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The Rarest & Most Interesting Items I Own in World of Warcraft Part 4

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Showing off some old level vanilla time capsules and various interesting or rare items that I happen to own in WoW.

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hey guys what's up mad season here back with another video for you the winner of this month's patreon poll has another part in my rare / interesting item series where is sharon talk about some of the cooler items then i happen to own this is part four in the series and it got 10 more relics of the past to show you uh so let's get into it to start off here i don't have an actual item for you but rather a character in my memory series i mentioned how he leveled in undead rogue before the Burning Crusade expansion launched I still have them at level 60 actually and I haven't really touched him since classic aside from some odd PvP here and there so he's pretty much a time capsule filled with all sorts of items that I'd like to show you first up here we have some empty poison vials as you know rogues used to coat their weapons with poisons and they're moved over to abilities instead in the Cataclysm expansion at the same time these inventory poisons turned into vendor trash poison vials and I still have them today I also have some old arrows back when hunters had ammo and also in these classes had dedicated slots for both melee and ranged rogue is of course melee class but they could still have a ranged weapon equipped for pulling mobs or just for the stats I was using the Bloodseeker crossbow with these wicked arrows it looks like even though I'm pretty sure crossbows fire bolts not arrows so I'm not sure what's going on with that but whatever and we also have some items that I already went over in previous parts the thieves tools the argent on commission and so on for my PvP rank I made it to senior sergeant which is just drink for and as for my gear it's all from PvP now I didn't grind down drink 14 back then in patch 2.0 which was the Burning Crusade pre patch they revamped the honor system and they made it so anyone could buy the warlord gear with just honor points which was the new currency before this he needed the rink and you just use gold instead I remember her at the time there was quite an uproar about this on the forums from people who actually grind it out the rink 14 gear and rightfully so I thought because it was such a tough grind and now all of a sudden everyone can get everything in a couple of days basically so as you can see I took a full advantage of this and I got the full set and the odds and ends are from battleground reputation vendors so pretty neat I think I've made it a point to keep this character at level 60 forever to commemorate the end of vanilla World of Warcraft I do have another hoard that I leveled on the same server I didn't quite make it to 60 but this is my orc hunter and this is another blast from the past some of you may recognize this classic leveling gear mainly from the level 30 ish – 4 th zones of course and in my inventory we have some more ammo various old de quest items for quests that are long removed from the game old formulas that are no longer learn Abal and for my blank guild Tabard it looks like I used to be in the guild but they booted me come on I've only been offline for 13 years what gives three days and 19 hours to get to level 41 that's not too bad actually I was a hunter though and they were the easiest classed level back then in part 2 I mentioned my old zul'gurub coins and Biju's the next one isn't really an item either but rather a reputation so it might be cheating but the santol our tribe was the faction type to zul'gurub and I wanted to talk about this one since it was removed in the Cataclysm expansion when they changed it to a five man dungeon so very few people have this next town had exalted those coins and Biju's were used for reputation grinding and you can get some pretty interesting rewards most notably a five-piece said which unfortunately I don't have but using a script to see if I completed the quests that awarded them I at least had them at some point the rogue one was called the madcap said we and five pieces total three armor pieces and amulet and a trinket and each of these would have special effects that were unique to each class I wish I could say that I still had them but the exalted reputation and the completed quests will have to do I guess next moving to the current game here we have some elixirs of the rapid mind increased experience gained for monsters and quests by 300% for 15 minutes so quite the powerful item here there were a couple ways of obtaining these both removed ever since the Legion expansion you could either get them from garrison missions from Draenor or from the savage gift caches during the Christmas event so since the ability to get these was removed a couple of years ago they're quite rare these days fetching a price of over 80,000 gold on average for most servers I've hung onto these not early for leveling but rather is sort of a trophy one of the first ever popular videos that I made was a guide on how to use these as efficiently as possible I made custom routes and optimized things with add-ons and waypoints and I optimized it enough to get from level 90 to 100 in under two hours my fastest was just over an hour once I knew what I was doing so I put this into video form and I think it's a big reason why I'm even still making videos I got lots of good feedback for it and it helped a lot of people which really filled me to make more stuff until it eventually turned into what it is today so I've kept these for more of a symbol than anything of when I started the YouTube channel and they're pretty important to me they'll probably be there forever another one from Draenor here we have the wand of death now this is a pretty interesting item I think also one that's no longer available from what I understand and not only was the sorcerer moved but has also removed from every player's inventory as well in pants 6.1 and the only way people were able to save them was if they had him in the mail or if they were in a guilt bank and through sheer luck I had this one in the mail from an expired auction and it's another pretty powerful one as you can see it just straight up kills any level 100 NPC enemies in the ashran PvP island the island itself is also something that's no longer available to play but it's basically like wintergrasp it's a world PvP area with some objectives mixed in it was very reminiscent of the old alt-rock valley where there were a ton of NPCs and even giant elementals to spawn so this wand was super useful for clearing out waves of enemies the end goal was to kill the enemy factions leader so they would pull him with all of the guards and then use this wand to clear out all of the fodder and make things easy mode it was a little too useful I guess though because they removed it like I said but if they ever bring back a shrine I'll be ready one of these days but going back to classic content here we have a bunch of miscellaneous shadow craft and wild heart pieces these are the tier 0 dungeon sets for vanilla World of Warcraft basically the blue sets that you got for dungeons before he stepped into raiding the rogue said was shadow craft and the druid scent was wild heart and they've been unobtainable ever since the Cataclysm expansion curiously I have every shadow craft piece except for the chest I saw a head the full said but I either misplaced or accidentally sold the chest at some point unfortunately wild heard said though I know I didn't get every piece as you can see I'm missing the legs and the gloves I just collected these as well since they were leather anyways and don't worry it was after vanilla I'm pretty sure so I didn't take it from some port druid I was always quite fond of these they were like the holy grail for fresh 60s in the game who doesn't like collecting sets I know that you could find better alot of the times but there's just something about collecting sets that's fun slowly and surely and getting every piece for those cool set bonuses and more importantly to look cooler especially back then when there were no transmog 's and everyone was wearing a random mishmash of gear clown suits are what they called them now who would willingly wear one of those you'd have to be out of your mind so I've always held on to these because I'm quite fine to them and I'm kicking myself for not having the chest to complete the sad next we have some real artifacts of the past and those are the green hills of stranglethorn pages anyone who's leveled in classic knows about these before the Cataclysm there's a quest in the stranglethorn Vale zone or you had to get a bunch of these pages to form four chapters of a book they dropped from many different enemies within the zone and as a big scavenger hunt to get all of them and also a good moneymaker since quests were so sparse back in the day and people were so desperate for XP you could buy them and sell them off of the auction house and make some decent gold while leveling to save up for your level forty mountain I didn't hang on to these intentionally they're just something that I had in my bags on one of my random low-level characters incidentally a collector's item these days since they've been unobtainable since the Cataclysm next up we have the flag of ownership in previous episodes I mentioned the TCG items basically items that you could get via codes from the official trading card game this is one of them place a flag on an enemy players corpse in front of you this is probably my favorite toy in the entire game just like it says when you use it you plan to flake on the enemy and it's a little thumbs down symbol to display dominance over your slain foe and it even has a chatty mode and a funny bonk sound effect to go along with it this has seen some heavy usage in this expansion I'll tell you why it since I'm always in war mode and I have a little combo going actually I combined it with the gingy knife set for maximum corpse desecration and maybe even a little campfire to have a good old-fashioned cookout like all TCG items it's quite rare since it's been discontinued you can find them online or rarely on the black market auction house one of the best toys they've released in my opinion and if people are slow to release they're sure to get the flag here's an item that's rather special though and that's the mallet of sulfur rack in this dungeon there was this mysterious pool with a clickable Gong which when clicked some into secret boss called a gastrula to interact with the gang however you needed a special mallet from the various mobs in the dungeon you could loot an item called an ancient tablet and most people wrote it off as vendor trash but if you clicked it it actually clued you into the location of the mallet to get it one must first travel to the altar of zola to obtain the sacred mallet from a troll keeper and next one must bring it to the altar atop the troll city of Djenne thha allure and using the sacred mallet at the altar will infuse it with power and transform it into the mallet of sulfur ACK so a little tough to figure out where these areas were exactly but learned and adventurers would find these locations in the hinterland zone all the way across in the Eastern Kingdoms eluded the sacred mallet from Kyogre the keeper and the altar of Zul and then he had declined the giant city of gentle or just like it said and use it at the altar at the very top to turn it into the mallet of sulfur ACK and with this you could finally click that guy to summon the boss so today these are just relics of the past as you can summon guys rila by just clicking the gong the need hand ability to obtain this was removed and you guessed it the Cataclysm since we're talking about soul Freck though I have to mention this item the carrot on a stick was a quintessential trinket for Levellers back in the day increased mom speed by 3% he was awarded from a quest to kill guesser Ella inside the dungeon your first thought is that this sucks which you're right it does suck but back then trinkets were so hard to find especially while you were leveling and a lot of the times at this point he didn't have any so it was a better than nothing sort of situation and even at the max level since good trinkets were so rare you'd often find level 60s running around with this thing just like everything else on this list it's no longer available since the Cataclysm but to pay testament to its prolific ax C it was re-released as a follower equipment item in the Legion expansion so there's ten more for you I think maybe one or two more episodes of this and I'll have exhausted my inventory for the most part I hope you're enjoying the series so far though I'll try to get back to it soon like the video if you liked it and I'll see you then if you decide to join me peace farewell for now mortals we hope you enjoyed today's video see you again soon you