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This is what World of Warcraft looked like in 1999

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Many people believe Classic WoW to be the oldest version of the game, however this game has been in development for over 20 years! So in this video we will look at the alpha version of World of Warcraft!

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this was the first-ever screenshot of world of warcraft world of warcraft today is a massive game with many secrets zones and expansions it has been in development for over 20 years at this point world of warcraft origins come from the warcraft RTS genre and anyone that played the Rexall campaign in Warcraft we knows that this is very similar to how World of Warcraft is the Rexall campaign was very different to the other campaigns but you had in walk-off we where it was less like an RTS and more like an MMO that was single-player at this stage it was kind of obvious that Blizzard were toying with the idea of creating their own MMO with a good response from the public Blizzard gained a lot more confidence to actually make serious development on World of Warcraft in this period of time World of Warcraft was developed as essentially a Warcraft 3 mod similar in gameplay to the Rexall campaign or dota however believe developers appluse decided that the top-down view didn't necessarily show off the world they fought but a top-down view of the world wouldn't adequately show off the massive world they intended to make and that's if they give players free camera control they can see more of the world environments by looking off in the distance and seeing the horizon Blizzard also had plans to make World of Warcraft as appealing as possible to mainstream gamers mmo's at the time was seen as something that was incredibly niche and a very hardcore experience Blizzard wanted a gamble and actually make the MMO genre applicable to mainstream gaming audiences by removing some of the frustrating things but you can get in mo bows at the time such as penalties of losing experience when dying dropping items and gold upon death and many more inconvenient gameplay mechanics that was popular with MMOs at the time classic World of Warcraft was a much more casual experience and Blizzard intended to design World of Warcraft with this idea in mind contrary to popular belief World of Warcraft was not designed to be a hardcore MMO and classic Wow at the time was seen as a very casual experience by the MMO gaming community with this design philosophy set in stone World of Warcraft began developments in his alpha stage during this time a lot of things that were in Alpha World of Warcraft never made it to the official launch various tones never made it into the classic well launched such as the dragon Isle and BM all dream but zones weren't the only thing that didn't make it to the official game quite a few gameplay decisions never got implemented into the official game of World of Warcraft for starters the stats of WoW were completely different at the time World of Warcraft's that system was very different and was more similar to the skill system that you had in Dungeons & Dragons for example you were given a vast array of skills and stat modifiers to choose from by spending your talent points at some point Blizzard decided that this was a little bit too complicated and they wanted to simplify the process of leveling up to a much more basic system such as metal and trees but we goats in classic Wow however with the launch of classic Wow the old skill system of alpha Wow was actually applicable to pets but waiver pets leveled up in classic Wow was pretty much the same way where players leveled up in an alpha stage you would be given a pool of points where you can buy certain skills and traits for your pet to learn it's kind of unknown why they gave this old-school skill system to pets in classic Wow and not players perhaps they didn't have much time and had to release the game quickly so forgave hunter pets the seemingly out-of-place progression system trolls and gnomes were originally designed not to be in the game in the development stage they were actually fought off as a playable race but they were added in later which actually explains why trolls and gnomes shared the starting zone with orcs and dwarves another strange thing that never made it to release is back roads actually used to be able to use the shield which was called a buckler Blizzard had an idea that roads would be a little bit more defensive as opposed to all-out PPS cloths that we have today it's kind of crazy to imagine a rogue not dual wielding and actually using a small shield also raids were designed to be 60-man it's funny to think about but the classic we're waiting where raids were 40-man was actually a compromise by Blizzard to make them smaller I think that this was a right decision as a 60 man weight is just way overkill perhaps because of lag issues they actually reduced it to 40 man and even then most computers at the time really struggled to process that many characters in a single instant this development stage of World of Warcraft is very interesting to look at and the classic wafer got launched to the public is a lot more polished Banford development stage and the alpha stage way back in the early 2000s it's impossible to say if classic well will be a success but comfortably since summer we will definitely see a lot of people trying out the old-school version of World of Warcraft well guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed this video please leave a like down below and subscribe to the channel this is volte signing out