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Travelling to CHINA in GTA 5!

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we're going on a family holiday today guys we have a Mandel we're Tracy we have Jimmy I don't think we've done a family holiday before guys yes Tracy I'm looking at you last time I went to France I saw you in the airport flying away without telling everyone so yeah I thought today we could go on a family vacation and the best place I could think of was none other then China the fact we're going to be going on a road trip we're not even gonna be taking a plane but still still still guys no matter how big the ocean is there's a way is it really only a two-seater all my days dude I've been playing this game for five years and I just realized Amanda's vehicle is not a four-seater see beyond Simeon it's me Michael are you able to give us a vehicle where you go why do you run off hey it's Simeon what's going on dude stay away you take whatever you want Simeon I just wanted a vehicle I was happy to pay for the vehicle man all right everyone in this one everyone get in this vehicle come on guys we're going let's go to China all right so this will be at least a seven day journey so I'm going to put the radio on they are not amused at all come on guys come on I'm taking you to China let's change the channel quickly ah there we go this is my jam so basically for those be wondering yes Michael did do something I wasn't sure about to tell you guys it was only a small thing it was barely anything anyway Michael you tell the story what happened buddy let's take a look inside the mind of Michael yes I mean we were meant to win that dansgame guys that guy clearly wasn't playing properly everything is done and we're going to China and we're going to make the best of this guy's ah there she is there's the boat we're gonna be sailing to China in this how far away is China that's fine but I can easily sell that yeah that's fine easy easy peasy guys's it's only it's only that far away it's not that far at all guys I'm sure we'll be fine guys the Michael's done is yacht lessons what's your boat skills Michael is there a boat skill for this character they're actually walking away Amanda's trying to run away you can trust me okay nothing is going to happen well I don't care guys I'm going to China oh I thought that would work right well uh unfortunately I got mods to come dragging you guys on the boat sit down I'll make sure everyone gets to China in bond peace let's go to China imagine oh she just ran off the yachts no she's swimming away she really doesn't want to come to China you know what guys if Amanda wants to stay here then there's not much I can do now so she's welcome to stay here if she wants to right let's go to China ourself guys Jimmy and Tracy are coming with me Amanda isn't so yeah see you soon Amanda all right just hold on everyone this might be a bumpy ride but don't worry I'm a professional sailor oh wow we're still floating we're actually still floating this is a miracle we made it to China we actually made it to China this place looks huge all right everyone else everyone out follow me we're climbing on top of this Wow so this is bright what even is this the floor is yellow all right so we have a big sign over there guys what is this this is crazy and there's a garden yes there's a helicopter over there guys right we're going for this helicopter oh dude even the doors slide open oh my goodness China you are on top of it you are actually on top of it all right so this is the helipad right over one of these this place is so advanced I don't even know if this is glass or if there's nothing there guys I'm gonna give it a go yeah it's glass it's glass check this out guys check this out this actual traffic going to and from whatever Island this is called Lord City I don't even think we're going to be able to explore everything in today's episode guys Jimmy and Tracy have gone into China somewhere we'll find them at some point anyone want to give me a vehicle you've been randomly selected to give me your vehicle thank you very much let's go into China and let's see what this is like all right so straight off the bat again I mean look everything's got likes there's electricity there's traffic there's so much going on oh my days dude there's an actual downtown there's an actual downtown to this place so we may as well go and claim our house whilst we're guys I don't know if that's how it works but we need somewhere to live boss were here so this is downtown China very cool very interesting very populated as well we have a tunnel where does this take us two guys I have no idea what is that yeah there must be the airport guys that does look like a runway or something where are we going to where does this road even takers to guys you go in the wrong way you're going the wrong way dude so we have a turning going right which probably takes us around the island time we have a turning going left I want to go left considering that's where the store was and I want to check out the store all right let's go around here guys so the storm must be around here oh no no my game crashed all my days guys we have to go back to China again hey Amanda I gotta go to China I guess okay I gotta go to China right all right this time it's actually a time all right so where do we want to go to this time we could go this way actually I want to go this way what's through here there's another island over that one what what is this thing it's just kind of like a photo of something in China let's explore downtown and see what that looks like guys there's agile pedestrians just on their phone this takes us up to the main road we have a couple of stores around here I think we'll stay here until nighttime again just to see how much light this place gives off and there's loads of houses around here I wonder if we're able to get one guys let's see if we're able to find a house this neighborhood looks so nice I don't think we're able to go inside any of these I think this neighborhood is fully booked up unfortunately China you really know how to make a place look really good I mean just the detail and architecture of this is incredible look we even have a spinning globe over there guys yes dude this is where the owner of Lord City lives hmm I guess we could be the owner of this place oh my goodness dude I think this might be the place we can go inside so we have a toilet in here very very nice we have marble where does this take me to so this is actually the main room look at the decor right we're living in China all right I'm staying in China lo Santos has nothing on this guy's we're staying in China oh my goodness I love the rug and loved I love that I love that I love everything what's this on TV China Football Association so we were just watching football whoever was in here just pause the game so they must have gone outside or something they even have an elevator why would you need an elevator in this house I think it's only like two stories or something all right so we have another table and chairs another incredible piece of art all right let's keep moving all right so through here guys it is just a utility room all right let's go upstairs guys we're not gonna take the elevator so up here we have another lounge if you guys can call it a lounge it is pretty much just a room with a sofa I can't imagine this will actually get used much but again the view is really nice look at that chandelier guys this is one of the bedrooms with a floating bed all right so taking a look through here guys I love how I'm showing you guys as if it's my house tour you know you've made it when your doors slide in your house guys like that they slide automatically another bathroom with a walk-in shower guys and they have two of them I think they actually have two of them why they need two of them I have no idea this is crazy I want this house that is a huge TV oh my days let's go upstairs again I want to see what's on the top floor guys wait oh dude there's someone in here there's someone in here oh my goodness ah right let's see if we're able to make friends hello oh he's not happy he is not happy guys give me one second all right let's go inside here guys pretty much the same nice view though look at this look at this view we have a swimming pool with a fountain we have a tennis court over there let's go exploring we actually have a garden over here guys you know you've made it when you have a helipad in your garden guys hey my name is Michael what are you guys doing here we may as well keep exploring this place though I want to see where the store is guys I think I found this store and let me tell you it's huge it is actually huge all right I didn't expect the store to be this big but this is going to take like there's so much time to explore this so I'm gonna do my best I'll know my game crashed again we have to go back to China again guys come on that's how big the store is hey so I found this place which looks pretty cool to be honest look how big that statue is there's a helicopter over here and there's a waterfall going down over there guys the detail on this is something else I've traveled to a lot of places in this game and nowhere has been as detailed as this just to show you guys a comparison this is my helicopter and this is the statute no he crashed again it actually just crashed again but this time we're not going to let the game crash you hear that rock star don't crash my game please I didn't think the ward 4 was this big it's huge there is another piece of art over there and it's just steps going down with arts just drawn all over it guys I mean the detail of this I say it so many times oh no come on there's actually nothing inside here it's just an empty building dude that was so anti-climatic oh my good oh hello there's a transformer outside there's nothing inside though I don't actually see anything the shopping mall itself is actually empty either way though guys I mean it just looks insane I've noticed this traffic here but can we actually get a 1/2 level here guys oh dude look you can actually get 1 2 level here look at this we have a 5 star 1 2 level in China you know what whilst we here let's change the weather over to nighttime I bet you guys never thought this was possible in GTA 5 me neither to be honest but we're doing it guys we made it possible I want to check out that island over there so let's go check it out quickly right let's see how this works we still have the 5 star 1 2 level I can see a police car down there though guys yep I see you buddy I see you hey watch out dude watch out someone's gonna go off the edge if we're not careful alright guys China in GTA 5 I don't know how they did this but whoever built this it's very impressive alright I just want to know how did you do this dude they built an entire city congratulations dude I'm officially moving to China in this game there's even a glass walkway going down to this I'm going to end the video here if you enjoy the video be sure to drop a like on it guys subscribe as well guys that would be amazing let me know in the comments below anything else you want to see me do in GTA 5 and to never know guys your idea might make it into another video but guys thanks for watching my name is Nord and I will see you guys next time