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Luckily no board clears were printed this expansion. Kappa.



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the history coming into this is that token druid it's currently sweeping up the competition there's a little bit too greedy there's a little bit too slow no one's dealing with the mass amount of token edge that token druid has and it's got kind of a good one right across everything there's a pretty standard core but I will say that I'm leaning more towards crystallizer as another one drop of choice and the main contention here is crystallizer versus the mecca reverses the argent squire and I think crystallizer that's just a one minute one three is the way to go I'm gonna say this yen's you're gonna think that the one mana comparisons aren't worth mentioning you know one man of 1 3 vs 1 1 1 versus 1 1 1 but I would argue that you would be doing a disservice to my audience to cut out that comparison part maybe leave it in and ask the audience hey what do you think should this part is this discussion interesting enough to leave in the front intro part cuz I know you're gonna cut it against don't do it don't do it stop that man that's like the worst possible hand I could have you think Mulligan all of it it's active unbelievable it's like whatever if you have blast wave it's over drawing by so much right who cares nobody cares about your silly blast that's a card in a deck with book of specters you're running arcane explosion what is going on implies few spells so probably no fire may have suffered and there's like another book us but why is there arcane explosion in here oh my head amazing Wow +1 or 1 damage would have been better but like I would ever draw us that can't choose that oh right I found me should he killed it am i doing you doc you meta it's complicated oh my God he's actually gonna get double good second attack his friends but it's awesome Rostow okay so in short I really messed up on turn 5 that's never talk about this again look at that belly this card had to create so much art Wow I do really want to cast all the yeah I can't resist or value tokens heard that okay shall we hot let's see if I do this I get two cards I ever draw so I have to cast one of my value values first find your balance see if there any downside to leaving this open so far keep rishta lodgers has drawn four cards four six eight ten twelve fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen by Jove I think we have we thought how's the game more value while we're at it don't you train three solid because I haven't played at this board very often thanks for the chance Burgerville any secret ward stuff I should know about this point The Changeling shop so I'm a little bit afraid of lightning storm and I don't learn just landscaping right into it well then I just Whispering Winds I guess whoever killed the one one this is my chance to discover multiple minions I could put this out to get hagath this schemed or lightning stormed well I think this is the right place with healing totem value all right do I just blind pray that he does not have lightning storm oh yeah we gotta take some big risks here take the risks oh I saw a crusher move tell me the other one for the true soul crush it's pretty a soul crushing to get certain mix meshed I like it I like power over the wall three it's best temple option here well I don't think that one one has to be dealt with all my minions let's say a mess the gates have to swipe so it's like feels right wipe again swipe I guess they expect them to have the first warpath that are brawl follow up with the second copy of whispering and hope the draw for said I wonder if he actually had the choice to make a brawl slush more past there he chose dr. bloom looks like he's thought into his own I think he could have the card we got the punish 3 6 9 12 14 yeah I took one damage on the lawn just unnecessarily sure actually punished yes this is a good combo but I have a bunch of turkeys I can just put in my plate it you don't cast in there oh there it is makes me think it's only one thing cause he's been holding on to it for so long that's staring at me this is clear it might be too much to handle we'll try Fargo dr. Marga get him I've only played with that so far I somehow managed to play all the minions I'll still get one that's decent stop all right the last finale let's do it shall we hunt I haven't played a single role yet he rolled hard countermine a day there are five five Spanish I think I can dream it's actually shocking he's only played one a OES of our one more path maybe they're all in the bottom got one hmm game went into extra innings but extra innings are only good for that warrior family living the exact worldly somehow lacking a bro the dream this will be a 5/5 we're just gonna go all in on him somehow not having it maybe because he's built his deck unusually I mean he has two vicious scrap hands in there so maybe he is more focused on minions so he decided not to I'm gonna I'm sorry I'm trying to talk myself in the way too optimistic first off to the force aid so good workout most time for five problems on that there's no wait no he must be saving for my for Said's they have to play one to protect these guys my god the madmen didn't actually have it a flavorful way to go it's a really cool card to flame everyone's starting to play this time if people start to play this document [Applause]