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Top 5 Regional Birds For Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Every generation of Pokemon comes with it’s own regional bird! So with Pokemon Sword and Shield, we’ll be getting our gen 8 regional bird from the Galar region. But just what could this new flying type Pokemon be? Stay tuned to hear the Top 5 regional birds that I wanna see in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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Pokemon surgeons children were revealed to us at the end of February and even though we're at the end of April we still haven't got to see any new Pokemon from the Gallo region besides the started Pokemon despite that though we do know certain categories of pokémon that reappeared with in every generation self-gain free quote revealed these Pokemon to us why not come up with a top-five list and think of cool new Pokemon for each of these categories starting off with one of the most common and popular ones the regional bird the flight site pokeman that we see at the start of every new region be used in many places within their region and potentially even become a stable Pokemon of that generation so with the role as important as this one we're bound to get something good for a new regional bird within Pokemon sword and Pokemon shield number five with talonflame we saw our first ever regional bird that wasn't a normal flying type but rather a fire flying type and with the pokemon like amber or we'd be seeing an early electric fly inside Pokemon smiley fake Amon has designed the whole ampere or family to be electric and flying types rather than have the first stage being normal flying but I would make it so that at least the base form of any regional bird is a normal flight type Pokemon to keep a bit of the pattern or life wall changing things up a bit but even though the AMPRO our family is really cool I doubt we'll see something like this in sword and shield cuz the part about the bird that Emperor is based off is native to Australia so we may have to wait a bit to see a design like this one in the games but we sure don't have to wait for an electric flying type regional bird maybe we can have an ISO flying one soon afterwards to mimic the legendary birds number four you can't lie a peacock Pokemon is something so many people have wanted almost as much as a dolphin Pokemon and while a peacock Pokemon might be better for a region based off of India you kids try and fit a peacock at a UK base region right okay problem not but that doesn't mean that it won't be cool to have an early game peacock Pokemon especially with emeralds blushes fedora a psychic and flying-type pokémon that's incredibly vibrant in design this site you tip fits well because of its colors but more so because the eyes on the end of its feathers are said to be moving so it could make for some pretty cool dex entries if this were a regional bird Pokemon Fedora would have a pre evolution or tube but honestly it's great even as a standalone Pokemon only problem with it being a standalone Pokemon is that it probably can't be a regional bird but hey I'm all for a peacock Pokemon in whatever way we get it number three blue jays are birds that are native to North America but I think if game freak's ride hard enough they can make a Pokemon base of the UK's native blue tit and pass it off as a blue jay looking Pokemon or they could make it based off the blue tit and people would think that it's a blue jay pokemon either way both of these birds are pretty cool and J Square could easily represent either one of them or even both of them J Square was designed by kuroky kuhmo and surprise surprise it's made to be a normal flight inside Pokemon come on now I wasn't gonna make every Pokemon this list have a typing that wasn't normal and flying there had to be at least one of them on this list I guess if he tried you could pass up the whole J Square family as ice and flying but to be honest I kind of liked them having a more basic type if you couldn't tell already blue is one of my favorite colors so to have another cool looking blue regional bird and something I'm all for and will be very excited to see but again it may not exactly be native to the UK but these next two entries will be number two among the birds of prey Pokemon none of them really cover the Hawks I know staraptor kind of does but but it's designer name comes from a combination of multiple different birds including the hawk and seeing how the UK is a few Hawks flying around I think a kite will be a fitting addition in the gallery region dole kite is based off the hawk and the morning hasn't specified which species of hawk the flying steel type Pokemon belongs to but considering its pre evolutions I wouldn't be surprised if a kite is based off the sparrow hawk which are birds of prey that you can find in the UK sparrowhawks are some of the more smaller Hawks that you can find and that goes in hand with their kite families more streamlined design choice not only are the designs cool but the steel and flying typing probably won't fit any of the original bird as well as the gala regional bird because of the industrial design of the region as well as the names sword and shield and it kites wings are also set to turn into gold as it matures so I can definitely see a Pokemon like this being valuable to the gala region and its resources but there's still one concept for regional bird that I think fits a bit better than this one honorable mentions before we get to turn number one slot though I just want to give some quick honorable mentions our first two being were Aquila and Turkish adore from Pokemon sage now I already talked about your christened or in the last video and I really wanted it on this list as well but I decided to show off some other designs to keep things fresh I'd still love to see it though I'd like to see we're cool as well the only thing is that its design reminds me a little too much of brave aries design but it's still a cool Pokemon we also have this Ison fight site bird from Josephine which I really do like and if you couldn't already tell I think it'd be cool to have an early game Ison flying-type pokémon no pun intended and well this is a great design for a Pokemon I just think it's a little too complex to be the regional bird but maybe it could be a Pokemon in the later part of the Pokedex number one you remember when spritzee came out and we were expecting to get some cool-looking play doctor Pokemon but then we just end up being aromatisse yeah that was kind of a disappointment to many of us but plight doctors aren't just you need to France they were present all across Europe and since they wore weird-looking bird masks I'd say it just might be fitting to have a regional bird based off the whole plague doctor with plague wing atom Ferger do has plague ring as a poison and Flying type which is probably the best type to give it but I can also see plague wing being a dark and flying type it's especially if you're gonna have it be based off the blackbird what are the more common birds within the UK it'll also be a two-stage evolutionary lion which is something we haven't seen since gen 3 with our regional Birds it's got a really nice color scheme of this reddish pinkish color with some gray and black and it's designed in tandem with its origins really gives it a perfect resume to be the regional bird of the gallery region and honestly I'd be pretty happy if we end up with an early game bird like this one in sword and shield thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed next time we're the top five regional rodents for pokemon sword and pokemon shield so stay tuned for that if you enjoyed be sure to hear punch the like button if you didn't hit the dislike button let me know you feel comment down below your thoughts and opinions how do you feel about this list and what kind of regional bird would you like to see in the gallery region let me know share the video around if you want helps with the channel and finally subscribe to the little ball icon if you wanna stay up to date with all my content take care of yourselves have a wonderful day and I will see you all in the next video alright later