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The NEW Avengers: Endgame MOVIE MOD (GTA 5 PC Mods Gameplay)

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GTA 5 Mods – The NEW Avengers Endgame Movie!!! All of the super heroes meet up to take out THANOS!!! This mod was by far one of the hardest mods I’ve ever done. Incorporating a ton of super heroes was NOT easy!!!

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welcome back to another GTA 5 video and today we have Bob's and just in game but here's the thing we did Adventures get in game already now the movies about to come out very soon like a day or two and die well I've watched all the trailers and I've seen infinity war I've seen all that but any game doesn't really tell me what it's about and I can kind of guess and stuff that they're gonna come find can't Thanos and fight um and stuff like that all the people together I would assume so if I get things wrong don't hate me just know that I'm trying my best I'm gonna go see the movie to get it all the way right or something but I'm Thanos guys we always gotta throw it and start off as Thanos we got start off at Thanos you got the Infinity Gauntlet I couldn't talk there for saying but look at the guy on the guy look good see now do I have a lot of superheroes in this mountain eight we're gonna go ahead and jump into this and right now we are Thanos like I've already said under three tabs what does that button do I forgot that was not the right button oh yes oh it's so fun with this Infinity Gauntlet everybody enjoy their job on a snap fingers alright it's been an entire year since you already know what happened there's not much humanity left as you can see down below there's not really many cars but there is like one or two at just seen a car and then maybe I didn't see it maybe I'm a hallucinating oh there's a car it's a few people but I do need to go visit some of my friends because we got this big plan attack or plan to attack Thanos the one that caused all these problems I'm just gonna go up here and well I think this is that okay what's get on the building you idiot go there we go we're good what I was saying is this is where we're gonna meet up we're gonna meet up on top of this thing and of course I'm first as usual you know but what what do you expect okay what the heck what the heck with that well like I was saying I'm first as usual what do you expect she's gonna hang out here inside everybody shows up I'll see you border for like going to fights and crime with all the few people left man remember when we couldn't run in these streets like this does is like no cars but the good thing about this is is what I do find cars there's a few people around but when I do find cars I get a little bit of target practice like these boats see it's spraying out a good thing or if we ever needed these boats well honestly you know it's more fun than that don't worry I'm not gonna shoot you I'm just going a little crazy practicing up potatoes cuz that's where I need to go I need to actually meet up with everybody so we can fight then it's probably gonna be it's gonna be a little crazy actually but you know what I'm gonna put my gun away I'm just gonna head that way now how do you're chillin hanging out by myself cuz I ain't got all friends cuz they do potatoes took all my friends away you know if you seen anything in the infinity Thor yeah yeah that Neff I just had some super you know nice helicopter cuz I didn't spawn this yeah I spotted it alright I just found an helicopter and not only that but it's like a military-grade helicopter I'm gonna go ahead and fly it to the building we're all meeting that I'm sure I'm late probably but we're gonna get there don't worry we're gonna get there and I got my guns and thinners really gonna fill the end of these Oh God god oh god oh this is not this was not supposed to happen little raccoon rocket would have been dead but uh looks like I'm walking I'm walking I think they said to meet on top of the biggest tallest building Oh get there I can run pretty fast see how fast I can run this is pretty fast now I didn't forget that I had a cool little ah I was gonna practice but shoot it but I miss bird stop anyways we're gonna keep on going check that out oh god that was I don't know what fun that was okay it's the same that's the same thing just press some buttons at this point cuz I don't know how to use my powers oh let's try oh let's try this one oh yes yes yes we got all cuts that's the nicest one alright we're headed up to the building right there that big toe and I'm not sure I'm gonna get up there yet but maybe I'll just throw my shoe fly up there you know like something cool right notice I can't really remember how to throw my shoe this is not looking so good for me uh before we get into this I'm gonna need not throw my shoe you know we'll figure it out in a little bit.i spider-man of seven cuz I just I can't regrettably remember I'm gonna take the elevator up in this building as long as it still works look how fast I'm running then I there's no time I just go ahead in here take the elevator out for its army out there well okay I had to put up some stairs not exactly the heck that somebody must already be who the heck Oh God who the heck beat me oh man it here before captain now my spider-man of course you think here quick or something cuz you got your webs look I had to take down the elevator up and I don't know why you're doing push-ups I might join you get ready for the Stano spider okay they wanted me to make it to that building but I'm kinda on the crane but the top of the top of the crane I'm a little okay oh god this is actually going very well this is going extremely well okay you might not be able to see me but I'm the little guy ant-man little small it man I'm not very close to the ground it's alright we're just gonna go ahead nah we're gonna fly we can't fly actually that's the wasp where ant-man so why looks like we gotta take the elevator uh-huh yeah elevator it is great ah how am I gonna get down from this I guess I'm just gonna fall this shouldn't hurt in it what the heck is that oh I don't know what that is yeah right no no no I don't believe humbly ant would not have died from that I think then it hurt no that did not hurt all right now many people gonna be able to see me so they could smush me whenever they want so we're gonna have to be very care like how small I am next to this dude not Punch yeah punch them right in your ankle okay Oh wrong area I'm gonna head up to the top of this building take the elevator raise the front of the place man aye sir sir okay it's the friend of Phil okay we got a long way to go I'm just gonna make it up here and go up the elevator be on top we're gonna be good to go baby oh I didn't know I could do that all right Thor is back baby we're gonna go ahead and flood to the building we need to go too even though I can't control my flying right now I can't go up I can't go okay okay we're flying straight again I can fly I'm not taking the elevator up this stupid okay nobody needs to see me take the elevator I'll just take the elevator I can fly but I can't fly up hey what is it check this out ah I didn't think so cool we're going to fight that nose baby I'm gonna go ahead and fly them to the top because that's what's gonna happen I can fly straight up oh god what is that what the heck I'm flying the wrong way gotta go this way they wanted me to meet at this big building but hope doesn't do nothing anyone tells them besides hope smash / yeah grab this bowl smack somebody with the bowl drop that I'm stupid I'm crazy I'm dumb ain't ya I'm just looking strong and healthy strong but I'm going to the top village so we can beat up stupid Adams this vandals it's not a strong box nice baby let's try something new with Hulk smash uh-oh I can't find anybody it come you're stupid doesn't work out what it how are you still alive Manson killing us I don't want to take a little bit I'm not gonna fit I'm just gonna Oh hi I'm on the side I didn't know I could do this I didn't know I could hang on that's kind of cool we're just gonna keep jumping up this is gonna this is gonna take me to the top all right hold me made it up but I'm gonna have to walk a little slope cuz if I smash up top everybody's gonna go flying off the side of this thing I need to be careful I need to be okay I'm stuck worried hopes he's making his way up guys what the heck is spike somebody just jumped off what y'all doing stay a man to just stuff dump on thing a man just up the water y'all do okay what are y'all freaking up my daughter Oh where's Dennis Hoy's then I'll see you stuff bring my friends back I gotta send my friends flying I don't know where they went I heard that these idiots superheroes are trying to meet up and bite me here goes one right here what are you doing Hulk fight me I said Hulk Hulk didn't push malasada a building with balls don't be together I can't really speak what the heck is that what the heck is that wait a second Oh God oh I don't mean it just miss that dandled wait wait I don't know if they don't cut the power to become me I killed all my friends I must take care of the one problem with just a nose which Spiderman told me that he became fun around looking so I'm not really sure what to expect or maybe spy oh you really not home you don't do this doll it's game time we're here at stupid you ain't hit me no no oh oh god I didn't expect that where you at where do you go a little bit okay I bless them where'd he go supposed to go down like this Timur Nam gravity you got oh god what the heck i'm living in place this is a fight oh you ain't it the muscle you ain't taking off like an elk right now you push deep where'd he go I got him stop Oh God you know what I'm just gonna grab each yeah got the hurts that hurts give me that give me that plate give me the helicopter I need that you blew it up you pull it up stupid and let's help you have one what the heck you know what possessing me had my fritzman you say going so well really far I'm almost at that I gotta go no no no no I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go no no no more wall just scared focus Oh Monica Starck leave me alone always yet where's here Chris yeah I'm not scary kick buh buh this is not working stupid put someone's down oh god oh god oh my mistake I want us dead I'm almost dead I'm out of here no no no don't hit me don't hit me this what happened see it for that my game crashed I died I doubt against Israel what denim as well fight Thanos man so let me give you a little back story on what kind of happened here so we're mixing a lot of scripts with each other in a game that didn't come with old scripts dental scripts spider-man scripts Thor scripts Captain America stret scripts scripts of scripts of scripts internal scripts are it's what makes these mods these mods and if you're wondering why don't you store I didn't use Captain America it's because well those mods crash midway through the mod and not only that but I cannot use multiple mods at once that's why it was very glitchy with hope and Thanos this is a very difficult mod to do to mix scripts like this but we did it a little bit with Hulk and Thanos which was kind of cool Hulk seemed to fail miserably but we do have Thor here Florida's Abbas powers I don't think I'm gonna be able to get Thor's powers back in this video but if you guys want to see maybe you know Thor versus Thanos Captain America versus Thanos spider-man vs. Thanos honestly I thought Hulk had the best chance but all kind of really got destroyed and if you're wondering when I said I've died might custom character if I died right now is Thor I would become Franklin and then Franklin would die like really fast but you guys enjoyed a nose with this whole video the offenders in-game I really don't know if the movie would be about besides going to fight daniel-san killing Thanos but we only had oak because he came with all his friends and also there's more superheroes than that in the movie this is a very hard movie to mod but if you guys want to see another one you know what I'll do baby I'll do another one subscribe to your new drop that likes and grab if you ER okay I'll see you guys in the next video [Applause] [Applause]