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we are you looking at this gigantic tornado right guys look at this bro we've got get that honey it's a fan where you come from you just crash that insane plane here we're trying to get back Michael what the hell are you doing come on the card from us damn it the smile who could that massive tornado guys ripping through the city and there's a truck right from me dude can you any not more these trees he made disunite forget in the Pina such idiots here come the tornado oh yeah Tracy Maria where's Jimmy Jimmy it all right this treaty jeez my wife marna Virginians you fire it lots of traffic here guys we're just trying to get that lottery ready set he crashed hunted a plane to earlier and Leo she faked it so much for the first 1/4 chat welcome to the team everyone they charged up for do it again lead yo shit for the Forester which entered the certify this thing is pretty badly damaged the plane is badly damaged right now tongue accelerates not worn anywhere where is Jimmy's why is he sitting at the ambulance Jimmy that the ambulance bro hold up what are you doing Jimmy what are you doing Jemmy you've lost your mind dude get all the damp what's going on what are you doing stop getting that damn car let me tell them not to do that yet we're gonna have a command I can give it from a drive menu all right let's get back in the Playboy why did you shoot me okay there is a man in town I mean Tracy getting it just make sure everything's good in it I once again that's me and my wife my mustache without that beak my face bro anyways this is Tracy and it should be alright are you ready to roll man there's a tornado we're trying to get the audio ASAP man no jump our lunch oh my god this play is bad you Devon is not gonna fly you guys good good job good jump don't jump at the right moment all right so we have to forgot something else guys welcome Paul to the stream I gotta pull up my YouTube chat there you go I forgot to do that I was like where's the chatter I see y'all I see y'all and the chat was poppin guys Jeremiah King Sanchez ever Shepherd Z monster man bastard why are you shot it by a planet ready dude in a tornado please let it be man you know what it might be a good thing this might be a good thing takes at the tops you got free car get frizzy [Applause] good shot the after us gave this place TSS Jackson's popular shot to themselves I'm Roy Klaus honest man after Raj bro nearby tornado I did look out management it's so wide covering such a big area let us finish up all the cops ha so we have to do it hey that's gonna clear them up now you can see the massive tornado in the background we try to fly out air and then work you guys can see hitting it oh man you good it is massive you are back at radio hold on let me grab a different car you're Tristan yes the Abdullah mod coming up ways to people we have Johnson auntie oh my god zero with that said let's wanna see a nice photo vehicle before this tornado hits us man we need a car right away which finally get a okay I did Betsy Pentagon come on again sighs boys this tornados literally throwing car laughter despair well Lou this whole my nothing income in this way bro tell me massive destroyed this entire freaking place where like these were far from enough so what's the game plan here guys how are we gonna deal with this more Nathan adds a question but we are we gonna go to escape this tornado let's see that ideas in the Chad guys how do we deal with the tornado do we just drive away but this thing does not stop and it keeps going wherever we go I mean look at that thing well crap hold on ty off Oh bro jump on the car he said I was in and deities yes good you're good thank God oh my goodness all right family we're gonna have to do something about this make sure you guys hit that subscribe button turn on your notification if you have not done that now forget to do that boys mr. features trees like this look at that monster tornado right here ah what am i doing I think I was born a target as it's really chitinous road because tornado in the oceans let's wait for the ability to play for this super chatty how about have you a car number eight six help us all big time for ya do the ocean with another super champion is shot to you Louie do tricks what go don't weigh my Hummer Landon Landon always eyes all that's beautiful there was an epic Lanica news you guys see the landing oh you baby shower to the lyosha little orange a you got to get my flow just a tiny bit shorter than smaller ha ha I think oh wait face is still in the car don't agree we're gonna wait for them to come out in it so there they are I see them coming coming we're gonna wait for them it's okay they come Jesse Richard sitting you so much triple Babu yeah we're gonna grab a plane to ass on the GTRs green I'm thinking of driving it today man is kind of sunny outside for the first time in like a monster town like are y'all a let's go look at that massive tornado this thing just changes down for every go man it's pretty yeah if I start moving backwards run away run is tucking me in no let's stop hi guys hey we're good we're good we're good we're good I like this Hummer bro as a tack let's get to the important stuff maybe I should go to my house will you guys think should I hide inside my house and see the tornado hey destiny how are you doing we have a house that bro oh yeah look at that hey you want to mess with that it's getting stronger and stronger the tornado the equity we're so far from it yet it looks healthier and bigger than ever bro that ain't good all right well I let you grab a playsuit how about that guys a lot of people say play for pepper when i do i feeling any views on it where are you guys on a fake bro yeah I'm gonna watch that for my screen sometimes I do on this car in the garage I want to lose the car bro bitches the Fed yes it does great pretty big Hummer as you guys can see six-wheeler bumper right here damaged pretty badly too actually why it's running good that's running good that was pretty close that the park is you guys can see I'm a pro at this bro what do you mean all right oh shit oh sorry about that word there I I didn't expect to turn it into be right here holy daddy good look at that car gets thrown off they're heading towards us I think that you family get inside the house come on everyone in the damn house quick are you guys coming good girl all right now you guys doing I'm gonna check out what's happened oh love the toilet is kind of close by there damn yeah bad weather here guys the time make sure we survive somehow what's the best solution to this I guess Airport y'all ready we're just gonna charge fly out of here maybe I don't know what's the best solution it's always been the best solution just supply the hell outta here will y'all take Jimmy what do you think you down for this yeah this thinks we're getting way too close get it come on getting the damn thing oh no no no look at that it's too windy out there Oh Jimmy good oh shoot look out wind eater than air being sucked up oh boy my Hummer I'm glad you guys didn't get sucked away there's a tornado just passed through this whole place we have to get that lottery hey sup you guys saw that I think I have a great idea of is s fauna upon the street just a given no Tracy Tracy Oh Tracy got taken away into the tornado Oh say good I can't get up yeah wouldn't you look at this like the car light stuff in the air that's a glitch oh here we go bro wait we're the family now man friend I think one of them is here dear my wife is my wife okay she's alright she's okay yeah we're gonna need an airplane right away leaving the house happy positive worth well hell kappa double soldiers cabron so strong okay purposefully me dying look at that good people the day April we got hurry up its bottom plane quickly here one the fight scene of people and just starting up all right I just wanna make sure the family right Jimmy there you are oh shoot oh shoot in the played here the please we're gonna get guys here we go I can't move bro is that Wendy mythology be self-sustained her again the fight quick wastrel easy dude imagine live trees for now you can pick it up a bit hey bamboo thank you so much to the sufferer of being shot you who else suck right now I got you the shout out man anyone will who sucks right now get the shot off and on the chat voice while on takeoff yep piece of junk just plain the force base for takeoff bro you have to pick up Tracy soon man she's somewhere far down the block not to land at the again another truck ah here we go once again attempt number three look at this bed of a truck they do not see a big-ass plane come to you Hey he got a coffee all these banners of sidon stop so that desert display get up it's for Wendy No my engines on fire right now that's not good let's pass it up let's start passing the plate okay the engine there you go paid it that's fat again we have no space to take off here delete your shakes yup I know where she is except we're just stuff I up and then we're gonna land by her how about you here we go full throttle full throttle right oh crap the tornado actually might help us fly right let's see today then the moment yo perfect Thank You tornado all right we have to go pick up Tracy soon great when they are away very windy oh let's go get off do you change fire plane this is too dangerous man that winds are so strong I thought that it was not stable at all maybe anakata ciao ciao thank you so much Marisa I'm already today Tristan will turn the leadership you're allergic to you are straight G for those witch hats today she sent us to super chance thank you so much but look at that massive tornado right there once again the same a stop bro yeah do something about this let's try again the plane okay I think this could play a nice bunch of files ready for this playing tornadoes papayas or not the wrong not this car we're looking for the as a backpack you know what let's get the Hummer we're gonna pick her up right now crazy shrimp rose what just told it was fast it was just so far from here now okay okay okay all right so now I have two family members lost somewhere you see her in the man to that bus who's with me right now okay my my wife it would be Jimmy and Tracy and this question come on Hummer I expected better from you seriously this thing's really stuck over there oh and here comes a tornado get you've been thrown by the tornado he's like ten times the country and this one sure took us up for hire – that's crazy you see this a regal and sorry Landis all we did kind of did all right let's go let's go I'll pick up my family where I'm at time to waste we're gonna pick him up at a Jacuzzi Airport Oh Brad but looking at a chat can you recover you had the cars toast damn it the engine died into the water now I'm driving to water with your cars after that guys my god she Toledo shit we're gonna find Tracy but interactive display some offers other leaders play wait we have two tornadoes now what you that's what that's one oh hell I've never seen that before okay you know I think I'm gonna is a perfect spot for a plane there you go come on open fields we have fire inside that land somebody crazy over here we go now I'm getting speed there you go beautiful all right let's go around real quick war on drugs WIC that's a massive tornado right there you have to blow on it for all this sucky shoo alright we got we good we good we good that's a landing here I think Tracy is somewhere alright prepare for landing guys autumn freakin Street whoa whoa jump off jump off the plate it's stuck in the freaking tree and it blew up good perfect timing alright look closer Tracy I think let's run here's my wife right behind me you Alice talk to you that is that tornado throws hard at us Cepeda Tracy summer in Irvine look at that massive tornado crazier are you you can look it for you inside it she'll top this building come on need a helicopter oh shoot this ain't good my wife Ronnie one rock my feet run don't stop my wife stop it's too windy for know there she goes this is getting on Hansen yeah I go talk inside some banner someone like standing there now now punching the tornado look at me from judo I would knock you out tornado I'll be silo tornado right now guys yeah I can't like recover in this Wow they were out of it into the pool oh let's empty look at my love this pool was empty bro okay okay okay all right any good at the 2007 I'd like this take cover data either look at all those tables and umbrellas and everything getting sucked away from there Oh I need a helicopter right away man that's the best thing you can do right now let's grab a helicopter bus damn helicopter where are you hurry up helicopters all right here it is start it off we're up were up were up hopefully my wife is alive and well yeah I see them in the map here somewhere the Lancelot where Street here this is my wife right there I see her he's running to move towards a hilltop right now come on hurry up hurry up time to laser reaching will how are you shit let's move for the next person right now I think the tornado is very cold I can't it's too windy air yup we'll take hold and color Carla for Tracy here guys very fishy who knows crazy about this building where we'll do shit on top of the building because the 20th floor up here that's me anyway down hurry up Tracy hurry up please this is great it's too little done stop little ribbon crazy on fishermen under sheets law that building or damnit you guys will find Tracy right away I mean this thing is massive for a look at the wind the big clouds all the way up here joining us on the side let's get lower that's Ken Tyrrell Oh to boredom and Papa Roach answer she girl's father Halley Yoshi think it's also the super chat you are seriously you the MVP right now plus the other tornado looking for Tracy ready wait it's crazy I hope you die guys cuz I'm the map up to see one cool bike on who's that this is all good say good slam South a prayer we're bye who is this that's Jimmy race trees your crazy diet we can verify this you know treating the line is showing their icon well if you get thrown some pictures of other world we got a search for okay it's okay guys are gonna find treatment she's alive and well somewhere can you find Tracy and fly out here don't forget a Jimmy – come with us – Jimmy it was somewhere there is okay dude y'all the balcony get out okay okay clearly Jimmy's tweaking publicans that is bliss now what is it doing we will grow in the damn hotel I think it's weak doubtful Jimmy is having post-traumatic stress disorder or something oh he's back to normal okay good all right Tracy we're coming for you I see the family off I feel like crazy so morality I just can't find her she's got some powder she was by the building she's alive she's done some earlier crazy let's pause the game and see zoom in oh she fell by our house look we should somehow in dishes here careful I see upcoming it is gonna go no one covers blow up on all right Tracy's a lot and well you'll shoot Subbarao because she's not the saying you're the freaking Metro get inside the helicopter a sub and there you go she hats are pro hi let's go every one it Tracie's freaking out right now like she's she's jumpy having post-traumatic stress disorder definitely she like man without his happened but she the life that's all that matters right let's go I gotta leave everyone Capri Oh malfunctioning elk after a guy's gotta be careful let's get to the airport right away Louise the airport we're gonna fly out you guys just hook up a much set off any second for you very capable it's a tornado okapis is shutting off I shut off any second we also be ready to present things I still know it's hopeful now the engines Prettyman oh shit all right yet to Landis prayer you know anyone gonna blow up see that a ball rod rod Hey megalo d takes a sub man hey Leo shakes with another make super tell you are amazing thanks for you – I think the oceans going have with those super chats I probably should have switched I battle there maybe what I'd like to people going off at each other with the stupid chance I could give you more looks so crazy I remember I reduce Dave man all right we better get get going man I need a car let's grab a car the job get a plane and get that out of here dude wall club Stephanie get a Porsche I see you bro you got a Ford f-150 you know what candy wait the tornados gone for now I guess he escaped it you know we do daily Facebook streets under the guise Facebook guess I just feel Dante look at everyday some lady content like this the best cars all real cars we have positive real cards but you got one check it out do come to my field page and you'll see what follows maybe I did that fall but on the major turn-on did you hear ice cream there every day for two hours at least if you want see some boy out here who eat stuff just want em vgg smash 50 no leaks next drift a look at the Humber girls and boys so we're alive and well that's crazy that usually doesn't happen and tornadoes someone usually died he has a little time to live I'm gonna get like a big airplane before happens that the bigger the plane the heavier the more momentum you have so the tornado cannot less it eat lunch which is a small plane is really unstable strong winds we gonna get a big fat plane right now y'all ready we'll get the boys 7 9 9 9 X 7 9x yes tornado science still going off that mean to spill it somewhere nearby both shoes three see you on the bonus if y'all complaining we'll be are at the airport guys can be escaped successfully but find out guys you have all these great cars donar TV SVR head twitch I'm actually streaming this onto a string right now be sure to stretch 500 followers into if you want to follow me sure I'll be awesome I never leave for sandwiches my biggest thing is right now people you drive I have 625 kiss at office on YouTube on Facebook again 25k all over so fast and it is streaming here all right here we go we're getting the big plane on the line gonna be nine nine seven nine Dirty's area all right Sami the plane let's see the Tier one I knew all right so mandolin or tablet here like she's not that weight and it won't raise he just chillin how are you Tracy are you scared so she's not there is Jamie right there what's up man look at this fool it to you it's an amazing airplane guys oh man oh shoot oh that's a problem Anthony escaped bring out the runway and let's think of all right here we go let's get it give it a us a livery light to change that – its Qatar airline not Emirates United Airlines there you go that's more like it the fiord Los Angeles here United Airlines 717 X is about to fly off if you can see the massive tornado can you do this guy's it's just hurry here and Chicago Illinois soft 30 p.m. all right guys twelve guys this is the moment are you gonna be able to slide the state through the tornado Oh shorts go where is it taking me to what inside the tornado right now the tightly hold on tight oh we're pretty high up you can you recover some home covering yes I think one gonna be fine all of the tornado going down we're diving down may just be enough before we start we need thank you speed up speed up to be enough to be double you know you know meetups you know it's not good it's not good it's not good it's not good it's not good it's not good oh shit Oh jump I won chopped damnit did you guys see that – I how did this play now recovered from such a height I died we're still not getting enough momentum there damn it my family is good what they're still in the plane although the outside thank God see if it would have son if they were stuck in the plane right now look at this all burned up damn is the light still works can we need to get out of here let's use our module just put the get to the land here we're happy one of those carbons again number eight six month dude Emma really passionately in the water so he didn't blow up so bad you know also lucky for us cause everyone's feel alive that's what's crazy normally most people die must be this there's so much happiness let's see at red doors are opening are you kidding sir Oh look if this tornado might help us in a way maybe baby okay baby not into the water we go again bro get out the car fools together on the return is a better here too but quickly everyone tornadoes pretty cold again hurry up you punks although he was running no one's gonna find each other at this point No my family so Sports ridiculous bro and I get into the water careful come on back through the streets back to the streets again hey Tracy get inside the car come on Connor Bennett what's up man chance Morgan was poppin Freddie face beuter sub Jethro we Richard H and eggs of course I remember you bro how can I forget you I remember all my fat man telling y'all some bull so welcome to the stream clip gamey what's up Charlie Devon so we all hear Tom run off this damn tornado one loudspeaker hey you got that share these videos with your friends you guys enjoy this friend primal terrain hit that share button post on your Facebook or very 100 stories let them know man you got bigger bigger you got more and more moths coming up for you guys Grayson stay tuned it is pretty popular right now they should be able to get to the airport safely and while I'm at it watch I'm gonna do a stunt jump right now let's try right Oh better make it to everybody I'm not gonna waste my time right now really to get to the airport and fly out before they put in all right back at the airport you got to remember what happened here earlier the gamer yes cups right indeed let's go let's go I get the point sent 99x I'm a triple seven 9xy don't you think so night-night how about making Eli understand oh hello attorney the spot behind is bro baron this is our chance game man for real I hope my family's inside the plate that's all I care about right now just we're up for up that's cool we finally escaped the tornado room hell yeah that's some time I can't see much it from me why foggy my bottle into crashing somewhere Oh shoo another tortoise Bonnie on her side the water this is getting out of hand bro that is crazy really really really I'm dropping while still not trying to go please point out myself yeah cool we're trying to scape you can see all these other a place that's gaping the city just like us hey Connor that's the train broke check out this fully detailed with 7x or a bunch of lights at the next 84 guys y'all ready play five beautifully and I get my landing gear awesome there he goes we might need at the right spot I think I have you up no hey guys it's the moment we're landing for safety hey guys I see others don't careful be careful we gotta get it nice and landing here it's not a port for big airplanes trust me okay we're good actually all right wait laddie there is little harsh but get to safety man nothing was good Billy Yoshi no I have not heard of there goes the engine shut off we have successfully landed in the next town far from the same there was a big fat tornado look at my face looking all messed up from all that hurt injuries Tracy are you doing okay let's fast forward a couple hours and see how things are looking it's now sunny nice smooth totally who are just getting in there Nate just check it out it's crawl back or wait for the video to be uploaded fully after the stream ends Tracy's doing all right she she took the most damage but she's alive and well with her eyes like she's like she's like how my life what exactly is she doesn't want me to point the gun at her okay I understand Jimmy yo leo sheiks thank you so much again for the super Chad you were also a Leo sheiks went ham today with the super chest thank you so much she's not scared what about Jimmy that means came again you should get some okay alright guys so we have survived somehow you know for the first time in a long time my whole family's arrived it's this dream crazy laughing there in the plane there that triple stone axe right there beautiful airplane that helped us get out of the city and now we're in the safe zone and it's nice and great hope you enjoyed the stream man thank y'all so much for joining in majorie add me on snapchat right if you have 215 people here I will be adding 10 lucky people back on snapchat right now so add me up on snapchat and I'm also gonna follow some people back on Instagram so you have a chance to get a fall back on both snapchat Instagram just do it right now m'kay elites – is my snapchat and Gilly – and my Instagram is I'm Kaylee make sure you guys hit that fall around there you have a chance and you can message me there I'm I read a you know you know know might even give some shoutouts on my Instagram soon and we do have the Wall of Fame who remembers that yeah delete your six you already on there I see you but yeah guys thank y'all so much for watching make sure hit that subscribe button trying out turn on your bail notifications and do check out my facebook page at Vita Genie /mk Elite X that's from B I'm streaming their daily leo sheets you already know what it is let them know man oh you got so many people in here thank y'all so much for watching today I'm out here for now next stream coming up possibly tomorrow or today on table see all their peace out guys and kill me