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I can’t believe people hated this so much!


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good mom oh my back out hail some infinite warfare rule quit yo I ain't gonna lie to you I was nice at this game some surely a fart wait what the hell I'm getting here already surely I should be pretty nice or at least it shouldn't take me too long to make this return real quick you know I'm saying it well this game honestly in my opinion extremely underrated flatfoot wait wait let me let me what is the third well I don't know these weapons I don't remember getting a kill like how do I kill it up but you can change it right oh ok slowing my kill what come on now come on now yo we were we were at a hot little street during that maja back I'm back come on now making know if you want to see more infinite warfare making she's much like when I need to be all like for real I'm down to beauty I always forget to meet everyone that's so awkward couple through make sure you hit it light but if you want to see more make Sam but you hope I'm so down for some reason I really enjoy this game like it comparison to others I really don't I really enjoy playing this one yo you mate hello No whoo and you got mixed up those rewind plays my heel what is that mine those are the things I don't miss you gonna nuke Street and get killed by something like that Mac I just kind of feel like I have to get a new cleanness in this video just because libraries are so easy to get back in the day yeah honestly just working with what I remember right now but trust me if I got used to this a game over I'm sure you can see it you can see flashbacks of me back in the day you can see it naked first full game right now and I'm making them forfeit oh yeah trying to drop a nuke bro oh they only kill him you have especially success all this happening [Applause] you involved us oh I'm – good night I'm still good wait no tell me you're not nice I'm sick of people telling you I'm not I'm not a new come on man well it's too easy well is too easy it's too easy the end the game I don't think so humping ends the game bro smash the light button man smash the light boy haha bro come on I'm too good at least don't try it with me on this game because you know it's over phew he's dead serious Oh young anyone listening don't try it okay alien that went no and 11 just invited me surprised you enjoy hello weekend no I don't know if you could hear that but while I was talking some next language I know I already care anymore Tokyo – college is on the raid and I swear to you like when this game came out so many people were heated so many people will mind with evil eye yo jetpacks what yo people hate this game trust me but like I don't know with me and it was more so especially back then I mean right now obviously after the same way because I still look college if it was like you know and ecology you got comes out okay guys any ecology that comes out on a play like I don't really care about how bad people think it is i'ma play ecology because I actually really enjoy the game like for real I regardless regardless of what it looks like regardless of I don't know jetpacks boots on the ground whatever I'm still playing the game I'm saying that's how I felt when this game came out so I don't really have any like prejudgment I don't know yeah I really have any prejudgment so like I'm not feeling this but then bro when I got into the swing of things I got better it my it was game old for anyone that came near me trust me when I say that man I'm now out say bro Loki found it really easy to get back into this you guys saw me dropping out and if you guys saw that like hot streak coming onto our like the end of the gun game I even swallowed the end of that other game but I find it really easy to get back into this game and I probably because I played this game so much i I played this off I played this game a lot so I kind of just I don't know I just know what I'm doing man if I'm being real I'm putting it in there this way oh well hello if I'm playing in the most simple way possible I just kind of know what I'm doing but I've got eight bullets I'm have to rewind okay now what yo I don't know how we got out okay I just got the touch nah bro this is why everyone's backing out because you know let me know what you find is gay man I know a lot of people have got different opinions and so far I feel like really the people actually play this game I'm being real