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Today I checked out the Top 10 Best Knives In CS:GO! Pretty much all these knives are High Tier! I tried to make the List as Diverse as Possible.

What are some of your Favorite CSGO Knives?

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hey guys of a discord server you guys should totally join our community I'm also really active on Twitch as well as social media like Instagram Twitter all that stuff if you guys want to follow me and stay up to date with everything check out all the links in the description down below I guess intro the video today I'm gonna be going over the top 10 best knives in csgo know a lot of these knives are some of them affordable but some of them are ridiculously expensive so basically top 10 knives in csgo in my opinion hope you guys enjoy hey what's up guys this tomb here and welcome back to a brand a new video and today we're back with a top 10 list about the top 10 knives in csgo basically these are all in my opinion like I said before you know if your list is a little bit different feel free to leave a comment down below with your top 10 list and you know what that's my challenge for you guys leave a comment down below with your top 10 favorite knives in csgo or your top 5 or whatever if you're too lazy it's all good because I just want to see what your favored knives are honestly oh and by the way this is I guess it's somewhat similar to a video I made about a month ago but it's that one was like the ultimate knife guide for every budget this one's just the best knives in csgo so there's the difference it's not the same video it's different okay anyways let's get into the list and the number 10 spot is the Karambit crimson web factory new I would have put this up higher up on the list but I don't really like it that much I mean obviously it's a really sick knife and these are very valuable especially in factory-new because they're so rare but honestly dude because of their rarity they actually kind of suffer from not having super duper low float so you can't have a flawless corner one like all the corners always have scratches on them so that's one of the biggest thing that kind of kind of bugs me on top of all that I mean it's a cool looking skin but like it's just it's like a Spider Man skin basically it's so childlike I mean it's a sick knife but yeah I wouldn't really put it up I wouldn't put it any higher on this list in my opinion next up is the m9 bayonet Otto tronic and this one is actually very similar to the Crimson rub in the fact that it has a lot of red on it but it's completely different how is it different it has some silver on it I mean honestly the Otto tronic is a really sick skin and the fact that it's on an m9 Bennett is a plus 2 because the m9 bandit is one of the biggest knives in the game that's what she said it looks so cool ax that's why the art of tronic deserves to be next up on my list next up is the butterfly knife tiger tooth factory new and of course I had to throw at least some sort of tiger tooth on this list because I'm such a huge fan of like Tiger teeth and in my opinion I think the butterfly knife is the best also there aren't any other butterfly knives on this list so it's kind of yeah you know but the butterfly knife tiger tooth is probably one of the sick it's probably one of the sickest knives it's like for $400 in the game by far there's not too much I can really say about the butterfly knife tiger tooth other than that other than it looks pretty dang cool next up we have a really crazy skin that that probably should be a little bit higher up on this list but it's it's not it's not next up is the m9 being its case hardens but it's the number one pattern the pattern index is number 601 and this is also called the Oceano pattern that's sort of anomaly called it yeah it is the number one pattern m9 bayonet blue gem in the within the game and these are worth quite a bit of money to get one inlay field-tested it's gonna cost you over $5,000 so they're not exactly cheap and my biggest and the biggest downside to this knife is the fact that it's not all blue the entire play side isn't all blue like you see the tip right there it's like greyish and then also on the bottom there's a lot of yellow there so I feel like if there was just a little bit more blue it would be a lot better but yeah unfortunately it's missing a lot of blue it still isn't insane skin and they go for a lot of money so don't don't get me wrong I'm not saying it sucks I'm just saying it could be better next up is the Karambit fade 90/10 and obviously you know I could have just put regular crammed feeds but I just I wanted to put the number one pattern on there just because why not right we're not just going for a broad skins we're going for like the best patterns for the best skins like we're doing rubies sapphires dopplers like if we're gonna put blue gem so you might as well do the number one pattern Karambit fade so yeah it would be a hundred percent fade or a 90/10 basically the thing that makes a Karambit fade in ninety ten is if it has 90 percent pink and ten percent yellow and no purple a fake ninety ten actually has a little bit of purple on it but a real ninety ten has basically no purple these go for about $1,000 plus on CS money like they can be pretty expensive especially if you want one with a good corner but honestly though this is just a classic skin and it was I think a couple years ago this was probably one of the most well known skins the Karambit fade alright next up is the carat emerald and much like the Karambit fade this is also a crabbit obviously and this again is actually introduced in 2016 with the gamba case and the thing that makes it so cool is the fact that it's basically just to collab it it's a cramp it doppler or a crime at down gama doppler but it's all green instead of having like a weird pattern it's just 100% green on both sides that's pretty much it it's a green Karambit but these are very very rare these are ten times rarer than regular gama dollars which are much rarer than normal dopplers because gamma cases aren't nearly as popular as chroma cases and these actually are worth more than rubies and sapphires too so yeah out of the dopplers the emerald is the most expensive but you don't really see them that often just because they're so high tier next up is the Karambit marbled fade fire nice and this I mean there's a bunch of different patterns obviously for this and like this is such a broad thing like there's multiple different patterns like there's so many different pattern indexes that have fire gneisses basically a Karambit marbled fade is supposed to have red blue and yellow but a fire nice is basically one with only red and blue with no yellow whatsoever on it if it has a little tiny bit of yellow on it it's a fake fire nice but if it's a real one then well it's worth over $1,000 so yeah these are their they're not cheap this is by far one of my favorite knives in the game like if I didn't have my blue jamming if I didn't have like a bunch of other knives I would definitely use this as my main play knife just because it looks so cool when you really break it down it's basically a ruby and a sapphire if they had a baby basically but genuinely though this is probably one of my favorite Quran bits in the game that's under like $2,000 cuz there's some like if you want to get a second max they're closer to $2,000 they're pretty pricey any first a first max the number one pattern fire nice there's a lot of money there's actually been one on CS money for like the last year but it's been $3,400 and it has the worst corner I don't think anyone's gonna want to pay that much next up is the Karambit sapphire just another classic skin when you think of like super high tier skins that only like rich people can afford you think of like rubies and sapphires preferably the Sapphire cuz it's more expensive and that's pretty much the reason why I put the Sapphire next up on this list too just because it's just it's a blue Karambit I remember the crab at sapphire was the first sapphire or the first like really high tier skin that I ever owned and I was like so happy to have it and then I think I ended up I ended up selling it like two days later because something like something like unexpected happened basically and I needed the money to buy a new one oh yeah I remember I got the crab at sapphire then two days later I raged and broke my monitor and I just sell it to buy a new one yet but honestly though the crab at sapphire is one of the most beloved skins in the game and it's for a pretty good reason it's a dope looking skin and it's blue what else can you say about it like when people see sapphires they always freak out like 80% of the time when they know what it is next up we have a very special skin on this list and it is it's actually a very rare knife next up is basically any of the number one pattern tell a knife blue gems there's I believe there's four with a hundred percent blue and actually anomaly has one of them so next up is anomalies Talon I Jim and don't get me wrong it's a really cool skin but its biggest downside is the fact that the corner right there you see that little area that I'm zooming in on right now it has some yellow on it that's like that's the only thing that really bugs me about it but I mean other than that though it's a really sick skin but in my honest opinion I don't think Talon eyes are ever gonna be worth nearly as much as Koran bits just because well the crammed bits have been out since the game came out and the Talon eyes blue gems are pretty much brand-new I mean over time more and more people are going to unbox them it's like they're just gonna keep going down in price like at least with the Karambit blue gems there aren't that many like really high tier blue gem patterns so they're not that rare that gives a point to the telling knifes anomalies tell navy blue gem is still insane it's like an eight thousand dollar skin he paid $8,000 for it which is just insane for a skin and it's a blue gem what else can I say it's also a tell knife too so it's one of the new knives and that's pretty much talk to say about that and at the number one spot is of course you know it the number one Karambit blue gem number 387 that's the pattern index and that's actually that's the one that I have so yeah of course I'm super biased of course I'd put my knife on this list but genuinely the reason why I'm putting it on this list is because it's honestly the sickest knife in csgo nothing comes even close alright I guess anomalies it's kind of close but it's worth about half the price and the cool thing about the quran' boots blue gem is the fact that it's basically a hundred percent blue on the play side with a couple little pixels missing but that's that's about it also one thing that i didn't mention about anomalies tel knife is the is the ring where you basically put your finger in like the ring is basically all yellow at least with mine there's there's a little bit of blue on it i'm just acting like a child like no mines better because of this and they're like they're both sick knives and i think anybody would be lucky to own either a tell a knife or a crown with blue jam regardless so yeah that's basically it that's my list for the top 10 best knives in csgo according to my personal preferences and let me know let me know what you guys think like what's your top 10 favorite knives in the game or your top 3 or 5 whatever anyways guys if you enjoyed the video like comment share subscribe click that bell icon and if you watch the video all the way until the end leave a comment saying hashtag my favorite knife is blank and make sure you leave obviously your favorite knife or your top 5 or your top 10 do that in the form of a hashtag and I'll do my best to try to give it as a heart and just overall guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys on twitch tomorrow mr. Burnham at peace [Applause] [Applause]