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This game is better than Call of Duty!

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Homefront is the only good shooter game out there and it’s much better than Call of Duty series. Kappa.
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what what is this what is this chupacabra looking boy no no no welcome everybody to homefront I want you to say revolution no this is just hope front okay it's yeah it's an interesting game it's basically came out during the era of Kafka to rip off so we're just gonna compare it to know the textures actually look okay hello I take everything back I just said yeah great-looking textures this is definitely a 2019 experience nope great question why are you guys using American weapons I thought you would have you know prioritize North Korean made weapons for the whole like patriotism thing I knew it I bloody knew it why is it in every single game you basically gotta get hit with the button of the weapon oh let me guess we're not actually going to school are we you could have at least changed the sign on the bus you know so it doesn't say school bus anymore my god these guys are very you know hans olav everything aren't they how did you assume oh is the pilot okay was it just a dead giveaway time listening to the Top Gun oh my god dude shut up I'm scarred for life I'm gonna have PTSD after this oh shit yo that's grim alright this video is about to get D monetized I can't even make fun of this what the fuck – they're dead – they're dead shut up I've already gone crazy okay I don't even want to talk to you Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada honestly dude you get me in so much trouble what's our Park at least he's gonna keep quiet now that's nice if this was your like search and rescue attempt you could have easily killed every single one of us a Marten like what the hell did bitch you got here for my whore what do you mean I'm thanking you for shit yeah what's up guys did I honestly don't know what you're talking about honestly you could have killed me like I will how many times do I have to repeat myself that you have almost killed me rap dummy dude order dome we did this new Call of Duty game it's actually pretty sick I'm not gonna lie this is honestly the best Call of Duty I think I have ever played like what is this modern warfare 3 or more and more for four I can almost count at this point you know literally even though people think out animations are exactly the same as all the modern warfare games is the best all right there's no longer cold homefront everybody this is a moun warfare game the modern warfare 4 gameplay demo Oh a fine title the video like this people are gonna be pissed oh ma slow motion this is just as scripted as a Michael Bay modern warfare ripoff this is great oh yeah and more explosions yeah yeah dude like we get we gotta have a few more explosions if you don't mind all right stink lady lady lady what the hell were you doing you're standing right in the middle there huh and you lead the rebellion the resistance force well what are you guys are losing so badly Oh quick question how the hell does this time just cross the bridge I know questions sir I'll go questions fuck they shootin out me to log it's buried the bridge tinkling gonna rise we're gonna burn ours go to mines gonna rise get a virus could rouse can rise gonna Bears get away is good man dude good man oh shit Wow did that was that – epic for my liking honestly can we stop with it like all the epic bullshit thanks boys thanks at a gap though I don't get though I don't get though stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop yeah yeah yeah pow pow pow it's the FBI all right baby so the Mafia works oh wait wrong video sorry I enjoy how I'm managing to like outperform all of these kind of like trained personnel with just my pistol it is the absolute best who else wants some yeah we might want to have to move voice perfect got it look bunch of chickenshits E&P masseur pride their balls to this guy's is straight-up Salvage he's roasting these kind of innocent civilians that are trying to just get by you know not everyone is a war hero like you Senor so this is a bell cord who which one of you is gonna go first huh the most epic game I think I have ever played all right any need for making so much noise I feel like I'm just kind of stuck in the middle of this staff fight why was I rescued in the first place just to listen to your guys's bullshit huh all right oh no no no don't like this monkey take this bitch yeah yeah that how the fuck do we do that huh you got some sort of a cunning pawn as to how we can make that happen because I certainly do know I'll be completely honest with you I mean to be fair I did manage to take out that Humvee all by myself so I do need you know a Medal of Honor for this for this act of valor and bravery way let me guess it's gonna smush right through that fence right any minute right now wait for it wait for it wait for it alright never mind I'm so scripted it was so scripted he just walked down the corridor and just witnessed somebody getting shot what is this got him we did it dude oh that was epic do you agree that wasn't me right let me guess so this like you know camouflage netting and everything is gonna prevent this place from being seen right I mean not like the there's plenty of guts in it or any of that sort of stuff no no see everything is fine here just look at it it's beautiful just a forget all the smoke coming from all the fires as well cuz that yeah that's just an oversight alright it camouflages the smell as well why the hell do they look so funny all right listen angry man I don't even know your name alright cuz I wasn't really paying attention but damn you got a chill for a second alright you're making everybody know even gonna talk to me about this you know I used to be a therapist before the war to be honest that much rather not introduce myself to anybody just in case any of them died alright that's just gonna be a recipe for a disaster I'm gonna be heartbroken especially if I start talking to one of the kids and it's gonna get showed up no no I don't know how controversial this game wants to be but I assume pretty controversial you're the pilot everyone was talking about huh no that's not me alright I'm out see ya that face only a mother could love that face sar we gonna talk about this dude like you know what you were saying earlier on about you being like angry all the time like I said I've got time dude like he's not looking that buna guy you can just like take it easy hold up alright never mind won't we'll talk later back then this is all the games used to extend their length by basically having you follow a guy that is extremely goddamn slow just let me move forward okay oh my at my old face how are we stuck behind this guy like what was the point of us sneaking through here wait it's dark already I thought we just we hold up cursed I think this is the time travel machine right here this tunnel what the hell are you guys coming or what and this sign you're trying to be very tactical there friend but I'll think you are yeah focus on the other guy focused on the other guy no no no don't build my first mission you see that see that baby girl oh my god you can actually spot them so fast that's all right baby up here what yeah this game is definitely gonna be better than more than war for for I'm just calling it right now get the hell outta my face did you find out one more time huh none of these weapons have any sights on them but you picked them up if there's a site I kind of asked our is this way why the hell do we have to go upstairs for this like I thought you could just like you know throw it normally there it is have fun baby gotcha scumbag can I just go there why do you have to go pee are you kidding me are you it wasn't prompt to jump only to get stuck there all right well ten out of ten game honestly best thing I've ever played in my life wait seriously you're just gonna like bend them like this here ain't even gonna recycle whose idea was this you still have side arms around him stopping search have you thought about that before clearly no dude late what's up man what you doing I bet you this guy draws mustaches and all these pictures right yeah he looks like the type of guy I understand that you know they want to show how desperate and deprived this whole situation is but people crying constantly on kids coughing yeah I think you're overusing it a little bit what what is this what is this chupacabra looking boy I fucking knew it this is so predictable dude he's got girl issues I'm a therapist I know I'm sorry for my friend all right I'm sorry oh wait ladies first both of you have to pass first before I can initiate this now you and now you and now you before I can proceed nice are you sick dude you know what they say snitches get stitches bitch you're gonna get fucked up dude oh I told you man I told you that's right get ready get ready for the machine pistol like that what shit was that hello what did you guys come from yeah they start shooting before you even like peek the corner I don't understand this honestly I understand the whole like aspect of like you know pre firing a location but the role you'd be like straight up flexing on me innit what what what da dude walk da shit is this dude oh my yeah I know right well it's kind of what they're doing friend so yeah I think they're they're well aware of what they've done all right cut it out dude you're gonna sabotage the Satara thing this just reminds me of fucking Oprah and a mountain I don't like that all right okay PTSD from watching cable Thrones yeah think so too mate I think so too yeah yeah my guy does have anger issues all right and I'm sorry about that like I can only apologize for my friend he's a little bit uncultured as they say oh they're yes speak of the devil what's up I wasn't talking shit okay I promise I was talking shit you might wanna get the fuck outta here dude all right I'll be the first one to say that let's go wait you're not actually serious right yeah once again can't really make this into a meme the fuck