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Top 10 Cheesiest Strats in League of Legends History

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welcome back summoners to another pro guides video today we'll be doing something a little different than our usual videos but don't worry it'll still be fun and entertaining we'll be taking a look at the top 10 craziest funniest and easiest strategies that have ever been used in League of Legends let us know if you think there are even cheesier ones that we missed down below some wacky crazy stupid innovative it's all a matter of perspective when we see people pull out some ridiculous cheese strategies in league alright let's get right into it first up is a big throwback Thursday for you League of Legends veterans out there we're looking at a game from season 1 where we have SK facing off vs. fnatic for those of you who don't know scrying orb is basically the end result of trial and error with an old summoner spell clairvoyance you used to be able to run it as a summoner spell using it to reveal an area on the map in this clip the suspicious ash approaches the bottom lane Bush cautiously only to fall victim to one of the earliest 200 IQ plays in League of Legends history while you get the advantage and maybe you get first but if it backfires you're gonna lose a level in mid yeah at the moment Panda I wanna see the flash stun come on flash I thought we may have a double lift coming straight on look guys the lab er of fantastic I cattle mixed up during the 2013 Battle of the Atlantic the Europeans sent a message when team alternate chose to set up a trap on Enys finest and most loved rush hour duo this is gonna be tense they're not coming from the direction that alternate wants them to but maybe they can still pull them off are they gonna get antsy and stay in the bush I feel like this is 25 levels ago and you're just starting to play them and it's a good idea to stack the bottom brush is that we're gonna look at it first coming out after losing me the first hand a flash they stun Ephraim who's done a 250 HP first blood going over to cretin and he played him the wrong way perhaps forgotten by now we're going to be bringing some nostalgia back with our Chinese friends who came for a brief stint in na next up we have the Ackerman brush cheese during the infamous lane swap meta that took league by storm we saw rather mundane gameplay where top laners wouldn't be able to farm for extended periods of time and marksmen could just farm for free with a lane freeze or push down a turret some teams however got a little bit creative in ways to play around this we see an old face Ackerman from Team lmq pull off his own little sneaky play to counter the meta at the time wonder what kind of badge Ackerman is gonna just take it out I just saw that he's just chillin in the top lane he was accepted fresh to show up as well he wants level soon I'm afraid is he still close enough yeah he's okay there guys gonna want to keep this link frozen I thought the minions were gonna move yeah you're right it'll stay Oh level two so now he can skill up all those tentacle you can escape but Kubica doesn't really have a reason to stand in that brush though this is so interesting can you guys keep like where did he come from no idea right now oh my god lady I don't have ques Ackerman I've never seen someone standing still Zoe never seeing this before it's incredible you are a god just come from Wow Batman the lane swap Metis stood as a goldmine for cheesy players and we've got another one coming right up next is the CLG proxy start perhaps a rather unfortunate welcome to na a newly arrived impact faces a rather unlucky start to his career abroad last week yeah he accrued a 100 CS advantage over the enemy top laner in small part to that start that's not what Co G appears to be doing right now though they are in a lane swamp but they're not doing the Sion jinx it is like straight proxy this wave yeah they definitely mean what I really want to see what happens here so of course yeah pretty cool some fries at this point they're going for a bath push this turrets gonna take itself some damage at the very least this is just something I really expected so here's interesting because what's interesting though this will actually become a freeze again they left part of the wave up this way it's gonna die to the turret and a giant waves gonna build up impact my horse the TP early no they can kill him on the backside if they do a nice dive but that means they have to go my god this is a difficult decision for CLG impact should not get that far oh my god what does that happen goodbye impact and welcome to the North American LCS apparently not a very warm welcome yeah piglet an impact both have pretty enough about na though let's move a little bit further west now oh it's a magical journey one of the most crafty plays we've seen comes with a Spanish team Keith Logitech why should they take us on a magical journey to first blood diplomatic oh god oh so pigeon tiempo como para que no se desgas de les trois en la primera sinon la segunda tour pero botany blow magic okay yeah Anson yeah lado Ella palette CE o Meara tio 2 star no Co Ginny's artichokia similiarity Boosh show me their ID Boosh severe estas muy peligroso no tienes tuned a nice tuned LR though I do get a look at this para la sacado next up we have head but during the time war was standard to go for deep wards early on in the game we see our crafty team returned for another play in our spotlight coming up with our own response to this vision game Keith Logitech counter with a nice sucker punch or maybe a sucker headbutt would be more accurate 6 that UT my bluff founder get that I guess if you got thicker than the most and must come in it I mean no I started everybody pick on another throwback to leagues old days we see doublelift giving a little taste of the power of demacia stepping away from competitive play we also want to look at some games that didn't get to be shown on the big screen throw a heel on himself help take out that the kill there and yeah now think I'm gonna take you guys out I am Darren DiMaggio oh my god is he gonna get away oh you gotta be kidding me doublelift is a freaking boss next up we have malzahar's backbreaker starting off here's another baron stopping play someone's gonna need to pay those hospital bills we've got some broken backs here speaking of which this next one might have caused enough damage to end some League of Legends careers we have cyan ending the game let's just say this one is better without an explanation before we get into our final clip there is one honorable mention that we'd like to add this is one of the most famous cheese moments in League of Legends and is also the origin of the infamous expec a super minions a massive wave of them going towards the nexus to it right now but nothing I have to get back to deal with anyone you can see the sk-gaming of just keeping them delays they've got to any differences down and they are just gonna file straight up towards those super minions in the base you can see this coming in that it's definitely awkward the Nexus he's trying to do it look me in the face yeah the stars going to put them in the face take the Nexus [Applause] now onto our final clip is this a Miss click a miss click by tahm Kench accidentally tp'ing to the minions next to him or maybe not all right that's it for the cheesiest plays we've got for you guys today we hope you guys enjoyed this make sure to leave it like comment and subscribe for more educational content as well as more content like this in the future also if you guys are interested in getting better at League of Legends please check out pro guides calm using the link below and you'll see huge improvements in your rank thank you guys for watching good luck in your next games and we'll see you on the rift you