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THIS is How You SOLO CLUTCH! – PS4 Apex Legends!

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Got left on my own this game of Apex Legends, but that didn’t stop me from clutching up solo! I hope you guys enjoy the console Apex Legends Gameplay!

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ha-ah Thank You friends now suits that's very much appreciated for those of you that don't know he said great jump John Mostow you can live that that's fine he said great jump John master this is a fantastic place loot thank you for your guidance that's what he said to me she's extremely kind of it tempted to territories in scale Oh great for the online that what he means I should take the Skype then because now I have a very good close to medium range weapon in the oh no nine and a good long range gun in the sniper that is escaped someone's already got three kills that's fairly impressive I've seen a soul yet come on Team let's roll like let's get out of here we've premature looted entirety of market a hide is in Scott and it sounded close please keep her for anyone that needs a close range gun I am NOT in need it's like they are 99 I have any other Nathan the I did I have a frag I always forget what I pick up like I think I just pick everything up and then think about it later that's gone get involved friends that's a little bit too far there we go there's the damage we needed where you team tell me they've deserted him I'll date if they're already involved in a scrap I guess that's probably why they with too busy to come over [Applause] mess him up teammates there we go pretty sure I deterred someone I'll shoot unless he was like you audio apps how did the turbo yeah give me the devotion there we go – you have any extra energy Rome's don't cease any plea Oh another scrap and that was pretty quick watch your silly strap I saw that guy in the window don't worry oh thank God you didn't have any uh any shield what were you doing boy you just watch you look at him we you didn't come over enjoy help that's horrendous what you've just done to me there friend absolutely and a horrendous other guidance a delight please I'll take it thank you just stood and watched how he's taking my stuff no no listen I forgiving you i forgiven you already it's fine I even have that mini live range you know I don't know I just feel like a co2 any shelled cells you guys always tell me all my word falling from the sky I see site to make sure thank you he's just standing there punching him punching his beard off give me that purple armor straight away technically wasn't my kilt but I'll tell you why I did mostly damage because my team that was literally slapping him up for some reason its Qaeda blue shield for you don't don't reach our shields I'm sure this guy would have had decent armor too right didn't they eat this and blue for you oh there's a cap package even tacos de some noise jake ocken I've tried this before so close I think on into 180 they'll be quicker since it's gonna over this way there's a care package coming down people always come to score town late and I feel like if you get you let me try it again if you get stuck in there like oh so so difficult to control if you get stuck in score town peeping just get high ground on you easy so I like stayin there for too long it's nice to get in there late the exact same reason I get that 106 as well that wasn't too bad served its purpose but yeah I don't like to say nice core team and care package is always nice to get to because I hear you go for this exact reason because they attract other people who are then distracted by the care package with enemy contact with hostile although they are running around white little cucarachas as octane would say think that means cockroach I Spit on flu in Spanish I know it means cockroach ok I'm a man of culture I know these things let's get high ground on a team they're all running this way might be something good this way but they go huh you're not wrong this must be a different team there's another chance I'm coming friends [Applause] shooting stop slapping people who've been Longboat by the other team I don't know how this guy went down I'll be honest with you I thank you friend I'm not gonna dwell Nick but I'm not really sure how he how he went down I had to stop shooting I had to reload of course but then I saw the guys flanking me so I had to close the door and then stand in front of it so he couldn't come in sight and in the time it took me to do that I'm wild my teammates just left the game well that's furious he's out of here then there's like three or four teams fine here I was down oh god teammate there's one behind you as well teammate during that that is not that is not the play my friend are you over committed Antalya sure what you want me to do about that one obviously I can't even see who he's triple taking me I'm praying this team pushes this gunfight but I'm not sure they're going to really need them to push that so I can get my teammates banner because I can't get over there when they have high ground if it's a full team we see me that quick I want to steady my shots of God that the scan missed please – Jimmy – there there we go that's my cue guys one shot I don't care thanks why I don't care I do not want to get third parties you have to be the third party one more Topsy fine was see if I stayed in that I'd be dead right now 100% no fighting each other assume in the back there you go that's how it's done sorry random scream there you don't need any chief rounds please the storms coming in give me some energy rounds what did you have I'm not taking that it's at the purple extent have traded my left arm for some energy rounds they're storms coming in and I've got a 1v1 this nice squad if my ta was more patient I was trying to but I was trying to do he's draw the mean I was trying to draw the mean and then I was gonna I could have used my pathfinder ultimate to get T's banner but I don't know it doesn't matter too much it works out hopefully this isn't a 1v3 that's a regular care package it's not a lifeline one so it's not necessarily where these enemies are if the blue light disappears which it does deed there's no one in the distance to air base this one's gone I was hanging around or anything I did see someone he was like running away this way some way so I using the respawn beacon which is what I was trying to prevent my friend is a shell battery I use I don't even have full shields here I've got loads of space for it I haven't I used all my shield batteries in that previous fight so I'm glad this one this just appeared out of nowhere for me these guys must have a load aloof air leaving behind shield batteries like that summer it's not the crazy no it wasn't of God is two of them I have all the time in the world to wait for a mistake here if I had a frag grenade our Lobby and see if they would go over to the explosion I wouldn't throw at them I'd use it as a diversion I've only got this stupid thermite grenade boy damage Asahi shields nearly I don't know how I coached that no against those two but don't show these guys that's why saintly in the middle even if the game they both left the game at least the other one was down when he left then you can understand that one 2,620 damaged 15 calfs Arthur CAI didn't even shoot anyone bless him I think he was distracted he sound like a people in his room I don't know 15 kills though 2600 damage is Pathfinder here – revived in net – I think I played that that part I don't know it's called River Center near Blanca I think I played it perfectly all you've got to do is be the third party soon as I realized they were coming over to me I backed up I got the high ground and I just shot people in the back that was you know the people that's the benefit I've been by yourself you know all the surrounding footsteps are just that they're obviously gonna be enemies but anyway I already enjoyed that game hopefully you guys did as well you did be sure to give like rating subscribe to join me I attempt IRC or the next one bye that game better of can't eat wood you mean error