it on besides and being soaked up a puppy go home the kill higher well they can live through this one maybe not so much to bring and we can't close the distance yeah source got the speed he doesn't have any heroes to help him now three heroes down for virtus Pro furnace prior on the ropes due to their own mistakes just a ball by distance and speed the board of got the heck over on Krim stroke fiends crypt so quickly much much the dream bother men one he just wrecked faith the only such as kicking out these doesn't even get a kill from it night never paid puppies defines the term goes on PA but who gives a crap they can't live death will come back up again with a couple of Spurs I'm is where they just waited it out and now dead proper bull's-eyes well in JC ball played T secret will be the major winners of a Buddhist prayer three DeWanna they achieved what they were unable to do the last major in KL they have taken out goddess prayer and they're doing with one game despair