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The NEW Golden, Legendary R-301 on Apex Legends! – PS4 Apex Legends

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hey we supposed to treat welcome back to another video today we are playing some apex legends of course and today I have got two gameplays for you the reason is both of them were fairly quick in fact one of them was needing my fastest game I mean both games I had really good teammates and it wasn't really much of a struggle at any point in either of the games we were just rolling through people it was nice to find that the gold r31 again because they did change in a recent patch I used to have the 2 x 4 x variable scope on it but now it's been changed out to the 1 x 2 x variable scope which is better suited to the weapon in my opinion and that's in the first game we didn't get a ton of kills especially because it was so quick you know sometimes you're in a knife X game and the star the game's over and then you're looking to still 30 people at all the times you look and there's 12 and a half people left and sometimes that's the way it works so that's why I've got two games for you today and hopefully you enjoyed both of them if you do be sure to leave a like rating subscribe to join in at the white Empire and I'll see you all in five and a half seconds my friends all right friends it's a bit of a late drop here but I've got a flatmate and a level two knockdown shield and an Arthur one and some armor all right well that's pretty good diversity that it's not bad do not need that I am trying my best to keep my mind venturi a little bit tidier because you know I'd pick everything up and I see and then I think later someone is here I raise teammates are who no mass potentially I have two bullets my Arthur l1 something out to punch these guides hit death I need a mist there we go I really am really you didn't have anything did he no wonder he's trying to run away from me why Scott died I remember that happening that's a my ammunition form and this is a vote in here I'd need some light ammunition I do indeed Mike my sensitivities feeling kind of kind of nice nod I've upped it a little bit I know it's making me let's make him feel better close-range gunfight oh definitely supreme at the moment public saying why Mac for my Arthur won and I've got 28 bullets for it which i think is exactly how many bullets he takes with the purpose indeed so it worked out well that is a school fear so I don't know if I'm gonna use that meadow just drop it if someone's got a wing man or a longbow they can take that otherwise it's a talent if the rest of the game I've done it again I pick everything up by default this is how I work for some reason No get out of here don't need any of these stuff Oh level three oh it's gonna take it is fine no worries my friend not a problem no absolutely not my friend Thomas very nice again but you got there first yeah it's not a problem I think he really wants me to take this level three barrel set maybe he already has one I don't know thank you friend thank you very much appreciated level three a barrel stabilized our own earth on an r3 r1 there are not many things that are beating this weapon with a purple flower stabilizing a purple stain lime mech it's the dream beeps propeller my fault I say big scrap alert I think two bullets have been fired so far there he is are you going where's he off to Hey poor guy have no shields left no wonder he was on his bike getting the heck out of there attacks him throw balls there's a snipe stuck there level three all right that maybe was the last teammate of the first team that I fired up all those minutes ago it was by himself and it was in this song is somewhat in the same area potentially boss you know I'll take you don't need the lion even know I had I have two assault rifles or at least I had two assault rifles and people want me to use the r3 I mean the flat line a little bit more so maybe this whole force means you how did that not stick to the top I wanted to get the high ground name I thought I could Okabe does anyone know what they are I can hear footsteps but I are you downed him nice vote your friends he's my friend hey I'll revive you I was hoping when he saw the smoke he was gonna challenge a little bit but he refused to my teammates gonna go down here in a second as well this is rough I can't get a bear afraid well God you've been bucked my friend and he had a gold a body crate as well he got successfully you bought where the heck was your Lutz that's where we're supposed to be around here so there we go we've blended in with the grass that's not my fault oh well I have not had a gold Arthur a one in a long time unfortunately he does not apply my beautiful legendary camera for eight that's right the last time I used this he still had like the the the longer-range sign on it this is a one two one two times holographic used to have the two four times on oh I'm excited to try this again on I won't believe in any of these heavy rains if anyone needs them they're on the ground feel free I've got two beautifully decked out light ammunition weapons in the our 301 they are 99 it's the are four hundred many people have called it I heard it's done its stock and usually carry about fourteen of them but unfortunately today you have look I've been cleaning up my inventory for the first time since the 90s Oh scrap potentially I was trying to agree with the enemy I was trying to say yeah did he say no he said no – you are coming this way right right the caustic is we've got a pinch maneuver on the gold you brought bad Gibraltar matte or our Gibraltar it's flanked on the right-hand side hopefully this works out I mean recently split up like this but I've got faith in him my Brahmin idiot this is my problem with holographic sights I'd ever make it fortunately not holographic sights the variable scopes I always accidentally press the left thumbstick in a gunfight and then I'll zoom in and it throws me off completely like I'm pretty sure ed no shield and I still managed to lose most of mine what you have good stuff actually it's always nice to have a shield battery Oh copy that get on the zip wire that someone's in here as well we need to be careful goodbye friend I'm sorry – how was your kill you're taking shots I'm here to help where is he I need to shoot a fire my ultimatum I should enjoy my ultimate I should have I should have pushed whilst multiple so now he's getting damaged there like that is weak good up teammates salamander technical because I've taken a fair few yours this short right I provide shaft to gold on what there's only two scores left there's another gold Cray here my word which I another this is a turbocharger one of these guys had to have had purple armor surely what did this guy have another digit off threat let me go to dinner I said try this out that way too fast he's forsaken or mentor not give me a sec you know momento por fourth or I don't stand what you're trying to say to me – and more why rains can stream both of my guns use light ammunition 320 should be farming this there's only two squad left there's potentially two of the people left I'm here stacking up the lions I mean I doubt there's only two people left it could also be six you know it was goals you loop that friend I've got all the stuff I need whoa whoa whoa boys I'll keep saying that just alarm it up oh I was bad shooting it just stuck to the right-hand side of him annoyingly I clean off friends don't worry my tech knocked someone else out so I only go does anyone know he's not over here you okay he's damned another guy I've got a de truth right so if I fill this place with smoke okay all right well the gunfights out there lookin fight he's done great I did a total of about 12 damage there but if why did the guy sneak one way around the rock and then turns out he brush mother took my other teammates my teammates oh he's got basic armor 29 minutes into the game bless him oh I think get a single kill you guys a – gosh darn good look at these overall doing it's like whack-a-mole right here great work friends I mean I'm I didn't get to try a throw on too much I mean I did a little bit next champions like they put the that one two times instead of the two for time I nearly got out damaged by the cost of that round I mean I did not attend good game guys you guys were completely completely dominant twelve mates forty seconds it's nearly my fastest game I mean me just roll through that late game that's a ton of fun this is a bit of a weird drop from my teammates gone to a supply ship he dropped so low and then I was designated the the drum master but I wasn't the drum Masters begin with I swear I'm sure you've came to the same building as me friend that means we get ah at least give me a good before I go over there there we go Nagi gods speak fire it's been nerfed but it should be alright ah days a hot drop he's taking a bit of damage in his heart he's got no shield up there he's coming over this way he miss applied ship but at Tommy gets yeah I think yeah you should be fine if he needs so he can hop off and we can meet him it's gonna be me to the leg again I'll just jump our friend will meet you here Oh skull Peter I do need an extent a heavy mag because this thing only has four shots alright he's that he's off the supply ship he did well then he did pretty good he's surviving we still got no shield though if I see some more I'll call Matt for sure I don't need that don't we need the precision choke either find three hop ups in the first 32 seconds oh there you go he's got some syringes drop by the old oh thank you very much appreciated I'm not annoying I mean I've been loving so much recently not with the two in fact I might don't drop it completely I'm not going to use that in the wingman it's a pretty good size though if anyone fantasy I'm havin easing the wing man I'm not gonna using our 99 I don't know it's one of those guns that has such a good eye insight on it you know really don't need a eyesight the only site that I would to consider using it while it's – Devon times hey Chicago is fine obviously let's find everything and then obviously the the old digital threat especially when you are a Bangalore I'm trying to meet up with our Tina who's been a bit audacious that's the reason he's respawn she Oh robots alert and it wasn't the Pathfinder they're not be traced me teammate heard that I was gonna rush him forget it right here Oh bless him we had no shield I'm gonna have to hear his teammate oh he had Blue Shield's honey had shield cells was he doing running around – no shield no one hates him before me that's a weird one are your teammates huh I feel like they should have come over to try and help maybe he just ran off by himself to be fair that is something I would do not his life I'm not you know which way obvious oh okay high ground all right I'll take it yes I'd like the other side a bunker if we get in there there's a good chance these guys end up in bunker and with the course deke it's a good idea for us to go this way well leave that lifeline is telling now I have no idea where they are you've got to be smart you know if I was on life line I wouldn't run off by myself so much when you're Bank of all you got disengage options that I always talk about and Pathfinder you know but as a lifeline you are almost screwed meruit I was being necessary I don't think they're this close either the next place God what I can actually see him go go goodnight I'm gonna London now on inside what you guys are doing the same I love the r99 how her friendly doing I'm hearing Sheldon Oh God oh the fadeaway that was a close one someone else to say it's not worth me yeah take the Blue Shield friend and I'll just use the shield battery to divert how I did no I tried to cancel that I wanted to use the Phoenix King now can him get to full health that's sucks no well we tried you might have got high ground no he's inside I actually had no health sarn't have to run that's why does armor take IEDs I used to load in because I was that was my kill I mean I didn't take his arm off so yeah it's found off whatever it doesn't matter at least one of us got it it's just weird and annoying how how it loads in so slowly sometimes you have to sit there waiting for it it doesn't matter if your teammate salutes me because at least one of these going to get it but let's say that I was being rushed by someone else can I can I run this I can actually saved myself a little bit so far it's been rushing I'd really wants to quickly switch out for the purple armor I'll just sit there for five seconds wait for it to load in wait to fix that like I saw at the last second Germany spare Bandidos my friend oh he does thank you you know bendy Joe and you're a scrap in the distance um I need to I need to head over there I've got four kills it's not the worst ever could be a little bit more though especially because we spawned at River Center right nice crap cave and we've gone through bunker like four times that's like we should have seen some more people when usually people gonna see around bridges they're usually gonna see up top I did sound like the scrap was over this way especially because there's respawn beacons here it's even more reason for them to see around yep they're here I'm gonna wait a second to my teammates can contest it either angle it's gone to the top all right here we go that's my cue once the anything can't see you gosh don't think can't sprints gotta love the caustic oh I didn't need to do the face forget it mess muck team yeah I did all but about 12 damage of the sky it wasn't it wasn't my korsak's fault but it's Altima I don't know if you should make your teammates unable to spray especially when they're already out of it I feel like I wasn't out of that and I was just unable to sprint there's two phoenix hits here we can't leave those mines I want to carry one of them hello this graph I didn't get a single kill there but to be fair I Drive up a good team they were finishing the kills than an awful team I'm not gonna complain to my teammates are too good at least we're rolling through team some again a lot of action recharging shields alright there's two spots left oh my word literally soaring if you stand in the doorway for some reason I've got a few francs you know it's gonna let them know that I'm here but at the same time they'll probably hear me rushing up anyway what me teammate there's no one in there because I heat-seeking grenade or something whew it won't leave me alone to finish my kill praying I've seized my Phoenix kid now there's the boat in there I messed that up entirely darling improvise I need skills it's one shot I'm not even going to stop and I don't even care there we go how much damage is a storm doing I can revive my tip I don't need to to make it just yet I got two of them I'll take it I'll take you now there's only one squad left and we are in prime position to win this game can I please get some thank you some purple armor a barrel stabilizer in there too beautiful all I've got six minutes yeah let me drop some of these I don't need six med kits there you go friends you should be able to drop whilst here me I'm not sure why doesn't let you storms not doing too much damage and we're gonna have to go that way to get out so I'm not going back up those stairs it seems pointless don't really have too many bullets you know I need honey light rounds more than anything sure I saw some there we go yeah that's fine I'm good my teammates are leaving I'll leave with you I've got a serene jock and pop on afterwards I agree let's head over that way does he play a friend knock I think he's trying to there we go beautiful I'm tempted to jump off I know it's a stupid move but I'm so tempted to jump off I can't help it we're at high ground but I do not care I am impatient and if you get to be killed then I apologize I'm the worst teammate in the waltz but I always think I can make that jump and it's never anywhere close there was a balloon over this way so I can't just get high ground on this side and then I'll just uh I'll be skating out for my team across the map you know Suns I don't get shot on the way up she's a distinct possibility I will admit now we should be good there's a care package that way oh is a care package there too I'd seen this dormer all right there we go look at this we've got them surrounded Oh coming over what's up nerds without friend I'll come back don't worry Eddie's better we stick together on the high ground is it he's kind of stupid that I jumped off the first time okay baggy fairway hasn't landed yet he's seen him I'm bottom let's get over there friends it's been successfully bought why is he challenging again unless that was a teammate [Applause] so you see 4p 2020 there we go pretty sure I got that last kill too that must have been a fairly quick win you know that must have been pretty quick I don't know we spent a while looking for the last two teams yeah 16 and a half minutes I mean it was by no means a slow game but it wasn't quite 12.5 minutes on the last game I had that's my first game of the day I jumped on just to get a decent game to put two in one video and we end up winning seven kills my teammates ended up with five in total but a turret damage between him 12 in total it's sometimes you just don't look it on you I mean I mean we won the game but in terms of kills wise everyone else has seem to kill each other and then we were just there for the scraps still a victory is a victory and I felt like I played pretty well especially for first game of the day thank you for watching I do appreciate it and I'll see you all the next one if this is the second video and I don't know I know how we'll do