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Valve change S1mple angle in CS:GO! Twitch Clips, Pro Plays, Stream Highlights!
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you pick up the shaft usually Clutton we piss out they'd say today look at this boys every time when you do an I will resolve at the beginning you can always check if someone cross on the left side after you can check this position use a smoke sandwich so teammate saying they can go out on all of not like before this became smaller and more here so you can lick that's all that looks better right that looks better than the other one now what do you guys think plus one fall better that is better right yeah exactly that's why I fought too already oil probably cloud or some what what I don't understand so nicely my personal phone smoke we saw the one tap on this first guy over towards the site members already making their way up monster now dinky is in a bit of a tricky situation absinthe has spotted that areas already found the first tamson will find two in our dinky he's in a bit of a tricky situation here buddy we'll be able to know narrowly missing the second and I think yes to pull away Indian will pick up the frag with panic he has rocked up at just the right time but his absence re in the water area he's already found two frags and doesn't land a noobster will capitalize on that now it's left all on toot absent situation but I want a shot tamson 1v1 now will noobs to peek up at the right time Sonali came up Kat yeah so a mix up I'm set up here for valiance to be an ill-timed it seems to make it work – no but it is what it is and fighting that free Esperanto with a double of the spray flashed through the smoke he's gonna peak with it he's gonna absolutely annihilate four players that's excellent work from him apex of the Seas there now an Esperanto decimates the entire round that looked desperate that looked absolutely crushing in favor of I mean and other sup cousin to 2000s movie very kind of you what a shut-in vs3 35 seconds that bomb does have to be collectible it seems like who tricked if they go back to the a-bomb site right here this could be perfect although the first man already spotted a beautiful spam that should now direct Brody back down toward that be site but he's going to linger for a while longer than with minimal time left if Bora dies this makes it very very uncomfortable yes it does this this could still be winnable to epsilon or more so for epsilon Bora he's waiting her name he's already realized this is V he finds first hundin's down now 15 HP burp has to make his play has to make his way down B and I think he's made it down yes he is he's in Georgia oh oh he's ready he is look at the yeah there you have it he's like voice come at me come today WP of milk utility pushing him back though allowing them to approach the bomb site for now at least not going on for the repeat he doesn't catch the shot though bomb planned to go down short control in favor of the T side at least for now but hey chess takes down crystal – trapped on the bomb site they're gonna be approached from every angle hey Chaz with three and he's looking for the fourth Thomas getting spammed through the wall C's head out HS is hungry and he's eating well today a four piece anything but hacker will be caught this is excellent for epsilon although Sh he spots to apply what what is going on it's just you know one on three it's just you know one on two ten seconds oh gosh can you win this this is the clutch run that we wanted this is it let's run that we expected out of tricked and it's gonna be ash now to the hat trick yes it will be my God he's actually gonna win it it's factor of the Masters check it out what is it gonna be can see all right so it's back to Train destiny with two frags that's it I expect the two o'clock kills everybody that's all you need to because the x-factor the HyperX x-factor to Glock kills in a piston 10 gets one he misses so many parts those Ed Jo and MDS they get the damage in and my killer he's gonna die Mikey let's get a knife blows rains he stilts on the Bob oh my god what is what is this they actually wind around oh my god no chance they actually win the round person to receive contact here for vitality this has to be a few kills it's got to be here comes the jump to you Oh PS beautiful man like NB car got himself three kills it's a long road to the b-bomb so it was small because they shot Cheney on to bunk others flesh not bears now tadaka but a pause it says actually Wow