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The Super Mario House – Part 24

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Waluigi wants a GOLDEN GOOMBA!


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I hope you saw the last video that we posted in that video where you revealed the toy so we'll be in this video Metal Mario gold and goo buck and waluigi tell it but there's still subsets of the mystery box let's see awesome toys by the way at the end of this video we got more shout outs some of you upset more of your photos and videos of your collections and creations so keep watch and we'll share them at the end of this video let's say super mario house mama Mia hmm alrighty hey come back here whoa hmm I wonder what that stop will go Goomba I'll be right back Oh Oh a marrow mushroom I'm gonna be yeah I'm gonna be rich I'm gonna be rich dad was my golden cutting ba sorry Mario's my prisoner bring me a cola kuba only then why set Mario free no well the wheelchairs Mario and I need to find a golden Goomba to save him a garland zoom up I've heard of a legendary Koopa made of gold that loves far from here you must travel through snow and ice and desert and sad it isn't long and dangerous journey I'll help you [Applause] [Applause] Wow well it's the man to the goombas look the golden Goomba oh yeah look toad I got the golden Goomba oh no let's get out of here Mario Luigi have you gotten my golden Goomba yes do it here here's your golden Goomba know what Marv you go let's get out of here I'm so glad you're safe now I hope our next episode which one do you think we should do another Donkey Kong house episode or the Super Mario Odyssey episode just fill in the comments below bye see you in our next video it's time for shoutouts first shout-out goes to Tyrell check out his awesome collection look we have that dungeon set – that's so great Tyrell Sydney made a Mario house for his toys all by himself Wow Marshall has a huge collection he has shown a lot of his Super Mario toys on his channel check it out shout out to Aaron his mom and dad made this amazing super mario house I love it look they even praise music thank you everyone if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to our channel and check out all our videos