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The Havoc is Amazing! – Apex Legends

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Starting to realize how good the Havoc really is, especially after the magazine buff.

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Gold is down holy crab justing shreds steam it's just on me immediately Oh to down sorry sorry the other team died this guy's in this building here canary yep yeah yeah yeah on me all day Hey this gun is too good just so good I'm gonna go this side bunker let's go yeah let's go this side bomb gonna go straight in I'm Tom bunk you up when London on the freaking roof of the bunker sounds good blue down here yes is there people in there risky play risky play no I'm at that frame nothing my socks da-da-dum guess who dropped outside I got purple armor I got everything well I got two molotovs in cost that at him didn't go quite there's a one level one body armor over here what are you what are you using I seen man what are you what are you what are you heavy I fear you know someone take it then don't you have you I'll take some heavy zip line going up zip to jump huh hey good Connor oh I don't do it geez me jump to sit sorry sorry my bad what am i apologizing for guy near oh so sorry I think they're rezoned I'm just marrying the but no right yeah Lister that was the champion Oh yikes ketamine nice this gun is so good spit fire on them hi everyone I'm not team know somebody just rezzed say you think this guy's gonna live out oh there's a couple couple different scenes here guys grappling over on the far side different teams where Oh on the roof right ahead of you Tom a little mid dip there know this guy's got 10 HP on in front of me in its doorway left side left side run right there just bump dream on no okay we're good everything's fine and no need to panic guys sob yell he's got purple no don't bring it there and not resonating chat him leave him for the Wolves we do have another team West though at least finally some medicine golden oh you're the same person no they're definitely up there I hear them purple armor the one guy I dropped them back in the middle over there okay just going on it's so good should be to up Oh gold rez my oh oh me where we were yeah Walter bro Peter bros totally tubular totally this gun is honestly just so insane havoc is the highest dps once you get yeah once you get used to the gunplay and everything and I start to recognize how fast you can kill people with specific guns and then you use this yeah what yeah I remember I was in a point-blank fight with somebody I or 99 you cease matter about haven't changed it much since it came out so like we just slept on you know I'm really realized the full potential no that's why you have to get the turbocharged for it that's what I'm saying they also increase the mag size it's like the guns insane mmm-hmm zip line not ours just went out I only see one guy going up two guys going up three guys purple shield boys oh yeah boy I've joined the mile-high club they're gonna be dropping down off edge oh yeah yeah they're gonna go into the rivers leaving complemental Shh two down two down this one's in the river plunge in the water melted a melted her like a frickin lollipop was it my side of the water team talk this guy my side up above me spray that oh my god no charge up is just Jesus I need a severe amount of energy i'ma though if you just see any on each and that's meds and some that's like a making coffee some syringes doing there's definitely just some shots over here yeah I think they're at towards the back end of the market though I'm just looting for energy yeah they're nice didn't realize you were playing rate oh yeah man all which lets go right okay you sure cuz they all right there on the left I know but they're also right here on the right now all right sounds good for the Ducks : laughs you can always go right I'll back them up into you two down oh my god all that here purple around this guy real good performer on the right one up there why am i looting like it right there oh he's on a camera that he missed and now I'm taking hikes my rocker he's super low no he's so low okay see I am oh sorry thought that was my line you just saying now when you want me to say it I have it that okay now I am no okay well no I'm not your robot I am he is I'm not your visit line so we get up the top or something I do hmm see care package ahead here the habeo how're those two teams yeah they're fighting it was shooting each other yeah one just died one team left right I am here we go I think is on ship are there on ship maybe the big supply no interest rate in this area as a big zip line oh I see him right ahead of you guys you're about to hit him right under the ship I had to pull up my gun are we going up is that what's about to happen going up he is survived this hope jumping down he went back up he's back down I'm sorry he wouldn't make up his mind so much damage to help the havoc surges it's too good that was amazing with that bullet buff the mag buff one full spray down two guys full health well I think the one guys alone you