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THE NUMBER ONE AHRI IS SO GOOD!! – Grandmaster Mid – League of Legends

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This makes me want to play Ahri so much more!!

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ari has always been a pretty safe pick for mid laners she provides a solid amount of damage and single target crowd control with huge amounts of mobility once you get your ultimate but landing charms doesn't make you a great re player ari is a champion that involves split second engagements and appropriate positioning and repositioning during teamfights to optimise your damage when thinking of the best re players in the world people like vertical came to mind who's shown time and time again how to make it into any re highlight reel there's also people like excalibur prime who had almost 2000 games on RT with a positive win rating over some of the top middling competition in season 8 I also had to consider some of the pros people like bjergsen have brought the nine tailed fox of the rift and similarly faker has also shown what happens when you mix godlike mechanics with a play making champions such as Ahri but in this video we're gonna be focusing on yo peeps 1 2 3 4 5 an oceanic Grandmaster R remain who has a 72% win rating in 60 games with a crazy kDa and is considered to be the best Ahri in the world but be sure to stay tuned to the end of this video because this player makes some game changing plays that would be a feature in any highlight reel thanks to facecheck for sponsoring this video facecheck is an incredible new app available on overwolf if you're looking to get an advantage over your opponent even before you get into the game this is the app for you facecheck takes away the need to alt-tab and search your opponents on a different website to find out information about them just one click and you'll be able to see your opponent's rank runes and what they typically build on their champion so you can be prepared throughout the game the moment you lock in your champion facecheck provides you with tips and tricks about how to play that champion better as well as recommended build paths facecheck also has a post game feature where you can analyze all of your in-game stats to see where you did well and where you can improve so if you want to play like the players you see in this series get the right tools click on the link in the description below download facecheck and go into each game the season with the most information possible what is going on Oh gentlemen my name is Sara that is my dog Lola and we are back with another number-one player in the World Series and this time we are featuring yo peeps or yo peeps one two three four five who is an oceanic player Grandmaster 100-99 LP and is considered the best Ahri player in the world with over 60 games played has a 72% win rating on this champion and apparently likes to be afk doing cartwheels in the fountain for the first little bit of this game but absolutely crazy stats on this way I'm gonna look at the articles right now a lot of stuff actually seems to be happening in this lane currently the Fiddlesticks is gonna try to run away from this one though Lulu actually being taken down by I guess a hook from the Blitzcrank which is definitely unfortunate but there we go now we've got our mid later finally back in this one so eight point five kills 4.1 deaths and 6.5 assists over 60 games with a 72% win rate on this re some pretty damn impressive stats coming out of this player so very excited to see how this re plays if you guys haven't seen my number one player in the World Series we are gonna be focusing on this re to see just how different he or she tends to play this champion why it's so much better than every other players in the world but we are also gonna try to look at the camera on different parts of the map when action is happening or when I can see something happening just to see how the overall game progresses just like how that first ball had happened with the Blitzcrank so in terms of this re the runes that she is building the domination tree is the big one building electrocute sudden impact which is definitely an interesting one because you only can really utilize sudden impact once you have your ultimate getting the dashes from that spirit rush but then you've also got eyeball collection and ultimate hunters so it definitely wants to have that additional cooldown reduction on the the ultimate there and then we've got inspiration tree mana flow ban and transcendence and in the rune sets we've got a little bit of additional cou downward cooldown reduction to go with that additional transcendence cooldown adaptive force and also magic resistance because she is going up against an re so in terms of who we've got in this game up in the top lane I don't even think I've actually organized this yet no I haven't Laura D a good player would have already done that there we go so up in the top loop we got a Malphite on a collie we've got Nidalee versus Kazakhs in the jungle and we've got Lux versus Ari in the midlane and then we've got Caixa Blitzcrank and we actually have a little bit of fight going down right here Kazakhs versus this Nidalee the Ari is gonna come down to try to join but already – Phyllis is here I'm gonna just flash to get the fear off of that in Italy and that's gonna be enough the flash coming down from the re but at least a the Lux has the cleanse available so not actually gonna go down to that one but we do have a Lulu and a Fiddlesticks down in that bot lane which is a very interesting thing um hypebeast is actually I looked him up because I was very curious because he is gonna be building more of a machine gun ad Lulu um he's a 526 LP Challenger player you know to the oceanic region which is absolutely nutty so incredible player here and to go with the fiddlesticks in that Lane is definitely pretty damn interesting so I'm excited to see how that one turns out but in terms of this mid lane matchup we do already have this Casas coming in the lux does have a flash available but the charm is going to land and that is gonna be a very very easy kill for that Kazakhs and re very very nicely played the Lux did have her flash available that's exactly what I was commenting on but unfortunately she just didn't react fast enough the re charm landed and that was just a very free kill but it looks like once again we have the Battle of the junglers but the thing is the Lux is dead but the Aria is still alive so yah he was gonna come over here and try to support the Kazakhs Nidalee landing some pretty great spears but the Malphite is coming down as well to give some support I don't think of Kali and Lilly are gonna be able to do anything about this one but they might very well turn it onto this Malphite the re is just standing in wait just waiting using this Malphite as incredible baby now they are both here Lilly's gonna jump over the wall the Malphite is gonna lose his life but it looks like Vanilli's gonna be the next target you're gonna go down to the Malphite not Tauscher oh it was the Ignite coming out of the Malphite to get the kill on to the newly but Lux is now here after that death walked all the way back from base doing a little bit of damage with her Lucent singularity onto that re and Kazan's now gonna have to run away the Q's gonna be back up in the re flash you're gonna have to go up but a nice charm after the e landed from the idea Kali the electric you're gonna go down doing a lot of damage once again this Lux is gonna have her Q up very very soon in just a second it is gonna come up and he's gonna land on the re as well loose and singularities gonna come down doing a lot of damage but is it gonna be enough to actually kill her no she is gonna miss the E and Lux is sorry and Lux discoursing I have to run away unfortunately not securing the kill on our re main here very very nicely done and some impressive stuff coming out of both sides here but right now 0 0 & 2 for our re sitting with two to you of course would like to have a few kills this early in the game if you're gonna be an assassin player like Ahri but you know having two kills on your jungler on a Kazakhs especially can really snowball a game in your favor making sure that you don't have to really worry about that jungle pressure then Italy's gonna be throwing out but in terms of this guy overall and how this player plays re there's just a couple stats that I feel like really need to be touched on in terms of like teamfight win rating and things like that 73.7% win wins in teamfights when this person is here which is incredible and teamfight participation is 68.1% and as you can see in the performance evaluation in terms of other grandmaster and master re tier players this player is just that little bit better and basically every single category which I find is really interesting that there's not just one thing that this player thrives on it's basically re as a whole he just plays better which is very very interesting so um kind of interesting as well the duel win rate is seventy five point nine percent that I showed before just showing that this re player doesn't really die a lot in Lane you can see that by the KD eight as well but seems to really enjoy getting into teamfights and really supporting your team getting the roams down and you can kind of tell that that's a pretty necessary thing going transcendence and also the ultimate hunter really wanting to make sure that ultimate is available whenever she needs it that way she can make really solid roams and speaking of roams we already have this re going down to the bot lane she's actually not gonna go to the bot Lane just gonna use that cone to try to see if anything is any wards are around and also try to maybe spot up in Italy but currently in Italy up is is up in the top side trying to fight this Malphite it looks like the castles once again gonna be getting into a tussle with this Italy dark harvester is gonna proc is nearly gonna lay in another spear which would actually no it is gonna be enough to shut him down that's incredible I'm not telling sure with the permis I think maybe the Nidalee has a challenging smite am I wrong on that one no she does have the challenge right so that was the burn that ended up securing the kill odds that Kazik so we are seeing this Nili landing some pretty amazing spear so gotta give the jungler on the enemy team some credit here but we do now have the re rubbing up level six is available so that spirit rush is there but it looks like she's not gonna go in on this one because the lux is also roaming up so don't really want to fight a to be three even though you got a Malphite in an re it's just a little bit risky so just gonna go back to farming another thing that we can talk about in terms of this are ease overall play a lot of people tend to find re a little bit weird to see us on because that her cue of course does the original ap damage going through minions but then coming back does true damage we can kind of make csing a little bit awkward when you're trying to clear waves but we'll talk about that after this gank happens the cast is gonna jump in get a lot of isolated damage onto that Lux take out nearly 3/4 of her health just by that jump in queue but of course getting the true damage off from that queue from re is a little bit difficult to last-hit but she actually averages seven point two CS per game which is pretty incredible when you consider that the perfect score is 10 but the re is gonna start finding this Nidalee the bush guys here as well I don't know if the Bliss guys can engage on this when he does have flash available if they wanted to but I think Ari might have the reaction time to get away from that with a flash there is a mountain dragon also since we're down in this side the mountain dragon is available it's the first dragon of this game which I think most people can agree infernal and mountain dragons are some of the best strangles to get early because it really helps when your team wants to pressure the first turrets and also when you want to pressure the Baron and inhibitors late-game so don't know if anybody's gonna go for that Kazakhs especially is a great jungler to take early on dragons because of that isolated queue damage on them but you know never really know what these players are thinking but we do have a little bit of a tussle almost going down in this one the ultimate gonna have to come out of that lugu to save the Fiddlesticks just gonna look down in the bot lane for right now because right now Ari's just farming so not really a whole lot to see here but they are actually gonna go for the blue move it seems just gonna clear out a couple traps but I'm very curious so right now we do have a vampiric scepter on this Lulu and the Caixa is currently very very low Blitzcrank also has a stopwatch which is kind of just an interesting thing the fiddlesticks it's gonna get pulled in but amazing flashy and then queue into the sorry queue and then e into the Caixa and the bounce back actually managed to secure a kill for the Fiddlesticks on the Chi so I guess she was just low enough to secure the way the charm gonna go down onto the re this may rush coming out as well the middle he's actually gonna jump the opposite direction the shield from deluxe almost landed trying to get that flash weight to try to get out of this one for huge combo coming out for the Lux and he ultimately coming down from Lanson one the Akali on this team the Malphite does solve it's also in the unstoppable force is going to come down in the shutdown is going to be in favor of the Malphite so um the re actually mispredicted where the middle he was gonna go she jumped over this wall into this brush and re went down this way so she might have died a little bit faster she had predicted that it correctly but definitely not complaining about that one a two-for-one in favor of this red side but right now we do have this video sis coming in to gank put the Blitzcrank is here as well most guys hook is gonna go but oh my goodness the cojones on this re player the Fiddlesticks is now here gonna get no not even gonna be able to the science on yet because that sounds fun the Blitzcrank but the re is going to land the charm if Italy is really really low so probably don't want to stay for too long but they do now have this world the Kazakhs gonna flash out try to get the damaged arms Alexa get a kill but the newly spear is gonna miss the e coming down from the fiddlesticks is gonna silence everybody Malphite is now here for support but does not have a his ultimate to get anything done here the lux ultimate is gonna miss on that low HP fiddlesticks and Caixa is now here but it looks like the Kazakhs is just gonna kind of run away from this one this is a lot of action happening and right now we're currently sitting 0:04 on our re who currently does have a dark seal so really does want to get some kills but unfortunately the kills have just been going the team's way rather than her way so it looks like that Nidalee is gonna run in and steal the blue buff from the Kazakhs currently we've got a very intense game 6 to 6 in 10 minutes and only a 200 gold lead in favor of the blue side so I'm gonna eat interesting to see how this game progresses but re is now gonna go B don't know what she's gonna pick up on there are definitely several ways that you can build re standard ways to kind of zone use hourglass into like Luden's EKKO is a great start as well which it looks like what are we gonna do gives you that action a little bit of AoE for that waveclear which is really nice zone ease hourglass morellonomicon it's a really good one so just curious to see what this re is gonna end up good and is that dark seal gonna turn into a Magi soul stealer that is the question for the day because I love seeing when really top tier players build Machias soul ceiling because you know they're gonna really aim to get that 25 stack so um in terms of abilities that are ease max we can already see 4 points in her q 2 points in her W and 1 point in her charm that ability so looks like she's gonna be maxing that W second and of course maxing the Q first as you just saw she got and it's now at the points with the AP and the maxim that she can take out that backline of minions in 1q so now re split push sorry pushing ability comes really really good because she can tend to out push a Lux so definitely to be just trying to push that Lux underneath the turret make csing a little bit more difficult but in terms of how this overall game is going a couple things we have to worry about the Akali is sitting up in the top lane three one and one with 98 CS to a Malphite to two and zero which is fine but it looks like actually a kill went over to the Nidalee arms of that Fiddlesticks I think that was just either a really good spear no it wasn't she actually just met the fiddlesticks in the jungle I mean that River but 59 CS to 2 and 2 on the Malphite so that's interesting on the Akali could definitely snowball this game pretty even in the jungle – 3 + 2 is 61 cs50 60s to the Kazakhs 3 2 & 2 re is definitely dominating this lane the 101 CS 273 and for assessment zero deaths so re is trying to roam up here to maybe get a little bit of kill pressure onto this Akali but unfortunately not gonna work it was warded so what Cali just walked away but while all this is happening the caster's has just gone down and decided to try to take this rift hero by himself which definitely gonna be well worth it rift Herald for a dragon but there's the unstoppable force going on to the re sorry on to the Akali the re did miss that q and miss gonna miss the charm the ignite was going down but she does have one more additional spirit rush and it's gonna be enough with the ignite to get a kill on Sanada Kali so really really interesting watching the re try to predict where the Akali is gonna be in that shroud but we do actually have a fight now going down into this bot lane the villa 6 is once again gonna die the Nidalee does have her stopwatch to keep her alive the silence is gonna go down from that blitzcrank to try to keep the Lulu off of this in Italy they are gonna try to turn it though Neely's gonna do a lot of damage to it that's our carbon C ignite is going down as well the Lulu does not look like she's gonna die quite yet but the Kaiser is here I'm just gonna flash and use the Q and that is gonna be a kill on to the Lulu really nice executed tower dive but guys are unnecessarily taking three turret shots to get her incredibly low so not entirely sure the arty is currently walking up you're not entirely sure she's gonna be here in time to capitalize on these low-health targets and we can also see that the lewodan Zeca was the first item that this already purchased but the re is now walking down to lane not sure if she's gonna be able to get any region she doesn't ever ultimate as well she doesn't have her flash either so probably not be able to secure anything on this one but might be able to bait this didn't know the Nidalee was currently being on a ward but unfortunately than Italy was smart decided to just walk away from that one so pretty interesting stuff so far anything else that we can kind of talk about blade of the ruined King has been completed on the Lulu so the machine gun Lulu is gonna start doing some pretty decent damage on the fittest sakes has died three times though which is a pretty rough thing especially when you've got a little bit more of an off meta ish pick in the the Lulu but the charm is gonna land on a little bit scrape some good amount of damage of course if you don't play a lot of re your damage gets amplified if you do land that charm so charm targets take an additional I think 20% damage from your abilities I'm not entirely sure I need to probably check that out I'm sharp targets 20% more damage look at me go it's like I play this game every now and again so it looks like we do have a kill on to that looks on top of a force coming down from the Malphite but the ultimate was there still from the Akali so gonna be worth it Blitzcrank grab in the Kazakhs mid jump which was pretty damn impressive to say the least but we did have a return kill there so two-for-one in favor of that red side so not complaining about that one the Blitzkrieg is in a vulnerable position but the ultimate gonna come down Landing all of the sacs currently the re still is not used to charm she just use it did actually with but she still had another stack of that smear rush so no problems walking down that um that blitzcrank move who is that blitzkrieg Zayn didn't have flash to get away from that one but a big fight going down the bot Lee looks like Nidalee is gonna be the sole survivor of that one the Lulu going down to the middle e the fiddlesticks going down to the Chi set it looks like Lulu oh sorry actually Fiddlesticks picked up I think the kill on to the Kaiser or no it was a Lulu picked up the killings on the Kaiser so it was kind of a good exchange in terms of what happened up in the topside at that enemy team's blue but a bad exchange in the bot lane so we're kind of at sort of an impasse here where right now you've got pretty decent advantages coming out of this mid lane and the top lane is not doing that bad but you do have a fed a Kali currently with a really high CS number but you're going up against what looks to be now a pretty darn fed Caixa and a blitzkrieg that's doing really well with his hooks so you know Dee a trade oh good fed re for a Kaiser I don't know the thing about Arie is that it's gonna be really on to Kaiser to see if she can avoid the Arias charm if she can't avoid the Ahri's charm the fiddlesticks fear or the Malphite unstoppable force you're gonna be running into a lot of issues because our turfs gonna be able to blow you up but re did go back picked up the loons echo and thus ork boots has stacks currently on the job seal so we could very well see if she gets to ten stacks we might see that Magi souls here but not entirely sure yet Caixa is currently standing on the ward the spirit rush is available for the are gonna fly should get an amazing charm onto that Caixa that wasn't even close so that is that's exactly what you want to see with a really top to your re player now I'm nearly is gonna Lena has been doing a lot of damage but no Malphite is just gonna come in immediately but the ultimate is gonna be used by that Lux is gonna secure the kill on to the guys sorry onto the Kazakhs not a damage coming down from the charm and also the cue coming from the the re lots of damage going down the ignites gonna go down but it looks like the charm is gonna lay the cue is gonna miss over the cleanse are gonna come down flash cue coming down but it looks like the Fiddlesticks is now here to get that ultimate off and that's gonna be a double kill for the finish getting him back into this game but it looks like once again the Akali jumping in onto this re lots of damage coming down from the ultimate but it was a really good charm to keep her alive for a little bit but it is not gonna matter because of that percentage health damage coming out of the Akali for that second proc of the ultimate your Knights gonna go down and right now the ultimate is gonna be available for that Lulu the fiddlesticks is gonna stay alive and start draining the Akali but it looks like a third kill coming in favor of that fiddlesticks his fifth kill of the game and I'm assuming that Lulu was sitting back thinking man I really wish that I could get a kill at some point in this game so that was actually the first death for our re I'm at 16 and a half minutes into this game but we are seeing some incredibly landed queues the combination of flash and her spirit rush are incredible the amount of distance that this re can cover in such a short span of time to get picks on to people like the Kai's of the really important targets to take down and the charms are being currently landing like on point which is pretty damn impressive cuz it's kind of like when you're playing a Blitzcrank or a thresh or lux and then you come down to an aria in italy those abilities those big abilities the charm the cues coming from Lux in Italy the hooks landing from Thresh and blitzkrieg those are what separate the good players from the great ones is landing those clutch abilities when you need to land them and currently this re is not disappointing but here comes the spirit rush the ultimate sorry the charm is gonna land onto the deluxe but not really the target that you want I think she was really going for without a the Caixa but it's not really gonna matter the lux is gonna go down did so much damage to both of them over such a short period of time but the curious thing that I am seeing which I think a lot of Artie's don't do is the amount of time that this re is waiting between spirit rush snacks of course you do get those three jumps but man fiddlesticks just gonna get melted by that in Italy uh she's waitin a good period of time to make sure that she prepares each one of those and is really methodical about how and when she uses those spirit rushes so very very curious to see and I'm excited to see what she does later in the game because of course with somebody like and re positioning is absolutely key there's another charm going to be landing about half of the HP coming down from that Akali just in that one combo blitzkrieg is here gonna miss the hook though that probably was gonna be a free kill on the re if that hook landed but that's exactly what I was talking about before those clutch abilities need to land if you want to get your team ahead already didn't have our ultimate but now does have her ultimate available we do have two people laying in wait the ultimate sorry the ward was there but spirit Russia is gonna now land it looks like the e is available for the Kali if she wants to jump in here but is gonna choose not to so right now we've got our re sitting at three one and seven kazakh seven four and four currently it looked like at the beginning of the game this was really in favor of that blue side but we're already seeing a little bit of a change in terms of overall gold and bowed when there we go the ultimate samba before it's gonna come up from that Malphite actually building a little bit more of an AP Malphite bill which is kind of interesting going up against in a colleague got that dom hextech proto belton also the Oblivion or maybe going for a Marella nomicon to go on top of that I guess maybe the Marella Dom Khan's kind of interesting because you don't really have a ton of heals on the enemy team I think the only things I can think of our the Nidalee heal on from her even then you've also got the Akalis built a gun blade so there's a lot of healing coming down from that Akali which I think they're probably pretty concerned about on the re now does have her spirit brush available again so not entirely sure if Ari's gonna be be engaging on this one because we did see the last time a Kali has an insane amount of damage and can one-shot this re but no na can actually dodge again but it looks like the amount of damage coming down from this oh is it gonna be it's gonna be enough no it's not the last take of that ignite coming through that Sonja's hourglass is gonna be enough to secure the kill on that Nidalee pretty amazing charm coming down from that that re just reacting so quickly to that Nidalee pounce but unfortunately still lost her life but you know trading one for one not the worst thing in the world cast this is now I'm gonna jump in onto that Lux and she doesn't even stand a chance already has that duskblade and another serrated Dirk she's just gonna burst down no problem at all especially if she's an isolated target for that kazakh so incredible amounts of damage coming down there it looks like fiddlesticks kind of in an awkward position here but does have the support from the Kazakhs it's gonna alternate over not entirely sure if they're gonna pick up the kill on to this a colles currently living in her shroud the ultimate is available from the Malphite if they want to follow up on this one not even going to need to isolate a target with the junk from the cata sex it is gonna be enough to secure the six death ons in this Akali right now sitting at 23 to 19 in favor of this red side already currently sitting at for two and seven not doing too bad especially when you look in comparison to how the lux is doing to seven and four with only 118 CS are we sitting with a 40 CS lead over that Lux so pretty impressive stuff but still only about a almost a thousand gold lead in favor of this red side so really not that much still even on turrets as well so very curious to see how this whole thing pans out later into this game but we are seeing another oblivion or coming out from our re so looks like they are gonna go for those Marella nomicon stacks because of the amount of healing this Akali and possibly the newly they're thinking about as well I'm so very very curious stuff re is now here I'm gonna just show up over that wall get an amazing charm I believe it actually landed onto the the Kaiser after they just melted than Italy so some pretty impressive stuff he is gonna be taken try to get that fiddles examined the charm is is the term I'm gonna be up no it's not I'm trying to get the drain onto that Akali but unfortunately drain it's not gonna be enough another great charm coming down from that re on to the Akali trying to keep her down the Lulu is here that machine gun Lulu the Q is gonna miss from the lux but a lot of damage gonna come down just on that Lucent singularity the Lulu does have her ultimate available so this Lux is currently chasing down does have her ultimate available so he's gonna try to land that flash Q it is not gonna land and now who's gonna take her turn to do the damage of this Lux look at the damage coming down nearly killing her the ultimate coming down it's not gonna be enough of the heal is gonna be baited out of that Lulu even though the ultimate didn't land a colles now looking for blood gonna try to land that II but not gonna go for it the re is gonna be pinned up by this Blitzcrank landing a really solid hook on the re and I'm gonna fly away from that one the Ignite is not give me enough to take her down he's blitz K gonna try to follow this one up not entirely sure but the charm going to come down lots of damage coming down as well this mirror Russia is being used to Blitzcrank does not have his grab up yet three seconds and Arie is gonna make it out of this one using your spirit brush to kind of regain run away but we do have the re and then Italy on the hunt for this re I am not entirely sure she's gonna get out of this one she is because they think that she's currently being in one of these bushes but she just decided to run away and run very safely back to this bush to actually get away from that one so very nicely played five two and eight you know tappable force is available for this Malphite if they want to make a play right now the Akali is a little bit vulnerable is gonna use that each charge up away the ultimate is gonna land but she is in the shroud so they're not gonna be able to see where she is but right now you do have the cavalry arriving a lot of damage coming down onto the vehicle but it is gonna be able to survive right now with that healing but the cast decision to clean up that one though Lulu in the Fiddlesticks are gonna fall for the red side it looks like three people are running down four people are running down odds in this context not gonna be enough to take them down and are the the blue side gonna think about going for the Baron buff because right now the fiddle six and a Lulu aren't dead but you sell that amazing combination of the the Malphite Kasich's and re available to contest this baron and looks like they might be setting up art no they're gonna try to look for a couple more kills here the Caixa and the Blitzkrieg are now on those are the spirit rush is gonna come down Chungking this chi set down for almost all of her HP the Blitzcrank is gonna land a really nice song the cue is gonna follow up combo coming down from the luxans gonna be enough to shut down the re but looks like Lux is gonna pay with that one with her life cuz this is now just gonna jump in on everybody trying to get off me getting those resets from the ve going down but it looks like the Malphite is gonna have enough it's not enough yet II tried to run away there was a little bit of a fade away there the flash gonna come down as well but it looks like the ultimate is gonna be available and that's gonna be an unstoppable force getting the shut down on that Kaiser and then did you have a three for to exchange in favor of that red side so Mel fight men nearly screwed that one up because he actually did a little bit of a fade away cue but it wasn't enough to kill the Kaiser so this game has been so back and forth the re having her third death of the game but still sitting at five three and ten but I've got to say one of the MVPs of this game this Kazakhs 13 6 & 8 is amazing and is Lulu still playing really really well but is just like dehydrated 4 kills and needs some gills as nothing this game except for a really good CS score and she's going up against a pretty fed Caixa who's already gone for that wits and I guess to try to deal with the magic damage coming on the Malphite and the re but in terms of the build and that Ari's currently going for um does have that Marilla nomicon Luden's echoes sort boots and has gotten a needlessly large rod so not entirely sure what the needlessly large rod is gonna build into could very well be a rabbit on his death cap but it looks like the the red team finally securing themselves their first dragon of the game and is gonna be an ocean dragon so the unfortunate thing is that they don't have a mountain dragon which would very much assist in them taking a Baron if they got a couple kills but they do have a blade of the ruined King and a guinsoo's rageblade on that lulu so even though Lulu is not typically an ADC is gonna be able to still get a lot of damage done odds that banshee sorry uh Baron but I'm sorry I was trying to figure out the word for that but I was so baffled with this Fiddlesticks way because he literally altered by himself into like three people and just got killed for it but it looks like there is gonna be a little bit of fight the spirit Russia is gonna come down from this arc it's gonna get hooked in though but he's gonna be able to get a spirit rush away to not get hit by that Locke's ultimate just trying to get the damage down trying to push buy herself some time to get away from this one the shut down he's gonna go in favor of the Kaiser onto that Kazakhs he's gonna be down now so they just kind of had to run away from that one unfortunately once the the spirit rush is done from this re and she doesn't have her charm avail but she really does have to play pretty far back and just constantly throw out her cues to try to get that damage done um but art we are seeing though in terms of her overall cooldowns fifty-one seconds for her ultimate so every minute she is gonna have that ultimate available so on that transcendence and the ultimate hunter is really really helpful but looks like the the Baron is gonna go in favor of this blue side ultimate is gonna come down from the Malphite landing on two peoples in Italy any Akali but unfortunately just had no backup if he maybe had that lose of ultimate boy he actually was never gonna have it because the Lulu ultimate is down for the time being unfortunately was just nobody there to support him for that one so that was an ultimate and another kill in favor of that blue side currently sitting 29 to 30 53.3 Cagle 250 point 2 K so this is once again a very very tough game and is gonna be going into the late game so we're gonna have to see some really good positioning in favor of this red side to try to bring this game back in their favor but we have now hit the 200 CS marker in favor of the the re there but it looks like we did have a surrender vote that failed in favor of the red team one two three so kind of curious one person I think might be a little bit tilted on this team it might very well be the Lu I doubt it might be the Malphite not entirely sure we'll never really know but I think they still have a very good chance in this game if we get some really good charms the ultimate is going to come down from this middle six Ari's gonna now come into this fight is gonna just avoid that luck so they get a really nice q onto that Caixa the spear rushes are now coming out not really gonna be able to follow up too much more it seems with a Lulu ultimate coming down onto that re as well I think that's exactly the combination that you need to make here is just have the re go in land a really solid pick get the ultimate down from the Lulu keep the re alive and then you should be pretty darn good if you can especially get a pick during that so I'm kind of curious as to what the blue team was sort of thinking they're not having the vision on the re and not knowing where the fiddlesticks was all teeing from it's kind of one of the main things that you need to worry about when you're facing a fiddlesticks who's built some AP is that you really just have to know where that guy is gonna Alti from and if you don't you get surprised like that you get a fear on a main target like a Caixa and then it really doesn't mean anything cuz that currently hasn't built a quicksilver sash which I'm assuming she she hasn't built it yet it looks like from the items right now Kai's is looking to go for a guardian angel but I think Kaiser really needs a quicksilver sash to get away from the the charm if she gets charmed and the fear if she gets feared or because if she doesn't end up buying that item she's just gonna get feared or charmed and she's just gonna get blown up instantly by this seam so looks like the re wetback used that needlessly large rod to build a rabbit on in terms of vitamins that I would probably like to see on her later I'm not a good re player I'm just saying that as Onias hourglass is probably pretty crucial because she has been hooked a couple times from that blitzcrank so I'm assuming that if you get hooked by the Blitzkrieg you would really like to use at least one spirit rush and then use your zonies hourglass and then use your spirit rush again to try to get away from a situation I think that would be probably pretty beneficial for the re but once again what do I know I'm not a great re this is the best re in the world let's see what she does but we are sitting 220 CS 6 3 and 11 and the Loulou finally got a kill we never even talked about that one four and five now for that machine-gun ad Lulu got to appreciate that one glad to see that Lulu is now finally getting some kills on the board but we do sob the bear about the flash is gonna come out from the fiddle six but it's actually not gonna get anybody it looks like the Kaiser was a target but it didn't actually really fear ever that long ultimate is gonna be used by the re he's gonna get a kill on tonight at Kali but it looks like everybody is currently solo smear Russia's gonna be going in to reengage on this one re does have a flush he's gonna pot you get the charm no it's not gonna get the charm but he's gonna get a lot of damage on to it and it looks like the follow up is gonna be there from the Malphite getting a really nice unstoppable force there guys sorry the Kazakhs is gonna jump in here I'm gonna kill onto the lux and right now it's just a Blitzcrank and the Nidalee nearly just gonna cause he's trying to throw some Spears back the isolated target from the Blitzcrank and the q coming down from the Malphite is gonna be enough to secure the kill on that one really nice flash mechanics coming out of this re just knowing when she can regain when she should reengage and it was just a really nice follow-up from the red side and the blue team was so close to killing I think the Lulu and the Fiddlesticks they're at least to be more incredibly low but the Lulu ultimate and the hourglass coming out of the fiddlesticks was enough to keep him alive so really really amazing teamfight mechanics and everybody really working well together with their kits and just like that that one teamfight put the red side back in the gold lead 59.7 Katie 3k so once again just back and forth and back and forth with these two teams the really exciting stuff and right now the re sitting seven three and 14 so a very impressive score line coming from this re hasn't stopped with the CS numbers either currently sitting at 236 but re is now laying in wait trying to set up a bait here but smart on the Luxus part put that Lucent singularity into that brush so you can see it re just gonna walk away with one Q secure some of those little rates and they are gonna walk away with a mountain dragon and a few kills and the first inhibitor turret being broken in this game in favor of that red side so I need a nice little sip of coffee there that felt good I'm so right now it's actually got a funny both teams have both an ocean dragon and a mountain dragon but it looks like he's gonna look for this um this Akali the e is gonna miss when the ecology so she can't really engage all that well but here we go the ultimate is going to come down and look this is the clash of titans here the e is not available on to that re so she can't really reengage after that but you're seeing the amount of damage that comes out of that a Kali – that ultimate is absolutely huge and right now the Aria is sitting on 0 magic resistance so pretty interesting stuff but she is now gonna go be has that ten stacks on the the dark seal but it's gonna go back and get a stopwatch so I'm thinking that's exactly what the art is gonna think about doing have the stopwatch right now go for the hourglass when the time calls for it but we do now right now have the blue side just pushing in on this Lulu and the fiddlesticks are both dead so right now it would be a 3v5 in favor of this blue side charm is gonna land on the Blitzkrieg gotta get just a little bit of damage out but the inhibitor is gonna fall unfortunately the mouth I just can't really seem to find a way in on this one and that's just gonna have to be a given inhibitor the Baron is also up in just a few seconds here we are seeing that yellow on here here comes the Baron coming in that's gonna be the second Baron of this game the blue side currently does have this pink warded but they are just gonna kind of create a Deathwish here the fiddlesticks is gonna get caught and that's gonna be a very very quick kill in favor of that Lux currently sitting at 5 9 and 13 and that's gonna put this seam in a really good spot to take this Baron the guardian angel is available for the Chi so as well and right now they do still have the Kazakhs available to possibly come in and steal this same in the mouth I do does a great job on that way but it looks like an amazing catch on satanic Ally's gonna be a kill before the re it looks at the lux is the next target the Malphite is gonna come down with the ultimate from the lulu the Kazakhs did you in a really nice fight doing a lot of damage on slab Blitzcrank but it looks like the next kill is gonna be on to the Kai's of the guardian angel husband proc iceland does have our flash available is gonna get away from this one for right now and i think that's gonna be probably all she wrote from this fight and it looks like the red side is now gonna go for that baron the isolated damage coming down from the cossacks and also the amount of damage coming down from that ad blade of the ruined King guinsoo's rageblade Lulu but they do still have an Italy available their jungler is still alive nobody's gonna get caught doing a lot of damage with this oh nice hourglass is gonna keep it alive right now the Baron Nash has been secured and Malphite is gonna pay with this one with his life but so very much worth it the charm gonna land onto the middlee doing a lot of damage sitting at about 1/4 HP the augment gonna come down from the and the stopwatch gonna be used I'm gonna try to secure a kill on these ones look at the amount of damage really nice happy be coming down from the army but it's not give me enough the Lulu is gonna be able to secure a kill on to the Blitzkrieg right now kai says loss personal gonna be killed by the fiddlesticks and rain god I had to slow myself down there and that's gonna for all I think if you include the fiddle six for four or five I believe in total during that entire fight but we did get the Baron buff odds on the red side and it currently is available on two people the Kazakhs and also the Fiddlesticks have that Baron buff so man once again just so back and forth the stopwatch was very clutching the reengage from the re was incredible and we do now have a full build coming out of re well if you include the dark seal has to go I really want that to be turned into him a giant Sol zero but I doubt we're gonna see it but zonies hourglass now completed on the re 9 4 and 17 her overall kill score but we are seeing everybody in this game is playing really damn well and it looks like we have a spectator client failed so we're gonna have to come back to this one so it looks like we are now finally back into this game that is a little we did have a little bit of a spectator client issue unfortunately it just seems as though the the upload maybe didn't work for the replay file so it looks like we are now back into this game 33 minutes into this one actually almost 34 minutes in and it looks like the red team just got the Baron but once again another surrender vote coming out from that red team currently only one to one so it doesn't look like people really want a surrender I don't know why you would really want to surrender after your team just secured a baron unfortunately the re nearly made a really amazing play against Ike Hyson and Blitzcrank use and also getting the kill on seven Italy she's now sitting at nine of four and 17 but unfortunately did end up getting killed by that Caixa but you still do have baron on both the Kazakhs and also the fiddlesticks so gonna be interesting to see what this red team could do with that bear above in terms of Ari's items she did actually finish off that rabbit on its death cap so currently sitting a damn near full build still does of course have that dark seal though we still haven't seen that get turned into him a giant soul sooner and I doubt that we're gonna see that but you know a guy can always hope so in terms of this game right now 41 kills 235 68.5 goal 268 point 2 K gold absolutely insanely close game between these two teams but right now the red team of course with the advantage having that little bit of gold lead and they currently have the Baron buff pushing down mid but unfortunately they do have that inhibitor taken down in the mid lane so they do have that to worry about with the super minions coming in to their base but a collie right now has chosen to split up top but fiddlesticks did actually get hooked by the Blitzkrieg he's gonna use that so nice our guys to keep it alive for a little bit longer for the ultimate coming down from deluxe she does have that banshees veil so she is not going to eat the charm but looks like the red turret has been taken down by the collie the middle six is gonna try to ulti there to save the re and it's gonna be enough to keep her alive and I was gonna take down the caisson Malphite going full APU had enough to take down the lux and it looks like now if I cost that well it was his life that he lost for that one in Italy taking down that Malphite and right now the Akalis just decided to split push its entire way it was a two-for-one exchange but I don't know if a colleague's gonna be able to finish this game before the red team does because right now they're just pushing down on these sections or if we have a little bit of a base race here but Ari is gonna go back to try to deal with the sakali I think it's a really smart idea for her to go back but right now is she gonna have enough to take down this ecology is just immediately gonna blow up I'm actually gonna go back anything that that was gonna happen as quickly as it did so I really want to see how this re just ends up blowing this Akali yep because we have seen some really really close duels I'm actually in favor of this ecology she is gonna TP away trying to get back into face but it's not gonna be enough she's gonna get flash charms by this re beautiful play from our re and it looks like that is gonna seal the end of the game for the red side 11 for and 18 for our re just showing how great of an already player there but I've got to give credit to both teams here the game ended 44 to 38 in favor of the red team with seventy one point six K to seventy point nine K and 30 almost about 36 minutes so brilliant play from both teams I think it was a coin flip game really it was just whoever showed up a little bit more especially at the end points of that game brilliant play from the re definitely showing why he or she is the number one re player in the world but you know we can't just base it off in this game we've got to actually go and see how much damage this re ended up doing this game was insane so many back-and-forth moments that could have ended the game for either team with that being said we can see by the damage done that this re really showed up doing just shy of 40,000 damage which is at least 4000 more than both the Caixa and the Nidalee who both had incredible games re ended the game at 11 4 and 18 with the highest CS in the game and surprisingly the second least amount of damage taken on the team this just goes to show how well this player positions and repositions during fights to avoid getting hit while optimizing their own damage output thank you all so much for watching and be sure to let me know in the comments section below what champion you would like me to feature in the next video