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I really thought he might be legit!

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hey guys and welcome my channel time is but a window and today we're gonna be doing some overwatch as you can see here the suspect has 19 kills makes his way over here towards middle is able take down loose with a nice little shot I'm gonna go for the repeat here maybe on top hasn't decided goes for the repeat spots a mound not quite able to tag him but uh looks like he's gonna repeat once again and stump is actually in it get the kill onto him that time he's got 20 kills right now 6 deaths pretty good stats when you think about it I mean this is only the 15th round 134 damage around spots this guy out trying to kill this guy over towards white box and he's able to take him down with a deagle hits 2-1 digs over here towards the B site one guy and checkers goes down as well it's gonna open it up for them and let them take it there on a3 b1 against mask it's got only 32 HP it looks like the suspect is gonna be hunting bomb is down however over here in middle so he actually does have to retake it and he's gonna pick mask and take him out pretty damn sure of this guy's location and I guess because bomb was there he's pretty sure that the guy was not going to rotate off though I imagine that uh well let's be honest that CT should have repositioned into a place that had less possible places for the terrorists to peek out on to him okay so he's gonna pick up the bomb here make his way over here towards the a site looks like he's gonna go with the deagle only again one guy is in sight bomb plant spot can be pushing in one guy here on balcony and he is able to take him down or catwalk or whatever you want to call it and eclipse is gonna take down cap this has given them the a site and allows him to plant a bomb if he decides to there we go bomb has been planted and now he's gonna be making his way over here towards looks like a main no trying to find this space he's really looking for a place he wants to play as cheeky as possible but he just can't figure out what he wants he eventually just settles I'm going onto the right side of the wall here here's the footsteps takes down both of these guys with a couple ones each both when we're alone either one of those shots was a headshot and those the last guys pushing through door after he kills his teammate takes him down as well right now there just does not seem to be enough evidence to support this guy is 100% cheating but he did get a couple hops they're not enough for me to say he's using a bhop script remember it has to be evidence beyond reasonable doubt we don't want to get anyone banned that uh well isn't actually cheating so plus they probably won't because multiple people have to agree on the outcome of the case we're going to get banned anyways alright so masking me holding that right corner he's gonna go for the we peek and it's gonna go down once again now I feel like he's really struggling with the scoped weapons he's really capitalizing with the deagle it doesn't seem like he's doing anything too suspicious with the deal either it looks like all of his shots are pretty much body shots and it looks like he's got a pretty solid aim to him it doesn't look like he's just kind of silent aiming on two people or anything like that you're gonna spray down flute here make his way over here towards connector one guy isn't connector falling back over towards the beasts site actually he heard him in mid still so he knows he's there creeping up on out and goes for the peak on the right corner but of course that CT is sitting there ready and waiting for it now he's gonna hop his way backwards and I guess I was a hundred percent wrong about this case because it looks like he's just gonna make his way towards middle and flick around yeah I mean there was there was a couple signs that he was walling I mean I the one guy over towards the town the one guy over towards I really believe that this guy guy's got to understand he just broke my freaking heart bad but seriously there was a couple signs and he was walling and the way that he peeked over towards connector was a little bit too sure of this guy's location I me heard the footsteps oh I would have peeked over close right to to make sure he wasn't there but he like ttip perfectly and earlier the guy in and he went before the guy over that was holding bomb down in really peaked out perfectly – away just gonna running around backwards kill everyone and yeah this is the end of this case let's move on to the end and report it man-made disruption aim assistance I'm enough to go would emanate beyond reasonable doubt oh man it looked like it was legit to me earlier I really thought that deagol was legitimate because he wasn't going for nothing but headshots I mean it was kind of always hitting the chest he had some good fast shots I was thinking maybe he was just a good aimer he had some you know good reactions good muscle memory and had his flick shots with the deal pretty much on point he wasn't you know hitting nothing but head shots like a super top player or anything like that but it was it was definitely solid he had some good spray control with the a.k and some pretty good awareness of where people were but yeah obviously evident beyond reasonable doubt with vision assistance and then evident beyond reasonable doubt with other external assistance and then finally griefing he wasn't technically grieving his teammates and trying to lose the game he uses deagle for a couple of rounds but it just felt like he was feeling more confident and more comfortable with it it wasn't really hitting with the scoped weapons so I'm gonna go with insufficient evidence here I don't think it was any kind of intentional briefing I think it was just him trying to play the best he could with what weapons he felt he was doing best what all right guys so that's case number one let me know what you guys think let's move on to case number two and here we are on case number two as you can see the suspect here full spin bot bunny-hopping is way over here towards middle what am i doing let's uh I don't know what I'm doing but it's getting me dizzy okay one guy making his way out in middle and they're in a 2 B 2 situation he's gonna make his way over here towards spawn take this guy down I just wanted to get one kill just absolutely confirm that I mean he would be able to navigate like this anyways and of course the last guy is gonna be making his way over here towards middle and guess what's gonna happen no seriously guess cuz you're not gonna see it let's move on to the overwatch resolution evident beyond reasonable doubt evasion assistance evident beyond reasonable doubt and other assistance evident beyond reasonable doubt full-on rage hacking spin botter nothing else we can say about that insufficient with grieving let's move on to case number 3 and here we are on case number 3 as you can see the suspects and takedown mass for the 1g as well as diamond kind of locking onto people naming on them through the wall a little bit can go with that on this record oh nice spray transfer if you can call it that he is obviously cheating and warm up and we got 31 seconds remaining let's see what he decides to do with that 31 seconds come to the fast-forward because that is a big map and he's not gonna get to someone for quite a few seconds is he gonna make his way over here outside behind the terrace we're making the way through halls and yeah he's not gonna catch up to any of them at this point does look like he's adjusting some settings here or sipping some soup you know I like my soup when I play all right so the suspect here is to be making his way over here towards Mill I'm gonna try to spam these guys through the wall I'm not gonna do any damage and the game starts now as you can see right off the bat him and his teammate I even though they're cetys have both chosen to go with deagles usually in my opinion this is a sign of a cheater just because that USP has that one tap potential already so what exactly is that point of having that diggle's few people through walls I guess by the way is looking at this guy through the wall and peek out one Ds this guy and one bigs diamond now both of these kills as I said prior if he had our USP either still gotten both of those one taps to the face with the USP it's like the USP kills and one bullet to the head so again I don't quite see why cheaters do that so often I'm imagining it's because they wanna be able to shoot people through walls all right one guy above him on the ladder here gonna drop down takes a couple shots hits him in the face with a second bullet and let's see who picks up that scout he does I imagine this is gonna be an insta headshot it doesn't want to come this way because of suspect positions himself correctly he could just shot the wall that looks is gonna push up behind him and take him down with a quick headshot from behind so we do have wall hacks confirm aimbot confirm and kind of just look in to see if he's gonna do that other external assistance which could be in the form of a lag hack a spin bot or a bunny hop script in the old days it could have been a speed speed hack where he'd like run across at like 4 million miles an hour and of course I'm sure you guys have seen the teleport hack video out there which is absolutely insane plus there's the wall stuck hack where you can like sit on the wall jump up and attach himself to random walls and does shoot diamond right through that box there have been so many cheats so many different types of cheats that at one point were used in csgo throughout the years I've seen so many things thrown in sinner grenade here towards the middle one guy making his way up towards Whitehall's the looks like he's gonna make his way back over here towards ladder I'm guy coming up from above him and he's just kind of holding the angle terrible freaking angle for like anyone who's legitimate but you know what he's got this aim lock he doesn't have to worry about missing and he's gonna take down the bots who was uh I think vultures back weak I'm not entirely sure either way he disconnected and we don't get to see anymore all right guys well this is an easy case to do my destruction griefing insufficient evidence he wasn't doing any griefing other channel systems I'm have to go what insufficient evidence as well we didn't really see him bunny hopping all over the place or anything like that as for vision assistance that is evident beyond reasonable doubt and aim assistance is evident beyond reasonable doubt now I wonder why he left maybe it was kicked by his teammate or something I'm not entirely sure I wasn't paying attention to the chat thing down there to see if it said anything you guys know let me know in the comments below but that was today's three cases again let me know what you guys think in the comments down below and as always have a great day