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US Faction CONFIRMED? – Battlefield V Roadmap Revealed!

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hey guys level-cap here today we have the battlefield 5 roadmap it just dropped on reddit giving us some information about what to expect from chapters 3 chapters 4 and chapters 5 we basically just installed the chapter 3 patch and it's gonna kick off on Monday with the firestorm content but there's also going to be a new grease map that I'll talk about in a sec I've got some pretty strong opinions regarding this road map and I'll save that for the end of the video right now I just want to get the actual information out to you guys chapter 3 let's begin there obviously we're getting firestorm we already know about that but we're also getting a map that takes place in Greece this is surrounding the Battle of Crete the map is called mercury it's based on operation mercury we have a very small image of the map it's basically an island in the Mediterranean it looks very beautiful I think some of that leaked imagery we saw earlier might have been of this map as well and it looks pretty it is gonna be I think again British fighting the Germans over this battle there were some other factions mixed in there but in terms of what assets are on the game right now I think it'll be sort of more of the same in terms of Brits and Germans fighting again just in a new environment there's also a new mode variation called fortress which says experienced siege warfare in single sector experience based on breakthrough heavily fortified locations must be defended from attackers attempting to conquer it piece by piece curious to see what that becomes and then there's a new mode called outpost that says spread the word and find new recruits in outpost you'll secure and build objectives to ensure your team assembles enough soldiers to endure through the fight this sounds like some sort of AI combined potentially wave assault style mode with building implemented in there could be kind of cool if done well but I've been pretty underwhelmed with the AI modes in battlefield 5 so far there's updates to combined-arms they're bringing new matchmaking a hardcore mode and two missions on feeel the matchmaking update is good certainly for combined arms but I think I speak for most battlefield fans when we say who cares like combined arms is just a massive failure in my opinion and they should not put any more work into it but this stuff was probably already in the work for a while before they even realize that combined arms was not gonna be good so we're getting more combined arms and then they're also introducing duo's on firestorm which is less of roadmap news and was already information we had so there's that then we're getting six new weapons and weekly rewards through the tides of war systems so that's the content that's coming in chapter 3 chapter 3 goes all the way through until June and then starting in June is chapter four now chapter three all together the content isn't too bad but it kind of splits the community so if you're not interested in battle royale or don't anticipate spending a lot of time in the battle royale mode well then you're getting one map and six weapons and I don't know maybe some cosmetic updates it's not a huge amount of content to hold you over until June really it's it's very light on the content for the base game but there's firestorm so if you're interested in firestorm then you get to mess around with that I didn't really mention combined-arms because I don't I honestly don't know who plays combined-arms other than to just she's through weapon assignments but there's a combined-arms content and I I don't anticipate that entertaining anyone for too long alright moving on the chapter 4 starting in June chapter 4 is called defying the odds they're introducing new close quarter combat content a new 5 vs. 5 game mode in specially designed arenas this honestly sounds a lot like another stab at a competitive mode for the Battlefield franchise much like they try to with battlefield 1 but it never really picked up steam maybe this is taking that content and trying to reimagine it for battlefield 5 we'll have to wait and see there's two new maps for the base game this time one called Morita adding to the conflict in Greece the small concept thumbnail actually looks really pretty so I'm curious to see what this map look and plays like and then the second map is a closely guarded secret that the veterans of the ferret franchise should enjoy according to dice so there's no information on the second map but it is titled urban combat so I assume that means it'll be some city fighting does this mean they're remastering a classic battlefield map that focuses on urban gameplay could it be a yen from battlefield one or something similar to that that could actually fit into the current design style of the game pretty well could it be a metro reimagining someone pointed out that one in the background loading screens on firestorm was actually fourth Deveaux so is there a fourth DeVoe reimagining I don't think so maybe they're just using the assets as a background for that mode but anyway it could be anything I'd love to hear your opinions on what you think it is now that's all that they're releasing about chapter four at the moment they do say that they're gonna say a lot more about it at EA played this summer so more information coming probably a bit more info on what weapons and other things might be coming to the game so basically two new maps a new five versus five close quarter combat game mode on new arenas which I assume the arena's take place in the new maps or existing Maps and are designed for a more competitive game style now I would also imagine that because one of the maps is taking place in Greece it's going to be updated with some sort of operation that ties between the two new maps so I think it's pretty safe to assume that will at least be getting an operation for the base game that takes place in Greece now when it comes to chapter 5 this is where the most interesting information comes but it's also the most vague information so far and chapter 5 is not releasing till fall which could be September at the earliest maybe it's going to be October it's hard to say so that potentially means there could be five to six months where the only new maps you'll see will be three new maps that's not a huge amount of content over that time period unfortunately but chapter 5 is called awakening the Giant and it's a completely new theater of war get ready for a land air and sea invasion in a completely new theater of war is the description on the website now there's a lot of speculation as to what awakening the giant means I believe it's referring to the quote in the movie tora tora tora which is about the attack on Pearl Harbor where one of the Japanese generals or admirals I believe says that they've awakened this sleeping giant referring to the US and so this makes the most sense to me people are like Oh chronologically you should have the Russians first and all that but it makes the most sense in terms of one who's your audience who plays battlefield a huge amount of people in the US play battlefield so certainly you probably want to cater to them but also you already have US assets in the game from single-player so it makes the most sense to start working with what you have the most progress on so having a u.s. theater introduced into the game makes the most sense to me and if they are calling it awakening the Giants maybe this means the Pacific Theater specifically is being introduced to the game it would be great to have d-day and stuff added as well that seems like content that might like just be slipped in here and there since you already have the US assets and you have the Germans now you can start adding in US and german conflicts but i really hope this means u.s. and japanese are fighting but again it's so vague information even I think the naming of stuff is not complete or finalized here and to be honest I'm quite surprised by just how inconclusive this information is because it sounded like they are really scrambling to get this thing complete and out to us on Friday so like not having all the information there is fine to an extent especially if they're just trying to get it to us ASAP but the vagueness of it here is just so non-committal and I think that's that's gonna show heavily in the communities reaction right it's like compared to I don't know battlefield 4 where they told us with premium you're getting like what is it with something like 16 new maps or something like we had an idea of all the new content that was coming to the game in the future like they gave us a solid commitment map content and maps are what the player base wants sure weapons and vehicles and factions and all that stuff are good but people really want new maps to play and just not having this commitment makes me lose confidence in what they're gonna deliver to us I'm certainly a sceptical person by nature but I feel with dice and battlefield 5 it's definitely justified here and the only reason for the non-committal is so that they give themselves flexibility to scale back they have not yet released their microtransaction system which is the only way of making post-launch money for this game aside from getting more space game sales they don't have a premium model and so the microtransaction system was the way of making money it's not even in the game yet so if it's launched which I assume is coming out with firestorm or at least right around firestorm is underperforms and nowhere near successful as they want it to be then it gives them flexibility to scale back in the future and so based on the content trickle that I've seen from battlefield 5 so far the new the new chapter 5 theater of war I would not be surprised at all if it's something like two maps you know one map would really suck two maps is what I would expect three maps would be okay but honestly like if you're gonna watch a new faction maybe two new factions give us the four maps right people are gonna want to play the new content and if you cycle through two maps over and over it's gonna get very boring and repetitive so I I need bigger commitment from dice ultimately I think it's a mistake on their marketing and their hype train and all that stuff to try and get people excited or maybe to buy the game by not committing to bigger and better content down the road I don't know how expensive it is for map design and faction design but I mean this is world war ii this is the battlefield world war ii game the first one since their original battlefield game and it just feels like it's being spread so thin and under delivery I want big cool stuff coming in the future and I want dice to commit to it you don't have to tell me everything that's coming not all the specifics you don't have to be like this gun and this gun and this gun in this plane in this thinking this thing just be like guess what there's gonna be four new maps coming with the new Pacific Theatre of war awesome now I'm excited for the future content but with this whole vagueness sleeping giant thing a new theater of war it's like okay cool there's a new theater but honestly I'm expecting a very very small amount of content from it given the current rate at which things are progressing and so yeah that's that's how I feel after after reading this road map disappointed with the lack of information and the vagueness of information and the non-committal approach of dice here and if they're trying to hype people up for future content I promise you non-committal approach is the worst way to go about it anyway that's what I think that's my honest opinion after just reading the road map and just getting on here and voicing it out to you guys what do you think let me know in the comments down below as always thanks for watching and I'll see you next time this is level-cap signing off