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yes laps I heard you guys and even some coins so I've got you a coin website white news code Moyes for up to five percent off links are in the description boys you can literally get 100k coins for $10 absolute bag of chips links in the description use must for 5% off do it right now love that what a care boy so I have just a lot lutein the season thin yet then it really fast if you guys want to know how to do it as fast as I did it took me about two hours an hour and a fish-eyed no red because I've got quite unlucky I've done a video on it so go check out my last video I'll leave a link in the description anyway so and just for a new stuff could drop 30 likes up me sick jobs so if you knew and yeah boy so let's do a review on dinner at left-back so the team I'm going with is this I don't actually play this formation in game my usually changed so I'm a 4-2-3-1 or I'm kinda liking the 4 3 3 4 with the it with the camp and you guys are not here for this you guys are here for a review so here we go boys there's quickly dive into it so we'll start off with the chem style so the chem sells a bit of a weird I was thinking physical needs I think the physicals the one place that he needs talked a little bit what this guy's so well-rounded the fact they can earn this for free sick so I've I put an anchor on him anyways a boosted a little bit of his pace a little bit of his defendant and a little bit of his physical as well so it's proof +5 shrimp soul of 85 jump and have 95 jumping as well for a 5 foot 10 guys pretty nice for a full bar which is very nice it's gonna be like in the 90s as well which is 6 I think anchors pretty perfect you could go as Sentinel as well but in my opinion anchor just max just get his pace okay it's passive immoral but I love the fact one thing I love is the fact these acceleration he's higher than his sprint speed that's one thing I like he's got 93 Crossing what you sick 94 short passing he's gonna be nice and the ball 91 balance 78 agility you could maybe booty dribbling but I think something a is really sick for a left back in eighty eight ball reactions as well which is absolutely this kafir for a defender now I want ball control 84 dribbling 82 composure doing it composes probably an undirected defending but you do need composure as a defender as well so the don't panic under pressure and stuff then defending wise you've got 19th section you he's gonna have 95 interceptions with Ankara I'm gonna have 89 heading accuracy as well with with eighty-nine marking as well 99 ton tackle and 1999 fuckin side tackle this card is unreal so looking at least at you look sick as well he's five foot ten high medium left footed through South freestyle most fullback self high medium anyway just stick I think my I never play with this formation in game I usually go to forty four you want to start off so I believe I'm gonna stay about while attacking I'm good at to know what for this game I'm gonna put unbalanced because I want to see how he is attacking my so anyway boys there's my quick review on that we're gonna go jump into a game now and yeah boys wolves work we'll have a little review of him give him some game time I'll let you know while I think of him didn't yes so he wears blue boots he's this tall mighty already feels pretty fast but let's have a run with him can do the drag back nice nice didn't you nice didn't you god he feels so fucking light I jump he feels very agile for a left back you can feel the pace with him he's this guy already quit he's scared of digging here man I'm telling you boys you've got to do this thin yet I think you did a few dribbles within him look at this three out of four dribbles and he quits he's scared of dinya already so let's go we'll go into another game Oh Mike I was not expecting that 86% blessed and what the fuck they're my first thoughts by him is he feels really agile on the ball I'm not too sure how he used offensively I imagine he's pretty sick but going forward he feels nightly feels very nice in the bulb it completely the opposite to what I think of alarms of ones i feels really lanky and i was saying last video but I'm not really a fan of alonso so i can see I can see didn't yet in my team continue nice dinner pass prosper under step using dunya I want to get a shot lived in you didn't yeah okay well pull it and the clip anyway what yo maybe don't shoot we didn't you but what is actually going on I'm trying to do a fucking review and everyone's just pausing and she is didn't you growl what he's actually going on I can't see believe what's going on I've not had any rage quit since trying to get the denier I've used guineas for ten year for two years and he's quit but no lil if this is not a sign to get them yet I don't know what he's but I'm just getting freed arrival points so I mean we're going to another game well I'm trying to get you guys a review footage but people are just fucking quitting I mean 8,000 points I actually think people are actually scared of the dunya because they're like yo what the fuck house this kid got dinner so fast sound like yo this kid must be insane I think that's that I think that's what it is it's a mind game thing I'm telling you Ben yet it's the he's like the mind game you see him in you're like yo I need to fucking quit on the ball let's see what you switch is like one switch Ebro that's a good switch that I'll do to counter back to Danny I was you touch bro he's got a good touch he's got a good touch it's nice show them overlaps alike nice dinner there's crossings like cross ok blocked that's why I want to try it feet crossing no he's going already anyway then use their didn't you say of what road in you sees fast as well you can get you can catch up to play didn't you didn't you water save and can take off the post you guys know about effort I'm after actually have a look at his finishing stats actually I was just total shit oh it's a good challenge back from dinner good interception bro I didn't you I was your cross in bro he's got 93 crossing let's test it oh my god you know if you aren't like Annie bruh back stick there or cr7 that's a girl well clear a solid as you touch bro Oh spot on again went in you you can feel that acceleration within you've got that bit of grit on it better it get it wide put one end in you put one in yo broke then crosses I'm telling you if you've got someone come back stick it's just annoying that salads on the end of it but while I was a sick cross curve on that Wichita longboarding so even under pressure look fat didn't you played bro good idea bro lovely player take a torch and put it in its a beautiful ball again man it just keeps going to sell it that's the problem yeah what's his long balls like long balls on the line love that too petite not about half didn't even feels good I like him I think he's gonna go in my left back for Alonzo feels really agile good at very good at crossing I mean that's the problem with Sally's not very good at heading in I know the matarese crossing back stick and boom you've got a goal and I'm telling you bro if you've got I can ingre a cr7 someone that can win the head when the head win the ball at back stick bin yeah he's gonna pick him out all day he's like they are gonna snack off his crosses he's unreal across him look at that overlap the acceleration to get through I'm gonna Albie it no one saw that no I'm fucking solo yes then yeah first see there first to the ball again the acceleration got in there good position as well good marking I think he's got it nice and marking so bro even defensively that was really really good bit defending that if eidelons are there I'm telling you you won't have had the speed to get there see I've got him unbalanced he's still sitting back I like that usually I have to stay back while attacking by I wanted to see how he goes forward need to quit arguing your defenders say no it could just spin people man can't do that with Alonso I really like him oh good challenge backed in you again man and again all my bro dinya twice in a row I kind of get the long ball off of course you count on his right foot as well under pressure no bro didn't yawn poor foot wrong he's gonna go miss something now I'm telling you didn't you know that bro there's been yet look how much he reaps these crosses oh my god I've never seen a guy whip across that later other than the Andy Roberts in my life bro only Andy Roberts and disgust as iron real life dinya can fucking cross holy shit didn't you dinya want it we should see it didn't you did with nother live I've been yeah well I've looked at how many interceptions is out I think he's out quite like three or four with him Oh bro see that I know it's only Jed and Sancho but the strength I think he's got like 80 stone force of 85 don't leave an anchor on body didn't fucking love that right didn't years aren't going on this corner where you up didn't you bro my Ebers just come on the pitch so let's mark the Ebro walk it from post Danielle wit fun in okay let's fucking work why does every player we've got crossed him wit fucking one corners him then he's gonna hit one ding yay he's connected without I don't know what a shot Perez but he got a bit of polo me on that that's where he watched that in you I need a left foot tell you some ass fucking flying toppings well let's put dinner on this didn't your way up I just just put it right just smack it in there bro straight to his head what did I say I bought Ebron with four minutes to go I said if you've got a player Kaneda ball don't snack off then use crosses ingress just snuck off it he's literally not even played fucking two minutes didn't yet again can you find fucking shit alright there we go then boys game is over let's go and have a look at the stats have what they need to do he felt really good I'm 100% going to be playing him over Europa League Alonso a lot of people do like the Europa League Alonso but marsala player I love to keep the ball in dribble give all my for max so dinya is gonna be I love in nine point four rating that I did abuse him quite a bit but I really wanted to get a full understanding of how he plays so he didn't get it going he did get an assist off a corner though I do think you'd get a lot more assists if you had plays could win a header as soon as I bought here on boom you've got an assist but you don't really care about it's just for four bucks in terms of passes he had 31 out of 38 but I did fucking abused him yeah and a lot more passes than a lot of players like look I walk on seven passes so don't 1 out of 38 3 balls you have 32 out of 38 came a lot more jealous than everyone else but four four tackles would but I'm telling you intercepted he felt good and he's strength he looks like a small narrow guy he hits the gym he's got like some inner strength in him like trust me I think he's got 85 strength of an anchor on and bro he you could feel that he absolutely bodied one of his I think your sanctuary bodied Sancho off the ball so there we go I'm really happy with dinya I'm definitely gonna be playing in way so there we go boys there's there is the review of dinya I'm really happy with him he's a hundred percent we're gonna be my new left back Alonso just really not a fan of him really I've got the Europa League up I know it's not as if I've not used Alonso much I've used Alonzo for like it 226 games which account game working it I don't know I liking that gel left back so my thoughts on him it feels fast very agile good on the ball couldn't win the ball back got good interceptions and he strength you can feel his strength he bodied someone and yeah 63 finish it he's got really good shelf up the shot power yeah I felt that in it he's in one of his shots you would have seen the clip but yeah it feels really good I'd recommend an anchor a sentinel just something they can boost ease stamp of them a little bit but it's such a sick card man please do let me know your thoughts I'm didn't hear where once you've done it if you don't to see how to get him fast like I said I'll leave a link in the description please do drop light will go three light drops over video and yeah boys I'll catch you next one