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Everyone has their own Opinion of what is the best Call of Duty game and it's one of the biggest debates in the Cod community with all the different styles and settings It can be hard to narrow down which game really brought everything together in the best way Well today I'm gonna do the I'm gonna do the impossible I am going to do my list For the top 10 Call of Duty games in order from worst to best now keep in mind that this list is totally opinionated and I'm not trying to say that this is the only list there can be as a matter of fact you guys need to Give me your list on Twitter or in the comments section below, but I'm gonna give you my personal one right now I'm going to kick things off with Advanced warfare and I want to put a disclaimer in here. I actually enjoyed the game Okay, it got some split reception at launch due to the new movement and the pretty awful at the time Supply Drop system but that's not to say it wasn't a ton of fun and I even look back now and That was probably the most fun that I've had opening supply drops advanced warfare was released in 2014 And it was the first Call of Duty game to feature advanced movement with the addition of exosuit So we're talking advanced movement we're talking advanced movement was also the first Cod game to be fully developed by sledgehammer games and they Well, they had a pretty daunting task on their hands think about it from their perspective Okay, they were a pretty new company They had to make a new game for one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, and they had to include a brand new Movement system there were definitely some bumps in the road with alw especially in regards to the weapon balance but with all that being said it was still fun and That's why it made the list because one or two Call of Duty's won't make this list At number 9 and this is gonna shock a lot of people I know black ops for the newest Call of Duty game It's been received pretty well Right people were very skeptical of the game leading up to the release due to all the gameplay changes being made and the removal of the campaign But all in all I think Treyarch gave it their best in the end product It was good black ops 4 is very different from other Cod games, but it still has the essential Cod feel to it Plus it did see the return of mini fan favorite maps like slums summit firing range and many more now People weren't happy about the removal of the campaign I got battle riah metal real-mode has been received at pretty well, so I think it balances out in the end But now now we are having issues with Microtransactions and guns that were given to you taken away and then put back in for money So there are definitely some issues with the game But the reason the game is so far down the list is because it's the newest game and I honestly haven't even played it that Much, but I've played it a little bit and it was enough to warrant to put it in the number 9 spot This month's giveaway is for a new PlayStation 4 console all you have to do to enter is drop a like on this video be subscribed to the channel and turn on your Notifications, so you never miss an upload and in the comment section let me know why you want to win the ps4 and include your Twitter handle so I can contact you if You're the winner. The winner will be announced at the end of the month Adam rate and a lot of you've probably never even played this game Call of Duty 2. We're going way back Ok released in 2005 cod 2 was a game that really put the series on the map I mean it was the first cod game released on consoles The first Cod was a PC exclusive If you didn't know that cod 2 was a world war 2 shooter developed by Infinity Ward that featured a long detailed and challenging campaign as well is a very Elaborate in fun multiplayer mode with some of the best maps of any World War 2 shooter to date Cod 2 was a great game when you go back and play it I mean go back and play it now. It didn't exactly aged that Well, I mean, it's got muddy visuals and clunky controls. But with all that being said I Felt like I needed to put it on this list, and I know most people have never even seen this game But back in the day this thing was this thing was innovating at number 7 I'm going to go with black ops 3 now This is a game that I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy as much as I did Okay Bo3 took the futuristic theme introduced to the advanced warfare and they added a ton of new elements to it and a lot of people Weren't expecting it to come together very well but I think it honestly took everybody by surprise how good it was black ops 3 also introduced us to specialists which really helped make the gameplay feel more unique and it added that extra layer to the created class system since you now had These superpowers to choose from as well now bo3 may have had a pretty horrible Supply Drop system And probably one of the lamest Cod campaigns to date but everything else about it was good The multiplayer was stellar and they supported this game for years and years. This game was popular I mean, there's still people playing this game even when black ops 4 is available So that's why I gave it the number 7 spot on my list today At number 6. I'm gonna go with modern warfare 3 now This should really be used as an example for all other Call of Duty games in terms of content while a lot of people didn't really like the game for Perfectly valid reasons one thing that mw3 did better than any other Cod game ever was its PO or was its launch? Content modern warfare 3 had so much for you to do. It was impossible to get bored I mean it launched with more guns game modes maps and killstreaks than any other Call of Duty game ever made And that was just talking about the multiplayer in addition to MP. You also had a solid single-player campaign You had the return of the spec ops mode from auto warfare 2 as well as the brand new Survival mode if you wanted a challenge for you and your friends, this was where you win modern warfare 3 He definitely had some problems people and I mean it did the weapon balance of the matte design But all in all it is one of the most fondly remembered Call of Duty games Thanks to just how much there was to do at launch and how easy it was to Find something fun to do it now every Call of Duty game should launch with modern warfare 3 s level of bang for your buck, but unfortunately, It doesn't really work that way anymore games launched not even finished and buggy and glitchy, but that's that's a topic for another day Cracking into the top 5 and a few years ago I may have put this higher but for some reason Modern Warfare remaster just left a bad taste in my mouth at number 5 Cod for now Cod 2 is the game that put the series on the mat Cod 4 is the game that rewrote the map all together and made Call of Duty a blockbuster Franchise cod 4 was released in 2007 It was the first game in this series to be set outside of World War 2 It featured a fantastic campaign a very very fun co-op mode and a multiplayer that helped change the I mean change the face of multiplayer Completely FPS games everywhere as we had the introduction of killstreaks Custom classes perks and many many more things plus cod fours maps are some of the best the series to offer Thanks to a very unique design that forced you to get creative with your routes and cover the remaster Did it did a good job of bringing the classic into the modern age, but man certain things kind of ruined it I mean like supply drops and the addition of new weapons and the fact that I think the DLC cost did it cost more than It did when it originally came out Anyway, the point is the original cod4 is a really good game and number four I am going with world at war hands down the best world war two Cod game I mean in my opinion world at war was released in 2008 and it was written off by many as a reskin of cod for which I Find that pretty ironic because in my opinion It was just a little bit better than Cod for I had more fun with this game while cod 4 definitely was the most innovative Of the two world at war seemed to be the more polished experience If you ask me it featured a more serious and realistic campaign a more immersive world more expansive multiplayer maps and even Introduced us to nazi zombies. That's right now you may prefer cod 4 over world at war I get that but I Personally think world at war has the upper hand from the quality standpoint At number 3 and I'm sure you all expected this one to be pretty high on the list and you would be right modern warfare 2 released in 2009 it's one of the most famously broken games of all time. That's right. It's bright. It was broken However, modern warfare 2 is broken in a good way It made it crazy over-the-top silly and honestly Just a ton of fun modern warfare 2's multiplayer featured very good map design Devastating kill streaks and tons of weapons that were all useful in their own way. Although some were definitely more useful than others I know modern warfare 2 also featured a great single-player campaign in the introduction of the spec ops mode that added more replay value to them as well as the option to play certain sections and co-op with various modifiers and score challenges modern warfare 2 is Definitely deserving of a top 3 spot on my list today And I don't think anybody would honestly deny that and I think modern warfare 2 has some of the most devastating kill streaks we've ever seen in Cod history Ok, if you guys have followed the entire video you can probably guess number two and number one and number two when it comes to Cod games that last through the years black ops 2 is the king okay to this day bo2 as a pretty active player base on xbox 360 Although it's pretty hacked up now, unfortunately, but I mean it did so much right it had good weapons It had excellent weapon balance and introduced us to the pic 10 system. I used to do custom class videos over here It had great streaks. It continued the story of the first blackops game and even featured branching storylines So you could decide the fate of certain characters and while the launch of zombies maps weren't great The DLC was excellent black ops 2 also featured arguably the best ranked play in Call of Duty history which definitely helped a ton of people get into the competitive scene and there's a reason why people consider bo2 to be the last of the Golden Age of cod game and Here we are at number one of my personal list and you probably already knew it if you followed me at all Speaking of the Golden Age. Let's wrap it up with the original black ops my personal favorite in the series now black ops really had everything that I Wanted from a cod game and had a great story. It had awesome writing and voice acting it had a zombies mode you could replay over and over again and it had a multiplayer that had some of the best maps and weapons in Call of Duty history black ops also holds a special place in my heart thanks to the timing of its release and it being kind of the first game that I really used for YouTube content and Helped push me to where I am today. I I just love this game And if you ask me it is the best cod game ever made and there you go guys that is my list and you may notice there was no infinite warfare Call of Duty ghosts or Cod World War 2 on this list we could Only do 10 and well infinite warfare is my least favorite Call of Duty and I really didn't get into call of duty World War 2 ghosts Had a few moments, but those are just the ones that didn't make it you guys Let me know if you agree or disagree and I will see you soon