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They ARRESTED My Girlfriend! – I Bought A FAKE Pokemon Game on Etsy Part 5 – Pokemon Outlaw

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Leaf got herself into some trouble with Kanto’s police – and got arrested!
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► A month ago I uploaded a video titled “I Bought A FAKE Pokemon Game on Etsy…”. Ever since then, I have been getting LOTS of requests to play more of the game, and today, we continue with part five! Today, we’re finishing up Celadon City, and taking on the gym leader Erika! Later, we find out our Poke Girlfriend Leaf got into some trouble with the law… and its up to us to save her!

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they were keeping shoes is death as always pokemon outlaw contains some strong language so if you don't like hearing that type of stuff don't watch this video all right so it's time to take on Erica's gym and oh no this sky now this guy is creepy enough in the normal Pokemon game so let's see what he says in the world of outlaw this gym is great it's full of sexy women that's it now don't get me wrong that guy is really creepy but for a game like outlaw where we have actual cannibals and all sorts of weirdos I was expecting a lot worse finally a man about damn time I haven't seen a guy in a while I'd ask you out but Erika would probably get mad I think she's a lesbian hi I'm Erika leader of this gym I love grass pokemon before we start let me clear something up oh no I am NOT a lesbian you do one thing in the showers with a group of girls and it somehow gets on camera and people start labeling you I mean I like guys I just like girls more but not like that whatever let's just go Erika I don't care if you're straight lesbian whatever happened in that shower is your business I'm just here for the badge and see this is why you choose the fire type starter now Vulpix send that vileplume to its vile doom oh I concede defeat you are remarkably strong I must confer on you the rainbow badge by the way what I meant is I prefer female companionship if you must know I do have a date with a guy coming up he's rich handsome and thoughtful I'm serious well Erica a little word of advice the only rich person I know in this game was thoughtful enough to hire bug assassins to try to kill me so watch your back all right so we're all done at celadon City let's get this Snorlax out of the way huh I guess Snorlax doesn't like masks off yeah that's right getting that ball also a little side note here but does anybody ever noticed how oddly specific Snorlax is pokedex entry is it is not satisfied unless it eats over eight hundred and eighty pounds of food every day what it is done eating it goes promptly to sleep excuse me wait up please no pedestrians allowed on cycling Road oh that's right I never got the bike so I guess we can't go this way well I'm here I might as well check the view out of one of these little binoculars let's see what the binoculars have to show someone's getting beheaded so I guess if we're gonna get the bike we need to make a quick detour back to vermilion City I know in the normal firered you get one in here by talking to this guy I chair the Pokemon rights Club I defended the rights of Pokemon for decades its Kantos most important issue Bar None do you want to hear about Pokemon rights not really but go on go ahead good then listen up criminals both organized and unorganized commit crimes against Pokemon the government has committed crimes against Pokemon the police does nothing slums increase crime rate against Pokemon and I have all the answers thanks for hearing me out I want you to have this all right thank you crazy man take that to the bike shop in Vermillion city remember that when I run for election in a couple of years you'll know exactly who to vote for rich people only know poor folk bike shop oh that's a bike voucher okay here you go hey that was easy whoa we have a bike now let's battle some bikers nice bike hand it over forget it who needs your blank anyway trainer tips pull the police if you see a crime this is a high crime area come with good pokémon trainer tips press the B button and see what happens it's magic oh if you press the B button on cycling Road it stops you I actually had no idea is that how it's normally like you know for a high crime area that was actually a lot more tame that I thought it would be and you know we have to check the binoculars again a tentacle is strangling a young man oh good luck buddy you'll be able to get through this all right we made it to fuchsia City which looks a little different than a Hello policeman whoa there's leaf and there's deer on I haven't seen these guys in a long time let's go talk to oh wait never mind I guess we can't talk to any of them lady you're under arrest for theft come with us Oh No whoa what did believe steel I think the only thing that I know that she stole is my heart because apparently she's my girlfriend now did you see that that was your girlfriend you have to do something I guess we have to and Iran's kind of block in the way so I can't go do anything else police HQ justice for Kanto well let's go talk to the police and see if we can find out what happened with Leif oh the cop wants to battle us Hey no civilians leave now no I will not be leaving you guys kidnapped my girlfriend and I'm telling to rescue her you're not getting away with this you know I agree don't fight cops but we got to go rescue our girlfriends this place is so weird it's all complicated words and numbers that makes no sense I see some coffee on the table oh that's not coffee load it with alcohol you ain't ready oh wow this guy is some good vision he saw me all the way from over there what do you want the girl no way she's a friggin criminal man hey hey hey don't act like I don't know about what you're doing with Team Rocket in the government I know something fishy is going on there you're bold kid coming to the police HQ all by yourself with bad intentions let's fight bad intentions I'm here on a rescue mission you're in some serious trouble buddy you're officially a criminal you'll end up in prison whoa I had no idea that guy was there I'm one of Kantos finest officers I used to be the saffron police chief I'm really tough this place is laid out so weirdly I don't know why I can't walk on this and they're just random boxes everywhere and I guess a lot of alcohol and a big big big table let's uh try to sneak by this guy can we do it yes we can but we can't sneak by uh2 trains the police officers from all the departments across Kanto oh and they have erotic novels inside of the police HQ leaf there you are this is it's no turning back we're officially a criminal and we have to rescue her I in the police chief your friend here is getting booked and will be sent to prison soon whoa look at that police chief Archie who I lost damn damn damn thank you that was so romantic leaf and polka tips shared a kiss what see you later baby you're a monster you're an outlaw a truly horrendous criminal you'll pay for your crimes we let your girl go kid get the hell out of here and never return what's this item surf it's some pretty girl with a white hat tried to steal from here we're using her as an example no one is safe from justice oh now that makes sense I kind of feel bad for saving her now like I don't want to break up and what is this over here adult entertainment sexy let's go inside welcome you're too young to legally get a dance or a drink but feel free to look around whoa what's going on here an officer tell me hey could you not tell the other police officers that I'm here there's just so many thugs and so much crime the job is so damn stressful I need to relax and unwind so shut up or all I heard security guards love tea Oh give it for free oh oh that's where we get the tea I was looking all over celadon City for it everyone loves tea with just a bit of ecstasy oh all right then I probably shouldn't give this tea to anybody stop right there chump this place is for VIP only this is where the ladies get butt naked and stuff gets wild you can't handle that who because VIP well not you my father is the gym leader of this town I'm training to use poison Pokemon as well as my father oh wow that's actually kind of a cool reference I think her name is Janine and she's the one that takes over after Koga becomes an Elite Four member in gold and silver and speaking of Koga I think it's time for us to go get our next gym badge Oh is there nobody else in here I want to talk to the guy and see what's going on yo Koga used to be a great ninja but now he's a huge wuss he hides behind invisible walls and orders to decrease the amount of challengers he faces he's a shell of himself you should win it looks like you don't respect me I used to be a ninja assasin slaughtering hundreds at will I am NOT washed-up I can still do it like I did before you'll find out poison and sleep will mess you up bro despair to the creeping horror of poison-type pokémon will pokey tip be able to defeat the gym leader koga or will Koga using the move minimize make it so pokey tip misses over and over again never being able to win the battle find out next time in the next episode of Pokemon outlaw version