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what is up guys expert thief here but you can call me xt triple og cuz it's time for another episode a grand theft auto live we are here and lo Santos as usual there's a tank going ham over here so we're gonna stop over there first and then we're gonna get started on the idea for this episode I got something funny in mind alright oh shoot oh shoot does he see me I'm ghost dope how does he know hide hide hide hide oh my gosh I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead they don't see me they don't see me oh my gosh we're good let's take this thing down let's take this thing down don't worry cops I got your back I got your back I need to bribe authorities cuz they're gonna come after me oh shoot bribe alright we're good we're good let's go after we need a vehicle we need to put some explosives on Olivia code did they get out oh they're off the radar now give me this alright they're off the radar up there somewhere and there's some flying overhead guys I'm going in hey chill chill it's go time baby it's go time I don't know where they are but we'll listen to the sounds of everything blowing up follow the sounds follow the explosions alright they're up here somewhere oh there they are shoot here we go get them get them dude I think I hit if these cops are going crazy dude look at this there they are there they are no luck on lock-on come on baby come on got to take them down we got a minute and 20 off the radar still dude I don't even know how we're alive right now I got to watch out for more crazy cops running me over okay they're back on the radar take two guys take two alright let's try this again this person is dead so they're not gonna drive away put these cops my hippie cheese oh my gosh I like dodging cars I need to buy stacks man I'm always out here with no snacks like no way to get my health back I should just get some armor on or something super heavy alright let's go after him dude this is crazy I did not expect this Lobby to be like this I have like a plan for this episode but I don't even know if we'll get to it in this episode we would have to move it to the next one cuz we got to take down this tank that's going crazy we're almost there guys 30 seconds we got to do this we got to make moves right now yeah it's now or never there they are Go Go I don't know if that even did damage to them I don't think it was close enough 13 seconds okay we got a call Lester we need an extra minute oh shoot okay we got to go now all right I'm calling them hopefully they'll come back here while I'm doing this I think we're good did they get out oh shoot I don't know where they want I think that's done did they jump out of the tank yo they're getting into something else yeah they're in something else no screw you run run run run run oh my god oh my gosh I'm so screwed know who you're dodging I'm getting sniped that got him I got him shoot shoot where am i good shot from oh all right they're gonna come over here rig it I gotta roll I gotta roll the cops are gonna kill me probably before they do well he's here he's here he's alive how how did he live through that dude what you gotta be kidding me dude it it said he's like my arch nemesis now or something I need to Emma alright we gotta hide in the shadows real quick inventory ammo I need my explosives restocked RPG oh shoot dude they're coming after me we caught a mugger after him for sure oh I see them over here watch out bro watch out bro gotcha oh no get up I gotta get out of here dude we're called a buzzard we're getting out of here right now buzzer run run run run run run we gotta go where's that mugger at though Tommy Tommy you done side where you at wait where is he oh there he is I'm blind they're coming after me yeah they're coming after me yo this is a nice little building I could mess with this they're looking for me I'm up here guys come get me come get me Oh Shi this is not good watch my head gotcha bitches see ya no need for the mugger alright Lamar no need for the mugger got them got up I'm getting out of here hold shoot yo they're spawning they're gonna shoot the rocket up I'm out parkour alright holy crap dude yeah the idea that I had I told you that was happening the muggers still approaching you're done son you're getting mugged to the idea that I had is not gonna happen now we'll have to do that next episode I didn't expect this alright I didn't expect this we just went after a tank and all hell broke loose oh they're far away now I think we're good I think they're uh I think they've given up we can get down from here now stay strapped baby you never know what's gonna happen out here alright I'm getting on a motorcycle I'm getting out of here I am leaving oh they got into a new vehicle dude they're coming after me – we could ramp car oh shoot alright I got a ramp car this vehicles ran buggy yeah they're coming after me oh wait no wait I think we might be good I honestly don't know no they're not but we could get them to come after us again they're turning around there's a tank okay this is bad this is dude they're going towards the ramp buggy you know this is not good at all where they stopped again now they're switching cars alright I'm getting into this I think they're all getting into the oh they're all getting into the tank okay this is bad yeah this is bad go go go go go do they're on their way there's no way this is gonna work guys wish me luck like they're just gonna shoot me there's no chance I mean we can try but I don't see this happening holy crap dude got rekt alright yeah they're coming out to me dude oh man what we gonna do how we gonna get out of this this has no armor they shoot us once and we're done uh we got a minute basically we need it to take them a minute to get over here so we can go off the radar kind of shoot them out and then maybe pop out and launch them off of this thing I'm gonna hide back here boy they're not coming after us anymore but I think we're good oh wait they went off the radar dude they went off the radar Oh shoo dude okay well do we have 30 seconds their phone their way over here right now we're gonna die I'm hiding here oh shoot dude yo cops are on their way over here I hear them I think I hear them 15 seconds these cops are gonna ruin everything all right five seconds five seconds guys there they are no dude we had it five seconds away five seconds away are you kidding me dang oh they're coming over here all right we can go ghosts now but now we don't have a ramp buggy we can call for another one oh no we got to wait a minute and a half we have to wait a freaking minute and a half we got a run Oh shoo dude oh hell no this is not a good spot at all let's swim away Oh sue dude oh they're on their way over here right now oh hell no oh alright don't swap me on the beach please thank goodness yo we spawned up here perfect I have an idea dude my mugger is still trying to go after them I thought he was long gone by now that's crazy hopefully he gets them right they're coming after me again this is not good I use Lester's operator for now yeah they see me they see me they see me run it run it and I get my there we go rat buggy okay where's it gonna spawn though where is it gonna spawn please be good to me Gabe be good to me oh it's right here yes okay perfect so I'm gonna sit where I was before oh shoot they're on the way over here now okay go go go go go go we got to hide back here alright three seconds off the radar they're gonna know I'm back here flash on the radar shoot yell let me go off the radar again what are you doing to me there we go okay I think they see me down here they got I'm back on the map we gotta beat them yeah here they come alright ghost they're on the way over here okay we gotta come out of nowhere and get them you got a surprise attack there they go we're out this way I don't care dude I don't care we died the process all right we want straight kamikaze vote here the water down swim with the fishes how do you like that screw your tank oh my gosh all right guys I gotta go to class right now so I'm gonna have to wrap up the episode here but this has been another episode of grand theft auto one of them left the game live rage quit baby that's what you get I hope you guys enjoyed the episode this one was crazy absolutely crazy but that's all for today they're all leaving the game do we made him rage quit we made them straight rage but they all left oh my gosh yes all right I got to go but thank you guys so much for watching and until my next video I will see you guys when I see you guys I see you as a missus shot off the like teeth please don't why you trying to provoke me you say so I see you say you damn money okay major differences when you be talking cash please don't believe anyhow you think that me and you a present high school fish I never like show boy so me loving there's a lot of